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The New Lights of Christ FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW US John & Lenora Perrine tell what Christ Church Cathedral means to them.

CATHEDRAL MUSIC There are very exciting things in the world of Cathedral music coming in the next few months!


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Prayer & Action Prayer & Action I May 2014 Dean & Rector ɪ The Very Rev. Carol Wade > Associate Dean ɪ The Rev. Brent Owens > Curate ɪ The Rev. Joe Mitchell > Deacon ɪ The Rev. Paula Ott > Canon Musician ɪ Canon Erich Balling > Music Assistant ɪ Kathleen Balling > Assistant Organist ɪ Lisa Hall > Minister of Christian Formation ɪ Dr. Elizabeth Conrad > Nursery Coordinator ɪ Michelle Dunlap > Parish Administrator ɪ Lesa Wehrle > Parish Secretary ɪ Margaret Christensen > Publications Coordinator & Webmaster ɪ Ashley Goodrich > Financial Assistant ɪ Linda Critchfield > Facilities Manager ɪ John Hodgman > Sexton ɪ Brownell Haddix Vestry Chuck Baldecchi, Senior Warden ɪ Tracey Meyers, Junior Warden ɪ John Brice ɪ Lance Churchill ɪ Cissy Collins ɪ Dan Dorsett ɪ Sherry Ferguson ɪ Robert Fugate ɪ Ann-Whitney Garner ɪ Anne Garrett ɪ Gwen Mathews ɪ Caywood Prewitt ɪ Jim Ware, Treasurer

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MAY PRAYER Holy Spirit, open our hearts that we may grow in grace through the years; be with us in joy and suffering, as we add new members, as we are joined in marriage, when we turn to you in sickness or need, and, at the last, when we are committed into the Father’s hands. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen. NEED PRAYER? Contact Margaret Christensen, Parish Secretary, at the church if you or a family member is admitted to the hospital or in need of congregational care. For the Prayer Chain, call Loys Mather, 299-8569, or the church office. ABOUT THE COVER Celebrating the Feast of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday!

THE MISSION OF CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL To restore all persons to unity with God and one another in Christ Jesus, through prayer, worship, proclamation of the Gospel, and the promotion of Justice, Peace and Love.

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The New Lights of Christ


Eastertide and the Permanent Collection


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Len By The Very Rev. Carol Wade

The New Lights of Christ By The Very Rev. Carol Wade


Our role as a congregation is to get to know the newly baptized, affirm them in ministry and give thanks for their presence among us.


want to thank you for the care and attention that went into Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Great is thy faithfulness! At every turn there was something to delight the senses and deepen our faith by God’s grace and the power of your beautiful and loving work. So many of you gave of yourselves to share Christ’s love, and it is this commitment to ministry that is a dream to behold! I am grateful for the fine work you do with devotion, joy and flourish! From all accounts, the season offered transformation for many. The crowing joy of that transformation was evidenced at the Easter Vigil as the newly baptized made their first steps as God’s new creation. Rising from the waters of Baptism and anointed by the Holy Spirit, Chad, David, Jacob and Kennedy carried candles set aglow from the first fire of Easter. Amid pealing bells and loud shouts of "Alleluia!" they exemplified the presence of the risen Christ among us as they answered the call to be light bearing sacraments of Christ’s healing in the world. In the ancient language of the church, the newly baptized are called neophytes, literally, new lights, for they are the new light of Christ given for the world. Our role as a

Amid pealing bells and loud shouts of "Alleluia!" they exemplified the presence of the risen Christ among us as they answered the call to be light bearing sacraments of Christ’s healing in the world.

congregation is to get to know these new lights, affirm them in ministry and give thanks for their presence among us. Indeed, their Baptism is an opportunity for us all to rekindle the light of Christ that dwells among us. As we journey into The Great Fifty Days of Easter, some of the faithful will take the next step in membership as they are confirmed and received into the Episcopal Church on May 20, while some will join the Legacy Society on May 15 with the promise of a sustaining gift, while other new members will prepare for Baptism on Pentecost Sunday, June 8. Together we will all reflect on Christian vocation in our daily lives through a host of classes and workshops as we are each called to answer the Easter challenge: How is God calling us to carry the light of Christ’s love and healing in the world? Easter blessings and gratitude to you all! Ϯ





n three different styles of painting Anne Bjork, Jo Robertson, Kathy Dalton, Jesse Mark and Brenda Dennis express their interpretation of the post-Easter Scriptures.

