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Junior Board Cancer Resource Library

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Breast Cancer

What is breast cancer? a malignant disease of breast tissue. Initial symptoms, found in most cases by self-examination, include a small painless lump, thick or dimpled skin, or nipple retraction. Surgical treatment may be a lumpectomy or mastectomy, with removal of some or all of the lymph nodes in the arm pit. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both, are often prescribed.

Here are a few titles on this topic you will find in the Junior Board Cancer Resource Library.


A to Z of Breast Cancer After Breast Cancer: a common sense guide to life after treatment After Breast Cancer: answers to questions you’re afraid to ask Be a Survivor: your guide to breast cancer Breast Cancer and the Post-Surgical Body: recovering the self Breast Cancer Book: what you need to know to make informed decisions Breast Cancer Recovery: no one wrote a manual Breast Cancer Survival Manual Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk: it’s your choice Living in the Postmastectomy Body Living through Breast Cancer Navigating Breast Cancer: a guide for the newly diagnosed Show Me: a photo collection of breast cancer survivors Surgery Choices for Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer When Mommy Had a Mastectomy


After Your Mastectomy What I Wish I Knew Woman to Woman: breast cancer and reconstruction options WomenStories: breast cancer survivor video series


Understanding Breast Cancer

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In our library, all periodicals are located on the slanted display shelves. They are arranged in alphabetical order.


American Cancer Society - Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

American Cancer Society - Treatment Decision Tools

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Overview & diagnosis of breast cancer


Developed by Dr. Marisa Weiss, a Philadelphia area oncologist specializing in breast cancer.

Christiana Care’s Cancer Resource Library’s Breast Cancer Links

MEDLINEplus - Breast Cancer

MEDLINEplus - Male Breast Cancer

MEDLINEplus - Tutorial on Breast Cancer

MEDLINEplus - Tutorial on Breast Lump Biopsy

MEDLINEplus - Tutorial on Mammography


Explanations of biopsy results. Sponsored by College of American Pathologists.

NCI/PDQ Breast Cancer Treatment

NCI/PDQ Male Breast Cancer Treatment

NCI/PDQ Breast Cancer & Pregnancy

Junior Board Cancer Resource Library


Christiana Care Library Pathfinder: Breast Cancer  

A guide to finding resources and information at Christiana Care's consumer health libraries about breast cancer.

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