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Parish Paper

Christ Church

Winnetka, Illinois Vol. 51 No.1

January 1, 2011

Annual Meeting Set for Sunday, January 23 As a parish family we will worship together at one service on Sunday, January 23 at 9:30 in the morning. This service will be immediately followed by our Annual Meeting. We are all then invited to share a yummy brunch provided by the Hospitality committee in the McClain room. This is a great way to start off the new year. We will elect new vestry members and honor retiring vestry members: David Russell (Warden), Pat Corrigan, KD Foster, Lisa Kerpan and Melanie Cody. Regular Church School classes will be held during the Annual Meeting. Come for the inside scoop and stay for a great brunch.

A Letter From The Rector Dear Friends: New Year’s resolutions are a particularly secular exercise of which the religious counterpart might be our Lenten “givings up” and “takings on.” I’ll get the jump on Lent, however, by offering a few resolutions now. Take them to heart or disregard them as you will, but know that they come with my prayers and best wishes for a happy, healthy and holy new year. * Don’t work so hard doing good things to earn God’s love. God loved you long before you knew God. * Work hard doing good things simply because it’s the right thing to do. * Be grateful for every good thing that comes your way whether you’ve earned it or not. * Be especially grateful for those things given freely and generously by God or anyone else. * Be careful about judgment. God and lawyers are supposed to do that. * Always trust God’s judgment. * When you’re wrong, admit it and say you’re sorry.

Go “Paperless” in 2011 Would you like to cut down on the paper flooding through your mail slot and save the church postage at the same time? Please “Go Green” and elect to receive all your Parish Papers via email. Call Rena Kowalski at 847446-2850 or send her an email at Do it today! Many thanks.

* When you’re right, be gracious. * When you (I) offer resolutions for anyone else, make sure you (I) try them on for size to see if they fit. They usually do. My love to you all, in Christ,

The Parish Paper

Christ Church

1912: An Excellent Year For Pianos Next time you are at the Church on the Hill take a moment (no, actually take several) to soak in the beauty of our refurbished 1912 Steinway B grand piano which has taken up residence in the transept just inside the cloister doors. This instrumental treasure which our Organ Associate Jay Peterson declares has “all the right DNA” was brought back to life by the talent of piano technician Paul Revenko-Jones and paid for with a gift from the estate of parishioner Martha Jane Wright.

Richard Clemmitt and Jay Peterson with our 1912 Steinway Piano

This piano has faithfully served Christ Church for years and was in need of some serious, and costly, TLC. Martha Jane Wright, a music-loving parishioner, who also happened to be Gary Martin’s French teacher, earmarked a portion of her estate to Christ Church. In 2006 our Organist and Choirmaster Richard Clemmitt helped negotiate a contract with Music Of The Spheres Pianoworks on the north side of Chicago and the piano was spirited away for a total re-do. The only things that are original are the lyre (where the pedals are), the iron plate, the keyboard which has been recovered, and the case which has been refinished to reveal an amazingly rich mahogany wood. A task that was supposed to take two years to complete took four and the piano was returned in August of 2010. But as we all know, all good things come to those who wait. And this was well worth the wait. Enhanced by its acoustical setting in the front of the church (the wood walls, the coffered ceiling, the glass doors, the floor) the sound of this piano is as rich and stunning as its refinished case. Jay states that “It feels like a nine foot concert grand. Some of its pitch registers would give a concert grand a run for its money.” Jay also noted that “in 1912 there were no synthetic materials used to construct a piano. Steinway was experiencing a lot of competition from European builders. Steinway was determined to be the best.” (Hence, pianos, like wines, have good years and bad years. Who knew?) Richard says that “we are incredibly lucky to have an instrument that looks so good and sounds so beautiful. It is also a work in progress. Paul, our piano technician, will be out to do some more voicing work. This piano is fantastic now. But it’s going to be even better!” A concert is being planned for a future date, to be announced, to properly inaugurate the piano to the parish and to the community at large. In the mean time sit back and enjoy. With his typical warm smile Richard states that “if we want to bring our best to God, we are certainly doing so with this musical instrument.” Thank you Martha Jane.

