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July | 2012 From the Headmaster... ...CES Moving Forward “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford Two long-term projects which hold great significance for the future of Christ Episcopal School have reached important milestones this summer. We’ve been working on both projects for well over a year now, and as Henry Ford suggests, success has certainly been the outcome of our coming together, keeping together, and working together. The first is our effort to build a new facility on the CBC campus to address two important and urgent needs. This school has long been in need of an adequate facility to support the performing and visual arts at CES. Our expanding music program, our award-winning choir program, and our acclaimed theater program have all been limited by the lack of adequate facilities. The new theater within the Center of Inquiry will address those needs, as well as provide additional classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and library for the expanding high school program. And as of this writing, we are very close to breaking ground. The initial phase of our fund raising goals has been met, contractors have been chosen, final construction documents are being prepared, and the footprint of the building has been staked out. The new building represents a bold statement of commitment to the future of CES, and the Board of Trustees has worked tirelessly to bring us to this point. We expect construction to start soon after the new school year begins. The second project is the preparation of our Self Study documents in anticipation of our ISAS accreditation visit in the fall. Under the leadership of Mrs. Molly Heurtin and our division heads, faculty and Board committees have thoroughly and critically examined our goals and philosophy, our curricular and extra-curricular programs, our governance model, our admissions procedures, our financial and business operations, and our facility needs. The result of our labors is a series of comprehensive documents which will be presented to the members of the ISAS Visitation Committee in September. The committee will then appraise the validity of the documents and assess our plans and priorities for the future.

Mark Your Calendars! CESPA Blues, Brews and BBQ Friday, Sept. 14th

So as we enjoy some measure of contentment in the progress we have made, we look forward to the challenges still before us. Much has yet to be accomplished before the Center of Inquiry rises off the ground, and our efforts to prepare for the ISAS visitation will continue, no doubt, until the moment we welcome the committee to our campus on September 30. Great progress, certainly, but the best is yet to come. John Morvant Headmaster

From the Assistant Rector...

...Ever Wonder?

A little boy is screaming his head off as Coach Bill encourages him to put his face under water. Remember your first swimming lessons? It seems like a good idea to jump in the water but when your head goes under the first time, you realize just how out of control it all seems. It is only a moment but it feels like forever. His mother is looking like she might have to jump in the pool and rescue him, even though her rational mind knows, he is perfectly safe. Water is like that. It inspires varied and deep emotions. After we pour water on children’s heads in baptism we pray: “Heavenly Father, we thank you that by water and the Holy Spirit you have bestowed upon these your servants the forgiveness of sin, and have raised them to the new life of grace. Sustain them, O Lord, in your Holy Spirit. Give them an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works. Amen.” Book of Common Prayer, 308 These are the elements of a fulfilling spiritual life in the Body of Christ: an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and persevere, a spirit of love, the gift of joy and wonder. If we can hold onto these things as we age, and face life’s challenges, we will be alright. The trouble, I suspect, is that despite our best efforts, we become so focused on persevering, that we forget the joy and wonder part. As our days fill with responsibilities (real and imagined), there is less time for wonder. That is the gift of summer! Moments can last forever. • • • • • •

Sam (my 5 and 3/4 year old son) and I have been watching a nest in the hanging basket just off our patio. We would not have known it was there tucked under the green limbs of the pitcher plant if the mother had not flown right in my face as I tried to water the plant. Tunneled in were three tiny finch faces. You can only see them, if you sit on the step, very quietly without moving for awhile. I listen to the account of a newly discovered species in the Bogue Falaya River. It’s not a new species but one that you rarely ever see and only if you spend hours fishing those crevices in the bank which this 8 year old explorer does. We listen to the thunder roll across the sky in the early evening and watch the light show barely rivaled by July 4th fireworks. Dinner will be late, but no matter, we don’t have to be anywhere in the morning. Just on the other side of the pool fence, there is a nest of tiny cardinals. The little boy is still screaming so the cardinal parents pop over every once in a while to fuss at us for making so much noise. Did you know soapy water in a super soaker can kill wasps? Soapy water in anything will do the trick but a super soaker is more fun and can be used long after the danger of stings is over. Did you know that if you mix at least three different spices from the cabinet with sand in a bottle and shake it very hard you can make jewels? Yeah, I’m not sure about that either, but we are still trying different combinations.

