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Welcome to Christ Church Cranbrook Exterior Sculptures at Christ Church Cranbrook

Welcome to Christ Church Cranbrook. George and Ellen Booth felt that it was important to bring the glory of God to everyone, and should be accessible to all. We welcome you to the grounds of Christ Church Cranbrook and hope that you will join us in worship soon. The subjects on the tops of the buttresses on either side of the church were chosen for their part in seeking or spreading the truth as taught by Jesus and inscribed over the main part of the church. These figures were created by Lee Lawrie and Ulric Ellerhausen.

Exterior Sculptures at Ch

The Dawn Men on the South side of the church as vi Nicolaus Copernicus

Wilbur Wright

Louis Pasteur

Michael Faraday


Wilbur Wright

Louis Pasteur

Michael Faraday

Galileo Galilei

Nicolaus Copernicus

(American, 1867-1912)

(French, 1822-1895)

(English 1791-1867)

(Italian, 1564-1642)

(Polish, 1473-1543)

Inventor and pioneer of aviation.

Chemist and medical inventor of serum.

Chemist and physicist.

Physicist, astronomer, and experimental philosopher.

Astronomer who promulgated the theory that the earth and the planets move about the sun.


hrist Church Cranbrook On the West front Though not considered “Dawn Men�, they represent the dawn of Christ Church Cranbrook

iewed from left to right.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Christopher Columbus

Johann Gutenburg

The Rt. Rev. Herman Page

The Rev. Samuel Marquis

Leonardo Da Vinci

Christopher Columbus

Johann Gutenberg

The Rt. Rev. Herman Page

The Rev. Samuel Marquis

(Italian, 1452-1519)

(Italian, 1446-1506)

(German, 1398-1468)

(American, 1866-1942)

(American, 1866-1948)

Painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mechanician, engineer, and natural philosopher.

Credited with discovery of America.

Credited with first printing of the Bible on a printing press.

Fifth Bishop of Michigan, who presided at the consecration of Christ Church Cranbrook.

First Rector of Christ Church Cranbrook.

Exterior Sculptures at Ch

The Dawn Men on the North side of the church (L John Wycliffe

Martin Luther

William Tyndale

Thomas Cranmer

Jacques Marquette

John Wycliffe

Martin Luther

William Tyndale

Thomas Cranmer

Jacques Marquette

(English, 1320-1384)

(German 1483-1546)

(English, 1492-1536)

(English, 1489-1556)

(French, 1637-1675)

Political and religious reformer and biblical translator.

A leader of the Protestant Reformation, theologian, and translator of the Bible.

Archbishop of Canterbury, father of the Reformation in England, and author of the first Book of Common Prayer (1549) He was burned at the stake during Queen Mary’s Catholic Restoration.

Jesuit missionary and explorer in America.

Translator of the New Testament and Pentateuch, a martyr for the spread of knowledge.

hrist Church Cranbrook

Lone Pine Road side) as viewed from left to right. William Penn

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Phillips Brooks

William Penn

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Phillips Brooks

Charles David Williams

(English-American, 1644-1718)

(English-American, 1732-1799)

(American, 1809-1865)

American, 1835-1893

(American, 1860-1925)

Quaker who founded the colony of Pennsylvania.

General of the Continental Army, first President of the United States, and “Father of His Country.”

Sixteenth President of the United States, emancipator of the slaves, and re-uniter of the States.

Bishop of Massachusetts, liberalist, renowned preacher, and author of “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”

Charles Williams

Fourth Bishop of Michigan, prophet, and preacher of the social gospel.

The belfry is located on the north side (along Lone Pine Road) of the church in the columbarium. On one side of the cross is John the Disciple and on the other side is Mary, Mother of Jesus. The bell is rung from a rope in the sacristy (where the sacrament of Holy Eucharist is kept). The bell is used on Good Friday, after a funeral and at Morning Prayer.

The tower at CCC houses the carillon, made up of 50 bells. The outside of the tower has instruments and creatures and carved on each side. These pages show a few of those carvings. You would most likely need binoculars to see these carvings.

The animals depicted on the tower represent local Michigan animals.

This inscription is over the entrance to the church. It was written by Henry S. Booth and dedicated on Founders’ Day in 1956. All are welcome!

Jesus with child in the courtyard “Let the little children come to me...” ~ Matthew 19:14

“Teach us what we shall do unto the child that shall be born.” (Judges 13:8) This carving is over the handicap entrance (Library) door. The shield at the left of the scripture, a torch held by two hands, symbolizes the spreading of the Gospel from one generation to the next. The shield on the right, a bell, a book and a candle, is intended as a symbol of worship and a reminder of Henry Wood Booth’s efforts to revive the custom of family prayer.

This carving is on the Outdoor Pulpit, to the left of the Library door. It shows the shield of St. Paul bearing the crossed swords of his martyrdom and three springs of water, which according to tradition, sprang up where his head touched the ground at his execution.

This carving is in the alcove on the Cranbrook Road side of the church. It is a carving of a winged lion, typically representing Mark. The inscription on the tablet reads “Peace (to) you Mark Evangelist (of) mine”.

Please join us for worship this weekend:

Saturday Holy Eucharist at 5:00 PM Sunday Holy Eucharist at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Our 10:00 service offers the choir, Christian education for preschool through high school and professional nursery care

Please join us for worship during the week: Monday - Friday Morning Prayer at 8:30 AM Tuesday Holy Eucharist at 10:00 AM Wednesday Holy Eucharist at 7:00 AM followed by Bible study

If you would like to schedule a docent tour of Christ Church Cranbrook, please contact Pat Hirvonen at 248-644-5210, ext. 26. Various publications on the history, and art and architecture of the church are available for sale in the Church Office.

Christ Church Cranbrook 470 Church Road ♌ Bloomfield Hills, MI ♌ 48304 248-644-5210

Christ Church Cranbrook's Exterior Sculptures  

Christ Church Cranbrook, an Episcopal church, is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We are blessed to have beautiful surroundings and l...

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