But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb. ... They found the stone rolled away from the tomb … and were perplexed. Suddenly two men in dazzling clothes stood beside them. The women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground.

On the same day two men were walking to Emmaus and Jesus appeared to walk with them, though they did not recognize him. Then he began to open their eyes to the meaning of the prophets. As he started to leave their company


and walk ahead, they said to one another, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the Scriptures to us?”

Jesus stayed with them in Emmaus, where he was at table with them. He took the bread, blessed and broke it and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him. A number of years ago, through the leadership of artists within the church, the children began a series of paintings related to the Christian Calendar including Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent. Eastertide murals were a noticeable gap so a number of adults were engaged to paint Easter paintings based upon the Scriptures. These works generally reside on the second floor along with the Stations of the Cross. Your input is requested! I am writing a history of the permanent collection of art at the Cathedral and need your help. Please send by email or mail any knowledge or remembrance you have on one of the permanent art pieces. It may involve the memorial or the person portrayed. Email or mail Jesse Mark, 485 Stone Creek Drive, Lexington KY 40503. Ϯ

A Diocesan Celebration of Older Adult Ministries Saturday, May 10 10:00am - 3:00pm Registration at 9:30am Workshops offered before and after lunch: • Sensational After 60 - Changing Loneliness into Solitude • Understanding the 3rd and 4th Ages of Our Lives • Storycatching Lunch - $7 Closing Celebration Eucharist with Bishop Hahn Contact Elizabeth Conrad or The Rev. Paula Ott with questions at 254-4497. Register at


FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW US By John & Lenora Perrine


enora and I have been thinking of leaving something to the church for several years, but had done nothing until we learned of the Legacy Society. This seemed like a good time to put our plans into action. We feel that the church is a significant and meaningful part of our lives that we need to help maintain for those who follow us, as those who have preceded us have provided us with a strong, loving church. We feel that this is like caring for and sustaining our family, our church family in this instance. What better way is there to provide for those families you love than to help them with their spiritual lives and that of

their families? It seems that every group and organization needs funds and money seems to be getting tighter and tighter. It would be wonderful if we could give significantly to all, but we can’t and therefore must make priorities. Giving to the church seems so important to us because we know the gifts will be used well for the sustainment of the body of the church and the spiritual growth of the parish. Neither of us was a “cradle Episcopalians,” but both were drawn to the church by its meaningful service and a closer relationship we felt with God. If we can help others, both present and future, obtain and sustain the peace and joy we have experienced, our gift will have done what we want it to do. It LEGACY SOCIETY seems to be an DINNER >>> appropriate and The annual Legacy Society Dinner will be held at Keeneland on Thursday, satisfying contriMay 15 at 5:00pm. Contact Steve bution. Ϯ Specht at or 268-9817 for more information on becoming a member today!

We invite you to come support fellow parishioners as they take the next step in their membership! Confirmation Tuesday, May 20 7:00pm

Commissioning Our New Members Sunday, June 1 11:00am

Baptism Day of Pentecost Sunday, June 8 11:00am

Contact Parish Secretary Margaret Christensen at 254-4497 or if you would like to take your next step!


hrist Church Cathedral is fortunate to have on loan from the St. John’s Abbey and University a beautiful reproduction of the first handwritten, illuminated Bible to be commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in 500 years. The Bible is on display in a beautiful walnut case custom made by local cabinetmaker John Leininger. The original Saint John’s Bible is more than 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide when opened, and was produced with handmade inks, hand-ground pigments and gold leaf on calfskin vellum and divided into seven volumes. We have on display a reproduction one of the seven volumes – Gospels and Acts. “The fame of The Saint John’s Bible is going to absolutely grow and grow. I think it’s going to be like The Book of Kells,” said The Rev. Robert Koopmann, the president of St. John’s University. Also on display in our art gallery are 10 prints on loan from The Saint



John’s Bible collection and original pieces of art from local artists created in response to each of the featured pages. The Art at the Cathedral Committee members will bring the Bible out of the locked case to share with the congregation on Sunday mornings during May and also by special appointment. The Bible will be returned to Minnesota on June 2. Ϯ


