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The “Babe”

  Babe  hit  a  monster  home  run  towards   the  left-­‐center  field.       The  fans  in  the  left-­‐center  field  stands   raised  their  hands  hoping  to  catch  the   first   home   run   ball   that   Babe   hit   against   the   Red   Sox.   The   one   lucky   fan   that   caught   the   ball   raised   the   ball   as   high   as   he   could   to   show   the   whole   stadium.   As   this   was   happening,   Babe   was   trotting   around   the   bases   accepting  the  glory  of  this  dandy  home   run.     Babe  received  a  standing  ovation  from   the   crowd.   All   the   fans   where   clapping   there   hands   together   congratulating   Babe’s   achievement.     Babe   stood   outside   the   dugout   and   waved   his   hand  around  the  stadium.       This  is  what  the  fans  came  to  see  and   they   were   satisfied   with   what   they   saw.   The   rest   of   the   game   was   not   so   intense   as   the   first   inning   but   ended   up   to   be   a   ducky   event.   The   result   of   this   game   was   4-­‐3   in   favor   to   the   Yankees.    

Patrick Barden-­‐  Staff  Writer  

Yankee   stadium   was   packed   with   all   types   of   people   in   the   stands.   You   could   not   move   at   all   even   if   you   needed   to   use   the   restroom.   The   crowd  was  on  there  feet,  jumping  and   down,   Bronx   cheering   around   the   stadium   for   one   man.   This   man   is   the   most  powerful  man  in  sports  today.       George   Herman   Ruth,   better   known   as   “Babe  Ruth”,  was  up  to  bat  for  the  first   time   against   his   previous   team,   the   Boston  Red  Sox.  Babe  was  traded  from   the  Red  Sox  to  the  New  York  Yankees   after   playing   five   seasons   with   them.   Babe   was   traded   to   the   Yankees   for   little   dough   after   playing   five   nifty   years  with  the  Red  Sox.     Babe   warned   that   Red   Sox   that   they   have   made   a   mistake   and   that   they   will   never   forget   the   day   that   they   traded  him.  Babe  knew  he  was  a  swell   baseball   player   and   needed   to   prove   that  to  the  rest  of  the  world.  That  what   brought   this   over   sold   crowd   to   the   stadium.     When  Babe  walked  up  to  the  plate,  the   stadium   got   louder   as   the   hometown   fans   cheered.   You   could   see   the   tension   on   the   Red   Sox   players   hoping   to   force   him   out.   As   Allen   Russell,   the   pitcher,   winded   up   for   the   pitch,   everyone   took   a   deep   breath   waiting   for  the  ball  to  be  released.       The   ball   had   a   fast   release   out   of   the   pitchers  had  and  it  was  straight  down   the   middle.   Babe   twisted   his   hips   back   and  swung  at  the  pitch.  Clang!  All  you   could   hear   is   a   loud,   high   pitched   noised  that  surrounded  the  stadium.      

