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A selfie is a self-portrait photo, taken with a digital camera or smartphone held in the hand or supported by a selfie -stick. Selfies are mostly taken for sharing with friends via social media. They are usually flattering and expect admiration from the receivers. Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, produced a daguerreotype of himself in 1839 which is one of the first photographs of a person. In 1914, at the age of 13, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, was one of the first teenagers to take her own picture using a mirror, to send to a friend with a letter. Photographic self-portraiture flourished in the 1970s when affordable instant cameras initiated a new medium of self-expression. Around the turn of the millennium digital cameras supplanted the film cameras. A survey in 2013 showed that two-thirds of Australian women aged 18–35 take selfies mostly for posting on Facebook. According to a survey commissioned by smartphone and camera maker Samsung, selfies constitute 30% of the photos taken by persons aged 18–24. Probably, Christ was the first producer of ‘selfies’. During Lent when we have the Way of the Cross, in the Sixth Station we meditate on Christ’s first selfie, i. e. His sacred countenance miraculously printed on the veil used by Veronica to wipe His bruised face. Then, there is the Holy Shroud on which Christ left His image. Both the ‘selfies of Christ’ and the modern day selfies have the elements of portrait and sharing. But there is a vast difference between the two. The modern day selfies can, at times, turn to be narcissistic with uncontrolled obsession to be admired and commented upon by the receivers. People share photos but may never share themselves. In contrast ‘Selfies of Christ’ remind us of His immense love for us and His total sharing of himself with mankind. Our three dear confreres, Br. Romanus Tirkey, Fr. Thomas Salew and Fr. George Mukala whom we lost in December 2016, January and March 2017, may not have shared their selfies. But through their dedicated work and patient suffering they certainly shared their life for the benefit of others. May this Lent remind us to be courageous and generous like Veronica to ‘share our towels’ to wipe the face of Christ in suffering humanity and share our life with others. Jonas Kerketta

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During the Requiem Mass for Br. Romanus Tirkey sdb, Fr. Benny Kurian, secretary to Dimapur Provincial, read out condolence messages from Archbishop John Moolachira of Guwahati, Fr. Francesco Cereda (Vicar of the Rector Major, Rome), Fr. Godfrey D’Souza (Mumbai Provincial), Fr. Binod (Mumbai Provincial’s secretary), Fr. Alwin (Panjim Provincial’s secretary), Sr. Maria Dilbung (Secretary to FMA Provincial of Guwahati), Cl. John Paul Vemo (student in Jerusalem), Cl. Timothy Gangmei (student in Sicily), and Cl. Anal Ruwanglal Augustine (student at KJC Bangalore). Mr. Joachim Tirkey, younger brother of Br. Romanus, spoke on behalf of the family. Mr. Anil Dutta, teacher, spoke for Bosco Tech. Hijuguri – Tinsukia. Mr. Joel Kerketta, catechist, expressed condolence on behalf of Golaghat Parish. Br. Benarius Topno, spoke on behalf of the Salesians of Dimapur Province. Below we have an extract from the funeral

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oration of Fr. Nestor Guria, Provincial of Dimapur: “ In faith we gather around the mortal remains of our beloved Br. Romanus Tirkey believing that: “Death for the Salesian is made bright by the hope of entering into the joy of his Lord and when it happens that a Salesian dies working for souls, the Congregation has won a great triumph” (Const. 54). We also rely on the words of St. Paul: “If we have died with him, then we shall live with him” (2 Tim.2, 12). Br. Romanus Tirkey was born to Lt. Mr. Suleman Tirkey and Virginia Tigga, on 04 October 1950, in Titlagarh village of Sibsagar district, Assam. He was the fourth of the five brothers and two sisters. He did his primary schooling in Don Bosco, Naharkatia. From Classes VI to X he studied in Don Bosco, Dibrugarh. After matriculation he joined Don Bosco, Shillong as an aspirant to Salesian Brotherhood. He joined the novitiate in 1978 and made his first profession in 1979 at Sunnyside, Shillong. His perpetual profession

was in 1986. The places he worked are: Golaghat, Harmutty, Mon, Hijuguri, Jorhat, Dimapur Provincial House, Dimapur 3rd Mile and finally he joined the community of Don Bosco, Hijuguri on 24 May 2015. He was admitted in the R. C. Hospital, Tinsukia on 20 December at 11.00 P.M. and finally went to his eternal home on 21 December 2016. We thank Fr. Hilarius Ekka and Fr. Nazarius Lakra of Hijuguri community and other Confreres and Sisters for being with Br. Romanus during his last moments. We thank God for the gift of Br. Romanus and his contribution to the Congregation and to our Province. Br. Romanus was a man of remarkable qualities; cheerfulness and simplicity being the most prominent. He was happy in his Salesian Religious Brother vocation. He was committed to his duties. He was a man of prayer. He was regular in his Salesian practices of piety. He had a profound devotion to Our Lady. At this critical moment when Br. Romanus comes face to face with God, the entire Church is united with us in prayer. He is not alone. We are with him in prayer as we remember the consoling words of Our Lord “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God and faith in me… I shall come back to take you with me, so that where I am you also may be. You know the way that leads where I go.”

And so today we say to Br. Romanus, “Vaya con Dios, companero”, go with God, good friend, until we meet again, to break bread with the one whose life and death has guaranteed the everlasting life we seek. May his angels lead you today into paradise, as you begin your new life, in which health replaces illness, youth replaces age, and certainty replaces doubt; as you enter the company of those loved ones who preceded you and as you wait for those who are to follow.”

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The funeral Mass for Fr. Salew Thomas was presided over by Rev. Fr. Nestor Guria, Provincial of Dimapur Province. In all 64 priests concelebrated, including Rev. Fr. George Maliekal sdb, Provincial of Shillong Province and Rev. Fr. Januarius Sangma sdb, Vice Provincial of Guwahati Province. The following persons conveyed their condolence messages: Rev. Fr. George Maliekal sdb spoke on behalf of the Province of Shillong. Fr. Januarius offered condolence on behalf of the confreres of Guwahati Province. Ms. Josephine Kaisa spoke for the Salesian Cooperators. Fr. Neli Linus of Imphal Archdiocese condoled Fr. Salew’s death on behalf of the Mao Priests and Religious. Mr. Adani Joseph, secretary, spoke for the Mao Catholic Association. Mm. Katini Alphonsa, president, offered condolence on behalf of the Mao Catholic Women Association. Fr. Lonuo Linus sdb spoke for the batch-mates and on behalf of the Salesians of Dimapur Province. An extract from Fr. Provincial’s homily follows below: “In faith we gather around the mortal remains of