READING CAMP CONTINUES TO GROW By Michelle Sjogren, Reading Camp Executive Director


rom its small beginning in 2001, Reading Camp promises to be bigger and better than ever, with 29 camps in operation this summer. A new feature being considered is mentoring during the school year after a child attends Reading Camp. The purposes of mentoring include helping to ensure that gains made during camp are maintained and beginning to develop some follow-up data. Three Kentucky camps are operated directly from the Reading Camp office at Mission House. Their locations and dates are: Mission House, June 16-20; Cathedral Domain, June 22-28; Pine Mountain, July 13-19. All other camp dates are given on the individual camp pages on the Reading Camp Website.

If you are 18 or 80, Reading Camp needs you this summer. There are jobs for everyone. To learn more, go to Volunteer applications are available there. When you select the camp at which you would like to volunteer, the director of that camp will contact you. Donations of books, snacks, craft materials, recreational services or money are welcomed and will be put to good use. If you have any questions about the camps or volunteering, contact Executive Director Michelle Sjogren at Reading Camp, P.O. Box 610, Lexington, KY 40588-0610. Phone number is 859-252-6527. Michelle’s email address is ώ

A Huge Thank You By Loys Mather

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with gratitude? I certainly did the other day when I opened a note from Harrison School. If you recall in the December issue of Prayer & Action, I invited the Cathedral community to join me in putting the Harrison School’s “Snack Pack” program on your Christmas Wish Lists. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to members and friends of the Cathedral when I learned that we had donated $1017.36 to the Snack Pack program and that an additional 15 children would be served this spring! Many thanks to all of you who participated in this act of love and care for these children. Ϯ




hrist Church Cathedral has just wrapped up our third season of hosting Room in the Inn. Room in the Inn is a program through which 28 churches in Lexington host two groups of 14 homeless gentlemen. We provide dinner, breakfast, a sack lunch and a place to stay for each of the men. But more importantly we provide a chance for fellowship for our parish and the men. This year Christ Church hosted one group every Wednesday from the 1st of November until the end of March. I would like to thank the eleven different groups which hosted at least one night. Several groups

hosted multiple evenings. One of the things that struck me the first time I helped is one would not think that most of these men were homeless. The majority of the men you would never notice walking down the street. These are men that have had a few bad breaks but are making the best of a bad situation. Every year we have men that are able to get back on their feet, get a job and leave the program early. But for every one that leaves, we always have more that are waiting to join.

We will start the planning stage for this winter during the summer. I invite everyone to help host at least one evening this winter. If you have any questions please contact Robert Fugate or Tom Howard. ĎŽ

Save the Date! Family Picnic

Sunday, June 29 After the 11:00am service Old Episcopal Burying Ground Sign up at the Welcome Center or on Facebook


BEING EASTER PEOPLE By The Rev. Joe Mitchell


aster is here, and Christ has been raised! We are an Easter people, meaning that Christ is alive, right here and right now. Easter Sunday is not just some memorial of something but, it is a living reminder of the Jesus who was raised once but lives forever. So that means that we are in the midst of Easter right this moment. So what do we do about it? How do we live as Easter people? For many young adults the world can sometimes look like Good Friday more than it can look like Easter. There are academic pressures in graduate and undergraduate studies that our parents did not have to face. Many of us, upon completing our

studies, are faced with enormous debt that we will be paying off for most (if not all) of our lives. And we look at a world of school shootings, African genocides, and folks telling us we don’t need God, and we wonder, "How do I live as an Easter person?" One of those ways was articulated beautifully by Ben Newsome. “For me, Easter at its core is about finding hope in the troublesome times. The Vigil hammered that point home, that even when we are in the midst of terrible darkness, there is a hope, there is a light. That’s what I hang on to.” That’s what being Easter People means: living with the hope that no amount of darkness will ever vanquish the eternal light of God. And as Christ’s Body in the world, it is up to us to be the hands and feet of the Risen Jesus out in the world. For Megan Dennis, a graduating senior at UK, that means working intimately with people. "I’ll be attending Indiana University to pursue my master's in speech pathology,” she said. “I hope to use what God’s given me to care for people. That’s what being

an Easter Person is about for me.” Sure, the world is full of darkness, but Easter teaches us that the light always wins. So how will you be an Easter Person? Ϯ