The Red Scare

Christian Bergin-­‐  Staff  Writer/Cartoonist     The   20’s   were   full   of   there   was   any   foreigners.   They   saw   fun,   prosperity,   and   suspicion   they   were   the   4,000-­‐10,000   flappers.   However,   communist.   people   arrested   something   that     without   charges,   and   happened   this   past   Most  people  supported   the   people   being   decade  that  strikes  fear   the   Palmer   Raids   deported   without   a   in   every   person   was   during   the   Red   Scare.   real   reason   and   knew   the   Red   Scare.   During   They   had   a   great   fear   that   is   not   something   the   Red   Scare   people   of   communism   and   America   should   be   became   paranoid   they   did   not   take   doing.   They   believed   in   thinking   that   the   communist   views   freedom   and   communists   had   lightly.   These   people   democracy   for   infiltrated   the   US   and   feared   that   the   everyone   and   thought   were   trying   to   take   communists   were   that   this   applied   to   over.   A   common   coming   to   America   to   foreigners   as   well.   conception   was   that   spread   communism.   These   people   the   communists   were   They   did   not   want   protested   the   Palmer   part   of   the   labor   anarchist’s   views   to   be   Raids   in   hopes   to   unions   and   that   was   supported   or   put   into   uphold   and   glorify   their   way   to   gain   effect   in   the   United   American  ideals,  which   power   in   America.   States.   These   people   truly   is   how   every   During   the   Red   Scare,   wanted   them   out   of   American   should   have   the   government   would   their   country   to   keep   reacted  to  these  raids.   perform   organized   themselves   and   their     attacks   on   foreigners   families   safe.   The   The   Palmer   Raids   are   because   they   believed   believed   the   raids   something   that   could   the   foreigner   was   a   would   purify   America   have   easily   been   communist.   People’s   and   restore   peace.   avoided.   There   were   rights   were   often   Communism   was   just   many   other   solutions   violated  and  they  could   something   they   to   the   problem   of   the   be   arrested   or   wanted   nothing   to   do   spread   of   communism.     deported   for   no   with   and   they   would   Action   was   not   even   reasons   other   than   stop   at   nothing   to   get   required   from   the   suspicion.   Right   before   rid   of   it,   even   if   it   government.   If   the   the  turn  on  the  decade,   means  violating  other’s   communists   had   been   in   1919,   the   Palmer   rights.   left   alone   they   would   Raids   alone   arrested     have   eventually   died   4,000-­‐10,000   radicals   However,   other,   more   out   because   too   many   without   former   enlightened   people   American’s  would  hold   charges.   The   Palmer   saw   that   they   were   onto   the   American   Raids   went   against   the   taking   away   other’s   ideals  and  freedom  and   American   views   of   rights   and   that   was   not   would  simply  not  allow   freedom   and   fair.  They  went  against   the  communists  to  take   democracy   and   rid   the   popular   opinion   over.   Another   option   people  of  their  rights  if   and   stood   up   for   these   would   have   been   to  

Science Vs.Religion

Sahil Noorudin-­‐  Staff  Writer/Cartoonist           The   Scopes   Trial,   but   also   known   as   by   prolonging   the   life   of   this   bizarre   The   State   of   Tennessee   vs.   John   case."     Thomas   Scopes   was   a   landmark   legal   The Scopes trial by no means case   in   1925   in   which   a   high   school   ended the debate over the teaching science   teacher,   John   Scopes,   was   of evolution, but it did represent a accused   of   teaching   evolution   in   a   significant setback for the antistate   funded   school.   The   final   verdict   evolution forces. Of the fifteen was  that  the  court  found  Scopes  guilty,   but   the   verdict   was   overturned   on   a   states with antievolution trifle   and   he   was   released.   This   case   legislation pending in 1925, only was   instrumental   in   shaping   society   two states enacted laws restricting over   the   science   vs.   religion   debate,   teaching of Darwin's theory.   and   altered   the   views   of   many   citizens     nationwide.           The   trial   brought   together   modernist       and   fundamentalist   of   the   time,   debating   if   religion   was   consistent   with   evolution,   or   if   the   word   of   God   in   the   Bible   was   superior   to   human   knowledge.      

William Jennings   Bryan,   three   time   presidential   candidate,   led   the   fundamentalist   to   completely   eradicate   the   concept   of   evolution   from   American   classrooms,   while   the   defense’s   lawyer   Clarence   Darrow,   who  was  70  years  old,  to  refute  Bryan   and  his  fundamentalist  views.       The   final   verdict   was   reached   on   July   21st,   1925,   and   John   Scopes   was   found   guilty  and  the  judge  fined  him  $100.  A   year   later   the   Tennessee   Supreme   Court   reversed   the   decision   of   the   Dayton   court   on   a   technicality.     According   to   the   court,   the   jury,   not   the   judge,   should   have   set   the   fine.   Rather   than   send   the   case   back   to   be   retried,  the  Tennessee  Supreme  Court   dismissed   the   case.   The   court   commented,  "Nothing  is  to  be  gained      