2011 Stewardship Update - Have You Pledged Yet? As of December 11, we have received 243 pledges totaling $909,436. These pledges break down as follows: No change Increase Decrease New pledge Totals

# of Pledges 124 72 31 16 243

2011 Amount $511,020 $312,690 $55,946 $29,780

Change from 2010 $0 $41,988 ($23,924) $29,780



We have yet to hear from 75 families/individuals who pledged a total of $155,834 last year. Continuing the many programs and ministries offered by Christ Church depends on each of us giving generously in thanksgiving for our many blessings.

January 2011

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The Parish Paper

Christ Church

New Vestry Nominations for 2011

Dietrich Knoer

As we begin the search for a new rector, a pivotal juncture in the life of our parish, Dietrich Knoer would rejoin the Vestry for a three year term as a Warden. Dietrich was born in Düsseldorf, Germany and raised in a suburb of Frankfurt which “is very similar to Winnetka and Kenilworth.” He left Germany at the age of 27 for a training program in New York City with JP Morgan. Aside from four years in London, he has called the States “home” ever since. Dietrich met his wife Katy at the Tuck School of Business where they were both pursuing an MBA. Immediately following graduation (for both of them) from Tuck in 1996, Dietrich and Katy were married in her hometown of La Jolla, CA. First child, Reilly (now age 13), was born in 1997 quickly followed by Tristan, now 11, Casey, 9, Caleb, 8, and then a bit of a breather before the birth of Phoebe who is now a tow headed three year old. The Knoer family first joined Christ Church in 2004 following the advice of the rector of their Chicago church, Church of Our Savior on Fullerton. With a professional background in commercial real estate Dietrich was quickly snagged for the Vestry to oversee the very successful renovation of our West Building. He served briefly as our Warden just prior to his move to Arizona. After a brief stint living in Arizona, the Knoer family returned to the North Shore and Christ Church. Dietrich allows that “everyone should have a sabbatical in Arizona, but we were thankful to be able to return here for professional reasons and because this is simply our home.” Dietrich makes excellent German Christmas cookies, a mean cup of espresso and is passionate about golf. His greatest pleasure in life? Spending time with his wife and five children.

New Vestry nominee Kathleen Lloyd-Jones was born in Albuquerque, NM and grew up in Rhinebeck, NY a beautiful suburb north of New York City on the Hudson River. After attending Rhinebeck Central School Kathleen went to Amherst College in western MA where she completed a dual major in Spanish and Biology. Kathleen’s father was a doctor and “I liked what my dad did and I was proud of him. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor.” With medicine in her blood (and I don’t mean literally) Kathleen went on to graduate from Albany Medical College in 1990. She did her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital where she met her husband, Don Lloyd-Jones. She then served as an internist in a group practice at Mass General for the next ten years. In between all that doctoring she had her first two children (Cameron now age 13 and Adam who is 10.) In 2004 the family moved to the Midwest so that Don could pursue a job at Northwestern. One of those opportunities in life that you just can’t pass up. Kathleen notes that “we are small town people and were looking for a town with a neighborhood.” The rector of their church out east, Barbara Williamson at St. Elizabeth’s in Sudbury, MA was a friend of Ned and Bev’s and the rest is history. They settled in Winnetka. After having their third child Caroline (now age 6 – aka “their Chicago baby”), Kathleen went back to the medical field part time working at the Student Health Center at Northwestern University. Kathleen feels very much at home at Christ Church. Don, Cameron and Adam are all in the choir, and when Caroline is old enough to join then Kathleen will too.The whole family will be joining the Youth Choir trip to England this summer. Kathleen is currently teaching Church school in the Good Shepherd Atrium.

Doug Peterson

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Kathleen Lloyd-Jones

New Vestry nominee Doug Peterson a third-generation parishioner of Christ Church. Son of the late Lucy Chilgren Peterson and David Peterson, he grew up in Winnetka about two blocks from the church. Doug was baptised at Christ Church, sang in the choir and served as an acolyte before graduating from NT High School in 1988. After majoring in English at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH, Doug moved to Atlanta to work for Oil-Dri Corporation of America. Doug lived in Atlanta for 7 years, which was an excellent choice of location because one of his neighbors there was his future wife Kim. He went on to earn an MBA from Emory University and remained in Atlanta to work for KPMG in business valuation. This remains his field of expertise and, after a five-year stint with Duff & Phelps, he is currently with Valuation Research Corporation in Chicago. Kim and Doug moved to Chicago in 2000 and then up to Winnetka in 2006. They have three children: Douglas, Jr. (age 7), Milly (age 4) and Lucy (1). As a nice example of symmetry, Douglas is currently a member of the Primary Choir. Speaking of serious symmetry Doug’s grandfather, Arthur Chilgren, served on the Christ Church vestry in the 1930s and 1940s. In what little free time Doug can muster he enjoys reading, travel, golf, paddle tennis and sports in general. You may also find him playing his guitar “not very well and in the basement so no one can hear me.”


