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This Week in the Cathedral: Mon. Oct.24 9:15am


Tues. Oct.25 Knitting into the Mystery Deanery

Wed. Oct.26 1:15pm

Thurs. Oct.27

Bible Study Deanery


Education for Ministry Deanery

Fri. Oct.28 9:00am

Sat. Oct.29

Office Staff Meeting Deanery


VST Course Spirituality & Leadership Reg. req’d

Finance Comm. Meeting Deanery


Education for Ministry Deanery


Cathedral Children’s Choir Choir Rm


VST Course Spirituality & Leadership Reg. req’d


Lunchtime Recital Nave


Bellringers Belfry


Stewardship Meeting Deanery


Cathedral Choir Choir Rm




Knitting into the Mystery Joan Carr’s House


Parish Choir Nave


Celtic Prayers CNJ


VST Course Spirituality & Leadership Reg. req’d

Matins 8:45am

Tues. Matins 8:45am




School Chapel 9:30am

Holy Eucharist 12:15pm

Holy Matins Eucharist 8:45am 7:30am Followed by Holy Holy breakfast in Eucharist Eucharist Chapter Rm 12:15pm 12:15pm

Evening Prayer 5:15pm

Evening Prayer 5:15pm

Celtic Prayers 7:00pm

Evening Prayer 5:15pm

Sat. Holy Eucharist 8:45am

Holy Eucharist 5:15pm

Sunday, October 30, 2011 Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost

Presider Preacher

Parish Notes & Announcements

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost October 23, 2011 Resources running out - A Capital Experience

Daily Offices & Holy Eucharist Services Mon.

The Labyrinth:

Holy Eucharist 8:00am


Traditional Holy Eucharist, 11:00am

Choral Evensong,

The Very Rev. Dr. Logan McMenamie

The Rev. S. Edward Lewis

The Rev. Canon Susanne M. House

The Ven. Bruce Bryant-Scott

The Very Rev. Dr. Logan McMenamie

The Very Rev. Dr. Logan McMenamie

Holy Eucharist 9:15am


As Mrs. McCorkindale’s and Jinny’s bus drew into Edinburgh again, Jinny’s memories flooded in. They were to stay at a hotel just off Princes Street and have some time on the Royal Mile. Jinny loved Edinburgh. She loved the history and the excitement of being in the capital city. She decided to have a rest and possibly lie in the next morning before hitting the city. Mrs. McCorkindale told Jinny to just go around town by herself for she had some old friends she needed to visit. However Jinny felt that she was running on empty and she was running out of resources. Her experiences on this trip were wonderful. She knew, however, that she was here for something important to be revealed to her in her life. She wasn’t here as a tourist. Leading up to this she had felt changed but she still was not sure why Mrs. McCorkindale had brought her back to Scotland at this time. Jinny went up the Royal Mile and wandered in and out of stores and past the old houses. She wandered into a little square that she had never been in before called the Writers’ Square. In the museum there was a display of letters that Robert Burns had written to various people. Jinny was really moved by the way he had signed his letters: I am ever yours, Robert Burns. As Jinny went around the display, she felt the love and affection in the writing of Burns and the way he signed his letters came back time and time again to her: I am ever yours.

All that had happened to Jinny on this trip, all that she had experienced came flowing into her fully. She now knew deep within herself why Mrs. McCorkindale had brought her back to Scotland. She now felt beyond any doubt what her future was to hold. She walked out of the museum and went down some stairs where she found herself walking down towards Princes Street Gardens. She sat there for the longest time listening to the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun on her face. Jinny felt contentment in her life that she had never felt before. I am ever yours and you are ever mine. As she sat there she felt that Mrs. McCorkindale was sitting right next to her. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at the bench. But she was alone apart from the tourists walking past. If she had only looked around she would have seen Mrs. McCorkindale standing by the Scott monument with a tear of compassion and love in her eye: I am ever yours.

When have you felt love beyond your understanding? Have you ever felt a profound presence of God in your life affirming how much you are loved? Take time today to sit and feel and know that God is saying to you; I am ever yours and you are ever mine.

Christ Church Cathedral, Quadra @ Rockland, Victoria BC, 250.383.2714/

VST COURSE OFFERED AT THE CATHEDRAL: SPIRITUALITY OF LEADERSHIP, OCTOBER 27-29 Led by Wendy Fletcher, Dean, Principal and Professor of Church History at the Vancouver School of Theology


