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2019 BEST OKTOBERFEST EVER Our Unforgettable ‘20th’

FESTIVE GREETINGS from the Ambassador of Switzerland

MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR Christmas Activities and Festivities


Annual GSGC Championship


Junior Tournament Results

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What a Weekend! The Annual GSGC Championship

A Different ‘Kind’ of Oktoberfest


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12 Eventful November and December 14 A Different ‘Kind’ of Oktoberfest 16 Cheers to 20 Years!

We Salute Team Swiss Club! What a Weekend! The Annual GSGC Championship German-Swiss Golf Club Competition Schedule You’re Invited Five Years of Active Fitness at the Swiss Club

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Greetings from the Ambassador of Switzerland

Cheers to 20 Years!

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Greetings from the Ambassador of Switzerland Come Celebrate Yuletide with Us! Meet a Member: Do You Know Yuki? Last Word Fitness, Friends, Fun!



Come Celebrate Yuletide with Us!

We Salute Team Swiss Club!

A Note from the Editor Dear Members, Oktoberfest – wow! Being the Club’s 20th successive Oktoberfest, expectations were sky-high. And they were fully met. The band was stupendous. The dancing girls, who were making their Oktoberfest debut, had everyone on their feet. And ‘Freddy Mercury’ was a stroke of genius. The whole heady mix was thoroughly intoxicating in every sense. (How on earth will the team top it next year?) At the Swiss Club, the celebrations never cease. The Yuletide season is just around the corner, and with it comes the annual spate of festivities including Christmas brunch, the ‘Meet Santa Luncheon’ and the annual Christmas Light Up. If you’re not heading home, wherever home might be, celebrating at the Swiss Club is surely the next best thing. Make your reservations! Not only do the Swiss Club Members know how to party, they also know how to play in the sporting sense of the word. We salute all of our Club’s tennis players and golfers who took home the trophies in recent tournaments. The results are in this issue of ‘Relax’. Speaking of good sports, congratulations to Tim and the team from Active Fitness, who recently clocked up five years of partnering the Swiss Club. On behalf of the editorial team, I wish you joy, peace and quality time with your loved ones over the holidays. Thank you for reading this magazine and supporting your Club. Serving you has been a pleasure and a privilege. Yours,

Suzanne Lauridsen Editor, Relax Relax magazine is edited and designed by SPEcial Pte Ltd. Content is curated by Swiss Club Marketing. Suzanne, Copy E:

T: (65) 9820 9520

Edwin, Art

E: T: (65) 8500 2975

Pam, Liaison

T: (65) 9871 0666

Trick, Art



MCI (P) No. 037/02/2019



T: (65) 8511 5746 @SwissClubSing






Aaron Lim, Acting General Manager E: DID: 6591 9457

Adrian Vogt, F&B Manager E: DID: 6591 9428


Raymond Ho, Restaurant Manager E: DID: 6591 9434

Apple Chew, Administration & Human Resources Manager E: DID: 6591 9422 FINANCE Lydia Zhai, Chief Accountant E: DID: 6591 9450

Christine Chun, Event Coordinator E: DID: 6591 9430



Serene Yee, Member Relations Manager E: DID: 6591 9426

Riza Mazlan, Marketing & Communications Manager E: DID: 6591 9436



Kumar Samy, Facilities Manager E: DID: 6591 9451

Jasmine Tan, Sports & Recreation Executive E: DID: 6591 9438



DINING RESERVATIONS W: T: 6591 9420 F: 6591 9452


Adrian Jacklowsky Deputy President E: or

Thomas Vonrueti Treasurer E: or

Michael Bell Secretary E: or

Caroline Steger F&B, Guesthouse E: Riccarda Zuellig F&B, Guesthouse E: Pooja Agarwal Marketing/Members Relations E: Robbie Hills Marketing/Members Relations E: William Forwood Property & Masterplan


Adrian Luedi Sports E: Gemma Colls Sports E:




The Swiss Club welcomes: Name

Type of Membership

Timo Noetzel & Sandra Kern Hanno Elbraechter & Elbraechter-Li Jie Ariosto Matus-Perez & Norma Curiel-Matus Till Ole & Janne Greta Barrelet Alexis Calla & Odile Calla-Simon Remi & Mania Galasso Geoffrey Main & Stephanie Chanliau-Main Maury Molina & Colin Zee Katriina & Kjell Borje Oeberg Thomas & Viola Reiner

Associate Transferable Non-Swiss Nominee Non-Swiss Nominee Term Term Term Term Term Term Term

The Swiss Club welcomes back: Reto Marx & Sathya Devi Joyce Balakrishnan-Marx Helbig-Chew Nicole Anne

Ordinary / Associate Associate

The Swiss Club farewells: Name

Type of Membership


Type of Membership

Klaus Duss & Lisa Tombalakian-Duss Johnny Haas Reto & Olga Senn Choi Eunha Gary M Darwin & Ellen C H Darwin Arnold & Brigitte Deden Armin Geltinger & Cynthia Paul-Geltinger David Kang Yann Marmonier & Audrey Wong-Marmonier Gieto & Ingewati Sugianto

Ordinary Ordinary Ordinary Associate Associate Associate Associate Associate Associate Associate

Andreas & Annette Woschek Julien Boisdron & Juliette Lepage-Boisdron Alexander & Hildegard Zach Oliver & Yulia Kunze Rafael Lopez & Silvia Yague-Lopez Jorgen & Malene Lundgaard Andre & Veronica Misso Josselin Prats & Ludivine Bodard-Prats Nicolas Quiles-Melero Tom & Jacqueline Roche

Associate Non-Swiss Nominee Non-Swiss Nominee Term Term Term Term Term Term Term




T: 6591 9420 Daily: 10:00 – 20:00

For restaurant reservations, please call 6591 9420 between 10:00 – 20:00. After office hours, please call 6591 9431. Online restaurant reservations restaurants

ARBENZ T: 6591 9424 Closed on Mon and Tue Lunch: Wed – Sun, 12:00 – 15:00 (Last orders: 14:30) Dinner: Wed – Sun, 18:30 – 23:00 (Last orders: 22:00)

PERGOLA T: 6591 9431 Mon – Sun: 08:00 – 23:00 (breakfast buffet from 08:00, à la carte breakfast from 09:00) (Last food order: 21:45; Last beverage order: 22:30) TANDOORI CORNER T: 6591 9431 Mon – Fri, 11:30 – 15:00 (Last order: 14:30) Mon – Fri, 18:00 – 21:45 (Last order: 21:30) Sat & Sun, 11:30 – 21:45 (Last order: 21:30)

Dress Code: Smart attire (E.g.: polo shirt, short or long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, closed shoes) Lunch Sat and All Day Sun: Casual attire (no singlets, slippers, sports attire or swimsuits)

JUNGLE BAR Fri – Sun: 10:00 – 22:00 Mon – Thu: Closed (open for banquet and sport events only) (Last food order: 21:45; Last beverage order: 22:00)

SPORTS FACILITIES Daily Tennis/Padel Court Football Field Gym Multicourt Leisure Pool

07:00 – 23:00 07:00 – 22:30* 07:00 – 22:30 07:00 – 23:00* Closed

(For renovations from 17 June 2019 until early September 2019 (tentatively))

Mon – Fri Lap Pool Sports Hall

06:00 – 22:00 18:00 – 22:00

*Can be booked for exclusive usage

Weekends, Public and GESS School Holidays Lap Pool 07:00 – 22:00 Sports Hall 07:00 – 22:00**

Outlet opening hours are subject to changes. **Fees apply for usage of Sports Hall. Prior booking is required.