Racial Prejudice

Aadam Husain-­‐  Staff  Writer               Dennis   Leary   one   said,   “Racism   isn’t   there   was   little   government   born,   its   taught,”   and   children   in   the   retaliation   at   first   when   the   KKK   1920s   were   being   taught   to   hate   staged   many   public   lynchings   of   foreigners.   Whether   it   was   Asian,   African   Americans.   The   Klan   held   the   African,  or  Mexicans,  white  Americans   mainstream   acceptance   until   the   gave  little  thought  to  the  idea  of  racial   sentencing   of   murder   of   its   leader,   tolerance.   All   foreign   races   that   David  Stephenson,  in  1925.     immigrated   to   the   U.S.   eventually   had     to   go   through   great   struggles   to   Desperate   for   a   new   leader   with   relieve   the   prejudices   against   their   alternate   solutions   to   the   growing   people.   prejudice,   African-­‐Americans   flocked     to   a   man   named   Marcus   Garvey.   He   During   the   1920s,   racial   tensions   gained   millions   of   blacks   supports   reached   a   boiling   point.   Massive   with   visions   of   regaining   the   African   emigrations   of   Europeans,   Asians,   continent   that   their   original   race   had   African   Americans,   and   Mexicans   to   lost   due   to   European   interference.   the   U.S.   brought   the   subject   of   Garvey’s   group,   the   UNIA   (United   foreigners   to   the   spotlight.   All   these   Negro   Improvement   Association),   can   new   cultures   challenged   the   be   said   to   be   the   black   equivalent   of   conservative   W.A.S.P.   (White   Anglo-­‐ the   KKK,   except   for   the   fact   that   they   Saxon   Protestant)   values   that   promoted   their   own   culture   without   dominated   the   American   way   of   life   degrading  others’.     for  more  than  two  centuries  prior.         In   conclusion,   though   the   struggles   The   government,   contrary   to   the   idea   were   long   and   hard   for   all   races   of   helping   to   reverse   this   racial   involved,   today   Americans   enjoy   one   tension,  actually  made  matters  worse.   of   the   best   racially   tolerant   Many   restrictive   acts   were   passed   democracies  in  the  world.  It  would  be   hindering  the  ability  of  foreign  people   beneficial  to  all  to  remember  previous   to   prosper   in   America,   including   the   generations’   hardships   and   choose   to   Johnson   Act   and   the   National   Origins   make   more   racially   inclusive   choices   Act;   lobbying   for   the   restriction   of   in  the  future.     Asian   immigration   was   particularly     intense.             Organize  hate  groups  did  not  help  the   civil   rights   cause.   The   Ku   Klux   Klan,   one   of   the   most   prominent   white   supremacist  organizations  of  the  time,   opposed  nearly  every  group  of  people   that   were   not   white,   heterosexual   Protestants.  Its  large  numbers  made  it   very  influential  as  well  as  powerful,  so    

Transportation Galore   Automobiles   and   airplanes   have   revolutionized   how   we   travel   in   today’s   society.   Without   the   hard   work   and   determination   of   Henry   Ford   and   Charles   Lindbergh,   we   might  not  have  had  the   privilege   to   have   these   forms   of   transportation.   With   these   revolutionary   forms   of   transportation,   it   has   made   it   easier   and   more  efficient  to  travel   from  place  to  place.       Henry   Ford   is   one   of   the   most   influential   and   recognized   man   in   our   age.   He   took   the   simple   idea   of   the   assembly   line   and   used   it  to  make  automobiles.   He   produces   these   automobiles   in   a   factory   in   Detroit,   Michigan  where  he  can   produce   a   Model   T   automobile   in   93   minutes.       The   impact   from   automobiles   has   changed   how   we   are   able   to   live   in   our   modern   day   society.   Now  families  can  move   outside   of   the   city   to   suburbs   and   still   be   able   to   travel   to   work  

Patrick Barden-­‐  Staff  Writer     in   a   manageable   time.   Also   farmers   are   able   to  travel  into  the  city  to   get   supplies   for   there   farms.     Automobiles   are   not   just   used   for   work   but   they   are   also   used   for   fun  and  entertainment.   People   are   not   able   to   travel   into   cities   and   enjoy   the   nightlife.   Also   dating   is   starting   to   change   were   dates   are   moving   out   of   the   house   and   into   Struggle  Buggy’s.       The   automobile   is   also   changing   the   economy   of   the   United   States.   A   family   is   able   to   buy   an   automobile   at   a   cheaper   price   due   to   the  assembly  line.  Now   businesses   are   expanding   and   growing   where   big   areas   where   cars   can   travel   too.   Businesses   like   gas   stations   and   motels   are   expanding   and   becoming   more   popular.       In   1927,   Charles   Lindbergh   did   something   that   no   one   else   has   done   before.   Lindbergh  was  the  first   man   to   fly   across   the   Mid-­‐Atlantic   non-­‐stop   in   an   airplane   called  

the Spirit   of   St.   Louis.   Lindbergh   flew   from   New   York   to   Paris   all   by  himself.       Lindbergh   proved   that   it   was   possible   to   travel   long   distances   without   stopping.   Now   a   day,   people   are   able   to   travel   through   the   air   in   less   time.   The   airplane   has   made   it   easier   to   travel   cross-­‐ country   in   a   more   efficient  time.       Transportation   is   evolving   and   improving   by   the   second.   Without   the   invention   of   the   automobile   and   the   airplane,   we   could   still   be   traveling   around   by   horse  and  carriage.        

