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Do you know what is the greatest gift you can give yourself in order to feel beautiful, sexy, attractive, and desired? Self love. I’m not talking about living a self-centered life, indulging your every whim, or spoiling yourself (though certainly treating yourself is nice sometimes); no, I’m  talking about truly loving and appreciating the unique being that you are meant to be. We are so good at being self critical and even demeaning of  ourselves. As a species we thrive on being critical, skeptical, and even relishing in self-righteousness about being “right,” but what if we focused  on seeing our strengths, delighted in discovery and wonder, and felt eager about being stretched mentally, physically, and even spiritually? I dare  say that this world would be an amazing place if we could learn to live in that kind of head space.   Do you know what else would happen? You would feel amazing, beautiful, attractive, and yes, sexy. I know this is true just from personal  experience. In my lifetime I have been in great shape with pretty good physical attributes going for me but simultaneously been in a poor mental  place and thus not only did I FEEL unattractive and undesirable, but I, in fact, was those things. My very being was screaming, “I’m ugly” without  ever realizing it. On the flip side, I’ve been overweight, literally stinking, straight from the horse barn with helmet hair and been “hit on” at the  grocery store because I was in such a delighted frame of mind that I was exuding attractiveness. You do not have to take my word for it though.   The concept of ​feeling ​beautiful and attractive over actually, physically being beautiful and attractive is so profound that scholars,  psychiatrists, and romance novelists alike have dedicated time, study, and commitment to the concept. ​Psychology Today ​has published several  studies on this topic and has a lovely internet article called “How to Feel More Attractive” which compiles some of the best findings. Wildly  successful romance novelist Julia Quinn has openly said, “looking beautiful isn’t as important, as feeling beautiful.” And Sophia Loren, one of the  most revered beauties of many decades says, “Beauty is something you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” You  might be tempted here to say, yes, but that’s Sophia Loren, but there is the very crux of why we so often fail to really shine from the inside out;  why do we make excuses and accept that beauty is meant for some but not for others or ourselves? Sophia Loren is lovely, but I’d like to point out  that she has been lovely at every stage of her life even when she has been overweight and aging. She remains beautiful because of what she  exudes. This is something we can all, uniquely, be and do. We are beautiful and attractive -  period. We have to own this, invest in this, and make it a part of our daily meditation not only  for ourselves but as a measure of respect to our creation. What do you ​NEED ​to ​FEEL ​beautiful?   The truth is that changing our perspective so that inner beauty shines through doesn’t  negate the fact that there are things we need to do physically to help us mentally ​FEEL ​more  beautiful and attractive. It is a reciprocating relationship that we can’t ignore. For me, it is  easier to feel attractive when I feel strong, so fitness is a part of the routine that I NEED in  order to feel my best. Makeup and personal care products are an important part of feeling my  best from day to day too. Young Living products support me in these areas of my life making it  easy to better care for myself, and honestly these are the best products I’ve ever used to  consistently care for myself both mentally and physically. From oils, to supplements, to  personal care, to makeup, I have never taken care of myself so well which is an IMPORTANT  part of radiating beauty and attraction. Let’s face it; no one can pull their hair back into a bun  or a ponytail, don sweats, eat donuts all day and feel really gorgeous. It is the act of caring for  ourselves and our bodies that leads to feelings of acceptance and, ultimately, healthy  self-love that exudes attraction. Does it sound like too much work to care for yourself? If it  does, it’s time to work on your self-love. You are worth what you feel you are worth. What’s  more, our children will adopt the self worth that we engender. Let’s not hesitate to invest in  self worth and love and care of ourselves; it will pay us back in ways we have yet to imagine. 


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Original Valor​ was in short supply for more This Little wonder should NOT be overlooked. Yes, it is a  than a year BECAUSE we had a shortage of Blue  romantic marvel, and yes it can be used for THAT, but this  Tansy. This is one of the MANY reasons why  massage oil is more than romance and tête-è-têtes. We all  we are all SO EXCITED about the return of Blue  need to FEEL beautiful and confident and enlivened in our  Tansy; it also means that Valor will once again  skin! The Sensation Shower Gel and Massage Oil are  be a stable and available item for purchase.  designed to help you feel infused with confidence, self  Valor is a favorite because of its visceral  awareness, and comfort in your own skin. Who doesn’t need  effect on one’s attitude towards what is  that? Need help getting “in the mood” or maybe just finding  possible. It is a courage booster and helps  the confidence to go out and really own a hard task ahead?  lower the uneasy feelings that sometimes  Try this: take a nice warm bath with Sensation shower gel  keep us from moving forward or taking  as bubble bath, add a ½ cup of Epsom Salts with 2 drops  appropriate and necessary risks for success. This oil is great for  Sensation essential oil blend, and follow up after bathing  teenagers going through so many life changes, children who may  with Sensation massage oil; you’ll be ready for anything and  have irrational fears, adults who may have irrational fears ;-),  feeling pretty sassy too. Each Sensation product has a little  and… it can help in relationships too. Diffuse this oil to help bring  different combination of essential oil singles, but all of them  out your feelings of confidence and let your inner beauty shine  contain Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. These are empowering oils that are  through. When you both feel confident, great things can happen.  wonderful for the skin and help with emotional and hormonal balance.   

