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APRIL 2012

Atlanta Association of Southern Baptist Churches Together Making Jesus Known

4528 Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 770.957.8774 Dr. Keith Pisani, Director of Missions Haven Brownlee, Associational Assistant

". . . you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." (2 Timothy 3:15) When one of my seminary professors (Dr. John Whitcomb) was himself a student at Princeton University, he had a professor who is ranked as one of history's ten smartest people That professor defined the Theory of Relativity, told us that E=MC2 , and his genius is so respected today that, if you go to the campus of New Jersey’s Princeton University and have the right connections, someone could show you that professor's brain preserved in formaldehyde. One day, after class, John Whitcomb approached his professor Albert Einstein and told him that all people are sinners, that all people deserve eternal punishment, that Jesus Christ died on the cross to endure that eternal punishment for us, that God the Father raised Jesus from the dead, and, for us to go to heaven and experience and enjoy an eternity with God, we must apply what Christ did on the cross to our life, appropriate the power of Christ’s resurrection and ask Jesus into our life as personal Lord and Savior. In developing his Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein accepted the fact that there is design to our universe. He believed in an historical Jesus. But, even though Albert Einstein was smart enough know some facts, he was not wise enough to apply those facts to his life. Smart enough to believe in a point of beginning for our universe, he was not wise enough to believe in a Creator. Intelligent enough to accept the fact that Jesus existed in history, he was not wise enough to believe that Jesus was raised from the dead. Honest enough to believe in a God, he was not wise to believe that God of the Bible cared about him - he was not wise enough to make that belief personal and establish a relationship with God through Jesus. Here on earth, Albert Einstein is honored for his intelligence but he was not wise enough to accept/receive the gospel. Yet, like that rich man in Hell in Luke 16:19-31, today he believes - too late. Some people are so smart they're dumb. In God’s eyes, it’s not enough to have knowledge and intelligence. All people need the wisdom to discern these biblical truths summarized in the gospel: We are sinners. We need a Savior. Christ is that Savior. When we apply what Christ did on the cross to our life through the power of the resurrection - when we ask Jesus into our life as personal Lord and Savior, God the Father guarantees that we will go to heaven and our sins will be forgiven. That is the message of Easter. It is the message that we must share. Happy Resurrection Season! (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

NEXT EVENTS!!! DISCIPLESHIP SEMINAR: Since the logical 'next step' after evangelism is follow-up, our next event centers on the theme of strategic analysis of the local church discipleship ministry. Hosted by North Peachtree Baptist Church on April 12 from 7 PM to 9 PM in the NPBC Fellowship Hall, this event is FREE to all and features Alan Folsom of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Light refreshments will be served. Since Christ's mission statement for His church is "Make Disciples" (see Matthew 28:18-20), bring a bus or van filled with people excited about seeing 'new and used' believers grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ!

CHURCH & COMMUNITY MINISTRIES IMMUNIZATION SHOTS AND SCREENING: The CCM ministries, under the direction of Betty Morgan-Newell, is hosting immunization shots and screenings for elementary students. The event, hosted by Pine Lake Baptist Church, is from 1 PM to 3 PM on Saturday, April 28 and takes place in 'Building D' on the PLBC campus. Elementary students are required to have immunization shots for the coming school year. A price list, financial arrangements, and other information is included in the reproducible flyer attached to this month's Mobilizer. Help protect our children. Participate in this event!

AASBC PREACHER'S CONFERENCE: Have you ever needed encouragement and an uplift for your soul? Hosted by the Clairmont Baptist Church of Atlanta, three of our own AASBC pastors will develop the theme of "Encourage Me" at the May 19 FREE Preacher's Conference. The conference features music, preaching, and fellowship. The preachers include Chris Jordan of Christ Church of Metro Atlanta, Johnny Beasely of Greater Fellowship Church, and the host pastor J.B. Brown of Clairmont Baptist Church. Please bring your congregation to this event of encouragement. Come! Support your fellow pastors!

2012 CALENDAR Discipleship Seminar (Free) Presenter: Alan Folsom (GBC) April 12 (Thursday) 7 PM - 9 PM @North Peachtree Baptist Church 4805 Tilly Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30360 (770) 457-1148 (Contact person: Chris Fowler) Topic: Strategic Analysis of the Local Church Discipleship Ministry Elementary Students Immunizations/Screenings (Cost) Host: CCM Ministries April 28 (Saturday) 1 Pm - 3 PM @Pine Lake Baptist Church 4528 Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain, GA 30083 (across from the Post Office in Pine Lake) 404-292-2100 (contact person: Haven Brownlee) Purpose: To provide immunizations and screenings at a reasonable cost for elementary students AASBC Preacher's Conference (Free) Preachers: Three AASBC preachers May 19 (Saturday) 6 PM - 8:30 PM @Clairmont Baptist Church (Pastor J. B. Brown) 3542 Clairmont Road Atlanta, GA 30319 (404) 636-1406 (contact person: J.B. Brown) Title Theme: Encourage Me Conference (Preaching/Music) Ethnic Church Conference (Free) Presenter: An Van Pham (GBC) June 9 (9 AM - Noon) @N. Peachtree Baptist Church 4805 Tilly Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30360 (770) 457-1148 (Contact person: Chris Fowler) Annual Meeting September 9 (Sunday) 5 PM - 7 PM @Morningside Baptist Church 1700 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30324 (Pastor: Chris Harrington) 5 PM: Business Session 6 PM: Worship 7 PM: Refreshments

