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Army Disaster Personnel and Assessment System (ADPASS) Introduction & Instruction 70th EN CO FRG

1st Login Method

You may use this method only if you have a CAC card & CAC card reader

2nd Login Method

You must use Sponsor SSN, Sponsor DOB, and Sponsor Last name This login method only always you to update main information – Not the best method

2nd Method access pages

3rd Login Method

Default Login: Sponsor AKO email, Sponsor DOB & Last Four Once your sponsor creates a password you will log in with their AKO email and the assigned password. This method allows all editing forms.

Once you have logged in this message should appear. In the event of an emergency a red X screen and an emergency check in message will appear. In that event follow the instructions on the screen. Click next to continue.

To create a password: Select My Info on the top toolbar Select Username & Password on side toolbar Select email to add password – In this case it was AKO Create Password in the selected text fields. Click Save

Home Page Once you have checked in & Created a password you will be directed to the Home Page where you can access all of your information and information regarding the system.

Contains important information links

My Info Summary In this section you will be able to see the information listed under the DEERS system regarding your sponsors family

My Info Contact Information Update your sponsor contact info, your emergency contact info, verify, and login to DEERS from this page. Verify info

Edit Info

My Info Family Member Info

From this page you can verify and edit your family information You can also add additional members such as mother, father, and siblings. Verify Current

Edit Member

Add Member

My Info EFM Information From this page you can enroll Exceptional Family Members And Emergency Family Assessment information. Click the link for instructions

Reference From this page you can access web pages and contact information for all emergency and military resources

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