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Christa Kranig - 2017 - Landscape Photo

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Just a sneak peak of the inside of my mind. Quotes, coffee and style for days. My favorite warm color scheme with some of my favorite type. Warm, bold and honest, like my personality. I want my online portfolio to be a portrayal of who I am but also my talents.


LOGO I wanted to create a logo that would be simple and easy for transfer. I am a big coffee lush and thought it would present my personality in a way. I have been wanting to do some freelance work so I came up with the Kranig Designs title rather than just my name. Bebas is one of my faves so I had to incorporate it.

psychographics The psychographics of who my online portfolio and freelance business will target is established business people, hiring managers, creative agencies, art directors, young business-people planning startups. I also want to target the non-profit industry and donate some work to them. It’s anyone with spending power and decision making power in an organization. The demographics on that can vary drastically.

creative brief FOR KRANIG DESIGNS

target market The target market will be very similar to the psychographics. I plan on helping anyone that needs help with some design work, but the main target is going to be those with hiring power and those that I would like to work for. I love branding, creating promotional item designs, and would love to be able to make web pages for business owners at some point. Those are the businesses and individuals I want to attract. I’d like my work to fancy them.

overview I have a BA in Marketing & Management. I returned to school for my BFA in Graphic Design. I want to become a successful and skilled graphic artist and help others with my designs. I design because it’s what i love to do. I want to eventually establish a successful freelance gig along with obtain a career as a graphic designer for a creative company.


The goal is to create a portfolio website for myself that will gain views and attract potential hires. My goal is to create a brand for myself and make a website that attracts job prospects to me as well as freelance opportunities!


site map

There won’t be that many pages on my website, but the pages that I will have will hold a lot of content. I would like this to be a multimedia webpage that can use video, photos, flipbooks and sliders. On the home page, I’d like to be able to have a big slider that will play my videos, and flip on a clock. It will show artwork, and different

works of mine on a slide. The About Me page, I thought it would be cool to show a desktop that has hover areas over certain items. Just some favorite things would be neat. I will see how it will look though. The portfolio page will have alot of items on it as you can see in the sitemap. The contact page will be simple.



look & design

i was created to create.

Kranig portfolio presentation  
Kranig portfolio presentation