Tomorrow we are going back for another swimming lesson. Sam is learning back stroke which he says he can do without hearing anything at all since his ears are under water while he swims. That’s probably a good thing since the screamer hasn’t completely settled down yet. But that’s tomorrow. For now we might sit and wonder where the finches will go when they leave our pitcher plant or we might watch the gold fish in the kettle or we might find a new combination of spices for our jewel creation. Or we might wonder . . .

Have a blessed and wonderFULL summer. The Reverend Anne M. Maxwell

Hello, Goodbye...

Another school year has come to an end, and we are ready to begin a new one. As with most beginnings and ends to anything we come to say farewell to some and hello to new faces. Leaving us this year will be Pre-K’s Joanna Case, 2nd Grade’s Marci Elter and Middle School’s Linda Christ and Kelly Wilkerson. We want to express our gratitude to these ladies for making our children’s education at CES a part of their lives. We wish them well in all of their future endeavors. Of course their leaving means we have the pleasure of greeting new member to our CES family. Joining us at the ECC will be Melinda Odenwald, a Texas native and a Loyola graduate. Melinda comes to us after recently spending the last year as a lead teacher for two year old at Holy Trinity. Melinda also recently became a certified special education paraprofessional. When not in the classroom Melinda can be found being an energetic sports fan at her three children’s events. Also joining us at the ECC is Christina van Dyke, a recent Northshore transplant from east Texas. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies and her teaching certificate from University of Houston, Christina is thrilled to have the opportunity to shine as an educator at CES. When not on campus, Christina can be found in the dog park with her new puppy Hadley or finding new sweet uses for her Kitchen-Aid stand-mixer. Second grade will be grateful to receive Leah Frasier. Leah is joining us straight from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette after receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education. When Leah is not in her classroom, a passionate and skilled dancer herself, Leah is moderating the St. Paul’s Golden Blues Dance Team or spending time with family and friends shopping. Last but not least, Melanie Todd will be joining our middle school. Melanie holds a Masters of Arts in English from University of Southern Mississippi. After teaching writing at USM, Melanie moved back to Louisiana, and taught high school at Bowling Green School in Franklinton before joining us at CES. When not in her classroom Melanie can be found with her husband and two children, rehabilitating wildlife and using her free time reading and writing. The Lower School Head and veteran teacher Julie Estep stepped down from her position to spend more time with her family and prepare for the birth of her second child. We welcome Dr. Carol Barlow, a retired St. Tammany teacher and administrator, who takes over the leadership of the lower school.

The Good News, Summer2012


Creation Sensation... Creation Sensation Camp took place on our beautiful Christwood Boulevard Campus this summer from June 11th to the 29th, completing its eighth year. The camp hosted 276 total students over the three weeks ranging in ages from Pre-K to seventh grade. We were happy to not only enroll students from Christ, but also many from a variety of schools around the community such as St. Peter’s, Cedarwood, and Kehoe France. The Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st graders were under the direction of Ms. Shelly Deynoodt and Mrs. Reina Gardner. They had a variety of exciting themes throughout the weeks: Wacky and Wonderful, Spectacular Superheroes, and Going Green. Each week the teachers and counselors dressed up in costumes to fit the theme and get the kids interested in the fun they were about to experience. The young ones participated in a variety of different activities including fun and games, art, science, clay, creative movement, and Godly Play. Each Wednesday they had snowballs and a water day that included a big inflatable water slide to help beat the heat. Each Thursday they went canoeing on our wonderful pond with Mrs. Dessauer and her counselors. They finished each week off by “walking the red carpet” for a movie and talent show. The other side of the campus hosted our 2nd through 7th graders, under the direction of Mrs. Peggy Aultman and Mrs. Kelly Pousson. Our classes that have been at camp from the start are still as popular as ever, including art, athletics, drama, and robotics. We also added some new exciting activities that also proved to be popular among the campers including photography, stop motion animation, and a class called Mish-Mash which provided a variety of different activities each day. At the close of camp each week we finished off with a Friday afternoon presentation to show the parents some of the things the kids took part in that week. The presentations included a slide show of pictures from the photography class, animated movies from the stop motion class, battles and races from the robotics class, and a wonderful production from the drama class. We were delighted to have such a wonderful group of kids this year and look forward to Creation Sensation Camp continuing to flourish in the years to come.