JUNE 9-11 9AM - 2PM

AGES 5 AND UP Age 4 welcome with parent

You are here!





the Cathedral staff for their invaluable assistance: Ashley Goodrich and Margaret Christensen. We would especially like to thank all the Gathering of Angels Committee, who worked for months to make it a successful evening: John & Melena Dailey, Beth Prewitt, Amy Burke, Mitzi & Robert Fugate, Julie Stivers, Michelle Dunlap, Tanya Graf and Amanda Naish. Thank you to the many Angels here at the Cathedral; we are truly blessed. If you were unable to attend and still wish to contribute, please send your donation to the Cathedral (attn. Lesa Wehrle) GOA Fundraiser.

FAURÉ REQUIEM The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, instruments and soloists performed this masterwork on Palm Sunday to a large and enthusiastic audience. The concert was a profound beginning to Holy Week and the choir gave an artistic and expressive interpretation of the music. We look forward to bringing this experience back to the Cathedral in 2015!

FINAL RECITAL AND EVENSONG Please join us on Sunday, May 18, for the conclusion of this year’s Great Music at the Cathedral series. At 3:30pm, Indiana University organist Elizabeth Clark will perform a 30-minute recital on the Cathedral’s Holtkamp organ. Evensong sung by the Cathedral Choir follows at 4:00 and will feature music of the choirs’ upcoming tour to York Minster and St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, England. All are invited and all are welcome. Ϯ

GATHERING OF ANGELS The Cathedral Choirs hosted Gathering of Angels, a gala fundraising event for chorister scholarships, on Friday, April 25. Gathering of Angels was attended by over 150 people! We are grateful to all who attended or donated services or items or gave financial donations. We had a very successful evening and look forward to reporting the results. Thank you for your generosity! Thank you to Dick Collins as our auctioneer, Ann Roughton and Joell Finney for flower arrangements and

Thank you to the many Angels here at the Cathedral; we are truly blessed. CCCLEX.ORG / 15


TAKING THE NEXT STEP: Being Confirmed or Received By The Rev. Brent Owens


e believe that everyone who enters the sacred space of Christ Church Cathedral is present by holy invitation. As such, everyone who seeks a church home is welcome at the Cathedral. But as with many things in life, there are different levels of involvement. And so, Baptism is the step that is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s body, which is the church. It is in Baptism that we share in God’s eternal life and 16 / PRAYER AND ACTION_MAY 14

forgiveness of sin, and become inheritors of the Kingdom of God. Baptism is the foundation for all future church participation and ministry. Being confirmed or received is the next step in membership at Christ Church Cathedral. Confirmation is a sacramental rite in which the candidates express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. What is the difference between being confirmed or received? A candidate is received into the Episcopal Church

when she or he has previously made a mature Christian commitment in another denomination; they are received into the Episcopal Church through prayer and laying on of hands by a bishop. From a practical standpoint, Confirmation and reception look virtually identical. What is required to be confirmed or received? Being baptized and being willing to take the next step in one’s faith. At Christ Church Cathedral, we have a series of five classes that we ask candidates to attend. Our next Confirmation and reception service is on Tuesday, May 20, at 7:00pm. Please come to support those being confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church as the Bishop lays hands on them and prays for the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon them and with them. Ϯ




t our Cathedral, we are in need of all the handicap parking spaces on Sundays and during special events for people who need to be close to the entrance. We have many members of our community who need to use those spaces on a continuing basis and then we have members who need to use those spaces short-term while recuperating from an accident or surgery. Please help us

By Tracey Meyers

in keeping these spaces available for those in need. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I welcome your feedback and your suggestions. ĎŽ Your Junior Warden, Tracey Meyers 859-321-9433

Cathedral Domain Summer Camps The Cathedral Domain offers camps to students of all ages! Camp offers the invaluable experiences of communing with God, nature, and friends. Campers learn skills and gain self-esteem while studying Bible and making new friends. Sign up today! Need-based scholarships available: email All camps based on completed grade. More information at www.