our beloved brother Fr. Salew. We trust in the words of St. Paul: “If we have died with him, then we shall live with him” (2 Tim.2, 12). In the preface of Christian Death we pray, “Lord for your faithful people life is changed not ended”. This is the sure hope of our faith in Christ and we hope the same for our brother Salew Thomas. Fr. Salew Thomas was born on 03.07.1974 in Makhel village. His parents are: M. Chipfukho (father) and R. Akha-a (mother). He has a sister, Athia, and brothers, Daikho, Komuo and Kaikho. He did his primary and high school studies in Punanamai. He joined the aspirantate and pre-novitiate at Jorhat and novitiate at Ngarian (Imphal). He made his first profession in 24.05.1997 at Imphal and Perpetual Profession in 8.01.2004. He studied philosophy in Yercaud (Tamil Nadu) and Theology in Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong. He pursued B. A. from the Nagaland University and B. Ed as well as M. A. from the Manipur University. His practical training was in Harmutty and Dibrugarh in Assam. His Priestly Ordination was on 8.01.2006 at St. Mary’s Parish, Punanamai. He worked in the Province under various capacities: 332006-2008 = Vice Principal: DBHSS & Director: YC – Don Bosco, Dimapur 3324.05.2008 = Counsellor - Rua Home, Jorhat 3324.05.2009 = Principal, Asst. PP & Counsellor – Christ King, Kohima 3324.05.2010 = Warden: Ravalico Hostel & Asst. PP – Don Bosco, Imphal 3324.05.2013 = Administrator & Vice Principal – Don Bosco College, Itanagar 3324.05.2014 = Vice Principal & Warden – Don Bosco College, Itanagar 3325.05.2015 = Rector & Principal – Don Bosco HSS, Itanagar (Could not take charge due to sickness) He was a man of remarkable qualities; cheerfulness and simplicity, efficient, reliable, and available and sense of belonging being the most prominent. He was happy as a Salesian priest. He was committed to his duties. When I gave him the obedience to be the Rector and Principal of Don Bosco Hr. Sec. school,

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Itanagar, he smiled and said “why, there is no one else?” I said there are many but for this time you are the one. He accepted it in a true spirit of obedience, and wanted to go for the Rector’s course but unfortunately we see what has happened. Towards the end of 2015 he was detected with cancer. But he was hopeful that he would get well. At one time he was able to move about quite freely so we also felt much relieved and hopeful. Whatever has happened we must admire his fortitude and ability to endure pain. He suffered much pain but never expressed it in any way. At this moment I am filled with a tremendous sense of gratitude to all who have cared for him. I would like to mention the Salesian community of Chingmeirong (Imphal): Fr. Francis P.X. (Rector), Fr. Sebastian P. O. (vice rector), Fr. Dennis (parish priest), Fr. Adahe Paul and Fr. Jerome Moshary and the neighbouring Salesian community of Lamphel: Frs Tony, V. T .Thomas and T. P. Sebastian. They have really walked extra mile. The presence of his family members also was praiseworthy. His sister Athia and nephew Kholi were present all the time. Sr. Victima the superior of Nirmalabas and community and Sr. Pauline and community of Ferrando Institute. The Doctors of RIMS and the Sisters of the Catholic Hospital at Koirengi- Imphal.

Adieu dear Fr. Thomas. And go with God, good friend, until we meet again, to break bread with the one whose life and death has guaranteed the everlasting life we seek. May his angels lead you today into paradise, as you begin your new life, in which health replaces illness, youth replaces age, and certainty replaces doubt; as you enter the company of those loved ones who preceded you and as you wait for those who are to follow. Fr. Thomas’ going away is not an end of him. It’s the beginning of his new innings in his life. He has gone to his true home. There was a man on Lewisham High Street who used to go around saying to people, “there are no hospitals, no doctors, no nurses and no ambulances in heaven”. What he meant to say was that there is no more suffering and there is no more pain. That is heaven. And it is to this place of rest and happiness Fr. Thomas is gone. Let us assist him now through our prayers, so that Christ can make up for what could be lacking in Fr. Thomas’ life.”

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“I stand here with a feeling of humble gratitude to God for the gift of Fr. George Mukala to the Salesian Fr. George Mukala died on 14 March 2017 at Congregation and to the Province of Dimapur. I Salesian College, Dimapur, after a prolonged illness. thank God for his contribution to the Church through He was buried on 15 March in the Salesian College the Salesian Congregation. I thank God for the love cemetery. Bishop James Thoppil DD of Kohima Diocese and fraternal solidarity that we Salesians feel today. I presided over the Requiem Mass while Bishop Joseph thank God for Fr. George Mukala’s contribution to the Aind SDB DD of Dibrugarh preached the funeral Congregation through the Province of Dimapur. We homily. In all 77 priests concelebrated including Fr. thank God for the dedication of his life in the Salesian Januarius Sangma sdb (Vice Provincial of Guwahati Congregation. We have heard some information from Province), and Priest representatives from Shillong Fr. Mathew Pulingathil. May I also place on record some Province. Other prominent persons present for the of his services rendered to the Provinces of Madras and occasion were Rev. Sr. Mary Perunilam MSMHC Dimapur for which we ought to be grateful to God: (Asstt. General of the Congregation of the Missionary Personal Details: Sisters of Mary Help of Christians), Rev. Sr. Daisy Birth: 01.11.1931; Baptism: 07.11.1931 in MSMHC (Provincial), Sr. Bincy CMC and Sr. Merly St. George’s church – Arivithura (Kerala); CMC (nieces of Fr. George Mukala), Sr. Rose Joe CMC Confirmation: 14.10.1941 at Arivithura; Dad’s (grand niece of Fr. Mukala), Ms V. Angela (President name: Mathai; Mother’s name: Aley; Home of the Nagaland Catholic Women’s Association). address: Mukalayil House. Thidanad P. O., Kottayam. Condolence messages were delivered by the Religious Profession: following persons: First Profession: 24.05.1952 at Kotagiri; Final 1. Fr. Mathew Pulingathil, first Provincial of Profession: 24.05.1958 in Yercaud. Dimapur Province, on behalf of the Salesians of Practical Training: Dimapur Province. May 1955 – May 1957: Assistant & Teacher in 2. Fr. Devasia Vazhayil, on behalf of the Salesians Don Bosco, Matunga – Mumbai. of Shillong Province. May 1957 – May 1958: Assistant & Teacher at 3. Fr. Januarius Sangma, Vice Provincial, on Kotagiri – Tamil Nadu. behalf of the Salesians of Guwahati Province. Secular/Ecclesiastical Studies: 4. Sr. Bincy CMC, on behalf of the family 1952 – 1955: B. Ph. (Philosophy) in Sacred Heart members of Fr. George Mukala. College, Tirupatur - TN. 5. Mr. Sergius Xess, Head Catechist of 1958 – 1962: B. Th. (Theology) in Sacred Heart Margherita, on behalf of the parishioners. Theological College, Shillong. 1963 – 1965: B. A. in Economics. Condolence messages were also sent by Priestly Ordination & Ministry: Archbishop John Moolachira of Guwahati, Fr. 29.06.1962: Priestly Ordination, in Broadway, Francesco Cereda (Vicar of the Rector Major), Chennai. Fr. Maria Arokiam (Regional Superior of South 1962 – 1963: Catechist in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. Asia), Salesian Provincial of Mumbai, Salesian 1963 – 1964: Catechist, St. Joseph’s Tech. Inst., Provincial of Guwahati, Salesian Provincial Basin Bridge, Chennai. of Bangalore and FMA Provincial of Shillong. 1964 – 1965: Asst. Parish Priest in Kodiveri. Below we have an extract from the 1965 – 1966: Prefect of Studies at Irinjalakuda, message of Rev. Fr. Nestor Guria sdb, Provincial:

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Kerala. 1966 – 1967: Prefect of Studies in Ernakulam, Kerala. 1967 – 1970: Asst. Parish Priest of Wokha in Nagaland. 1970 – 1976: Parish Priest of Digboi in Assam 1976 - : Parish Priest of Margherita in Assam. 30.01.1995: Asst. Parish Priest of Jagun in Assam. 16.06.1996: Confessor, Salesian Novitiate in Ngarian-Imphal, Manipur. 14.01.2000: Asst. Parish Priest & Confessor in Doom Dooma, Assam. 24.05.2007: Confessor & Teacher, Salesian Novitiate, Zubza – Nagaland. In a number of places he was a pioneer and worked alone. But he was a man of regularity, punctuality and a perfectionist. He was a builder and built churches. He was gifted with the power of healing and exorcism. He had the gift of finding lost things and persons. At times he might have appeared rude in his behavior but he was also a humorous person. He was a happy Salesian and had the deep sense of belonging to the Congregation. We miss him. Adieu dear Fr. George.”

Mr. Mathew Mathew, Mr. M. T. Mathew and Mr. George Kutty Mathew, three nephews of Fr. George Mukala could not reach for funeral as Mr. M. T. Mathew suddenly fell ill in Kolkata. However, Mr. Mathew Mathew and Mr. George Kutty Mathew reached Dimapur on 16 March and prayed at the grave of Fr. George Mukala. Jonas Kerketta sdb


Don Bosco Youth Film Festival 2017, with the theme Youth and Nation Building was held simultaneously on 28 and 29 January. Over 600,000 (six lakhs) youth viewed 24 short films in over 100 venues spread across 19 Indian states. Out of the 248 films received from 24 states, the Preliminary Jury committee had

selected 24 films for screening in the festival. Swapnil Rajashekar’s ‘Saavat’ produced in Pune bagged the Best Film award at the Don Bosco Youth Film Festival (DBYFFI) 2017. The award was presented by Rev. Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, Rector Major of the Salesian Congregation during the Team Visit in

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Chennai. DBYFFI was organised by the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia (SPCSA) together with Don Bosco Communications, South Asia (BOSCOM). Fr. Harris Pakkam, Director of the Film Festival said, “The Don Bosco Youth Film Festival was a huge success as nearly 6 lakh youth from across the country viewed the films. The films were to inspire and motivate youngsters for social change.” ‘Saavat’ - a 24 minute long production, is a rural based film which speaks about the vulnerability of the girl child; an uphill battle that a girl child faces even today to be literate, touches on the impact of certain barbaric events like rape on the psyche of the victims. In the Province of Dimapur seven venues were selected for the DBYFFI 2017: Dibrugarh (Don Bosco School), Dimapur (Don Bosco School and Salesian College), Itanagar (Don Bosco Youth Centre), Jorhat (Don Bosco School, Baghchung), Maram – Manipur (Don Bosco College) and Kohima (Christ King Parish). Dimapur and Kohima: During the days of the DBYFFI Nagaland was paralysed with violent strikes and ‘bandhs’. Don Bosco School, Dimapur could not hold the festival despite grand arrangements. Salesian College managed to screen the movies for around 130 youth with Fr. Thuruthel Joseph (Bosco B. Ed College Principal) as Chief Guest of the festival. In Christ King Parish, Kohima 300 youth watched the films with Fr. Padmanabhan Suresh Innocent (Principal of Don Bosco College, Kohima) as Chief Guest. In Don Bosco College, Maram, where the local SDO inaugurated the festival, around 600 youth viewed the films. The DBYFFI was covered by The Herald newspaper, as reported by Fr. K. O. Sebastian, Principal of Don Bosco College, Maram, who was also the local DBYFFI coordinator. Itanagar: As reported by Fr. P. C. Cyriac, Director of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar as well as the

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local coordinator of the DBYFFI, the festival was inaugurated by the Dumporijo MLA and Chief Guest of the festival, Shree Paknga Bage. The Chief Guest told the youth, “Film being a powerful medium can communicate, educate, elevate and inspire young viewers,” he said, adding that the theme of DBYFFI is very aptly coined, as it is a ‘celebration of the spirit of youth’ in a positive and inspiring way”. Fr. C. D. Mathai sdb (Parish Priest, Itanagar), Shree Kathy Pula (former APPSC member and President of Don Bosco Alumni), Moping Tatar Bagel (Counselor for Junior Alumni) and Dr. Vshwanath Sharma SLO (NSS) also spoke during the inaugural function. The Arunachal Times reported the event as a great success as over 1,800 youth from 21 educational institutions including some hostels from Capital Complex watched the films. Jorhat: In Don Bosco School, Jorhat the DBYFFI 2017 was coordinated by Fr. Regi Mani, Principal of the school. Smt. Geetavali Rajkumari, the wellknown Film Artist of Assam, inaugurated the Festival by lighting the lamp. In her inaugural speech she exhorted the students to watch films together with their studies, but to watch films that are suitable for one’s age. She also posed before the students Film Industry as a career option. More than 2,200 students from five different schools of the city of Jorhat attended the festival. It may be mentioned that Jorhat too had sent a 2.45 minute film to the DBYFFI 2017. It was entitled Steps Towards Cleanliness. Sincere thanks and kudos to the Festival coordinators of our Province (Fr. Vengakunnel Thomas, Fr. Policarp Xalxo, Fr. Gangmei J. Joshua, Fr. Linus Lonuo, Fr. K. O. Sebastian, Fr. P. C. Cyriac and Fr. Regi Mani) who with their collaborators, spent lots of their time, energy and resources for the success of the DBYFFI 2017. Jonas Kerketta sdb



The countless events, incidents, life stories, facts, episodes etc. go to show that a descent is inevitable and a prerequisite before an ascent. Take a walk in your garden, fields or into the woods and you will be convinced of the descent before the ascent. All those gigantic trees were once tiny seeds that descended to the bosom of the earth. Now they have ascended to the heavens in the form of towering trees and shrubs in full foliage. The Jesus phenomenon, from Incarnation (descent to the earth) to Ascension (ascent to glory) is the best example of the descent to ascend. This is precisely to uplift man from the bin of sin and raise him to the inn of Heaven. The Easter event is forever the supreme example of the descent to hades and the subsequent ascent to the grandeur of Eden. Jesus went through excruciating pain and agony in the Garden of Gethsemane only to ascend to reign in glory at the Father’s right hand. He descends to the womb and the tomb only to ascend to the aura and splendor of paradise. Jesus has shown with his very life what it means to descend to this planet of human beings (the ignominy and agony on the cross) and his convincing ascension to the majesty of the Heavenly court. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, from humanity to divinity, from student to teacher; from infancy to adulthood, from the tea vender to the hot chair (PM Narendra Damodar Modi), from newspaper-boy to the presidency (A.P.J Abdul Kalam), from failure to success (Abraham Lincoln) and many others. The eagles, the vultures, the seagulls or for that matter all birds have to descend in order to ascend