A Word from the


This season we also welcome a sleek, new homepage. It offers easy access to important content and provides online reservation tools for the Guesthouse and the restaurants.

Dear fellow Swiss Club Members, We’re in the midst of a hot and increasingly wet November, which is the charming local interpretation of early winter. We spend less time in the lush greens, and begin to set our minds in the mood – or at least the preparations – for Christmas, which many of you will spend in faraway places where more conventional seasons prevail. It falls in this time of the year that the renovation works in and around the Clubhouse begin. Arbenz and Pergola will be closed, wrapped, and scaffolded in order to shine in new splendour in 2020. As a consequence thereof the minimum spending limit has been suspended as of 1 July. In addition, Members will benefit from a 25%-off promotion on all fare consumed. During the renovation period, food and drinks will be available at the soon-to-open Kiosk in the Guesthouse, at the Pavilion which during monsoon season considerably gains in appeal by its roofing, as well as at the also soon-to-open and yet unnamed location formerly known as our Jungle Bar. Statutory provisions have led to the need to find another suitable term than “Bar”, hence our appeal to all Members to send in their ideas for the renaming – and we received over 100 amazing suggestions! Creative, cute and classy – the variety is vast and the choice is challenging, which is why we have chosen to leave the final vote on an array of shortlisted names to you,

our Members, so please vote for your favourite name when you receive the online survey. The final decision will be announced on 15 November, and the brilliant and undoubtedly proud originator will receive a fabulous reward. This season we also welcome a sleek, new homepage. It offers easy access to important content and provides online reservation tools for the Guesthouse and the restaurants. The new homepage went live on 22 October, and the app will be launched soon. Click yourself through the site, flip the pages, and please share your thoughts. Let’s embrace the end of the year and all the changes and excitement that go with it! Safe travels for those who part for different climes, and I hope to see the rest of you at the Club over the holiday season.

Best wishes,

R. Zuellig

Riccarda Zuellig




Swiss Club Redevelopment Update Our upgraded Leisure Pool has been unveiled and ‘christened’ by swimmers young and old. Work is ongoing on the space formerly known as Jungle Bar and also on our Clubhouse. Here is a summary of what has been accomplished to date, and what you can expect in the months to come. LEISURE POOL • Reopened on 28 September 2019 • Diving board was installed on 1 November 2019 • New railings were installed on 4 November 2019 JUNGLE BAR (SOON THE BE RENAMED DUE TO AUTHORITY REQUIREMENTS) • Estimated date for TOP inspection is 15 November 2019 (subject to relevant Authority approvals)

Targeted date for substantial completion is 20 November 2019 Targeted date for final completion is 30 November 2019

CLUBHOUSE • Clubhouse to close in early December 2019 • Hoarding and asbestos treatment to commence shortly thereafter in December 2019 • Estimated completion date is August 2020 (subject to relevant Authority approvals)


ALL CAUGHT Update Your Car Decal

• •

Please note that for security purposes all Members are required to change their car decals by 31 March 2020. Kindly visit the Guesthouse Reception from 1 November 2019 to exchange your 2019 decal for a new 2020 decal. If your decal remains unchanged after 31 March 2020, your vehicle will be refused entry. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Catch up on the status of our ongoing renovations and other Club matters here.

It Pays to Return Your Towels Please remember to return your pool towels by the end of every month to avoid incurring charges.

Savour the 25% Savings OFF Enjoy

From 1 December 2019, enjoy 25% off all F&B purchases during our Clubhouse renovations. Apologies for any inconvenience incurred.




A Message from the

General Manager Dear Members

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Members and staff a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Time flies and soon we will be bidding 2019 goodbye! The year has seen plenty of activities and the start of major changes at the Swiss Club. On behalf of the Committee, Management and staff, thank you for your fantastic support and patience as we continue to create a new chapter in the Club with the master plan renovations. Whilst setting new milestones, we certainly have not forgotten old and newfound traditions. We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our Oktoberfest with resounding results which will most certainly cement our reputation as the biggest, most authentic and must-go event of the year amongst all our Members and guests. In conjunction with our 20th Anniversary, we are pleased to have hosted our first community event in support of Community Chest, which will definitely become an ongoing tradition for many years to come. More details about this meaningful event can be found on Page 14. With the ‘Jungle Kiosk’ scheduled to reopen by mid-November, all Members and guests are cordially invited to the unveiling of the winning entry to rename the ‘Jungle Kiosk’ at our Pool Party on 24 November. You can look forward to a splashing good time with a whole day of fun including carnival games, pool and foosball competition tryouts and scuba diving demos!

As we wind down the year, Yuletide festivities are fast approaching. Once again, Santa will be visiting our good boys and girls and this year I hear that he is bringing his elves! Do join us for our Christmas Light Up on 1 December, Meet Santa Luncheon on 7 December and Christmas Day Brunch on 25 December. Christmas F&B specials and festive takeaway options will still be available at the Club. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Members and staff a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing you at the Swiss Club in 2020! Best Regards, Freundliche Grüsse

A. Lim

Aaron Lim Acting General Manager







ON THE MENU November

The end of the year is always a time of transition, but for the Swiss Club it is even more so than usual. As we prepare to temporarily relocate our restaurants in December, to the Pavilion and the Clubhouse Kiosk, do get a final ‘taste’ of the delicious dining at Pergola. Come December, look out for our daily specials on the menu boards. Thank you for your patience and your patronage. NOVEMBER

Gourmet Open Sandwiches


1 to 15 November 2019 Caramelised peach, parma ham and lemon-whipped goat cheese


Roasted Sicilian cocktail tomato, stracciatella, Spanish extra virgin olive oil and fried Thai basil


Swiss Specialties 1 to 15 November 2019 Huusgmachti Hacktätschli mit Huusgmachtem Stocki, Soosä und Pilzli Homemade mixed pork and beef patties, served with mashed potato and mushrooms


16 to 30 November 2019 Poulet im Heu-Chörbli Roasted half spatchcock, traditionally served in a hay basket with garlic dipping sauce and steak fries


Mussels Mussels Mussels! 16 to 30 November 2019 Moules Marinieres White wine, shallots, garlic and parsley


Moules Thai Green curry, ginger and lemongrass


Moules Tomato Tomato sauce and basil

$14.50 Terms and conditions apply.

All mussel dishes are served with French fries or baguette.


November Piccini Pinot Grigio

La Valentina Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

$65 per bottle $14 per 150ml glass

$65 per bottle $14 per 150ml glass

Straw yellow with greenish hues, light to medium-bodied with a flowery and fruity bouquet with dominant apple and peach notes. Its balance of crisp acidity and soft character makes it easy to drink.

Ruby red with aromas of fresh fruit, rose petals and hints of wet spices, an elegant palate with notes of red prune, cherry and blueberry finishing with liquorice and cloves and an aftertaste of black pepper and cranberry.


Piccini Pinot Grigio

La Valentina Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

Mixed Case

Take home

Take home

Take home

6 bottles @ $270 $45 per bottle

6 bottles @ $282 $47 per bottle

3 bottles of white & 3 bottles of red @ $276 Terms and conditions apply.




