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A Golden Gateway Prayerline For Kids

Gateway to Godly Living

Prayerline for Kids provides a gateway to mentor our youth in the grace of thankful living and develop maturity. When young people learn of children in other countries who don’t have clean drinking water, a pair of shoes, or a chance to go to school, it changes their worldview and fosters a profound sense of gratitude. Prayerline Kids are enriched as they learn about different cultures, and emboldened learning of passionate believers from many backgrounds who willingly face persecution to be obedient to Christ. When our children choose to give of their own resources to help meet the needs of those not as materially privileged, they practice delayed gratification, maturing their character in significant ways. Prayerline for Kids is a gateway for parents to address hard realities with their kids in small increments from a God-focused perspective, instead of delegating this responsibility to the public school system or the media. The plight of refugees in wartorn lands that kids see in the news is presented with a hopeful, redeeming outlook— Christians are making a difference! Furthermore, indigenous mission workers serve as godly contemporary heroes for our children in a world with plenty of immoral heroes.

Gateway to Reaching Unchurched Families American kids are interested in learning about cultures and individuals in different lands. Their natural curiosity can open the door for your children to share with school friends about how Prayerline Kids learn about seven different countries every month in weekly Circle Time* and get involved to make a difference in the world. In fact, encourage your students to hand out extra issues free to friends. It affords a natural non-threatening way for children to be a witness to their friends and an opportunity to invite friends to come and visit Prayerline Kids. While adults do not want more mail, children go wild with excitement when a piece of mail comes addressed to them. Mailing monthly issues of Prayerline for Kids with a personal note from their teacher provides a regular platform for warm church contact with visitors for the price of a stamp. Don’t miss the chance to occasionally enclose a news sheet of what is coming up for the children this month at your church. Furthermore, building community with children is a gateway of connecting to their parent’s heart. Prayerline for Kids possess more appeal to leery adults than Christian material written on an adult level. Adults drop their guard to child friendly, educational material. If you keep communication personal and helpful you will be much more likely to be warmly welcomed upon a home visit or called upon in the time of family crisis.

*Download a free Prayerline Kids Prayer Circle brochure at the resource link under Teacher’s Resources

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Gateway to Godly Living  

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