with their desirable bites. If they remain up there in the skies, nothing is going to happen except starvation and death. It is said that the road to glory is paved with cobble stones. The countless true stories written are the undeniable evidence of this. A significant breakthrough comes only after mind blowing vigor, exhaustive effort, enduring passion, unflinching devotion, continuous struggle and unflagging elbow-grease. While many quotes have stirred my mind about this subject, one that resonates most is Dr. Stephen Covey’s words, “Private victories precede public victories. You can’t invert that process any more than you can harvest a crop before you plant it” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” There is one genre of stories that has enjoyed an ever-lasting appeal over the ages: ‘rags to riches’ tales. True stories of the heroic struggle against odds, survival and eventual triumph have always inspired people, given them hope, courage to fight and egged them on to persevere despite herculean struggles. May the countless fabulous but real stories from around the world, particularly the event of Christ’s descent (Incarnation), life, passion, death and Resurrection (Easter) followed by His glorious Ascension into His Heavenly glory ignite our never-say-die spirit and inspire us to become all that we can be in our life, despite all odds. Fr. Sebastian Jose Sdb.

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Don Bosco, Dimapur, is one of the prominent Salesian institutions of Dimapur Province. It has been the venue for many provincial, regional and national level events – meetings, youth events like camporees, sporting events, etc. It hosted the province level programmes when the former Rector Major, Don Pascual Villanueva Chavez visited our Province in 2010. It also hosted the Nagaland regional level as well as the final province level celebrations of the Bicentenary of Don Bosco’s birth in 2015. Herewith we have a brief history of this premier institution from its inception till date.

1. Higher Secondary School

The land where the school stands today, was bought in 1983 and the school was opened on 19 March, 1985. On 26 March the foundation stone for the school building was blessed by late Bp. Abraham in the presence of the Provincial, Fr. Mathew Pulingathil and the Minister for Education Mr. KL Chishi. The constructions were supervised by the provincial economer, Fr. Sebastian Vadakethannikal (VJ). Fr. Mathew Pottukulam was put in charge of the school. Fourteen students were admitted to the school and were looked after by Mrs. Sherley. Classes were held in a thatched shed. In 1986 admissions to class 1 were taken. Fr. Joseph Murickal (MK) replaced Fr. Pottukulam. In 1987 admissions were taken to classes 3 and 4. The confreres looking after the school daily came from the provincial house. On St. Sebastian’s feast day, 20 January 1988, Fr. Thazhekaden Sebastian was put in charge of the school. With the written permission of the provincial,

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the school was allowed to have three sections per class instead of the standard norm in the province of having only two sections in each class. The school entrance was from the Riverbelt colony road. But due to the tussle with the neighbouring City High School which saw some unpleasant incidents including threats to Fr. TO Sebastian, and the breaking of late Mrs Tina’s hand, a non-teaching staff, new approach to the school was opened through the back of the school building. The school is sufficiently away from the city to provide the much needed quietness. The campus is big and well laid out. Daily there are crowds who come in the morning for walks and exercise, and for football, basketball and volleyball games in the evening. The school maintains good relations with the neighbours and the colony authorities. In the school, there are over 2500 students and 80 staff members including a full-time counsellor for the students. Scouts and Guides movement and the NCC for the students are well established. The students also take part in inter-school activities without fail. The Scouts and Guides of the school have taken up the responsibility of looking after the cleanliness and decoration of the statue of Don Bosco at the Walford junction in Dimapur town.

2. The Salesian Community

We are six of us in the community: Fr Varghese Chittilappilly (Rector), Fr Joshua Gangmei (Principal), Fr Michael Hriiyio (Vice Principal), Br Sunny Joseph Vadakkevettuvazhiyil (Director of AIDA), Fr Mathew Narimattam, and Fr Joseph Chittissery (Administrator).


Fr Sebastian Thazhekaden (1992-1998) Fr Joseph Karumampallil (1998-2004) Fr Joseph Variathukalayil (2004-2009) Fr Mathew Palackel Nebu (2009-2015) Fr Varghese Chittilappilly (2015)

Headmasters / Principals

1. Fr Mathew Pottukulam (HM) 2. Fr Joseph Murickal (HM) 3. Fr Sebastian Thazhekaden (HM) 4. Fr Joseph Thettayil (HM) 5. Fr Joseph Chittissery (HM) 6. Br George Perumanoor (HM) 7. Fr Joseph Karumampallil (Ppal) 8. Fr Thomas Vengakunnel (Ppal) 9. Fr Manual Paikada (Ppal) 10. Fr Joshua Gangmei (Ppal)

3. AIDA Assam-Nagaland-Manipur-Arunachal or ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA), IND Province’s Planning and Development Office (PDO), was founded on 08 December 1985. Fr. Bimal Lakra was the first director of AIDA, the other directors being Fr. TD George, Fr. Tony Pellissery and Bro. Sunny Joseph. Inspiring, Enabling and Empowering being the motto, AIDA engages in development interventions in the communities of the Northeast in collaboration with village folk, like-minded organizations, government departments, civil society, banks and Salesian communities, through partnership and networking. AIDA’s areas of involvement include quality education, livelihood, water, health and sanitation, woman empowerment and child rights, peace building and good governance. Major interventions by AIDA include 100 community schools with 2707 students, 78 community production centres, 500 family tea gardens, 5 intensive coaching centres, 5 crèches, livelihood promotion, solar electrification and promotion of community based organizations. AIDA, being the PDO of the province, coordi-

Assistant HMs / Vice Principals

1. Fr Jose Palely 2. Fr Francis Kanjirathinkal 3. Fr Varghese Chittilappilly 4. Fr Patrick Warjiri 5. Fr John Pudussery 6. Fr Thomas Vengakunnel 7. Fr Sabu Joseph Muthirakalam 8. Fr Thomas Salew 10. Fr. NJ Cyriac 11. Fr Michael Hriiyio

nates the skill training programs in the province in collaboration with Don Bosco Tech Society. There are 15 skill training centres in the province, including one at AIDA itself, offering short term training to less privileged youth. AIDA has facilities like a training hall, conference room, guest rooms, dormitory and canteen for those who wish to hire for meetings.


This beautiful building christened Don Bosco Institute for Development & Leadership (DBIDL) for meetings and seminars has been constantly improved under the able directorship of Fr Varghese Chittilappilly. In the last year, the first of its functioning, while some of the programs were conducted by the Salesians, the others were conducted by different organizations. Till date over 2100 people have gone through DBIDL. The centre has 40 rooms, a dormitory and three halls for meetings.

5. Auxilium Convent

In 1998 the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians came to collaborate in Don Bosco Higher Secondary School. Since then they have been collaborating in all the activities of the institution. Fr. Chittissery Joseph

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On 29 January 2017, in collaboration with the NGO ‘HOWREE’, Don Bosco Doom Dooma organized a programme on Motivation Cum Career Guidance for 130 Matric and High School students of Doom Dooma and other neighbouring parishes. Anthony Kujur, Anthony Bongkor, Kamal Tigga, Dr. Alen and Pores Aind dealt with various useful tips on how to study and perform well in the examination.