Meet Santa Luncheon Saturday 7 December 2019, 1pm to 5pm Pavilion, Multifunction Room Buffet: 1pm to 3pm DIY Gingerbread House Making: 2pm to 3pm Fee: $25 per gingerbread set Meet Santa: 3pm to 5pm


per Adult Inclusive of buffet lunch


per Guest


per Child

Limited to 35 kids • RSVP: By 2 December 2019 NOTE: Cancellation fees apply as follows: Full payment for no-show; 50% payment for cancellation 3 working days prior to the event; 100% payment for cancellation 24 hours prior to the event.

To find out more or make a reservation call 6591

9420 or email

*********************************** How to Include Your Child



 Register your child together with a gift for your child and a brief note to Santa at swissmarcom/meetSanta by 2 December 2019.

Gifts are numbered according to the time a registration is received. Children will be called up in this order. The earlier you submit your gift, the earlier your child will be called up.

a ant

S To:

Please do not paste the note for Santa on the gift as we need to file it separately for Santa to use in his conversation with your child.

d har Ric 3456 2 #01

The gift must be wrapped and marked with the name of your child and your Membership number. Please pass the wrapped gift to the Guesthouse reception.

Lengthy messages will be summarised due to time constraints. Optional: Your child may prepare a performance or presentation especially for Santa, not exceeding 2 minutes in length. For example, a poetry reading, a song, a dance, or a ‘show and tell’ session.

Wonderful Wine an

d Cheese Evening Enjoy superb wine and cheese pairing s and cordial conversation in th e balmy evening air at Arbenz. Date: Friday 8 Novembe r Time: 7pm to 11pm Venue: Arbenz Fee: $25 per Member/$ 35 per Guest, inclu sive of mini-buffet dinne r RSVP: Before 1 November lk ‘Fight or Coffee Morning & Author Ta for Flying with Kids’ Flight?: The Survival Guide an Grossm Meet the author Dana Bachar viving sur into s ght and gain helpful insi hts flig aul g-h lon ous those tortur with kids in tow.

Wednesday 13 November Date: Time: 10am to 11am Venue: Rifle Lounge $5 per Adult (inclusive of Fee: cks) free-flow coffee, tea and sna 9 201 ber RSVP: Before 6 Novem NOTE: This activity is limited of 30 participants.

Received AM AZON BEST SEL LING BOOK Badge After 5 Weeks of Online Sales

imum to a minimum of 10 and a max

rope present TNT Britain & ADG Eu t Romeo and Julietim itten by eless love story, wr

s Be enthralled by thi our times. e and reimagined for ar pe es ak Sh William Date: Time: Venue: Fee:


Friday 22 November n & Canape 6:30pm: Registratio start ow Sh : 8pm to 10pm orts Hall Sp r oo Ind b Clu Swiss ack Row) (Middle Row), $65 (B 0 $95 (Front Row), $8hin each respective category 10% off for

wit h NOTE: Free Seating s, raclette cheese wit of pre-event canape Members Inclusive drink. condiments and one

Before 15 November

NOTE: Suitable for

abo children 8 years and


Eventful November and December Trip to Clementi Fire Station

A fascinating glimpse into the real-life workplace of the everyday heroes who keep us safe and protect our properties. See firemen slide down fire poles and get up close and personal with fire trucks! Date: Time: Fee: RSVP:

Saturday 23 November 10am to 11am $10 per Members/$12 per Guest, inclusive of drinks and a light snack, and 2-way transport between Swiss Club & Fire Station Before 15 November

NOTE: Limited to a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 40. Children below 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Quiz Night

Form a team and pit your wits against our quiz brainiacs and maniacs. Date: Time: Venue: Fee:

Friday 29 November 7pm onwards Rifle Lounge $25 inclusive of a Welcome Drink

NOTE: Each team must com prise a minimum of 4 par ticipants and a maximum of 6 persons age d 18 and above.

p Robotics Worksurho very own Lego Awesome Legoinv yo ild bu d an entor

ys. Channel your inner ove in different wa programmed to m be n ca ich wh ts, robo Date: Time: Venue: Fee: RSVP:

ber Saturday 30 Novem m 2pm to 3.30p Boardroom 1 $40 per child r Before 22 Novembe

old and abo ldren aged 4 years y is suitable for chi by an adult. NOTE: This activit ied pan om acc be ow 4 must Children aged bel


Creative Christmas Clay Modelling Workshop


• Ice Age 1 (9 November) • Ice Age 2 (23 November) December:

• Ice Age 3 (14 December)

Mould and make exquisite Christmas decorations. Take them home and hang them on your tree or gift a friend! Date: Time: Venue: Fee: RSVP:

Saturday 14 December 2pm to 3.30pm Boardroom 1 $40 per Child Before 6 December

NOTE: This activity is suitable for children aged 4 years old and above. Children aged below 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

• Ice Age 4 (28 December) nditions apply. Terms and co 20 or e, call 6591 94 To find out mor sg g. or b. lu swissc email events@



A Different ‘Kind’ of Oktoberfest To celebrate and give thanks for 20 years of staging the biggest and best Oktoberfest in Singapore, the Swiss Club staged a charity event with Community Chest on 8 September 2019. OKTOBERFEST 20TH ANNIVERSARY COMMUNITY EVENT This unorthodox prelude to Oktoberfest proper was a heart-warming occasion that brought joy to all 300 of the very special invited guests comprising disadvantaged children and families from the following social service agencies: Down Syndrome Association, Care Corner Singapore, REACH Community Services Society, Blossom World Society and HCSA Dayspring. They were joined by 100 volunteers from Singapore Polytechnic. FOOD, DRINKS, FUN AND GAMES In true Oktoberfest tradition, a sumptuous spread with halal and non-halal food lines was laid out for young and old. Free-flow drinks hydrated the enthusiastic party-goers, who worked up a thirst at the Swiss Club’s very own bouncy castle and foosball table. They were enthralled by balloon sculpting and a magic show, and candy floss and popcorn kiosks provided welcome party pit-stops. The guests were exceptionally appreciative and generous with their feedback. Some of the more reserved children couldn’t quite find the words to convey their excitement, but their big smiles said it all. Others had their parents speak on their behalf. “I’m really enjoying it – it’s something I’ve never experienced,” Andrew Ang, father of Isaac, who is a member of the Down Syndrome Association. “It’s really nice that the Swiss Club organised such a big event. Isaac has never been to such a location or attended anything like this. Being indoors with air conditioning makes it very convenient and comfortable for Isaac.” “It’s very generous of the Swiss Club,” commended Kim Joo, the dad of Kenny from the Down Syndrome Association. “This is a very nice event and a great atmosphere. I’m having a good time!”

Son Kenny echoed Dad’s sentiments. “It’s good – good food. I like the chicken!” Jerome, a Filipino married to an Indian-Singaporean with a little boy from Down Syndrome Association, was visiting the Swiss Club for the first time. “I’m glad that the social groups are reaching out more to disadvantaged families, he said. “This event is astounding!” said Ramdan and Rafidah, parents of three little girls who were visibly having a ball. “It’s a great event for the kids during the school holidays.”

