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per month. Donations in any amount designated for this purpose will be applied to this fund. Christian Schools: The only way to thwart endless cycles of poverty is through education. Christian schools will provide the “3-Rs” as well as a good foundation in biblical principles. With handpicked staff already in place, this goal can be accomplished with $2000 per month.

New Life Ministry

A Final Thought from Wesley

One of the pastors involved in the feeding program sits beside a boy in need

new life in Christ. Pray for the following urgent needs and see if you can play a part in helping this ministry grow. Food and Clothing: Regular monthly gifts of $25 from at least forty donors will ensure that children are receiving at least one nutritious meal every day. Orphanages: A network of orphanages throughout the regions of the six participating churches will provide a safe, Christian environment where children can thrive. The total cost for each home is expected to run $3500

While our focus at this time is on caring for the urgent needs of neglected children, we feel this ministry will eventually open up areas for evangelism in the broader community, across all age groups and demographics.

Contributions for the ministry of New Life Ministry should be payable to Christian Aid Mission in order to receive a tax deductible receipt and mailed to:

Rescuing Children

Christian Aid Mission P.O. Box 9037 Charlottesville, VA 22906

Prostitution, Disease

434-977-5650 Christian Aid operates solely in a representative capacity for this ministry. Christian Aid seeks support for them and other indigenous missionary ministries worldwide. This ministry is not an affiliate of Christian Aid and is fully independent. There is no legal or denominational bond 60:002 • 0712 • 801NLMW between the two.

from Poverty, and Hunger . . . and giving them a new life in Christ!


omeless children in the Philippines live day-to-day in unimaginable squalor and experience continual spiritual deprivation that cannot be improved with food alone. Each child owns one set of clothing and is worn all the time until it needs to be replaced with “newer” items from someone’s trash. Frequent storms (typhoons) take the lives of many of these little ones, because they have no place to go when a natural disaster hits. Sometimes the older children slip into prostitution simply to obtain food for themselves and/or their siblings. Education for these boys and girls is non-existent. The reasons for these conditions are all too familiar—poverty born out of alcoholic parents, abusive families, the death of one or both parents, apathy and detachment of the community, and corruption in high places. And, of course, the sins of the fathers pass from one generation to the next, so the cycle of hopelessness and despair continues.


Children try on new, clean clothes that fit their thin bodies

A Beacon of Hope

New Life Ministry was started in 2008 when, Wesley Hughes, a concerned Christian, saw the situation and gathered together a group of other Christians who found a way to simply feed and clothe these destitute children. He sought help by involving local churches in this outreach and has thus far succeeded in meeting the most basic needs. “We were so blessed to see the impact of providing just a few meals, shoes and clothing for the children—to watch shy smiles of appreciation steal across their faces as they realized they were not completely alone and that somebody did care,” reports one of the founders.

The ministry is still in its infancy, and so much more is needed for neglected and abused children to become whole. “We shall continue to operate through feeding and clothing programs until such time as we are able to offer shelter (an orphanage) and education (Christian schools),” he continued. The ministry is currently in fellowship with six local congregations with whom they desire to work in partnership to establish a network of feeding and clothing ministries, educational opportunities, and eventually housing options. Qualified pastors and teachers have already been selected to assist in this project. One pastor was already using a standard curriculum to educate a few of the kids by “home schooling” them at the church.

How You can Help

To make a lasting difference, the program is looking beyond feeding programs and hopes to offer an holistic approach that will also lead the children into a

New Life Ministry