They guided the students on the art of choosing the right courses for their further studies. The students were urged to focus on their studies and not get distracted by modern gadgets for cheap entertainment. A small note book and a “Certificate of My Journey” were given to the participants as their guide towards achieving their goals. Fr. Blasius Tete

A SPECTACULAR ‘BOSCO NITE’ On 10 February 2017, Don Bosco Hr. Sec. School, Jorhat, celebrated “Bosco Nite” in honour of St. John Bosco. The stage was set in the school ground for the cultural extravaganza. The dignitaries included Shri. Tarun Gogoi, former Assam Chief Minister, as the Chief Guest; the MLA of Mariani Shri. Rupjyoti Kurmi, our Past Pupil as the Guest of Honour; Dr. Subhalashmi Rajkumari, Inspector of Schools (Jorhat); Smt. Luna Sonowal (IPS), SDPO of Titabar; Air Commodore H. Sahni; Fr. Nestor Guria, the Provincial of Dimapur Province; Fr. Bosco, the Vice Provincial of Dimapur Province; Fathers and Sisters from different places and other guests. The programme drew a huge crowd of about 7,000 spectators, excluding the students, to the astounding show. The program, an annual feature started a few years back, was held in honour of Don Bosco with the theme “Maa” (Mother). Moreover, there were colourful dances, melodious songs, choreography, etc. The items were astonishingly amazing as the 1,000 student artists staged a scintillating performance. Cl. Johns George

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Transportation The economic activities of Nagaland are centred in Dimapur. It is well connected to other parts of the Northeast by rail, road and air. Origin of Salesian College Salesian College was inaugurated on 25 May 1982 in Good Shepherd Seminary for a period of two years by late Bp. Abraham Alangimattathil in the presence of Fr. Mathai Kochuparambil (Provincial of Guwahati) and Fr. Mathew Pulingathil (Provincial of Dimapur). The new College building was inaugurated on 8 December 1983 by Fr. Bernard Tohill, General Councillor for the missions. The Salesian Community shifted from Good Shepherd Seminary to the present site on 24 March 1984. The College was officially affiliated to the Nagaland University in 1995 under the name “Salesian College of Higher Education” (SCHE). Fr. Cyprian Kallikaden was the first Principal. Location SCHE is situated on the banks of the ‘Dhansiri’ river on the east, providing a cool and lively rendezvous to the inmates. On the west is the rail track that can take one either down to Guwahati or up to Tinsukia/Dibrugarh. The College is in ‘Kuda’ Village, A ‘Khel’ Block 9 (Half Nagarjan) and is barely 3 kms out of Dimapur Central. Courses Offered B. A Honours B. A General/Pass Course English English Philosophy Philosophy History History alese, Biharis, Marwaris, Punjabis and a sprinkling of Political Science Political Science Tamils, Keralites and Tibetan traders. Christianity is Sociology Sociology the majority religion in Dimapur. Dimapur is the commercial hub of Nagaland. The Assam government leased it out for 99 years after Nagaland was carved out of Assam in 1963. It was leased out due to its strategic location - it is the only plain strip of hilly Nagaland and has a railway station, an airport for connectivity and economic activity in the state. In the middle ages, it was the capital of the ‘Dimasa Kachari’ rulers. The name ‘Dimapur’, is derived from a Kachari word ‘Dimasa’ after the river which flows through it. Demographics Dimapur has a population of 379,769 (2011 census). It has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. Unlike other places in the state, this city has a heterogeneous population from all over India. The Nagas comprise about 50% of the city’s population. Other prominent groups include the Dimasas, Bengalis, Assamese, Oriyas, Nep-

Education Dimapur has many schools and colleges. The syllabus for education till Class 12 is catered to by the Nagaland Board of School Education. The Nagaland University at Lumami controls all areas of higher studies. There are also a few schools in Nagaland which follow the CBSE Curriculum. Dimapur Government College is the premier degree college of the town, established in 1966. Patkai Christian College, the only autonomous college in the state is located 17 km from Dimapur Central. National Institute of Technology Nagaland was set up in 2010 at Chumukedima, about 14 kilometres from down town Dimapur. The MMI Fathers and the DMI Sisters are constructing a new university close to Dimapur 4th Mile, entitled St. Joseph University.

Facilities available 33 Dedicated Faculty 33 Eco-friendly Campus 33 Well-furnished class rooms 33 Well-equipped Library with about 40, 000 vol. 33 Value added Courses 33 Computer Centre 33 Internet Facilities Extension Services/Co-curriculars Co-curricular refers to activities, programs and learning experiences that complement what students learn in the college. These are part and parcel of educational institutions to develop the students’ personality and to strengthen the classroom learning. Co-curricular activities facilitate intellectual,

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emotional, social, moral and aesthetic development. Creativity, enthusiasm, synergy and positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development. The extracurricular activities go a long way in the realization of the all-round development of an educand. The following extension services are available in the College: Bosco Club: It organizes spiritual activities like prayer sessions, choir, Bible quiz, design and exhibit club notice boards, etc. Arts & Literary Club: It designs and displays art boards carrying the poetic and literary thoughts of students, holds literary and arts competitions and promotes individual excellence in art and literature. NSS: It takes up social service in the campus and outside, holds cleanliness campaigns, conducts awareness sessions and undertakes blood donation camps. Red Ribbon Club: It designs and displays good health wall paper, creates awareness among students on health related issues and conducts seminars on good health for all. Environment Club: It undertakes afforestation programs, creates awareness on the need for hygiene and conducts seminars on nature care. Media Club: It gathers news-worthy articles from students and publishes them on its wall paper, looks after publications in the College and conducts media awareness seminars. The Annual Concert The college conducts an annual concert every year in August to showcase the talents of our students. It is a musical extravaganza along with a theme drama (one-act play). The dramas staged in 2015 and 2016 were written and directed by Fr. Tom Karthik SDB, the Rector of the College. There are two performances, one is for the children of the 45 out-station youth centres. The second is for all invitees, friends and educational institutions in and around Dimapur. Youth Services The College runs a youth department that reaches out to 45 out-station youth centres. On Sundays our students conduct youth activities, games and tourneys, adult literacy classes, tuition for weaker students/drop-outs, leadership sessions, social awareness, G.K/Bible quizzes and moral/religious instruction. They publish a leaflet named “Literacy Link� to remain connected to the youth in those centres and disseminate information. Seminars/Panel Discussions Seminars, panel discussions and specialised courses are part and parcel of the educational program of the College. Attendance in these programs is compulsory. Departmental, state level and national level seminars and workshops are part of this program.