January 2011

The Parish Paper

Christ Church

New Vestry Nominations 2011 - Continued Shay Robertson who lives with her family in Evanston has been nominated to fill a one year unexpired term on the Vestry. She grew up outside San Francisco in Tiburon, CA. After attending the University of Illinois at Urbana with a major Shay Robertson in English and a minor in History she settled in Chicago and became the Personal Assistant to Dr. Mortimer Adler, a philosopher, writer, CEO of The Institute of Philosophical Research and a founder of the Aspen Institute as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Encyclopedia Britannica. Shay describes how Dr. Adler was the true source of her education. Besides giving her reading assignments he would include her in lunches “with intellectual hoohahs and authors.” Ask her about her favorite lunch with Umberto Eco. Shay and her husband, Dave, have three children: Emma (15), Sam (14) and Betsy (8). Both Emma and Betsy sing in our Youth Choir. Shay is currently enrolled at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary where she is striving to obtain a Masters in Theological Studies in the Old Testament. She “started it three years ago and it is now the center of my universe. It is truly a walk in faith. I hope to be done by December of 2012.” Shay is currently serving as one of our 6th-7th grade Church School teachers. Did I mention that she is also a gifted writer? Her most recent work? Our Glory Story Premiere!

Parishioner Jenny Smith was born in Richmond, IN and grew up in Troy, NY. Jenny started competitive swimming at age 8 and continued through her freshman year at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. (She was actually a nationally ranked swimmer when she was 17.) After graduating from Colgate in 1981 with a dual degree in Philosophy and Religion she headed to Boston to work as the Assistant Women’s Swim Coach at Harvard University. Jenny Jenny Smith then moved to Iowa City to “follow my then and current honey, Eric Hillerbrand” (who lived down the hall from her at Colgate.) Jenny completed a Masters in Social Work at University of Iowa in 1987 and then relocated with Eric to Charleston, SC. Many stops later we are lucky that the Hillerbrand-Smith family settled in Wilmette in the summer of 2008. “Choir has always been important to our family. After buying a house in Wilmette we found our way to Christ Church on the strength of its choir.” Eldest son, Dylan (18), sang in the choir before he went off to college and Noah (16), Keenan (13), Addy (10) and Eric are all currently singing with the choir. Jenny’s New Year’s resolution is to join and make it 100%. “My kids will kill me if I don’t.” Jenny enjoys her work as a preschool teacher at Willow Wood in Winnetka, taught kindergarteners last year in our True Vine Atrium and is currently teaching 8th grade Church School at Christ Church. When Jenny isn’t working with children you may find her in a pool swimming again (still?) as she finds it a great stress reliever.

January 2011

Christmas Angels Ministry Soars Our 2010 Christmas Angels program was a very gratifying, very smooth and a very busy ministry that continues to grow in scope every year. This year we served: * 103 families, 388 individuals * 54 senior citizens * 109 residents of Episcopal Residential Recovery Programs at Higgins House, St. Andrews Court, St. Leonard’s and Grace House * 50 homeless men and women * 10 moms and 24 children residing at Primo Center for Battered Families. We sent out the following: * 3 trucks filled with 378 boxes and 116 bags of individual gifts and food coupons for Cathedral Shelter families and senior citizens. * 50 Christmas “Stockings” for homeless individuals filled with treats and necessities like t-shirts, underwear, socks, flashlights, blankets, etc. * 159 t-shirts * 159 pair of underwear * 159 wool hats * 159 pair of gloves * 159 pair of socks * 50 blankets * 45 winter scarves * 20 flannel nightgowns * 20 fuzzy slippers * 20 toiletry kits for women * 65 toiletry kits for men * 163 mugs of candy * 1 complete Christmas Party, including tree, decorations & treats * 10 laundry baskets filled with cozy clothing and gifts for battered moms and a van load of toys and clothing for their 24 children * 1 van load of food collected from Greeley School * 740 in cash donations to Cathedral Shelter This ministry was achieved under the leadership of committee chair, Julie Flood. The committee was served by: Donna Voges, Charlotte McGee, Suzie Peregrine, Ann Taft, Nina Gray, Elise Covey, Sherry Gormanous,Wendy Olson, Kim Petersen, Stacy Smith, Jenny Corrigan, Joan Richards, Amy Kuhns, Deb Emry, Brooke Wanzenburg, Georgeann Chalmers, Heath Missner, Marcy Champagne, Carol Rasmus and Kelsey Forsberg.

