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Where is Yellowstone National Park?

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Driving directions From Bozeman, MT (Airport) Merge onto I-90 E via the ramp to Billings Take exit 333 for US-89 S toward City Center/Yellowstone/National Park Turn left onto US-89 S

23.4 mi 0.3 mi 52.8 mi

Turn right onto US-89 S/W Park St Continue to follow US-89 S Partial toll road Entering Wyoming Turn right to stay on US-89 S toll road

5.2 mi

.3 mi

WELCOME TO YELLOWSTONE MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS From West Yellowstone, MT Head south on Electric St toward Alley B

0.2 mi

Turn left onto Yellowstone Ave

0.3 mi

Continue onto US-20 E Partial toll road Entering Wyoming

13.9 mi

Turn left onto US-89 N Partial toll road

WELCOME TO YELLOWSTONE MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS From Cody, WY Head south on 16th St toward Sheridan Ave

98 ft

Take the 1st right onto Sheridan Ave

0.7 mi

Continue onto 8th St

0.5 mi

Continue onto US-14 W/US-20 W/Yellowstone Ave Continue to follow US-14 W/US-20 W

76.5 mi

Turn right onto Grand Loop Rd

toll road

15.4 mi

Turn left onto Norris Canyon Rd

toll road

11.6 mi

Turn onto US-89 N

Partial toll road

WELCOME TO YELLOWSTONE MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS From Jackson, WY Head north on US-26 E/US-89 N/N Cache St toward E Deloney Ave Continue to follow US-26 E/US-89 N

30.1 mi

Turn left onto US-89 N Partial toll road

48.4 mi

Slight left onto US-20 W/US-89 N Continue to follow US-89 N Partial toll road

WELCOME TO YELLOWSTONE MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS Guide to Yellowstone National Park 3 Yellowstone34.indd 3

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Big Horn Sheep


Golden Fox

The Anim Yellowstone N Snowshoe Rabbit

White-tailed Deer

Golden Marmoset



There are many different animals

Do not feed the animals we do not

at Yellowstone National Park and

want the animals to become de-


animal watching and distances

while we as a (human) society are

pendent on humans for food, we


for safety. A Bison or a Bear can


used to zoos and such we have to

are not here all the time. Also keep

The animals are wild and do

run at thirty miles an hour, that

Drive slowly when driving in the

be aware that these are wild ani-

your trash away from the animals,

not understand why someone

is more than some of the speed

park and be ready for animals to

mals that are in their home and we

they do not understand that trash

may want to touch them or pet

limits for cars in the park. You

dart into the path of your vehi-

are the visitors. There are standard

is bad for them, many animals

them, wild animals don’t like

can not out run a Bison or a Bear,

cle. Particularly at the beginning

rules for the human visitors that

die each year throughout all Na-

that. Also they do not like to be

you can however be run into the

of the season when the animals

the federal government has enact-

tional Parks with their stomach

ridden, do not put your children

ground and stomped on or bitten

have forgotten about cars and

ed to decrease the chance of injury.

filled with trash that makes them

on the bison or elk and expect

as the animal may choose. There

will not understand about cars on

think they are full, when they

the child to live through the ex-

are mothers of various animals

the road. Consider carefully be-

are actually dying of starvation.

perience. Read the information

that are very protective of their

the rangers are providing about

young and will defend the child.

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nimals of National Park Elk


Canadian Geese

Golden Eagle




fore just parking in the road and

tient with the first time visitor, re-

trails and tour rangers that intro-

ers. At the beginning of the sea-

occasional thunderstorms, that

jumping out to snap a picture of

member you had a first time also.

duce the campfires at night or give

son you have animals that are

means fires. The animals start

lectures at visitor centers or at ex-

giving birth and are very pro-

moving to their summer places,

an animal. There are many blind curves and someone coming up


hibits. There are also rangers that

tective of their young. A few

for instance the bears go to where

behind you won’t know you are

There are several different types of

guard the entrances, answer ques-

weeks later the predators come

a certain pine tree grows at high-

there until they smash into you.

rangers in the park, some are law

tions and take entrance fees. There

to where the babies are and be-

er elevations. This is a good thing

There are pulloffs all over the

enforcement, they are federal em-

are also rangers that ride horses

gin stealing and eating them.

because there are more humans

park, just go a little further past

ployees and represent the federal

to patrol the back country areas.

The mothers calm down and

in the park and there would be

whatever you saw and park and

government. If you become em-

seem to forget their child pretty

less danger from accidental run

then carefully walk back to your

broiled in a bit of crime the poten-


quickly but they do stay angry

ins with bears. Bison come from

photo opportunity. If you are a re-

tial prison will be federal, not state.

There are certain times of the year

for a while. By now the snow

the higher elevations and come to

turning employee or guest be pa-

There are rangers that up keep the

that are more dangerous than oth-

has melted and we are having

the Lake area for their summer. Guide to Yellowstone National Park 5

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6 Guide to Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone34.indd 6

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Events Throughout The Summer Season

Bus Tours Tours both in Historic Yellow Buses or in Tour B usBuses can be purchased throughout the season from numerous outlets through out the park. Some tours are animal watching tours such as in Lamar Valley or a Photo Safari is offered. For those guest with the stamina there are tours of the entire southern loop that takes all day to complete. Tours start from most of the larger park locations and are performed by well trained and informed drivers. Some tours are available for the more financially aware families there is something for everyone.

Horses Trails and Fishing Cookout Options Tours

T hour long adventures at three different locations.

F as regular cast fishing

Canyon, Mammoth Hot Springs and Roosevelt are all

tours are available at

horse equipped. At Roosevelt there is also the

various locations, this is

possibility of obtaining a ticket to a two hour horse

an individual guide that

ride and a cookout in which a steak dinner is grilled in

instructions in techniques

the wild before returning to the stable. For the less

as well as the purchase of

adventurous individuals there is also a wagon that can

equipment and licensing.

rail rides on horses are available for both 1 and 2

ly fishing tours as well

get guests to the cookout without the adventure.


B Rowboats and motorboats are available as well as a Scenic Cruise that provides a oats are available for rental at Bridge Bay Marina located on Yellowstone Lake.

tour of the lakes environment in an enclosed tour boat. There are fishing licenses available for purchase for a varied amount of days, as needed.

Christmas in August

Cstory goes that a long time ago there was a massive snowstorm on or around

hristmas in August is a tradition celebrated by guests and employees alike. The

August 25. The guests were limited to staying in the hotel and after a few days everyone was feeling a little tense. Traditionally there is gift giving and feasting. Guide to Yellowstone National Park 7 Yellowstone34.indd 7

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Whitewater Rafting Tours 1 Day Tours 2 Day Tours with one overnight camping by the river Fly fishing Trips


Snake River Yellowstone River Gibbons River Yellowstone Lake Guide to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone34.indd 8

Winsom Rafting 750 Canyon Rd. West Yellowstone, MT 59578

1-800-944-5555 5/31/14 10:19 AM