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Special courses like scout master’s training, psychology, mass media and social communication, social analysis etc. are provided to the students to enhance their intellectual growth, knowledge, skill, creativity, commitment and social responsibility. Computer Lab As part of the skill building initiative and computer literacy program the College offers certificate courses in basic computer application. The students are encouraged to avail the facility. Salesian Community The present Salesian community consists of: Fr. Tom Karthikapallil (Rector), Fr. Aerimattathil Sebastian Jose (Vice Rector and Librarian), Fr. Xalxo Policarp (Principal), Fr. Rajeesh Devasia (Administrator & Lecturer), Fr. Anthony Christudoss (Lecturer & Youth Centre In charge), Fr. Variathukalayil Joseph (Confessor), Fr. Gyan Sandeep Kujur (Lecturer & Counsellor), Cl. Kamsuan D. Sebastian (Assistant) and Cl. Lalrintluanga E. Dominic (INS, Assistant). There are also 55 Salesian Clerics pursuing their studies and forming part of the Salesian community: 35 from Dimapur Province, 11 from Guwahati Province and 9 from Shillong province. Conclusion The Salesian College of Higher Education boasts of a campus that is eco-friendly with enchanting plantations and serene ambience. It has a reasonably good football ground, two volley ball courts and a basketball pitch. It also has a well-furnished auditorium which serves as a multi-purpose hall. The college is committed to enhancing the dignity of every person and believes in family spirit. It nurtures human development on all fronts. It strives to ensure cordial rapport between students and the faculty. I can confidently say that the College is a home away from home for the inmates. Fr. Aerimattathil Sebastian Jose

On 29 afternoon Fr. Jeevan Dhan, Fr. John Pudussery, Fr. Manuel Paikada and Fr. Blasius Tete sat for the ministry of Reconciliation. Every youth experienced forgiveness and new life in Christ. The retreat ended on 30 January 2017. Fr. Blasius Tete, Shillong A four-day Youth Retreat was conducted from 27-30 December 2016 at Holy Rosary Parish, New Palin, Aurunachal Pradesh. Fr. Jeevan Dhan from Naharlagun animated it, assisted by a group of youth. In all 130 youngsters attended the retreat. The theme of the retreat was: “Sacraments of the Church and the Youth of today.� The talks were enlivened with audio-visual media, worship sessions, religious action songs, examples, interactions, questions and clarifications.




laboration of the youth president. The Brothers also visited the snow-capped mountain range called Mayodhya in Arunachal Pradesh. The Salesian community of Sadiya is a welcomOn 28 Dec. 2016, we two left Salesian College for ing community. The neighbouring community of the Sadiya. On our arrival there, Fr. Neljen Anthony sdb, Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians is very Headmaster of St. friendly and Thomas School, ascollaborative. signed to us the task The Sadiya of teaching Cateexperience chism and preparing has enhanced the first communiour Salesian cants besides other and missionresponsibilites. ary vocation. On 01 January Cl. Basil 2017 the annual picSoreng and nic to the Dibang K. L. Adaziio river was a memoraJoachim ble one. It was organized by Fr. Neljen and Fr. Theophilus Ganlari sdb (In charge and parish priest) with the col-

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MC MOTHER GENERAL VISITS RUA HOME Rev. Sr. Mary Prema Pierick, Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity, visited Jorhat on 15 January 2017. On 16 January there was a grand welcome for her. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Palathingal Varghese, Rector of Rua Home aspirantate. During the cultural program she gave a medal each to all those who were present for the program.

On 17 January, she paid a short visit to Rua Home. What impressed us most was her constant smile on her face and her simplicity. She gave a heart-touching talk on ‘Love and Mercy.’ Thereafter she answered all the queries of the aspirants. She gifted each aspirant with a card of Mother Teresa. It was really a memorable day for all of us. Rua Home Brothers

MISSION EXPERIENCE IN CEDEMA VILLAGE From 29 Dec. 2016 to 15 Jan. 2017 Clerics Poji The ACWA Convention was held on 13 to 15 Thovitho Elvis and Isaiah Soymurum from SCHE Jan. It was inaugurated by Fr. Salew Peter sdb, Parspent their holidays at Cedema village under Christ ish Priest. On 14 Jan. Bp. James Thoppil of Kohima King Parish, Kohima. celebrated Mass for 1,000 members of the ACWA, There were three main events there: 1st Commu- representatives from other villages and invited VIPs nion, Silver Jubilee of the Catholic Youth Association besides the local Catholics. (CYA) and convention of the All Angami Catholic Women Association (ACWA).

On 15 morning, Fr. Carolus Nierile, Vicar General of Kohima Diocese celebrated the Eucharist for On 8 Jan. Sunday, 32 children received First over 1,800 participants including non – Catholics. Communion. It was also a thanksgiving Mass for 25 Cl. Isaiah Soymurum Sdb Silver Years of the CYA.

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HONOURED ON REPUBLIC DAY Fr. K. A. Thomas, director of the Institution for Culture And Rural Development (I-CARD), was honoured by Shree Virendra Mittal, IAS, deputy commissioner of Jorhat. He was given a prize and a citation for promoting ethnic cultures. The district authorities honoured him, on behalf of the department of culture, for his great contribution to the larger Assamese Fr. Thomas has been promoting the ethnic culsociety. ture especially of the Mising Tribe, among school Fr. Thomas was felicitated during the 68th Re- dropouts and unemployed youth. These young people public Day Celebrations in the Court Field, Jorhat. have become cultural ambassadors for the tribe across The award was initiated by Mr. Angshuman Dutta, India, invited by Government departments like Santhe cultural officer of Jorhat. He had visited Life Plus geet Natak Akademy, Ministry of Culture, etc. They Campus of I-CARD twice, together with Mr. Anil have already performed in Gujarat, Delhi, Benares, Chandra Das, the senior Additional Deputy Commis- Mumbai and parts of Northeast India. sioner, to witness the annual Ethnique programme. DL Correspondent

THE THIZAMA TRAIL Eliazar Kujur and Benjamin Kamei, two Salesian students from Salesian College, Dimapur, spent their winter vacation in the village of Thizama under Christ King Parish, Kohima, from 11 to 25 Dec. 2016.

the two Brothers visited all of the 32 Catholic families. They also helped in the preparations for the Silver Jubilee celebration of the St. Joseph’s Church. Moreover, they prepared the people for a meaningful celebration The Catholic community of St. Joseph’s Church, of Christmas, helping them with singing classes, conThizama, mostly consists of people serving in the Na- ducting Christmas Novena, making Christmas crib, galand Armed Police (NAP). During the two weeks etc. While interacting with the people of Thizama the Brothers found them very friendly and hospitable. They have great desire for spiritual matters and the youth have the need to be guided and animated. In turn, the Brothers themselves found greater meaning to their Salesian and missionary call. They are very grateful to Fr. Peter Salew sdb, Parish Priest, to Fr. Tom Karthikapallil, Salesian College Rector as well as to Fr. Provincial, for this wonderful missionary experience. Cl. Benjamin

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Policeman: (To a man sleeping in a park late night) “Don’t you have a home?” Man: “I do. But my wife is there,” answered the man. A German and a Russian were fishing on opposite sides of a river. The German hooked lots of fish. The Russian caught nothing. He threw up his hands in disgust, pulled the line out and stood up. German: “Are you leaving?” Russian: “Of course. It’s not my lucky day.” German: “Oh yes, you will never have luck while fishing.” Russian: “Why?”