A FEW WORDS FROM OUR PARTNER, SPONSORS AND VOLUNTEERS The day would not have been possible without the generous support of our partner, Community Chest, and our sponsors – Platinum Sponsor SebSat, Gold Sponsors Erdinger and Shiok! Kitchen Catering, and Silver Sponsors Huntington Search Partners, Sunray, Senses and ASEC Security Events Company. “In the spirit of caring and sharing, we have partnered the Swiss Club for the first time with this event,” said Eric Tan, Deputy Director Relations & Engagement, Community Chest. “The Swiss Club is a community of its own, with a unique culture and lifestyle and a beautiful green setting. People here have very big hearts.” “On the occasion of celebrating 20 years of Oktoberfest, it was great that we did something for the community,” said Carsten Ingo Sebening, a long-time Swiss Club Member and CEO of Platinum Sponsor SebSat. “Seeing the smiles of the children

The Swiss Club is a community of its own, with a unique culture and lifestyle and a beautiful green setting. People here have very big hearts. Eric Tan, Deputy Director Relations & Engagement, Community Chest

made me proud to be a Swiss Club Member. It also presents the Swiss-German-European culture in a good light.” Explaining the motivation behind his volunteerism, Jerome, a student from Singapore Polytechnic, said, “My girlfriend Alyssa and I just finished our internship and we were looking for something meaningful to do together. So when we saw this in the school’s email, we both signed up. It’s been a great experience.” We take this opportunity to sincerely thank our partner, sponsors and volunteers who made our first charity event possible. It will not be our last. Above all, thanks to all the children, their parents and caregivers for helping us to embody the true spirit of Oktoberfest, which is, at its heart, about community.

Seeing the smiles of the children made me proud to be a Swiss Club Member. It also presents the Swiss-German-European culture in a good light. Carsten Ingo Sebening, Swiss Club Member and CEO of Platinum Sponsor SebSat

Cheers to 20 Years! The Swiss Club’s 20th Oktoberfest was a sensation. Our regular headlining band, all the way from Munich, Germany, even wrote a song about it! (ALL TOGETHER NOW) OKTOBERFEST IS THE BEST‌ To commemorate the milestone of 20 consecutive beerdrenched, joy-filled, food-laden Oktoberfests at the Swiss Club, Musikkapelle Partenkirchen composed a catchy song, singing our praises. Modesty aside, we agree with the opening line of the chorus:

Oktoberfest is the best at the Swiss Club Oktoberfest in Singapore And the refrain pretty much summed up the sentiments of the five-day party of the year:

Take a beer and have fun! Going by the numbers, it seems that party-goers took the call to action to heart. An impressive 17,190 litres of beer was downed over the five days! As per usual, the very merry weeknight affairs culminated in the main event on Saturday night, which was, as per tradition, open to both Swiss Club Members and the public. With tickets sold out 2 weeks prior to the event, it was an amazing night that brought Swiss-German-Austrian culture to the masses. It was heartening to see nationalities from all corners of the globe, linking arms and swaying to rousing German drinking songs. The sporting revellers were clad in a variety of authentic and makeshift outfits. Aside from intricately embroidered leather lederhosen and pretty beribboned dirndls, there were hairylegged men in gingham dresses and lithe ladies in short shorts, loosely inspired by lederhosen (we guessed).

The organisation of the buffet stations was impeccable. The U-shaped buffet line was replicated six times, so queues were short and fast-moving.

It’s been absolutely sensational. The view from the stage, watching the crowd dancing and singing along, was something like never before. They gave me lots of energy to feed off.


Luke Antony

Number of days in total


Total number of attendees


Kilos of ox roasted


Kilos of sausages served


Litres of beer served


Number of part-time staff


A ‘ROYAL’ GUEST PERFORMER Acclaimed Freddie Mercury tribute artist Luke Antony gave an amazing guest performance on every evening of the Oktoberfest. His set began with lesser known Queen numbers, and culminated in the anthems ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We Are the Champions of the World’. His vocals were amazing, his moves were sexy and his friendly banter was engaging with just the right touch of ‘naughty’. By the end of his gig, he had the audience eating out the palm of his hand. Back-stage, Luke aka ‘Freddie’ had nothing but kind words to say about his Singaporean audiences. “It’s been absolutely sensational. The view from the stage, watching the crowd dancing and singing along, was something like never before. They gave me lots of energy to feed off,” he said as he wiped the sweat from his brow before posing for photos with a group of dirndl-clad lady fans. (We love you, Luke!)

A FEAST (WITH A BEAST) As usual, the food was nothing short of magnificent. The centrepiece of the nightly feasts was a massive roasted ox on a spit, a traditional Oktoberfest indulgence. It was complemented by sausages, German meatloaf, roast pork, sauerkraut, salads, mashed potato, spätzle, artisanal bread rolls, pretzels and more. Dessert (a separate compartment in the stomach after all) included those perennial favourites Blackforest cake and apple crumble.

This year, for the first time ever, a troupe of professional dancing girls was engaged to get the crowd on their feet, not that they needed any encouragement. The lovely ‘frauleins’ put on a performance of their own, dancing up a whirlwind in their platinum blonde braided wigs and mini-dirndls. Going by the girls’ feedback, they enjoyed performing as much as the crowd enjoyed watching their performance. “(This Oktoberfest is) the best of the best!” said Lisa and Anastasia, with feeling.

TALKING ABOUT OKTOBERFEST… In between swigging mouthfuls of ice-cold beer, chowing down on heart German fare and singing along to infectious rock classics like ‘Living Next Door to Alice’, ‘Come On Eileen’, ‘YMCA’ and ‘Hey! Baby (Uhh, Ahh)’, we coaxed some comments from the guests. German guest Lena Bodewein, shared, “It’s my first Oktoberfest ever – and I’m German,” she said, with a touch of irony. “I’m enjoying it so much!” Another lady guest, this time from the UK, Sheridan Green said, “It’s pretty out there!” ‘Lovely’ Gustavo Muzy, a trader who lives and works in Singapore and hails from Brazil, said emphatically, “My best night in Singapore by far!” (He actually donned a dirndl for the occasion and clearly enjoyed the novelty of swanning around in drag.)

Closer to home, former radio jockey, sought-after presentation coach and emcee Joe Augustin said, “When you see a thousand people dancing on chairs, you know you’re at Oktoberfest!” A PLACE TO CHILL, CHAT AND SIP For those revellers seeking a short break from the beer and the cheer, Bar by Leopold was the perfect place to adjourn for a conversation and a glass of wine. The atmosphere was distinctly relaxed and quite a contrast to the frenzied fun vibe of the main tent. Gracious host Klaus Leopold said, “We serve Austrian, German and Swiss food and wine at our gastrobar, so we share the same clientele and the same culture as the Swiss Club Oktoberfest.” (In fact, Leopold is a valued supplier of European wines to the Swiss Club, so chances are you have been enjoying his vintage tipples over dinner at Arbenz.)