Graduation 2012... The graduating 7th graders were honored at a ceremony on Friday May, 18th: Cuinn Gabriel Alexander, Haily Rene Alexander, Camryn Cate Anderson, Maya Rose Anderson, Sydney Roark Bagby, Harris Friedrichs Baumann, Payton Miles Beck, Matthew James Bevolo, Richard Garrett Boyce, John Sanford Brasher III, Molly Rani Brown, Calvin Joseph Cage, Emma Renee Cazaubon, Alexis Elizabeth Colomb, Madyson Elizabeth Couture, Madeleine Elise Cretin, Martha Ann Croxton, Nicklaus Corbin Daniel, Jack Anthony Danos, Ashley Allen Farnet, Jr., Alexa Wen Fisher, Harrison Ryan Flood, Ian Patrick Fried, Covert James Geary, Jr., Elizabeth Ashton Gilly, Emery Claire Gilly,Mariah Gabrielle Gorman, Clayton Lee Hadnot, Jr., Mason Hamilton Hayward,James William Heurtin, Caroline Josephine Hingle, Charles Marion Hughes III, Cade Nicholas Icamina, Paris Alexandra Jean, Andrew Battle Lambert, Theresa Marie Leith, Claire Brady Levine, Davis Oliver Levine, Molly Anne Marks, Devin Rae Boyce McCrory, Elisabeth Margaret McLaughlin, William Paxton Murphy, Mia Elizabeth Nelson, Andrew Newberry, Liam Michael Ordoyne, Brianna Kendall Oubre, Barrett Hollis Ponder, Marshall Barbee Ponder, Alexander William Preau, Robert Thomas Rovira, Jonathan Douglas Rushing, Pierce Sicard St. Paul, William Anthony Slatten III, Sandra Blaine Spurlock, Joshua David Tourelle, Jack Layton Vining, Kaitlyn Rose Weiner, Ella Noelle Williamson, Austin Junho Willis, and Sophia Clair Winter. Congratulations to all.


The Good News, Summer 2012

Campus Clips.....

Congratulations to the winners of the CES Wildcat Award for upholding the values not only as athletes but as CES students. Congrats again William Heurtin and Becca McCubbins

The Art at the Park Box Parade is always a spectacle of art and design. This year’s “Under the Sea” theme boxes were no exception.

Camp Carolina is place full of adventure that our 7th grade visits for a week in late May. The many years of our Wilderness Program headed by Mrs. Dessauer leads to this large scale 7th grade event that combines rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking and other outdoor adventures.

The Good News, Summer2012


The Greatest Show on Earth happens every year right here on our campus. This year’s Kindergarten Circus was a huge success at the ECC that features all the fun and thrills only a circus can offer.

Our 10th and 11th grades went on a college tour and civil rights field trip across the south. Pictured here at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN.

Field Day was a hit on the last day of school this year. Students enjoyed various stations that offered a series of challenges that took skill, strength, and knowledge.