Senior Conference Co-Ed (Grades 9-12): June 15-21 Reading Camp/Mini Camp (Grades 1 & 2): June 22-28 Mini Camp II Co-Ed (Grades 1-2): June 26-29 Junior Conference Co-Ed (Grades 7-8): June 29 - July 5

Girls II (Grades 5-6): July 13-19 Mission Adventure (Grades 7-12): July 13-19

Three days of tent camping and hiking, and three days of mission work

Boys I (Grades 3-4): July 20-26 Boys II (Grades 5-6): July 20-26 Co-Ed (Grades 3-5): July 27 - August 2

Girls I (Grades 3-4): July 6-12 CCCLEX.ORG / 17




ANNUAL DIOCESAN WOMEN’S WEEKEND Join women from across the Diocese for a weekend at the Cathedral Domain, May 16-18. Check-in begins at 4:00pm on Friday, May 16. An optional silent retreat begins at 3:00pm on Thursday, May 15, through 3:00pm, Friday, May 16. Our meditation leaders are The Rt. Rev. Doug Hahn and The Rev. Nancy Farley. For more information, contact Lisa Mills at 859-753-4646 or diolexecwweekend@ Registration sheets with cost breakdown are available at the Welcome Center.

BOOKS & BELIEFS Books and Beliefs will meet Tuesday, May 6, at 10:00am, program to begin at 10:30, at the home of Sandy Ireland, 232 Kingsway Drive. Priscilla Lynd will present The Madness of Mary Lincoln by Jason Emerson. All CCC members and guests are welcome.

REGIONAL CONFIRMATION SERVICE WITH BISHOP HAHN A regional Confirmation service will be held on Tuesday, May 20, at 7:00pm at the Cathedral. This is available for of all those who feel called by God to affirm or reaffirm their faith as Christians and be received into the Episcopal Church. Please contact Parish Secretary Margaret Christensen at 254-4497 or for more information. COMMISSIONING OUR NEW MEMBERS Join us on June 1 at 11:00am as we welcome the newest members of Christ Church Cathedral. If you are a new member to the Cathedral and wish to participate, please contact Parish Secretary Margaret Christensen at 859-254-4497 or via email at NEXT BAPTISM OPPORTUNITY Baptism will be offered on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, at the 11:00am service. If you are interested in Baptism, please contact Margaret Christensen, the Parish Secretary, at 254-4497 for more information.


FINAL PRAYER SHAWL KNITTER MEETING On Wednesday, May 7, the Prayer Shawl Knitters will hold their final meeting before the summer break. We will attend the 12:05pm Healing Service, then go to the Bride’s Room for prayer, an African Bible Study, and knitting. Please bring something to share for lunch. We will be knitting on our own this summer at home. For questions and the prayer shawl pattern, please call Flo Mayer at 299-5552.

NOTICES /// CALLING ALL GRADUATES Are you or someone you know graduating from any school level? If so please email by May 12, with name, school graduating from, and future plans. All are invited to be recognized as we say prayers on May 18 at 11:00am. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL WISH LIST VBS is Monday, June 9, through Wednesday, June 11. This amazing program, Marketplace 29 AD, requires many volunteers to organize, prepare materials, donate supplies, and help onsite. No experience needed! Please consider how you can help. WISH LIST: Raw sheep’s wool; shells; sheets; pillowcases; tall, dried landscape grasses; tailgate tents; and a henna tattoo artist. Contact Anne

Garrett at 266-7441 or awgarrett5@ to volunteer or if you can provide a wish list item. 2014 ALTAR FLOWER MEMORIALS There is a new procedure for weekly flower memorial sponsorship in 2014. When wishing to schedule a flower memorial, please contact Barbara Silcox, Altar Guild Director, at or by phone at 492-2471, or the Parish Secretary, Margaret Christensen, by email at or by phone at 254-4497 to make your request. A list of the available weeks is posted outside the atrium. Please note, some Sundays you may be asked to share memorials, if more than one person signs up for the same week. The suggested donation per memorial is $100.

MISSION /// HELP DELIVER MEALS On Tuesday afternoons once a month between 4:30 and 5:00pm, a team from CCC delivers meals for Moveable Feast to HIV and Hospice patients in Lexington. We go in pairs, it takes no longer than two hours and each pair only delivers once a month. If you are interested in being part of this ministry, please contact Cissy Collins at 255-9535 or ksc5567@ Ϯ

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