FAMILY FUN-DAY SUNDAY The Swiss Club’s 20th Oktoberfest culminated in the traditional familyfriendly Frühschoppen, commencing at 11am and winding down by 4pm. As per previous year, the alcohol content was a little diluted compared to the previous evenings, but the fun was at 100% proof. The little ones were a joy to behold on the dance floor. A smash hit with parents and kids alike was the evergreen ‘Chicken Dance’. We also witnessed the formation of longest conga line ever, which snaked around the dance floor seven times and stretched through the seating area to the back of the tent. Young Singaporean dad Oswold Choi, who was there with his 4½-year-old daughter Mia, was attending his third Frühschoppen in a row. He summed up the beauty of the event when he said, “You can party with your family. It’s a great opportunity for bonding.” German Susanne So and her Filipino husband Almerick So, were celebrating with their adorable sons Theodor and Ferdinand. Susanne shared that this was her third or fourth Oktoberfest at the Swiss Club, but qualified that she used to go to ‘the more alcoholic version’ on the Saturday night, and had ‘transitioned’ to the Sunday version with her family. She generously praised “… the great food and excellent organisation, with a lot of entertainment for the kids.” Perhaps the ‘poster girls’ for the Oktoberfest were veteran Swiss Club Member Yuki Lange, her daughter

Tiffany, an alumnus of the German European School Singapore, and her granddaughter Scarlett. It was wonderful to see three generations of lovely ladies joining in the fun! In Yuki’s words, “I’ve been to countless Oktoberfests. I only missed last night’s because I was very, very busy – but I’m here today!” ANOTHER YEAR OF OKTOBERFEST IS OVER… For the tireless Management and staff, especially the full-timers, Oktoberfest is something of a marathon feat of endurance. Kudos to the team, whose smiles never once slipped. Cheers to 20 years – and here’s to many more years of drinking, dancing and feasting in legendary Swiss Club Oktoberfest style. Yes, Oktoberfest is definitely the best at the Swiss Club!



We Salute Team Swiss Club! In September and October, we saw all Swiss Club teams playing and fighting hard, representing the club all over Singapore. A total of three ladies’ teams, one men’s team and five junior teams were involved.

YOUR CLUB AND COACHES THANK YOU As a coach, it’s extremely satisfying to see you all training well, improving your skills and flying the Swiss Club flag. The Club and your coaching team are very proud of you! Our WITS Ladies’ team played some great matches. Thanks to Captains Corinna and Rudi for building the STA teams. It’s not easy at this time of the year with Oktoberfest and the F1 Grand Prix, among numerous other distractions. WINNERS ONE AND ALL In September we had a fantastic Junior Tournament. The kids gave their best to win the tournament of their Club. We coaches are very proud to see the youngsters improve so much, but even more importantly, to see so much good sportsmanship on the court. Well done, everyone – you are all winners in our eyes.

CONGRATULATIONS Category 12 & Under Champion Winner

Ines de Panafieu

Runner up

Mathieu Tassilly

Category 12 & Under Elite Winner

Renaud De Panafieu

Runner up

Nicolas Kleiner

Category 10 & Under Winner

Noe Lorinet

Runner up

Tristan de Panafieu

Category 8 & Under Champion Winner

Henry Evans

Runner up

Iskandar Moolan

Category 8 & Under Elite Winner

Paul Kuchler

Runner up

Caleb Shin

PEE WEE TENNIS FOR 4-YEAR-OLDS AND 5-YEAR-OLDS I’m delighted to inform you that our new ‘pre-junior’ tennis classes are up and running on Wednesdays at 4.30pm. Do your little guys and girls a favour and introduce them to this great sport, which may well become their lifelong passion. Please email me to register.

Category 8 & Under Elite: Caleb and Paul

Category 8 & Under Champion: Henry and Iskandar

Category 12 & Under Elite: Renaud and Nicolas

Category 12 & Under Champion: Ines and Mathieu

EVENTS, PAST AND FUTURE In October, our young tennis players had the opportunity to play more tennis during the holidays at our tennis camp. Two hours of tennis every day definitely sped up their progress! Save the dates for our upcoming events. We will be sharing more good tennis in November, with the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Double Swiss Club Championship on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November. Do hurry and register early to avoid disappointment. The deadline for registration is a week prior the start of the competition. As usual, a fun-filled dinner will be held for the participants on Saturday 16 November. Come January, do check out your Swiss Club e-newsletter as we are planning a Welcome Back Social on Friday 17 January from 7pm to 9pm. Join your coaches and have some smashing fun!

Category 10 & Under: Tristan and Noe

PLEASE NOTE: The Junior Programme will temporarily cease during the Christmas break. Last day of training will be Friday 20 December and we will resume on Monday 13 January 2020.

INTERESTED IN PLAYING TENNIS OR REGISTERING YOUR LITTLE ONES? Please register through the Swiss Club e-newsletter or contact Pierre Capdeville, 40XV Tennis Director at: T: 9236 3594 E:

Article and photos courtesy of Pierre de Capdeville, 40XV Tennis Director, Swiss Club





Tuesday 31 December 2019 9pm till late $30 per Adult Member $40 per Guest Free for children aged 12 and below Inclusive of light snacks, supper and a welcome cocktail To find out more or make a reservation call 6591 9420 or email

019, 2 l l e Farew 2020! me Welco


What a Weekend! S P O R T S

The Annual GSGC Championship

On 7 September, 23 keen golfers, some with families, boarded the early morning ferry to Bintan, Indonesia for a weekend of fun and golfing at the beautiful seaside Laguna Golf course. THE LOVELY LAGUNA GOLF BINTAN Set in 60 hectares of tropical paradise, Laguna Golf Bintan offers an exhilarating, unparalleled golfing experience. Nature is indeed what truly defines the course with diverse terrains of forestlands, natural wetlands, beachfront coconut groves and stunning rock formations thousands of years old. The outgoing GSGC Golf Convenor, Joachim Hermann, and the incoming Convenor, Adrian Luedi, teamed up to put together an exceptional weekend of golfing and socialising. Darren, the Golf Club’s GM, and his team ensured that all flights left on time, and were able to finish the first 18 holes well before sunset. Back at the hotel for a welcome shower and a post-game drink or two, the group adjourned for a sumptuous BBQ dinner under the stars at the beach. FAREWELL JOACHIM This was Joachim Hermann’s farewell game with the group as he moves on to Luxembourg after nine years in Singapore. The GSGC Convenor baton was passed on to Adrian Luedi. Thank you very much, Joachim, for all that you have done for the GSGC. We wish you and Anna the very best as you head back to the Old Continent. On behalf of the group, Wolfgang Zimmermann gave a stirring farewell speech. As the rest of the group called it a night, the usual small die-hard band could not resist the temptation of a nightcap or five! EARLY MORNING SUNDAY START After an early breakfast on Sunday morning, the group headed back to the next round of golfing. We were blessed with two days of beautiful sunshine and no rain after lunch came the moment that everybody had been waiting for – the announcement of the novelty prize winners!

Article and photos courtesy of Salman Bokhari

NOVELTY PRIZE WINNERS Day One Nearest to the Pin/I: Christine Bokhari Nearest to the Pin/II: Jochen Huengerle Longest Drive/Ladies: Jennifer Cho Longest Drive/Men: Kjell Oeberg Day Two Nearest to the Pin/I: Michael Leutwyler Nearest to the Pin/II: Kjell Oeberg Longest Drive/Ladies: Thi Thuy Trang Phan Longest Drive/Men: Alexander Holl A HISTORY-MAKING 3-WAY TIE When it came to the Overall Cup Winner, there was a 3-way tie, something which has never happened before in GSGC’s history! Michael Leutwyler, Frank Reppel and Jochen Huengerle needed to go out again, but this time only to the putting green for the play-off. Michael Leutwyler ended the moments of suspense as he putted with the least amount of strokes to emerge as the overall winner. Well done, Michael! David Martiny lifted the cup this year for the best net score. Congratulations, David! CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS Gross Results (Strokes) Net Results (Stableford) 1. Michael Leutwyler 180 1. David Martiny 90 2. Frank Reppel 180 2. Christine Bokhari 86 3. Jochen Huengerle 180 3. Christoph Pestinger 76 Saturday Medal (Stableford) 1. Adrian Luedi 39 (HC 29) 2. Heiner Pape 39 (HC 39) 3. Knut Unger 37 (HC 21)

Sunday Medal (Stableford) 1. Joachim Hermann 37 (HC 22) 2. Angelika Saake 37 (HC 30) 3. Herbert Wilhelm 37 (HC 36)

THANKS TO LUTHER LLP LAW FIRM GSGC would like to extend a special thanks to the Luther LLP law firm for sponsoring some of the novelty prizes this year. Last but not least, congratulations to all the winners. A great time was had by all, players and non-players alike!