And THEN Dessert… ​Valentines Day for me usually involves a nice dinner (whether dining in or out) and a dessert. While I love dessert as much as the next person, Valentine’s Day is not the time for a heavy dessert or  a heavy dinner for that matter; it just doesn’t help a girl feel light on her feet and her beautiful best. Though  this day typically involves chocolates, candy, and romance, by February I’m already thinking about getting into  shape for summer, so the last thing I want is to over-indulge. My favorite Valentine dessert used to be tuxedo  strawberries. While I still love these, I’ve found a new love that is just too simple, and too delicious to pass up:  strawberries dipped in homemade whipped cream infused with Lemon essential oil. If I REALLY think I need  some kind of crunch, I like to keep the light theme going, and I use these wonderful lemon crisps from a  company called 34 Degrees that are low in calories, very tasty and wonderfully made. Want to make your own  Lemon infused whipped cream? Start with SUPER cold cream and a super cold bowl (20 mins in freezer). Add  one pint of Heavy Whipping Cream, ¼ cup of sugar or sweetener of choice (Young Living’s Blue Agave is wonderful and has a low glycemic index),  and at least 8 drops of Lemon essential oil (I’ve been known to use up to 12). Set your mixer on high (or whip with a whisk as fast as you can) until  peaks form and cream is stiff. With an electric mixer on high, it should take about 1 min.    

Speaking of getting into Summer Shape… ​recently my sister introduced me to the power of starting off my morning with a smoothie. While I’ve certainly had smoothies before, I’ve never committed to starting my day with one. I have been doing this now  for 2 months, and I have found that it gives me energy, soothes my digestion throughout the day (typically a troublesome area for  me), and makes me less hungry at lunch. I’ve made a variety of smoothies, but I’ve recently found one that I just can’t get enough  of especially after an early morning workout (yes, I’ve been doing that. Go me!) It is a green smoothie. Historically green  smoothies have not been my favorite. They do look a bit scary. Regardless of your feelings or experiences with this little green  health drink, here is a recipe that is sure to please everyone: 10 ounces of milk (I use almond milk but any type will work), 2 dates,  ½ frozen banana, 1 cup+ of frozen peaches (I use 15 small slices), a LARGE handful of spinach, 1 scoop Young Living Pure Protein  Complete - Vanilla Spice, and 3-4 drops Orange essential oil. I put these ingredients in my Blendtec (high powered blender) in that  order, and I push the button for Smoothie (or High). I run the Smoothie cycle twice (because dates are opposed to blending, but  don’t skip these; they seriously make a huge difference, so blend well). This is a TRULY enjoyable smoothie to help you feel your  best inside and out. 


FEB 2018 - #19

Slique in 60 is here again!​ Phase 1 (the first 60 day challenge) started on January 1st. The second phase begins ​March 5​, so there is plenty of time to order your Slique kit of  choice and join us as we work on feeling our inside and outside best. While you  certainly can use the WONDERFUL Slique products without being part of the  challenge, the official challenge has a Facebook support group, it offers spectacular  prizes (thousands of dollars worth), and every participant who registers and reports  findings at the opening and the close, following official rules, gets a pin and a t-shirt.  Of course the real reward is setting personal goals to find our best selves and  reaching those goals. What are Slique products? They are products designed to help  drop excess weight and gain muscle as part of an exercise program. There is Slique  Citraslim which are capsules that help you burn fat, reduce cravings and snacking,  and ultimately lose inches. There are Slique meal replacements in the form of a vegan Slique Shake which is a nice berry flavor, Slique bars which are  nutty and delicious (and contain the Ningxia wolfberries), and chocolate covered Slique bars which need zero explanation. Then there is Slique Tea  which is a personal favorite of mine (I’m a tea girl, and Slique Tea is just SUPER tasty), and Slique Essence which is an essential oil blend to add to  beverages to help curb appetite. There is even Frankincense infused Slique Gum to help your dental health while avoiding snacking. There is a kit size  for everyone from the fewest products to the most products, and they all contain the Citraslim capsules and Slique Essence. I love many of these  products. I use the Citraslim capsules periodically throughout the year to aid in my healthy diet and exercise routine, and frankly, I drink the tea just  because I love it, but it is a good appetite suppressant. Whichever products you think you’d like to try, you won’t be disappointed. Young Living even  has a guarantee. Check out ​​ for all the details and join thousands of  Young Living members as they commit to finding the best within themselves for a healthier being both inside and out.   

Have you tried Savvy Minerals Makeup yet? ​If you haven’t, it is a must. The makeup is so forgiving. I have a lot of members who call or message me  concerned about buying the wrong colors and shades, but honestly, it’s  so forgiving that you have to work REALLY hard to mess it up. I usually  recommend that people buy two foundation colors because no matter  how careful we are, we are always paler in the winter and darker in the  summer. Additionally, the colors, because they are created with  colorants provided by nature, are surprisingly complementary to a WIDE  variety of skin tones. This summer my extremely pale daughter put the  makeup on 4 different people. My daughter is blonde with very pale skin  and light grey/green eyes. I am red haired, green eyed and freckled with  warm tones and darker skin than the average red head, my good friend  Amanda is Hawaiian and Japanese and has gorgeous tawny skin with  dark hair and dark eyes. My friend Natalie is a lovely African American  with dark hair (that looks great in any style) dark large eyes and warm  brown skin. It was utterly amazing to see how the purple toned  eyeshadows looked so good and so different on each and every one of  us. This is TRULY forgiving makeup that you need not fear. With the BRAND NEW RELEASE of the Young Living Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit in  February, it is certain that this wonderful, toxin free line of makeup is only going to expand and improve which is really saying something because  it’s reception since its launch last summer has been remarkable. If you haven’t started switching out your makeup, it’s time.    

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FEB 2018 - #19

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