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Junior Board Cancer Resource Library

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Smoking Cessation

What does smoking cessation mean? to stop smoking or using any tobacco products.

Here are a few titles on this topic you will find in the Junior Board Cancer Resource Library.


7 Steps to a Smoke-free Life 100 Questions & Answers about How to Quit Smoking Allen Carr’s Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking Clearing the Air: quit smoking today Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quitting Smoking Easy Way to Stop Smoking Guia para Dejar de Fumar: por su salud y su familia How to Quite Smoking without Gaining Weight Kicking Butts: quit smoking & take charge of your health Never Smoke Again Quit! read this book and stop smoking Quitting Smoking for Dummies Siete Pasos para Dejar de Fumar Simple Principles to Quit Smoking Spit Tobacco: a guide for quitting


Meditation to Help You Stop Smoking Quit Smoking Auto-matically

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If You Love Someone Who Smokes: get them to watch this video

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Christiana Care’s Smoking Cessation Programs 1-302-661-3000 Delaware Smoking Quit Line 1- 866-409-1858

Wilmington Veterans Administration Medical Center 1-302-994-2511, ext. 4167


American Cancer Society: guide to quitting smoking American Lung Association

CDC - Surgeon General’s 2004 Report: Health Consequences of Smoking on the Human Body

CDC: Tobacco Information & Prevention Source

Christiana Care’s Smoking Cessation Website

Delaware Quit Smoking Website

Freedom from Smoking Online

MEDLINEplus on Smoking Cessation National Cancer Institute: LiveHelp Service QuitNet

Stop Smoking Center Support Group

U.S. Government Consumer Quit Site

U.S. Government Services Administration: control your weight as you quit smoking Junior Board Cancer Resource Library


Christiana Care Library Pathfinder: Smoking Cessation  
Christiana Care Library Pathfinder: Smoking Cessation  

A guide to finding resources and information at Christiana Care's consumer health libraries about. smoking cessation.