Pastor's Fellowship: The next Pastor's Fellowship is Thursday, April 26, (2-4 PM) at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 850 Mt. Vernon Highway, NW, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (main preaching pastors only). The topic is "How do you make disciples in the church and community you serve?". If you have questions, please contact Aaron Menikoff at or call 404-255-3133. Please RSVP to Priscilla Barry at or 404-255-3133. Children's Ministries: If you have a children's ministry and would like to organize a workshop, please contact the AASBC office or the following GBC personnel: Keith Stewart for VBS (, Maria Brannen for Team Kids and Bible Drill (, or Steve Brown for Children's Church/Children's Worship ( Target date for workshop (s): July, 2012. Please let the AASBC know if you are utilizing this opportunity. Local Missions Fair:. To learn more about what you can do and how you can help in reaching people, in your community, for Christ, please attend the Local Missions Fair at First Baptist Church, Atlanta on April 29, 2012 (8:30 AM - 1 PM). The Atlanta Association of Southern Baptist Churches and the Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center will have tables. FBC Atlanta has offered us one additional 8' table (free) for our church planters. On this one table, our church planters can advertise outreach opportunities or other ministries where you need help (prayer walks, event staffing, tract distribution, fellowship/relational ministries, park ministries, etc.). One church planter must be present to man the table. Free breakfast foods will be served but lunch is at cost ($7 per person or less). If you commit to participate, please provide AASBC Administrative Assistant Haven Brownlee with your ministry name and the name(s) of those who will staff the display table. The event coordinator is FBC Atlanta Assistant Pastor Paul Diamond. Direct contact to FBC Atlanta can be submitted to Roberta Barrios ( Please let the AASBC office know if you are participating. Have literature available for your table. The deadline for registration is April 15. Street Evangelism: First Baptist Church of Atlanta hosts Street Evangelism the second Saturday of every month from 2 PM - 5 PM at the Hard Rock Cafe (Downtown Atlanta) or meet at the FBC Atlanta Security entrance at 1 PM for a van/carpool. Tracts are furnished. Wear a red T-shirt. Parking is one block east of the Hard Rock Cafe or take MARTA to the Peachtree Center Station and walk one block to the Hard Rock Cafe. Contact: (Paul Diamond). Matthew 10:32. Church & Community Ministries: CCM Director Betty Morgan-Newell is conducting training sessions for churches that want to organize a Health & Wellness Committee to reach their community "right where it's at." Contact Betty at 404-292-2100. Women's Conference: The Georgia Baptist Spring event features Anne Graham Lotz, Tom & Kim Blackaby, Frances Worthington, Nikki Babcock, and others at Calloway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA April 27-28, 2012. There is a cost. Register online at

Church & Community Ministries, Pine Lake Baptist Church & DeKalb County Board of Health Present

Back to School Services 

Shots ------------------------------------- $14.81

Vision Screening ------------------- $10

Hearing Screening ---------------- $10

Dental Screening ------------------ $10

Certificate (only)(3300/3231)-- $5

College immunization forms -- $5

The following types of payments are accepted:  Medicaid and PeachCare Cards Only for immunizations and hearing and vision screenings 

Cash and Checks (in state checks only) are accepted

**Please bring Insurance Card and Shot Records for verification (Limited funds available for those not covered by insurance)

Free School Supplies and Free Clothes Closet SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH, 2012 FROM 1PM to 3 PM PINE LAKE BAPTIST CHURCH COMMUNITY BUILDING 'D' 4528 ROCKBRIDGE ROAD, STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA 30083 404-292-2100 Email:

1027 Church Apostles Korean Church







Bethesda Empowerment Center


Bezalel Church


Blueprint Church


Brookhaven Baptist



Brown Memorial Baptist Church



Caring Believers Bible Fellowship


Chapel First Baptist Christ Church of Metro Atlanta

$0.00 $75.00




Clairmont Baptist Church Clarkston International Bible Church




Decision Point


Faith Community Church



Faithful Friends Baptist Church



First Agape Baptist


First Baptist Atlanta First Nepali Baptist Church

$3,750.00 $39.63

French African International

$83.83 $0.00

Gospel Baptist Church


Greater Fellowship Missionary Baptist


Iglesia Bautista Vida Abundante


Immanuel Baptist Church Life Church of Athens

$0.00 $200.00

Mission Evangelique d'Atlanta

$600.00 $0.00

Morningside Baptist Church


Mt. Vernon Baptist Church



North Peachtree Baptist Church



North Peachtree Vietnamese Baptist



Pine Lake Baptist Church



Rehoboth Baptist Church



One Heart Church


Rehoboth Ethiopian Evangelical


Sanctuary of Atlanta


Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist



Slavic Evangelical Christian


Smyrna Word of Life Baptist


Sudanese Christian Fellowship


Templo Hispano Bautista





The Midtown Bridge The Praise Factory


Voices of Hope


Westhills Total Contributions - Churches

$0.00 $3,344.09



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