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Nintendo Dsi R4i Memory To Download Unlimited Dsi Games Here! Nintendo dsi has become one of the best marketing handheld console since it was launched few months ago. The revenue was showing no trends of decrement since apr this year.

Dsi has a particular hardware which is a different from the standard nintendo ds. In nintendo dsi , older memory cards including R4 and M3 basically are not usable in dsi console. As a matter of fact, dsi console has its own special recollection card- R4i.

This R4i card is normally recommended for you to dsi users because it is the most recent advance in flash ink cartridge technology for the Nintendo dsi. With R4i memory card, this enables your DSi to accept a micro Sd memory. In other words, you can now play down loaded dsi games, songs along with movies in your small minor dsi console if in support of if you have this R4i card.

Obviously, R4i card has given all dsi users much convenience because we need not to install additional software package to play downloaded dsi games online.

Here are some key features of R4i card. First of all , it has the drag along with drop function where you can drag files and drop them easily in your memory card. This supports high capacity recollection cards up to 32GB. Besides , it also supports wifi along with support different speeds regarding micro sd cards.

In quick , the only way for you to download dsi games online is to obtain a r4i card. There are no other ways to do that.

Gabriel Fox is a insane gamer who's been in the concept of gaming for more than 2 ages. He's been testing plenty of ds download sites in the last 5 years.

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Nintendo Dsi R4i Memory To Download Unlimited Dsi Games Here!