Letters To The Editors

Andrea Chandler-­‐  Staff  Writer/Cartoonist   The  Changing  Role  of  Women   This   was   my   favorite   article     throughout   the   magazine.   I   agreed   Dear  Editor,   with   every   single   word.   As   adults,   As  a  woman,  I’d  like  to  say  it’s  nice  to   we’ve  seen  it  all.  We’ve  seen  the  racial   finally   have   some   more   freedom.   We   differences   that   come   with   being   a   now   have   more   motivation   to   be   different   color.   And   instead   of   trying   treated   as   equals   to   men.   Who   would   to   make   a   difference   in   our   society,   have   ever   known   we   would   have   the   most   of   us   just   go   along   with   it   and   right   to   vote?   Thanks   to   the   19th   even  teach  our  children  to  hate  people   amendment,   so   many   more   doors   who   have   a   different   skin   color   or   have   been   opened   to   us.     We   have   even  foreigners.  The  government  even   experienced   a   cultural   change   that   plays   a   big   role   in   making   racial   gives  us  more  independence.  I  do  have   tension   worse.   Unfortunately,   I   think   to   disagree   with   those   of   you   who   we’ll  always  struggle  with  the  fight  of   judge   some   woman   for   the   way   they   equality   of   all   races,   but   it’s   good   to   now   dress.   Woman   are   just   having   fun   know  some  people  actually  care.   and   finally   enjoying   the   freedom   they     now  have.   Sincerely,     Sarah  Barnes   Sincerely,     Martha  Reed   The  Red  Scare       The  “Babe”   Dear  Editor,     I   disagree   with   the   government   when   Dear  Editor,   it   comes   to   organizing   attacks   on   Baseball   is   one   of   my   favorite   sports;   I   foreigners   just   because   they   believed   usually   attend   every   baseball   game.   I   the   foreigner   could   be   a   communist.   specifically   remember   the   game   People  have  rights  and  it’s  not  fair  for   where   Babe   walked   up   to   the   plate.   an  innocent  person  to  be  arrested  just   The   stadium   roared   with   excitement   because   of   suspicion.   I   understand   as  soon  as  Babe  was  spotted.  Baseball   that   most   people   don’t   want   anything   games   are   always   a   great   night   out   to   do   with   communism,   but   that   with  the  Family,  I  know  my  younglings   doesn’t   mean   we   should   attack   every   are   always   filled   with   joy   hoping   foreigner   that   comes   to   our   country.   they’ll   be   the   ones   to   catch   that   one   We   should   come   up   with   an   organized   home  run  ball.  Babe  Ruth  is  just  one  of   way   or   a   different   strategy   instead   of   those   players   that   is   automatically   just   attacking   innocent   people.   If   the   loved   by   the   public   and   I   will   forever   government   had   put   more   effort   into   be  a  Yankees  fan,  Go  Yankees!     finding  a  way  to  take  all  of  this  under     control,   maybe   more   Americans   -­‐Doug  Grey   wouldn’t   question   the   validity   of   our     rights.   Racial  Prejudice       Sincerely,   Dear  Editor,   Paul  Jennings    

Radios: A  family  pastime  

“There’s a  radio  for  every  purse!”    

Are you  tired  of  reading  your  kids  bedtime  stories,  night  after  night?  Do   you  want  a  home  activity  your  whole  family  can  participate  in,  without   boring  you  and  your  wife  or  your  kids?  Well  then  sit  back,  relax,  and  let   a  radio  host  transport  you  to  a  different  world  with  the  radio!   For  an  easy  six  installments  of  $15,  you  too  can  join  in  on  the  invention   that  has  the  whole  country  hooked!  Don’t  wait  any  longer;  you  never   know  when  prices  might  rise!    

To Buy  a  Radio!  Now!   Aadam  Husain-­‐  Staff  Writer  

Decade in review  
Decade in review  

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