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The Parish Paper

Christ Church

Vestry Notes - October 26, 2010 Marcie Champagne began the meeting with a meditation on the lack of conversation due to the noise and politics that surrounds us in modern life, and the importance of human conversations as the basis of change. The Rector noted that he will remain at Christ Church through either Easter Sunday or the first Sunday after Easter before retiring. He noted that three things had particularly warmed his heart recently: the response to The Glory Story, the outstanding success of Rummage, and the representation of our congregation at the Encounter Islam event, in which 22 or 23 members of our congregation attended, representing the largest contingent in the Deanery. He noted that October 3 brought the unexpected visit from Fr. Ikenye, who is in desperate need of support from us. Anyone interested in supporting Fr. Ikenye’s work should contact the Rector. Associate Rector Jeanne Stewart reported that the New Trier Clergy Group met with representatives of the area village police departments on how to safely help people coming off the streets seeking help while avoiding any confrontations. She reported that she attended Clergy Day, that the Downtown Lunch Group recently met and discussed mentoring to young people, and that she attended the recent Seabury Western board meeting. Curate Jim Harrison announced that he is now canonically resident in the Diocese of Chicago and is eligible to vote at Convention. Treasurer Kathy Shanley reported that revenues and expenses continue to closely track budget, with expenses slightly under budget overall. Pat Corrigan (Buildings) reported that the boiler that heats the Parish House is rusted through and needs to be repaired and ultimately replaced. Repairs to replace the rusted tubes are underway, with heat expected to be restored within two to three days. He recommends including in the budget process the cost to replace the boiler. Dan George and Jack Keller (Stewardship) reported on the initial results of the 2011 pledge campaign. A summary will be included in the November 14 bulletin, follow-up letters will be sent to those who have not yet pledged, and a second summary will be presented to the parish on December 5 with a second round of follow-up telephone calls. David Russell presented a written report of the Investments Committee on behalf of Kurt Anstaett, and noted that the results to date have been very positive. Marcy Champagne (Grounds) reported that the Humboldt stairs and the walkways in the Church Yard have been repaired. She is gathering quotes on painting the gates into the Church Yard. The Vestry approved hiring Susan Czolgosz, a well-respected consultant within the Diocese of Chicago, as a consultant to the search and transition process. The Vestry considered a slate of candidates presented by the Wardens to form the Search Committee and the Transition Committee. Suggestions for candidates were received from the Vestry, various parishioners, the Wardens and the Clergy. The slate fairly represents various constituencies in the parish, e.g., choir,Vestry, congregation members from each Sunday service, newcomers, long time parishioners, etc. The Wardens were authorized to contact the candidates for the committees. The Rector asked the Vestry to consider increasing the term of the Wardens from 2 years to 3 years, in order to retain continuity of leadership while a new Rector is being called. The Nominating Committee will have to slate 5 candidates for Vestry (including one to fill the remaining 1 year term of Kim Dougherty). The Vestry members whose terms are ending are Pat Corrigan, KD Foster, Lisa Kerpan, Melanie Cody and David Russell. The Rector noted that we need 3 candidates to be Convention delegates for November 19-20 Diocesean Convention. Missy Harrison and Kathy Shanley agreed to serve as delegates, and the Rector was authorized to select a third delegate. The Vestry meeting ended with prayer and Compline.

January 9 - Come Support Our Choir Section Leaders & Enjoy a Musical Treat for the Whole Family Our “own”Tina Pappademos, Cynthia Zimmerman and Luis Galvez (choir section leaders) will be singing with the North Shore Opera Hour on Sunday, January 9 as they present “Amahl & the Night Visitors“ The concert begins at 4 pm at Saint Joan of Arc Church located at 9248 North Lawndale Avenue in Evanston. Donations accepted at the door.