German: “I guess on your side even the fish are scared to open their mouths!” An actor who played Gandhiji on the stage many times, was interviewed by a reporter. Journalist: “Are you obsessed with the role of the Mahatma?” Actor: “No.” Journalist: “Then why don’t you play other characters?” Actor: “Oh, no. Not till I am assassinated!”

CYCLE RALLY FOR TOBACCO AND SMOKE-FREE DIMAPUR To create an awareness of the harmful effects of Tobacco on health, Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) in collaboration with NTCP Dimapur organized ‘Tobacco Free and Smoke Free Dimapur’ Cycle Rally on Statehood day of Nagaland, 1 Dec. 2016. The Deputy CMO Dr. Antoly Suu flagged off the pedal rally at Tahekhu Village Gate. Dignitaries present for the event from the Medical Dept. were CMO Dr. K. Vikato Kinimi, DNO NTCP Dr. C. Tetseo, DIO Dr. Lenu Akum, and ZHO Dr. Arenla. The CMO Vikato told the cyclists, “Young people need to bring change in this generation.” DNO Dr. Tetseo exhorted SCHE students to support the Govt. movement to make Dimapur ‘Tobacco and Smoke Free’.

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Principal of SCHE Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo congratulated the Medical Department of Dimapur headed by CMO, Commissioner of Police Dimapur, Liremo Lotha, SCHE Rector Fr. Tom Karthik, GSS Rector Fr. Chacko Karinthayil, Rally co-ordinator Avibou Nagi, NTCP members Medongunuo Pienyii, Akangnaro Jamir, staff and students of SCHE. Altogether 160 Cyclists with placards, led by CMO Dr. Vikato participated in this mega Cycle Rally through Tahekhu Village Gate, West Yard, Blue Hill Station, Tragopan Junction, Burma Camp, Veterinary Junction, Don Bosco Statue Junction, Super Market and Salesian College. Cl. Sebastian Kamsuan sdb

SCHE CELEBRATES ALUMNI MEET Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) observed its Annual Alumni Meet on 25 Feb. 2017. Peter Lichamo, the Addl. Secretary Municipal Affairs and Director Bamboo Resource Centre, Dimapur and a past pupil of SCHE was the Chief Guest. Fr. Dr. C. P. Anto, Principal of North East Institute of Social Science and Research as well as Founder Director of Peace Channel, and Fr. Dr. T. C. Joseph, Principal of Bosco B. Ed College, were the other dignitaries. The chief guest encouraged the students to use all available resources to equip intellectually, spiritually and emotionally so as to become useful citizens. Earlier, Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Principal of SCHE mentioned that the college is headed and run by most of its alumni. “We take different paths in life. No matter where we go, we take a little of each other wherever we go,� he remarked. Fr. Tom Karthik, Rector of SCHE sang a song that cheered the crowd. Meritorious certificates for the 2016 toppers in English and Philosophy honours were awarded to Sr. Joram Yajo and Br. Robin respectively.

In the election for the new officer bearers, Fr. Policarp Xalxo and Mr. Innocent Gangmei were selected as the President and General Secretary respectively. The event was enriched by prayer song, video presentation on the history of the college, songs, instrumental and college anthem. The program ended with a fraternal meal. Cl. Sebastian Kamsuan

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PARENTS’ Orientation Programme @ DOOM DOMMA

‘Parents’ Orientation Program’ was held at Don Bosco School, Doom Dooma on 9 Feb. 2017. The program comprised of two parts: morning for the parents of classes 8, 9 & 10, while the afternoon session was for the parents of classes 5, 6 &7. It was facilitated by a renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Reshmi Sen Sarma from Kolkata. Nearly 700 parents and guardians participated in the interactive program. The sessions focused on four relevant areas: positive changes brought by the child to be appreciated, to build up a strong

bond among the spouses, to create and allot free space for the child to grow instead of a mechanical way of life, and finally to promote a healthy lifestyle for a brighter tomorrow. Fr. Hans Igness, Headmaster, thanked the parents for taking their time off and said that the objective of the parents’ meet was to reinforce the fact that parents are most important partners and stakeholders in the education of the students. Fr. Igness Hans

THE CHANGELOOMERS OF BYC On 22 February 2017, the members of Bosco Youth Care (BYC) of Don Bosco College, Itanagar performed a street play entitled “Child Labour and Impact of Broken Families on Children”. It was organised by Child Welfare Committee, Capital Complex in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society and supported by the Capital Complex District Administration. The skit was performed at the heart of Itanagar town - Ganga, Naharlagun market, Chimpu and NERIST. A large audience gathered to witness the performance. This was done under the supervision of Mr. Telesphore Topno and Mr. Francis Hañsda with an idea to end “Social Exclusion”. The interaction at the end of the play enhanced understanding of the rights and duties of the parents and society as well. It was a momentous moment for the participants of the street play.

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Thousands of children leave their families and loved ones for better opportunities. Unfortunately their dreams go- shattered. Human trafficking is one of the worst forms of modern day exploitation by threats, fraud, abduction and deception. Around 1.2 million people are trafficked throughout the world each year (UNFPA, 2006). The changeloomers of BYC at their creative and passionate best sent out the message loud and clear that “every child is precious”. Mr. Telesphore Topno, Itanagar

LEARNING TO STRIVE TOGETHER Don Bosco High School, Amguri, had its annual sports on 13 – 14 Feb. 2017. The chief guest was Sir Amarjyoti Borthakur, principal of Anuniato Hemchandra Dev Hr. Sec. School, Amguri. After feting the chief guest with bouquet and gamusa, Fr. M. P. Thomas, Rector, warmly welcomed everyone.

more; Green House – never let it rest until our goal is better and our better is best; Red House – together we stand, together we lead; Yellow House – united we play, united we win.

The chief guest exhorted the students to learn from nature and imbibe the spirit of hard work. He The hoisting of the school flag was followed by said, “Nature is the best teacher”. Fr. Rini James, march-past. The students carried their motto in their Headmaster, and the teachers had skilfully organized banners: Blue House – together everyone, achieve the sports meet. The students were offered ample opportunities to develop their competitive spirit and sportsmanship. Cl. Samuel A. Gangmei

‘HEART OVER MIND’ Seminar A seminar on the theme: “Heart Over Mind” was conducted from 1 to 3 March 2017 for the pre-novices of Amguri, Assam. The resource person was Fr. Joseph Thelekkat sdb, former Provincial of Guwahati Province. On the first day Fr. Thelekkat explained the topic ‘Heart over Mind’ and Emotional Quotient (EQ). The difference between IQ and EQ and the reason why EQ is far better than IQ were made known. The second day’s main topic was the ABC model. Different methods were used to present various ideas such as texts, power point presentations, video

clippings and short party games. Fr. Thelekkat also spoke on some other topics like dimensions of one’s own emotional maturity, importance of listening, five metastasizing cancers, etc. On the third day he explained the six major emotions, EQ test, showing various facial expressions, emotional maturity, Iceberg Phenomena, Attitude, Increase of EQ with 3 words ‘It’s my choice’. A test on ABCDEF worksheet was conducted. This program was aimed at helping the pre-novices to build their emotions into positive and healthy attitude. Cl. G. Samuel Augustine

