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Join Empower Network To Come Alive Blog Review Pt 3 Chris T Atkinso n

And How To Turn Your Passion Into Prof it With Your Empower Network Blog.. Welcome to T he Empower Network Blog… It was Howard T hurman who said:-

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” Howard Thurman

And in this article I am going to show you how you can come alive when you join empower network… By turning your passion into a prof itable blog. And if you think it’s hard to f ind a niche that is prof itable f or your Empower Network Blog then think again… Because it is easier than you think… Easy because in today’s Internet World, people seek out inf ormation on everything under the sun. And when you can provide the inf ormation people are seeking based on your passion, hobbies and interests… T hen you can turn your passion into prof it(a f ull time passive income over time) by blogging and or vlogging(sharing blogging videos) about topics you and many others are totally into!…

When You Join Empower Net work To Blog About Your Passion Ask Yourself These Quest ions For eg, some questions you can ask yourself to decide what to share about on your Empower Network Blog are:1.Do you have an existing business you are passionate about which could include a traditional brick and mortar business, an mlm network marketing business, an affiliate marketing business, a coaching business, or any other business you would like to blog about?… 2.What hobbies, sports or interests are you passionate about such as painting, cooking, scrap booking, golf, knitting, dog care or training, natural health, personal development, getting and staying fit, political activism, playing or learning to play a musical instrument, dating, or anything else that you are into which you could blog about?… 3.Do you know a lot about your business or are you constantly growing in knowledge about your business

which you could blog about?… 4.What magazines or newsletters do you subscribe to that you are passionate about which you could blog about?… 5.What books(and or ebooks) do you regularly buy based on your passion which you could blog about?… 6.Do you experience funny things regularly happening to you which you could blog about?… 7.Do you have pets such as a cat or dog or even kids(not that kids are any relation to pets lol) that provide funny photo opportunities which you could blog about?…

This Is Your Lif e So Do What You Love And Share Your Passion With The World… So all of the above topics plus millions of others all have a niche market of people passionate about these topics. So the f irst place to start in f inding your niche when you join Empower Network to start blogging is to ask yourself the question:-

“What am I really passionate about?”

And the second question you’ll then want to ask and answer is:-

“Can I write about this every day?”

And if your answer is “yes” to the above question, then you have f ound your niche to begin blogging about.. A niche that you can easily create an ongoing passive income f rom when you join Empower Network. But.. you will also want to f actor in a f ew extra things that will make a HUGE dif f erence and will decide whether you can monetize your Empower Network Blog more in one niche over another niche based on your passion, hobbies and interests. And these extra things are based on your answers to these questions:* Do people spend money to get more information in this niche? * Can you find common problems and challenges that people experience in this niche that they gladly pay money to solve this problem? * In what different ways can I turn this knowledge into income? Can I develop books, ebooks or audios on them. Or charge for webinar training, or coaching and consulting services… By asking these questions you will be moving closer to monetizing your blog… Because you want to build a blog that creates a passive income f or you as you share valuable inf ormation… Inf ormation that makes people happier in some way and that helps solve peoples problems…

Pt4 of The Join Empower Network Article Series

And in part 4 of the “Join Empower Network To Blog Review” article series… We’ll look at:-

“How To Cash In On Your Blogging The Enlightened Way As An Affiliate Marketer Whilst Also Harnessing The Income Potential Of The Empower Network Affiliate Program?”

Coming soon… And while you’re waiting, feel free to do these Action Steps: 1.Click “Like” at the top of the page because.. well because you like what you’ve read lol 2.Bookmark my Empower Network Blog to stay up to date with lif e changing stuf f … 3.Click here to join Empower Network today f or only $97 $25. Helping Empower You & Your Network Chris T Atkinson T he Empower Network Blog Blogger PS Are you tired of the 9 to 5 rat race matrix doing work you hate & building someone else’s dream instead of your own?… Isn’t it time to be your own Boss creating Financial Freedom as you blog about your Hobbies, Passions & Interests in your spare time?…Yes…T hen take your destiny into your own hands and join empower network today f or only $97 $25 by clicking here… PSS Or at the very least do yourself a f avor and get more inf ormation to make an inf ormed decision on whether or not to join Empower Network by clicking here.. Talk soon … ————————————————— 1.To read Part 1 of this Article Series:- “Join Empower Network To Begin Your Life Blog Review” click here. 2.To read Part 2 of this Article Series:- “Join Empower Network To Sell Your Energy Blog Review Pt 2″ click here. 3.You are reading Part 3 of the “Join Empower Network” Article Series now… —————————————————

Join Empower Network To Come Alive Blog Review Pt 3  

Discover How To Come Alive Blog Blogging about Your Passions, Interests and Hobbies.. Plus More...All Revealed in the Join Empower Networ...

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