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Comprehension Question 1. Who are the one whom feels guilty in this poem? Why? 2. Why do you think the persona can hears the sound of the flutist? 3. How was the flute being described in this poem? Quote the phrase to justify your answer. 4. What does the word ‘luxury’ in the second stanza refers to? Explain your answer. 5.

List the problems that faced by the person in third stanza.

6. If you were the persona, what would you do in order to stop the world from bleeding? Rationales of the activities 1. By doing silent reading, teacher wants the students to recall their previous knowledge and understanding about the poem. 2. The activity of reading aloud is to lessen the possibilities of mispronunciation and other students get to know how to pronounce certain words correctly. 3. The purpose of calling out volunteer to read the poem in a correct manner in front of the class is to identify the hidden skills of the students. 4. Students work in a group so that they know how to divide their work equally and learn how to work with other people in a group. 5. The purpose of reading the questions instead of writing it on a board is to train the students to listen attentively to an instruction and how to put their fully attention on others.


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