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January 2011

The Parish Paper

Christ Church

Rummage News Jan. Furniture Pick Up Do you have some furniture (in good condition) that you would like to donate to Rummage? Call the office to be put on the schedule for January 31.

Weekly Sorting Opportunities Mondays 12:30-3 pm Thursdays 9:15-11:30 am Stop by the West Building when your schedule permits. No need to call ahead. It is lots of fun and a great stress reliever!!

Monthly Saturday Sorting If your schedule allows, please join us on Saturday, January 22 from 9 - 12 noon in the West Building. You will become an expert in no time!

June 2011 SE Mexico Mission Trip is a GO! As the temperature drops in Chicago, think of a warm 85 degree, cloudless day in Mexico, surrounded by a group of the most friendly Anglicans you have ever met. Christ Church will be sending another group to SE Mexico in June 2011 (the 13th to the 17th) to visit our friends in La Esperanza and Jesus de Nazareth Church. We are looking forward to taking a group of 12-15 parishioners (high school and older). Please consider joining us for an experience that will change your life. This trip is not just for teenagers. ALL parishioners are welcome. Contact Gary Martin, 847-446-3744 for more information and watch for additional communication.We will be announcing a planning meeting after the first of the year for those interested.

Epiphany Celebration - Sunday January 2 During the 9:30 service on Sunday, January 2 there will be a visit by the three kings as they help us celebrate Epiphany. After the service there will be a reception in Church House complete with King’s Cakes (who will find the jelly bean?). Ned will “chalk” the entrance to the McClain room which announces the arrival of the Magi. It’s a great way to start the New Year.

It May Be Cold Outside But It Will Be Warm Inside: Taize - January 9 Be kind to yourself on January 9 at 5 pm. Come to our first Taize offering on 2011. This is a wonderful, candlelit contemplative service and a great way to recharge your spiritual batteries. If you go to our website,, you can view a short video called “A Taste of Taize.” It will give you a look at a recent Taize service.

Not Your Grandmother’s Valentines

Save The Date Annual Lobster Boil

January 23rd is an important day for Christ Church. Not only is it the day of our Annual Meeting…it is also the day all of the church school classes will join together to make valentines. These are no ordinary valentines.Thanks to a grant from Midwest Palliative and Hospice Care Center, these valentines will be given to people in Hospice Care. The children of Christ Church have made valentines for people in need at Christ Church for many years. This year we are expanding that wonderful ministry to include all of the children and youth at Christ Church and to touch the lives of the larger community.

Saturday, Feb. 5 What Are You Doing on May 13 & 14, 2011? As a follow up to the article in the November 1, 2010 Parish Paper on our Curate, Jim Harrison, we have a “save the date” for you. On May 13 and May 14 John Philip Newell will be in town giving a presentation on Celtic Spirituality. This is the same guy who was running the retreat on the Isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland in June of 2006 when Jim found his stone. If you have no idea what we are talking about, please go back and read the piece on Jim Harrison entitled “What’s In Your Pocket?” It will all be made crystal clear and you will want to mark your calendar now.

January 2011

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The Parish Paper

Christ Church

Christ Church

All church services are at the Church on the Hill, 784 Sheridan Road, Winnekta, unless otherwise noted


January 2011



2 8am - HE 9:30am - HE, Church School, Glory Story Forum 11:30 - HE

8am - HE 9:30am - HE &


(no 11:30 service)

4 9-10:30 am Winnetka Caribou “Glory Story”

12:30-3 pm Rummage Sorting

7:30-9 pm “Glory Story” area homes

12:30-3 pm Rummage Sorting

Thursday 5

9:30am - HE Chapel

Friday 6

9:30-11 am - Library “Glory Story” 9:15-11:30am Rummage Sorting

10 9-10am - Friends In Faith - COH 10-11am - Book Discussion - COH

Epiphany Celebration


9-10am - Friends In Faith - COH 10-11am - Book Discussion - COH


Regular Meetings & Events: Families Anonymous: Weds., 7:30pm Soup Kitchen: 2nd Tues., 5:30pm & 4th Sat., 5pm Meals-at-Home: every Tues,. first & last Fridays Boy Scout Troop 18: Tues. pm