I’m the best. I just haven’t played yet.

Muhammad Ali (when asked about his golf game)

German-Swiss Golf Club


Saturday, 16 November 2019

Tee-off commences



Batam Hills, Indonesia



Registration by

Sunday, 10 November 2019


Sunday, 8 December 2019

Tee-off commences



Orchid Country Club



Registration by

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Players who do not wish to play in the competitions are welcome to join as well.

INTERESTED IN PLAYING GOLF? If you would like to join our golfing group, take part in or register for one of the competitions, or find out more, please contact Adrian Luedi, Golf Convenor at: T: 9081 8506 E:

Y u’re Invited Save the date for the aquaDucks’ pool party on 6 December from 5pm to 7pm. All Swiss Sharks are invited!

A PAT ON THE BACK AND A PARTY TO REMEMBER The occasion is a celebration of each and every one of the Swiss Sharks’ heart-filled performances throughout the year. It promises to be a splashing good evening with music and fun and games. All your swim coaches will be there! Please note that no classes will be conducted between 5pm and 7pm on 6 December. HEY ADULTS, DIVE INTO THE FUN AND LEARN TO SWIM! aquaDucks’ Adult Learn to Swim Programme is for beginners who wish to acquire basic swimming skills and for competent swimmers who want to work

on improving their stroke techniques and ‘personal best’. Our bubbly team of international and qualified coaches will work with you to achieve your personal goals. Swimming is one of the most comprehensive forms of exercise that uses all of the major muscle groups in the body, as well as the cardio-respiratory system. In addition, swimming is an excellent way to relax and unwind from the daily grind. As swimming is very gentle for the body’s major joints, it is a safe sport for almost everyone. Discover the essential basics of swimming in a fun group with other adults. Classes are on Mondays from 8.30 to 9:30pm and Fridays from 7pm to 8pm. The fees are $20 per class (Members only).

Lap Pool Access Kindly note that our lap pool is regularly utilised by our partners during the below-stated hours. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.

CHATSWORTH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Monday 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Friday 10.30am to 3pm SWISS CLUB X AQUADUCKS SWIMMING PROGRAMME Monday to Friday 5.30pm to 7pm Saturday 8am to 12pm & 2pm to 6pm Sunday 8am to 12pm 2 lanes are available for Members’ use during this period of time

Email to register for a FREE Adult Learn to Swim trial session! INTERESTED IN SWIMMING? For more information on our swimming lessons and activities, please contact Marthijn at: E:

Article and photos courtesy of aquaDucks

aquaDucks POOL PART Y

Hey Swiss Sharks! Dive into the fun with our end of year pool party and celebrate your performance this year. It will be a splashing good evening with music and all your swim coaches to have fun with.


For more info, send an email to



Five Years of at the Swiss Club!

Active Fitness has been at the Swiss Club since September 2014, when we were contracted to the club to kick-start personal training and other off-site fitness services such as boot camps. In the half-decade since, we have built the personal training services from a one-man team to a whole team of personal trainers. This year we were asked if we could introduce a few more classes. We subsequently offered a much-requested Zumba class and extra Pilates classes, in line with Members’ interests. WORLD-CLASS STANDARDS In order to ensure that our classes and personal training services are of the highest standards possible, we decided to travel to countries around the region and further afield to compare and critique our offerings. Initially we wanted to do a nine-city tour, however given the length and expense of such a trip, we broke it up and extended it to a much longer project. And so we began in July.

MEMORIES AND MILESTONES I am proud to share that we are also the longest fitness vendors at the Club, with the exception of a Pilates instructor. When the aqua biking vendor decided to call it quits at the Club at the end of the of summer 2015, we strived to support the Club by filling the void. After purchasing equipment and undergoing training to lead the classes, we relaunched aqua biking at the Club in February 2016, and have been running it for Members since. In 2017, we helped the Club launch its indoor cycling service, given the uptrend in indoor cycling and its efficiency in burning calories.

Over the last three months, we headed to four cities – Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, New York and Los Angeles, to compare our fitness classes and standards with the cities’ respective offerings. The journey, while long, was educational and purposeful. We found some new and exciting things we can adapt, but most importantly we found that the standards of the classes we are offering are on a par with those of big city studios. Modesty aside, sometimes our standards surpassed those of the overseas studios we visited. In order to inject some fun and share our experiences and learnings, we vlogged our entire journey. It should be available on youtube in the near future. A GROWING COMMUNITY OF FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS Along with creating great fitness programmes, we have built a strong base of fitness enthusiasts at the Swiss Club. Our trainers are passionate about creating great fitness programmes and providing the best quality to the people we serve. We promise to continue to do our best to keep ourselves current with the latest happenings and courses. If you have any queries or need any assistance, feel free to approach me or anyone in my team. Thanks for a great five years!


Article courtesy of Timothy Felix, Active Fitness Director

To join a group class, engage a personal trainer or share your suggestion for a group class we don’t currently offer, please contact Jason at: T: 9026 3452 E:

Greetings from the Ambassador of Switzerland Dear Members of the Swiss Club, and dear readers of ‘Relax’, As the year 2019 is coming to an end, I will take a moment to highlight some of the events that were supported and coordinated by the Swiss Embassy during the last 12 months. In spring, we organised a week-long Swiss-themed festival. The Swiss Week featured a diverse range of activities, bringing Swiss craft and culture closer to the local communities. For example, visitors could admire design work by students from the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) and learn about Mario Botta’s exceptional architectural career. We shared the Swiss community’s enthusiasm for hiking through a Swiss-Singapore-themed trail at Bukit Timah nature reserve. With ample opportunities to taste Swiss culinary delights presented by Chefs Ernst Huber and Patrick Heuberger, the Swiss Week presented a well-rounded festival that yielded abundant positive feedback. We welcomed some exciting developments in the Swiss educational landscape in Singapore. The world’s top hotel school Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL) started to set up its first overseas campus in the Lion city. With other highly ranked institutes such as the Singapore-ETH Centre, the Sankt Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI-HSG) and the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) already in place, the EHL builds on a strong presence of Swiss academic excellence and further strengthens Swiss-Singapore relations in education and innovation. Since its launch in 2016, the Fintech Festival has become another great platform for exchange in innovation. Year after year, the Swiss attendance has continuously grown to this year’s count of over 20 Swiss fintech participants showcasing their services and products at the Swiss Pavilion. In addition, Ms Daniela Stoffel, State Secretary for International Finance in Switzerland, was invited to brief the audience on Swiss policy choices for the digital economy in a plenary session. The strong Swiss presence at this year’s Festival is further evidence of the important role that Swiss innovation and technology play globally. The Swiss Confederation has always placed great importance on humanitarian principles and the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross. This year marked the 70th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. To commemorate this milestone, the Embassy jointly organised a seminar with the Singapore Red Cross Society in September. The event provided greater awareness of contemporary Humanitarian Law and examined today’s challenges to ensure the protection of civilians during times of armed conflicts. It received a lively response from the stakeholders and beyond. The Embassy strived to foster exchange between socio-cultural institutions and artists in Switzerland and Singapore. The Switzerland-Singapore Football festival, jointly organised with Sport SG, was an exciting tournament for children from local and international schools. Other numerous events, such as screenings of the Swiss-related documentaries ‘The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg’, ‘Encordés’, ‘Eldorado’, and ‘Genesis 2.0’ along with concerts by Sophie de Quay & the Waveguards and Rahel Senn, were another source of inspiration in this domain. Together, we infused the City-State with welcomed doses of Swissness and we will continue to do so. To stay informed about our latest activities, we invite you to follow us on our Facebook (@SwissEmbassySingapore) and on my Twitter (@SwissAmbSGP). On behalf of our team, I wish you wonderful Christmas celebrations and a lovely holiday season filled with joy, peace and meaning.