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The Northeast SCC (Small Christian Communities) Festival 2017 was held in the Pastoral Centre of Tezpur Diocese, from 23 to 26 February 2017, to celebrate the 15 years of SCC works in Northeast India. It was participated by over 300 delegates comprising Bishops, Priests, Sisters and lay leaders coming from the 15 dioceses of Agartala, Aizawl, Bongaigoan, Dibrugarh, Diphu, Guwahati, Imphal, Itanagar, Jowai, Kohima, Miao, Nongstoiñ, Shillong, Tezpur and Tura. The festival commenced on 23 February with the hoisting of Northeast SCC flag by Most Rev. Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas, Bishop of Simla-Chandigarh and the singing of the Northeast SCC anthem. It was followed by Bible enthronement with a prayerful procession and dance. During the inaugural ceremony representatives of seven states lighted the lamps. Most Rev. Dominic Jala SDB DD, Archbishop of Shillong delivered the Keynote address on theme “Evangelizing Families through SCCs” based on Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love). A cultural program consisting of songs, dances, musical skits, colors and costumes of the Northeast enthralled the delegates. On 24 February, Most Rev. Thomas Pullopillill, DD, Bishop of Bongaigoan, presented a paper on the theme “The joy experienced in families is the joy of the Church” (Amoris Laetitia no.1). Sr. Martina L. Thabah MSMHC, the secretary of the Northeast SCC Commission, presented another paper on the topic “The power of SCC to evangelize Families”, and the paper of Dr. Fr. Vijay Thomas SAC, the Secretary of the National SCC Commission was on “Gospel Sharing- a Way to make Christ the Center of Family and Become an Agent of Evangelization”. The 15 dioceses gave brief reports on SCC activities in their respective dioceses. On 25 February the delegates were divided into 11 groups and each of these groups was taken to a parish in Tezpur diocese, where SCCs have been working. All the SCC members of the Exposure hosting parish gathered in a village to receive the delegates. Designated regional and national level delegates conducted a programme on the theme “Evangelizing Families through SCCs” for those

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present. Both the hosting parishes and the delegates shared success stories and challenges faced by them in working with SCCs. Moreover, the hosting parishes presented written reports on the SCC works in their respective parishes. Cultural songs and dances, traditional cuisine of the local people delighted the delegates as well as the hosts. In some parishes the delegates were requested to plant saplings to commemorate this unique event. On their return all the members of the 11 exposure teams participated actively in the evaluation of the entire exposure program. A documentary film on the SCC works in Northeast India produced by Mr. Michael Peria and Sr. Martina Thabah MSMHC was released and screened. The first issue of North East SCC News Letter too was released. The fourth and final day of the festival (26th February), begun with solemn Bible procession through the historic Tezpur of town. The solemn Holy Mass was presided over by Rt. Rev. Michael Akasius Toppo, Bishop of Tezpur and participated by the delegates and over 5,000 SCC members and Catholics. Most Rev. Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas, in his homily emphasized how SCCs when they base themselves on the Word of God bring life, joy, peace and unity and social transformation to Church and society alike. The Festival Eucharist was followed by a cultural program consisting of many colorful dances, songs, skits and speeches. Many ecclesial, academic, administrative and socio-political leaders and dignitaries were also present for the cultural programme. The distinguished dignitaries who spoke on the occasion included Fr. Vijay Thomas (National Secretary of SCC Commission), Most Rev. Stephen Rotluanga DD, (Bishop of Aizawl Diocese, the Chairman of North East Regional SCC Commission), Shri Santius Kujur (Rajya Sabha Member). In their talks they all emphasized that SCC works are not only concretely helping people to live the Gospel messages but bringing about peace, unity and social transformation. The vote of thanks was proposed by Rev. Fr. Deben Kachari, Vicar General of Tezpur diocese. Finally, the festival was formally declared closed with the lowering of the northeast regional SCC flag by Most Rev. Stephen Rotluanga DD, Bishop of Aizawl. Fr. Hippoletus Toppo, SCC coordinator, Tezpur Diocese


From 04 to 29 January 2017, 44 Clerics and 02 Brothers from different Provinces of Salesian India attended the Perpetual Course at Don Bosco Renewal Centre, Bangalore. We were 09 Clerics and 01 Brother from Dimapur Province. The resource persons were Fr. Raja Donthi, Fr. Thommai Rajan, Dr. John, Sr. Rosamma, Sr. Berni, Fr. K. M. Jose, Fr. Amirtharaj, Fr. Jose Mathew, Fr. Ramesh Cherian and Fr. Xavier. The topics of the preparatory program included Discernment, Psychological Integration, Group Therapy, Spiritual Direction, Christ Centred Spirituality, Community Life, Consecrated Life, Salesian Vocation, etc. The Course concluded with a guided spiritual retreat.

The resource persons presented their themes with great clarity and conviction. In fact we learnt a lot from the Course. For example we came to know that there are five steps in every person’s vocation story: (a) God’s call, (b) human response, (c) human hesitation, (d) God’s assurance, and (e) the mission. We were also shown that there are four ways of life in the Church: (1) priestly life, (2) religious life, (3) married life and (4) single life. Every Christian makes a choice. Thus, for example, a person’s option to become a priest is not a great sacrifice, it is a free choice. Most of us often ask these questions: Did God really call me? Why did He call me? What is His assurance for me? What is my mission? etc. The answers to these questions may not always be very clear to us. Religious life is a faith-journey, a journey of uncertainty. It is like a blind man traveling to an unknown land. But God will be there to guide us as he says through prophet Isaiah, “I will lead the blind by a road they do not know, by paths they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I will do, and I will not forsake them” (Is. 42: 16). This is God’s assurance for all of us. Jesus will always be there as a guide whatever be the way of life we choose. Cl. George Panmei

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Fr. Cyriac Pulinthanathumalayil sdb, founder-director of Don Bosco Youth Centre in Itanagar, has received a state award for excellence in Youth work. The Award was presented by the Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, on 20 Feb. 2017 during the Statehood day celebration of Arunachal Pradesh in Itanagar. Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs, and other dignitaries of the State were present on the occasion. Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar has helped hundreds of youth from the state to find jobs in various parts of the country. It imparts skills in computer application, hospitality, spa and beauty, retail and tourism, spoken English and other soft skills.

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Fr. Cyriac’s novel idea of developing the trainees` personality and leadership skills during a residential motivational soft skills training, prior to further specialized training and placement outside the state, has greatly augmented the success rate of the government`s own skill training programs. Dimapur Links heartily congratulates Fr. Cyriac and wishes him greater success in his yeoman service to the youth of Arunachal Pradesh. DL Correspondent

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Glimpses of SALESIAN COLLEGE, Dimapur Rua Home Jorhat, Assam

Don Bosco School - Amguri, Assam

Karsang Takar Youth Group - Sadiya,Links: Assam Dimapur Jan-Mar 2017


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