Join Naz Rayani C.M., and Mona Find out more about this thought-provoking course on spiritual leadership in Goode of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society CSRS (Uvic) to the Western church. This course invites participants to formulate their own tour The Ismaili Jamatkhana. Bus understanding of leadership as an intentional spiritual discipline, grounded transportation in Vancouver and in the spiritual rhythms and practices of faith communities. For more information, please visit: in Jamatkhana are provided, education/extension-sites-v courtesy of the Ismaili Council for BC at no cost to participants. BREAKFAST FOR THE STREET COMMUNITY 8:30-8.40AM. Meet at Swartz Bay SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH Terminal to depart as foot passengers Set-up will happen at 9 am on Friday 4th.. We will need all the usual on the 9 a.m. to Tsawwassen. Please volunteers; please note and plan to attend. Mary and David Barlow, dress casually and comfortably for coordinators the weather. Buy your tickets and register with us at the entrance of the WRITERS & FRIENDS with Sheila Martindale foot passenger lounge. Disembark THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 3:00PM as foot passengers at Tsawwassen CHAPTER ROOM terminal and meet at the exit. Join Sheila Martindale for an afternoon of reading, chatting and fellowship. 10:45AM. At Tsawwassen Terminal we board the bus provided by the Ismaili REMEMBRANCES FOR ALL SOULS’ DAY – If you would like to remember Council to The Ismaili Jamatkhana and a family member or friend on All Souls’, Wednesday, November 2, please Centre, 4010 Canada Way, Burnaby. B.C. use the purple prayer request form at the prayer box at the west end of the 11:30AM. We are welcomed at Cathedral, or at the office. Names will be read at the 12:15pm Eucharist on Jamatkhana Courtyard Garden November 2. by a volunteer guide. 12:00-1:15PM. Lunch in the Social BECOME A MEMBER OF A WELCOMING TEAM! We have an urgent need for Sidespeople at the Sunday 9:15am Contemporary Hall and a short video on the work of Holy Eucharist and 4:30pm Choral Evensong services. Please notify the office AgaKhan Development Network and The World Partnership Walk in Victoria. if you’re able to help. Scheduling will be modified to meet your requests. 1:15-2:00PM. Architecture AVAILABLE NOW: 2012 Church Calendars!! $7.00 each. Pick one up at the overview by an Islamic Scholar Cathedral Office! 2:00-2.25PM. Administration level and Council Chambers IT’S RENEWAL TIME! Encounter with God is designed for thinking 2.25-3.00PM. Loggia and Prayer hall Christians who want to interpret and apply the Bible in a way that is relevant to the problems and issues of today’s world. Those who are enjoying this daily 3.15PM. Depart for Tsawwassen Bible reading guide are reminded that renewal (or new) subscription orders for for the 5 pm ferry to Swartz Bay. 2012 are now being received. SPECIAL OFFER: New (or lapsed) subscribers are offered a year at ½ price ($20) - a great Christmas gift to yourself or a friend. You can order a quarterly copy or subscribe for one year. Please contact Heather Murphy (CCC SU Rep.) 598-6483 by Nov. 6 to place pre-paid orders, or for further information.

To register for Nov.15, visit http:// takethetournovember15th.


For information on opportunities for children & families, please contact Family Life Minister Ruth MacIntosh at 250-383-2714 or


Did you know CCC puts on one of the most bright and moving Christmas pageants in the whole city? Want your child to be part of it? It’s easy! Rehearsals will be going on all through November, so make sure you come to Growing Together, our Sunday morning Children’s Program! The pageant will be at 9:15am on December 11, 2011. Save the date!


On Tuesday, October 18, 2011, a quarter peal of 1260 changes of Plain Bob Triples was rung to celebrate the marriage earlier this day between Erica Dodd and Alan Batten. The ringers were: Margaret Ketchen, E.G. (Jeff) White, Susan Benzon, Faith Magwood, David W. Oliver, Robert Boyd, Valdeane W. Brown (Conductor) and Ted McLeod.

ATTENTION ALL CHOCOLATE LOVERS AND GIVERS – YES, we are now taking orders for Purdy’s Chocolates for Christmas! Order forms and catalogues are available at the back of the church or at the Parish Office. Last date for ordering is November 14, 2011 – Merchandise should be ready for pick-up in the Chapel of the New Jerusalem on Dec. 4th between services. OCTOBER’S MONTHLY OUTREACH IS

Christ Church Cathedral School. Please take a moment to appreciate the art in the church, made by CCCS students: Haida Collage of St. Francis: by Grades K-5; Nature Haiku: Grades 7 & 8; Trees and Poems by Grade 4


New gift items and services are needed for our silent auction. Consider asking for donations from businesses you frequent or from friends. Examples: gift hampers, gift certificates, manicures, tax services, wills, gardening services, leaf raking, concert tickets, lessons (sports, music, art), paintings, etc. ATTIC TREASURES AND JEWELLERY: Items must be clean, like new and saleable, something you would like to receive as a gift. Jewellery, little boxes and jewellery bags for display will be helpful. CRAFTS AND CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Useful handmade items sell best: dish cloths, finger towels, knitted baby items, candles, napkins, tree ornaments, wreaths and garlands etc. (trees, strings of older incandescent lights and used candles are not saleable.) TOYS AND BOOKS: Clean and in good condition. CD’s, DVD’s, magazines, games, puzzles (complete), clean toys and gently used items only please. BAKING: We can sell as much as you can make. Bake, bake, bake! Also all types of preserves. MORE INFORMATION: Contact Co-Convenors Marilyn Gough 592-0800 ( or Margaret Gibson 370-0090 (

Christ Church Cathedral, Quadra @ Rockland, Victoria BC, 250.383.2714/

Oct 23 parish notes  

9:00am VST Course Spirituality & Leadership Reg. req’d 12:15pm Lunchtime Recital Nave 9:15am Office Staff Meeting Deanery Holy Eucharist...

Oct 23 parish notes  

9:00am VST Course Spirituality & Leadership Reg. req’d 12:15pm Lunchtime Recital Nave 9:15am Office Staff Meeting Deanery Holy Eucharist...