Fabrice Filliez

Ambassador of Switzerland Article courtesy of the Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore



Come Celebrate

Yuletide with Us! It is once again that special time of the year when the whole world slows down just to soak up a little of the magical atmosphere of Christmas. Here at the Swiss School in Singapore, staff members and students prepare for joyful celebrations in hopeful anticipation of Santa’s annual visit to the tropics.


Come join us as we open our doors for our annual Advent Celebration, and experience for yourself how the Swiss celebrate the universal festival of Christmas. Date: Thursday 19 December 2019 Time: 6.00pm to 9.00pm Venue: Swiss School in Singapore There will be mouth-watering fare prepared and sold by the Swiss Club, numerous activity stations for the little ones, a Christmas market with various vendors selling rustic and handmade goodies, and a Christmas concert to round off the event! Article and photos courtesy of Charlene Chen

Founded in 1987, Sunray is one of Singapore’s leading construction companies, specialising in Interior Fit-out, Addition and Alteration works. With business activities spanning across Singapore and the Asia region, Sunray attributes its success to these four pillars; a pool of talented professionals, state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience and the trust and support of a network of partners.

NUSS Clubhouse


(65) 6566 2311

(65) 6565 3332




Do You Know Yuki?




Chances are, you already know Yuki Lange, if not by name, by sight. This glamorous and viviacious lady has been a Member of the Swiss Club since 27 February 1993. FROM FASHION TO FLOWERS At the age of ’50-plus’, Yuki has had a life that is full to overflowing. Formerly a fashion designer for 15 years, she worked in Japan for five years for the renowned Japanese label Kansai Yamamoto. Today, she is a floral artist who specialises in ikebana, and gives private lessons to friends. Yuki has a daughter, two sons and a granddaughter – 23-year-old Tiffany, 20-year-old Nicola, 19-year-old Simon and little Scarlett Hiromi, who is 2 years old.

Unlike other Clubs who have lots of rules, they give you a lot of freedom. Though it’s very quiet, you feel the warmth here. It’s like my second home. Yuki Lange

A SECOND HOME When we asked Yuki what keeps her coming back to the Swiss Club for more than a quarter of a century, she volunteered a long list of reasons. “I like the environment, the greenery and the serene feel I get every time I come here,” shared Yuki. “Unlike other Clubs who have lots of rules, they give you a lot of freedom. Though it’s very quiet, you feel the warmth here. It’s like my second home.” In particular, Yuki likes the exceptionally large leisure pool. Even when it’s relatively crowded, she claims it never feels packed. Despite thier pool at home, her children have always preferred the Club’s. THREE GENERATIONS “Now I come to the Swiss Club to go swmming with my daughter and granddaughter Scarlett,” said Yuki. “There are always other kids she can play with, and we can socialise with the other Members.” In her younger years, Yuki played tennis and badminton, both at the Swiss Club. MEMORIES… When we asked Yuki to share some precious memories, Yuki’s challenge was deciding which ones to mention. “Family birthday celebrations were always held at the Swiss Club. I fondly remember my daughter’s fourth birthday celebration at Arbenz, and many of my own birthday celebrations. There were so many happy occasions with the whole family, and the atmosphere at Arbenz made them all the more special.”

Going by her recollections, Yuki was clearly a keen supporter of Club events. “I remember always bringing my kids to the ‘Meet Santa’ sessions, when they were much younger, of course,” recalled Yuki. “I also remember the whole family attending the Swiss National day celebrations. There was one year in particualr when we all wore the same red Swiss cross T-shirts, which attracted a lot of attention. We did a lot of silly, fun family stuff together here at the Club.” Tiffany, who accompanied her mother on the day of this interview, chimed in, “Mum used to bring us to attend Swiss National Day at the Club when I was young, and now I get to bring my own daughter. Last year was her first Swiss National Day and she really enjoyed it!” FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD Yuki applauded the ongoing improvements to the Club’s food offerings, and singled out the foie gras and scallops at Arbenz for special mention. At Pergola, both Yuki and Tiffany love the butter chicken, while little Scarlett adores the spaghetti bolognaise. A WORD OF ADVICE When we asked Yuki if she had anything to share with her fellow Members, she said, “Come to the Club more often and enjoy all the wonderful facilities. Whether for business or pleasure, network with the warm and friendly Swiss and international crowd!” Speaking of warm and friendly, thank you for the chat, Yuki. And thank you for loving our Club.




Come alive in your new island home, where white sandy beaches meet pristine blue waters. Wake up to breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and dive into new adventures each day. At sunset, unwind and dine to a new rhythm with lush sounds at Café del Sol. Here, at the newly unveiled The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah – every day is a fresh new beat.





 We wanted to thank you for the fantastic BBQ last Saturday. The food was excellent and the variety was amazing too!
 Thank you also to all the crew who set up the table, thought about the speaker for music and cooked the food. Everything went smoothly and we hope that it gave some other Members the idea to do it more often! Best regards,
 Fiorenza & Javier

CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTRIBUTES TO A FUN D&D Thanks so much to everyone on the team for making our company DND so much fun! MAYA’S MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY PARTY Hi Christine,

We want to express our gratitude for the service that your company provided to us. We sincerely appreciate your customer service, and how you’re always available to handle challenging issues. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Mari and I wish to thank you and the entire team at Best regards, Swiss Club for ensuring that Maya’s birthday was celebrated so well in the Pavilion at the Club. I must Pepperl+Fuchs DND Committee complement you for your attention to detail and ensuring that all our requirements for setting up the venue were followed to a T. I would also like to say a special ‘thank you’ to Mr Yusri as well who ensured that all the finer details were taken care of. Our daughter’s birthday was the topic of discussion for the day at the German European School. All our guests enjoyed the food, drinks and venue. We were so very happy that we rented the bouncy castle from the Club! Kind Regards, Salil Bhuvanadasan A SMOOTH WINE TASTING DINNER Dear Christine, KIND WORDS FOR OUR CHARITY EVENT Dear Aaron, We would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team at Swiss Club for hosting us and our Social Service Agencies on Sunday. Your generosity and hospitality is greatly appreciated. Thank you for bringing joy to our service users. It is with the support of organisations and individuals like yourselves that allow us to better serve and empower our underprivileged communities. Please help to extend our thanks to the rest of your team. Best regards, Jessie Yeo Assistant Manager, Relations & Engagement, Community Chest Fund Raising & Engagement Group

This is just a short note to thank you and the entire team for a very pleasant and smooth wine tasting dinner with excellent food and service. The guests enjoyed the evening very much. We will be back. With best regards, Frederice



PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES IN NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER Join in our regular activities and form binding friendships as you keep fit. We have something for all interests, ages and levels of fitness. FOOTBALL FAMILY SOCIAL FOOTBALL Sun 15:00 – 16:30 (Sports Field) Sun 16:30 – 18:00 (Sports Field) SOCIAL FOOTBALL Mon 20:00 – 22:00 (Sports Field)

TENNIS MEN’S SOCIAL Sat 15:00 – 18:00 (Courts 2, 3 & 4) Please contact Jasmine Tan at T: 6591 9438 or E:

Please register with Urs Lichtenberger (E: and Thomas Koechli (E: to get on the mailing list. An email is sent to Swiss Club members every Friday to get players registered for football on Monday.