11 9-10:30 am Winnetka Caribou “Glory Story”

12 9:30am - HE Chapel

9:15-11:30am Rummage Sorting

5:30pm Soup Kitchen







9:30-11 am St. Elizabeth’s, Glencoe “Glory Story”

13 9:30-11 am - Library “Glory Story”


9:30-11 am St. Elizabeth’s, Glencoe “Glory Story”

7:30-9 pm “Glory Story” area homes

5pm - Taize

16 8am - HE 9:30am - HE, Church School, Glory Story Forum 11:30 - HE

17 9-10am - Friends In Faith - COH 10-11am - Book Discussion - COH

23 Meeting & Brunch


9:30am - HE Chapel

9-10:30 am Winnetka Caribou “Glory Story”

20 9:30-11 am - Library “Glory Story” 9:15-11:30am Rummage Sorting

9am-12 noon Rummage Saturday Sorting

9:30-11 am St. Elizabeth’s, Glencoe “Glory Story”

7:30-9 pm “Glory Story” area homes

5pm - Soup Kitchen


9-10am - Friends In Faith - COH 10-11am - Book Discussion - COH

9-10:30 am Winnetka Caribou “Glory Story”

12:30-3 pm Rummage Sorting

7:30-9 pm “Glory Story” area homes

30 8am - HE 9:30am - HE, Church School, Glory Story Forum 11:30 - HE


7:30-Vestry Meeting Library 12:30-3 pm Rummage Sorting

9:30 - HE, Church School & Annual


26 9:30am - HE Chapel

27 9:30-11 am - Library “Glory Story” 9:15-11:30am Rummage Sorting



9:30-11 am St. Elizabeth’s, Glencoe “Glory Story”

31 9-10am - Friends In Faith - COH 10-11am - Book Discussion - COH 12:30-3 pm Rummag Sorting Rummage Furniture Pick ups

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January 2011

Christ Church Winnetka, IL 60093 Parish House & Office, Mailing Address, Rummage & Chapel Church On The Hill & Church House 470 Maple Street 784 Sheridan Road (O) 847-446-2850 - (Fax) 847-446-8640


Clergy & Staff Rector:The Rev. Edward S. Prevost, ext. 33 Associate Rector: The Rev. Jeanne L. Stewart, ext. 27 Curate: The Rev. James E. Harrison, ext. 24 Deacon: The Rev. Heath Missner

David Russell, Senior Warden Robin Anstaett, Junior Warden Kurt Anstaett Marcy Champagne Melanie Cody Pat Corrigan Julie Flood

Organist & Choirmaster: Richard Clemmitt, ext. 22

Kathy Shanley,Treasurer Doug Hambleton, Chancellor Mary Downie,Clerk

Director of Children’s & Youth Ministries: Missy Harrison, ext. 36; Parish Administrator: Molly Ethridge, ext. 23 Bookkeeper: Cathy O’Brien, ext. 28 Admin. Assistant: Rena Kowalski, ext. 21 Parish Paper Editor: Charlotte McGee, ext. 35

Parish Paper is published twice monthly during the school year, by regular mail the first of the month, and electronically for the mid-month issue. It is published monthly in July and August. The deadline for submitting information or articles for the next issue, online is Tues., Jan. 4. Submit materials to Charlotte McGee, editor, at the Parish Office.

Rummage Coordinator: Charlotte McGee, ext. 35 Facilities Manager: Jim Caldwell, ext. 31 Organ Associate: Jay Peterson Primary Choir Director: Elizabeth Clemmitt Sextons: Mario Ruiz, Dominic DiPaolo

Worship Sundays:

Church On The Hill 8 am HE; 9:30 am HE & Young Children’s Liturgy of the Word; 10:40 Adult & Children’s Formation; 11:30 am - HE Wednesdays: 9:30 am HE (Chapel)

THE PARISH PAPER OF CHRIST CHURCH (UPS 421-300) Published semi-monthly by Christ Church, 470 Maple Street, Winnetka, Illinois 60093 Periodicals postage paid at Winnetka IL 60093

POSTMASTER: Change Service Requested

K.D. Foster Dan George Jack Keller Lisa Kerpan Griswold Ware Lawson Whitesides

Parish Paper, January 1, 2011  

Newsletter January 1, 2011

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