The Good News, Summer 2012

Seniors Day and Spencer Springs Dedication One of CES’ ongoing traditions is the return of the 7th grade graduating class, which is currently graduating from area high schools. Each year students return to give a gift to the school, to reminisce with fellow students that moved to other schools and to show their gratitude to the teachers that formed them into the young adults they have become. This year’s graduating seniors of 2012, formerly the CES 7th grade class of 2007, gathered on our campus for just this event. However this class’ gift had a very special and deep meaning. This class experienced the special gift of sharing in the journey of Spencer Boyer, their classmate who left us for heaven shortly after their 7th grade graduation due to leukemia. The Boyer family has never left the minds and hearts of many families of this class. Susan Morgan spearheaded the procurement of the senior gift. After much discussion with daughter Alexandra Morgan and fellow classmate Olivia Rogers, it seemed only natural to honor Spencer and his family through the class gift. The aim was to do something special but yet something that looked toward the future and the inspiration the Boyer family continues to offer. Alexandra and Olivia began putting together a fund raising idea for the gift. The idea came to sell bracelets for the fund raiser, an item that held special meaning to this class. During Spencer’s treatments in their 7th grade year, students wore orange bracelets to show their support. Alexandra and Olivia wanted a saying to put on the bracelets that would mean something for Spencer as well as the graduating seniors. After much thought they came up with “Hearts Apart” to symbolize that Spencer had been with them, now in heaven, and that the graduating seniors would be going their separate ways. They would always remain together even if their hearts may feel apart. Looking for a gift that the class could leave behind that would be remembered and permanent, the idea for Spencer Springs came to pass. The flowing water and the tree planted symbolize the flow of love and growing friendship that Spencer had lead them all to achieve. The students made hand imprints on rocks with their names to go around the springs. This was in honor of the first hand prints they laid in the school office five years ago, in support of Spencer’s Strong Wall. The day of the reunion a brass plaque was placed in the fountain with the words, “Spencer Springs…Hearts Apart…Class of 2012.” After a prayer and sharing a family letter read by Spencer’s mother Joan Boyer, students walked solemnly to place their hand imprinted painted rocks around the spring. As they returned to their seats each student had the opportunity to speak with Spencer’s immediate family, his grandparents, and share hugs. A tree was planted and an angel was placed in the pond through which water flowed. Two concrete benches were placed for all to enjoy a place to have a calm and peaceful moment of reflection. This Senior’s Day certainly was one to remember. None of this could have been possible without the love and support of everyone. Helping it all come together were Alexandra Morgan, Olivia Rogers, Tyler Tamboli, James Robinson, Matthew Stumpff, Anna Thorson, Sophia Courcell, Margaux Price and Emory Lopicollo. Also a special thank you to Debbie Bres, Alison Greffenius, Greg Homer, Susan Morgan and Puddy Robinson.

Picture from 7th Grade Graduation 2007

The Good News, Summer2012

Seniors 2012 on Seniors Day


CESPA News ... I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It seems like we were just saying farewell for the summer and already we are making plans to welcome everyone back for another exciting school year. We have so many great things planned. I’d like to give you a quick sneak peek at what’s in store for the months ahead. First, I’d like to thank the parents who have agreed to serve on the 2012-2013 CESPA Board. Their generosity of time, energy and enthusiasm is certainly appreciated. I look forward to working with these dedicated ladies and all of our committee chairs: Melissa Biggs—Vice President, Jamie Kentzel—Treasurer, Kelli Blessey— Recording Secretary and Missy Guice—Corresponding Secretary. Lisa Rice has graciously stepped up to chair Art at the Park this year and Angelle Albright has volunteered to co-chair the event. This year’s theme, “Art at the Park Tours the Museum...Where Art Comes to Life,” has already inspired so many exciting ideas for our year’s biggest event!

