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Junior Board Cancer Resource Library

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Dealing with Depression

What is depression? a mental state or mood with feelings of sadness, despair and discouragement and a lack of desire for socializing or physical activity.

Here are a few titles on this topic you will find in the Junior Board Cancer Resource Library.


Cancer: how will I get through this? Coping with Depression: from Catch-22 to hope Crazy Quilt Dark Nights of the Soul: a guide for finding your way through life’s ordeals Grace for Each Hour How to Live Between Office Visits Prescriptions for Living Suffering and Illness: insights for caregivers Surviving Cancer Emotionally: learning how to heal Take Up Your Life When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Meringue Pie World According to Mister Rogers : important things to remember You Are Not Your Illness You Can Get through This: how to stay positive ‌


Dark Nights of the Soul Healing from the Inside Out Meditation to Help You Combat Depression Tranquilities: for persons experiencing stress


Affirmations for Living Beyond Cancer Living with Cancer : a message of hope Relax : stress relief video

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In our library, all periodicals are located on the slanted display shelves. They are arranged in alphabetical order.


American Cancer Society BC

Christiana Care’s Cancer Resource Library’s Web Page on Coping with Cancer

National Cancer Institute This is the website for the National Cancer Institute.

National Institute of Mental Health A fact sheet that summarizes what cancer patients need to know about depression.

Junior Board Cancer Resource Library


Christiana Care Library Pathfinder: Dealing With Depression  

A guide to finding resources and information at Christiana Care's consumer health libraries about depression.

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