GSAS COSMO LEAGUE Tue 19:00 – 21:00 (Sports Field)

Fri 08:00 – 09:30 (STA Team) 10:00 – 12:00 (Ladies’ Group Training)

Casual Kick Tue 21:00 – 22:30 (Sports Field) Marcus E: (German All Stars) FOOTBALL TRAINING FOR KIDS Training on Saturday 10:30 – 12:00 (Indoor Sports Hall) Open to all Players born between: 1 Jan 2012 and 31 Dec 2015 Opened to Swiss Club Members and Non-Members. Olliver Marx E: W: T: 9821 3869

Mon 09:00 – 11:00 (WITS Team) Tue 10:00 – 12:00 (WITS Team)

JUNIOR PROGRAMME Mon – Fri 16:00 – 19:00 Sat 08:00 – 12:00 • Parent/child and tiny tots programme • Junior introductory/ development programme • Junior intermediate/ advance programme For times and dates, please see the 40XV display at the tennis courts. FORTY-FIFTEEN (40XV) Tennis Director: Pierre Capdeville E: Please check the tennis noticeboard for courts allocation for coaching and social tennis.

PADEL For Padel enquiries, contact Pierre Capdeville at E: LADIES’ TENNIS LADDER Corinna Gorriz at E: or T: 8725 6761 SWIMMING aquaDucks E: T: 8260 9032 (weather update only) PARENT & CHILD 30 minutes session Mon – Fri 15:30 to 17:00 LEARN TO SWIM 30 minutes session Mon – Fri 15:30 to 17:00 COMPETITION & DEVELOPMENT CD1 Mon – Fri 5:00 – 6:00 Sat 9:15 – 10:15 CD2 Mon – Fri 5:00 – 6:00 Sat 8:15 – 9:15 CD3 & CD4 Mon 5:00 – 6:00 Tue – Fri 6:00 – 7:00 Sat 8:15 – 9:15 WATER POLO Mon 6:00 – 7:00 ADULTS TBC (Contact aquaDucks for more information)


BIKE RIDES ON SUNDAYS Please check Newsletter for more details. GOLF German-Swiss Golf Club Please contact Adrian Luedi at E: or T: 9081 8506 JASS 29 Nov*2019 (Rifle Lounge) *Venue to be advised Please contact Michael Sutter or Nadine Breitenmoser at E: or T: 9648 5077 KARATE KYOKUSHIN KARATE Wed 17:00 – 18:00 4 years and above Parents are welcome to join class (Aerobics Studio) Please contact the instructor, Sensei Lai at E: or T: 9185 0900 MAHJONG Mon 19:30 – 22:30 (Rifle Lounge) Please contact Jill Boschung at E: or T: 9022 4605


PROFESSIONAL FITNESS SERVICES AQUA BIKING Wed 19:00 – 19:50 Sat 09:00 – 09:50 (Note: Pre-register to secure a bike for class) INDOOR CYCLING Sat 11:00 – 11:45 (Aerobic Studio) Please contact Timothy Felix 24 hours before class at E: or T: 9191 7475 BOOT CAMP Mon 18:00 – 18:45 Thu 08:30 – 09:15 (Sports Field/Outdoor Multi-Court) Please contact Jason Stanley 24 hours before class at E: or T: 9026 3452 PERSONAL TRAINING Please contact Timothy Felix at E: or T: 9191 7475 (Note: Pre-registration is required for all classes) PILATES PILATES MATWORK Wed 08:30 – 09:30 (Aerobics Studio)

SKAT Wed 20:00 – 23:00 (Jungle Bar) Please contact Hubert Nerlich at E: or T: 6734 0034 YOGA HATHA FLOW YOGA Thu 18:00 – 19:00 (Pavilion) Fri 08:30 – 09:30 (Pavilion) Please contact Nathalie Sofia at E: or T: 8260 4049 for more details HATHA YOGA Sat 09:00 – 10:00 (Pavilion) Please contact Nadja Pizzo at E: or T: 9145 4408 for more details YIN YANG YOGA Mon 08:30 – 09:30 (Pavilion) Please contact Nathalie Sofia at E: or T: 8260 4049 for more details SALON AND SPA SERVICES AVEDA SALON & SPA Please contact us at T: 6463 0400 or SMS: 9655 8165

Please contact Christabel Lim at E: or T: 9619 5820 (Note: Pre-registration is required for this class)

GOT A SUGGESTION? If you would like to suggest a new activity, please contact Jasmine Tan, Sports & Recreation Executive at: E: T: 6591 9438

At Lumen Capital, it’s all about At LumenYOU Capital, all about understanding andit’sYOUR needs

understanding YOU and YOUR needs At Lumen Capital, all forabout “Financial independenceit’s is the basis personal freedom independence the basis for personal and“Financial security. Therefore, theisprotection and growthfreedom of assets understanding YOU and YOUR needs and security. Therefore, the protection growth of assets entrusted to us is what drives me and myand team.”

entrusted to us is what drives me and my team.” Jan Dirkmann, “Financial independence is the basis for personal freedomCEO Jan Dirkmann, CEO and security. Therefore, the protection and growth of assets entrusted to us is what drives me and my team.” Jan Dirkmann, CEO

LCI Value Proposition The The LCI Value Proposition Providing a robust holistic approach wealthmanagement, management, we we place paramount Providing a robust holistic approach toto wealth paramount importance on understanding our clients’ needs and crafting individualized solutions. importance on understanding The LCI Value Proposition our clients’ needs and crafting individualized solutions. Providing a robust holistic approach to wealth management, we place paramount importance on understanding our clients’ needs and crafting individualized solutions. 50 Raffles Place, #08-04/05 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623 50 Raffles Place, #08-04/05 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623

Jan Dirkmann

Jan Dirkmann Managing Partner, CEO Managing Partner, CEO Tel +65 6634-0112 Tel +65 6634-0112 Jan Dirkmann Managing Partner, CEO Tel +65 6634-0112 50 Raffles Place, #08-04/05 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623

Roger Fluri Roger Advisor Fluri Senior Senior Advisor Tel +65 6634-0112 Tel +65 6634-0112 Roger Fluri Senior Advisor Tel +65 6634-0112

Profile for Swiss Club, Singapore

Swiss Club Magazine - Nov/Dec 2019  

-BEST OKTOBERFEST EVER Our Unforgettable ‘20th’ -FESTIVE GREETINGS from the Ambassador of Switzerland - MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR Ch...

Swiss Club Magazine - Nov/Dec 2019  

-BEST OKTOBERFEST EVER Our Unforgettable ‘20th’ -FESTIVE GREETINGS from the Ambassador of Switzerland - MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR Ch...