The 2012-2013 CESPA Board

CESPA will kick off the school year with our traditional parent coffees...the perfect opportunity to reconnect with other parents, get valuable information from teachers and faculty specific to your child’s grade, and ask pertinent questions about what you can expect during the year. We hope you will make plans to attend. The dates and times are listed below. We’d also like to invite all parents to join us for Blues, Brews and BBQ, our new back-to-school party. Relax under the trees with a cold beer, hot BBQ and cool music. Mark your calendar for Friday, September 14. We’ll send more information as the date gets closer. And, finally, we’re going digital! In a few weeks you will be receiving your CESPA 2012-2013 Handbook in the mail. This new booklet will replace the packet of forms you may have received in the past. This year, your CESPA registration can be completed online! Your handbook will tell you exactly how to do it. If you prefer to print out the forms and turn them in the traditional way, that’s OK too! We hope you will consider volunteering for one of CESPA’s many worthwhile committees. I hope you will join CESPA in supporting Christ Episcopal School as we look forward to another extraordinary year! Sincerely, Sue Loustalot President, Christ Episcopal School Parent Association

Annual Fund...

We are pleased to announce our 2011-2012 annual fund total of $154,104. Our goal was $200k. Parent participation was 47%. CES would like to thank all our participating parents, grandparents, alumni parents, faculty and staff and matching gift donors for their genorosity.

Celebrate Each Student! Donate online now at 7

The Good News, Summer 2012

Alumni Spotlight... Madeline


, daughter of CES art teacher Sarah SparkmanBoyd graduated 7th grade from CES in 2007. Madeline went on to Covington High School where she graduated 2012 as Covington High’s Valedictorian. Next year Madeline is attending Vanderbuilt University where she will be majoring in Political Science. Madeline hopes to pursue a career in Foreign Policy.

Walter Hopkins, graduated 7th

Chris Smith,

graduated 7th grade from CES in 1999. Chris went on to graduate from St. Paul’s in 2004. Chris obtained his undergraduate degree from LSU, a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. He is currently pursuing his Juris Doctorate/Masters of Business Administration at LSU. This coming fall Chris will be starting his final year at the LSU law center as well as getting married.

grade from CES in 2000. Walter went on to graduate from St. Paul’s in 2004. Walter attended Princeton where he obtained his degree in Economics and Public Policy through the Woodrow Wilson School for Public Policy and International Affairs. Walter is currently working for NERA Economic Consulting in New York.

Are you or your child a CES Alum? We really want to hear from you! Please email your name, CES graduation year, HS graduation year, college attending or gradautaion and a brief description of what you are doing now, including any major accomplishments along the way to or submit online at to be featured in the new Alumni Corner. A picture may also be sent but please note low quality pictures, such as those taken with a cell phone,may not be used due to resolution quality.

Upcoming Events: August 6 New Teacher Orientation August 7 Faculty Day August 8 Faculty Day/ New Student Orientation August 9 First Day of School (Grades 1-12) August 10 First Day for ECC (1/2 Day) August 20 First Full Day for ECC September 3 Labor Day (No School) September 4 First Day of School Lunches September 14 CESPA Blues, Brews & BBQ October 1-3 ISAS at CES October 5 Parish Fair Holiday (No School) October 10 CES Golf Tournament @Tchefuncta County Club October 12 Open House for Prospective PK/K October 19 Grandparent’s Day November 8 Open House for Prospective HS November 9 End of First Trimester November 16 Conference Day (No School) November 16-23 Thanksgiving Holiday (No School) November 26 Classes Resume

80 Christwood Boulevard Covington, LA 70433

(985) 892-9156 Early Childhood Campus (ECC) (985) 871-9902 Christwood Boulevard Campus (CBC)

2011-2012 Board of Trustees Anne Bailey Melissa Biggs, CESPA Rep. Rev’d Tom Blackmon, Rector Erika Briggs, Secretary Charlie Caplinger, Treasurer Bill Colomb Patterson Conner, Vestry Rep. Steve Croxton John Dubreuil

Bert Duvic Sam Giberga Matthew Holzhalb Jim Miles, Chairman John Morvant, Headmaster Barbee Ponder, Vice Chairman Billy Preau Matthew Wilson

Admission to Christ Episcopal School is open to all qualified students regardless of race, creed or ethnic background.

Good News Summer 2012  

Summer 2012 Issue of the Good News

Good News Summer 2012  

Summer 2012 Issue of the Good News