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ANGELIQUE KNAFO  MAKES  PERSONAL  APPEARANCE  AT  TOOTSIES   Tootsies  Hosts  Famed  Jewelry  Designer  Angelique  Knafo  of  Angelique  de  Paris     WHO:      


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Tootsies, Houston’s  home  for  the  foremost  luxurious  shopping  experience.   Angelique  Knafo,  co-­‐designer  and  creative  director  of  renowned  jewelry  collection,  Angelique  de   Paris.   Tootsies  hosts  famed  jewelry  designer,  Angelique  Knafo  of  Angelique  de  Paris,  known  for   creating  sensual,  feminine  and  wearable  works  of  art.  Angelique  is  the  pioneer  of  incredible   designs  made  of  precious  metals  and  a  luminous  colorful  resin  in  an  extensive  palette  of  striking   hues  that  come  alive  on  any  woman.  Discover  the  beauty  of  authentic  gemstones  and  designs   that  continues  to  be  a  favorite  of  magazines  such  as  InStyle,  Vogue  and  Harpers  Bazaar,  and  have   graced  celebrities  like  Lindsay  Lohan  and  Paris  Hilton.  The  designer’s  signature  look  of  captivating   and  colorful  pieces  has  become  a  sought-­‐after  worldwide  sensation.   Thursday,  December  8  and  Friday,  December  9   Tootsies   2601Westhiemer     Houston,  TX  77098   Tootsies,  Houston’s  foremost  luxurious  shopping  experience  and  place  to  find  the  best-­‐kept   secrets  will  be  located  at  2601  Westheimer.  One  of  the  pioneers  in  specialty  store  retailing,   Tootsies  took  Texas  by  storm  more  than  30  years  ago  and  continues  to  do  so  today  with  an   exclusive  emporium  of  the  most  elite  European  and  American  designers,  accessories  and   shoes.  Tootsies  is  widely  recognized  as  one  of  the  finest  and  most  elegant  specialty  stores  in  the   country.  Open  Monday  –  Saturday  10am  –  7pm.  and  Sunday  from  12-­‐5.  713-­‐629-­‐9990,   ###  

Angelique Knafo  

Personal appearance

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