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BOWLS THAT  BENEFIT   Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park  and  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House  Create  Kid-­‐Decorated  Dog  Bowls   For  the  Trafigura  Home  Run    

HOUSTON, TX  (September  22,  2011)  –  ST  Residential  today  announced  Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park,  Houston’s   luxury  high-­‐rise  condominium  offering  convenience,  privacy,  first-­‐class  and  first-­‐rate  services  for  buyers  and   renters,  has  formed  a  partnership  with  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House.  Mosaic  is  joining  forces  with  the  local   organization  to  sponsor  Bowls  That  Benefit,  a  collection  of  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  kid-­‐decorated  dog  bowls  that  will  be   auctioned  off  to  raise  money  to  support  seriously  ill  children  being  treated  in  Texas  Medical  Center  member   institutions.  Mosaic  will  also  sponsor  a  kick-­‐off  event  on  October  13  for  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House  2nd   Annual  Trafigura  Home  Run,  a  10K  run  and  family  and  dog  friendly  2K  walk.       “Furthering  its  commitment  to  the  Houston  community,  Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park  is  excited  to  support  Houston’s   Ronald  McDonald  House  on  this  important  initiative,”  stated  James  Dow,  Senior  Vice  President  of  ST  Residential.       “As  a  neighbor  to  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House  and  a  pet-­‐friendly  development,  we  felt  strongly  about   donating  retail  space  dedicated  to  the  Bowls  That  Benefit  project.”     The  kids  at  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House  by  decorating  dog  bowls  that  will  line  the  course  of  the  2nd  Annual   Trafigura  Home  Run,  a  10K  run  and  2K  family  walk  benefiting  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House.  The  dog  friendly   2K  walk,  held  on  Saturday,  December  3  for  runners,  walkers,  families  and  dogs,  will  be  led  by  Mogie,  Houston’s   Ronald  McDonald  House  resident  pet  dog.         At  the  culmination  of  the  painting  party,  supporters  of  the  House  will  gather  to  view  the  dog  bowl  artwork  at  a   lavish  cocktail  reception  from  6  –  8pm  in  Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park’s  Live  Here  Lounge.  At  that  time,  attendees  can   sign  up  to  participate  in  the  race  and  sponsor  a  bowl  for  the  event.  The  dog  bowls  will  remain  on  display  through   December  1  in  a  1,000  square  foot  donated  retail  space  built  out  specifically  for  the  Ronald  McDonald  House   initiative  at  Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park.     “Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park  is  helping  make  the  Bowls  That  Benefit  project  a  reality.  We  are  grateful  that  Mosaic   has  donated  retail  space  so  Houstonians  can  view  the  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind,  hand  painted  dog  bowls  created  by  our   residents,”  said  Mikki  Donnelly,  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House  Development  Director.  “Because  of  partners   like  Mosaic,  we  are  able  to  fulfill  our  mission  to  offer  loving,  home-­‐like  environments,  where  families  can  find   support  and  share  experiences  with  others  while  on  their  journey  to  overcome  a  critical  childhood  illness.”     ABOUT  MOSAIC  ON  HERMANN  PARK   Mosaic  on  Hermann  Park  is  a  two-­‐tower,  29-­‐story,  790-­‐unit,  luxury  high-­‐rise  condominium.  Mosaic  is  unique  in  its   offerings  with  homes  for  both  renters  and  buyers,  making  it  easy  to  move  in  no  matter  the  buyer’s  purchasing   power.  Mosaic  offers  convenience,  privacy,  first-­‐class  and  first-­‐rate  services  to  all  residents.  Mosaic  is  owned  by   Mosaic  South  Marketing,  LLC,  an  affiliate  of  ST  Residential.    Mosaic  is  located  at  5925  Almeda  and  more   information  can  be  found  at  or  by  calling  the  Live  Here  Lounge  at  713.533.9400.       ABOUT  HOUSTON’S  RONALD  MCDONALD  HOUSE  

Since opening  its  doors  in  1981,  Houston’s  Ronald  McDonald  House  has  offered  a  home  away  from  home  to  the   families  of  children  undergoing  treatment  for  cancer  and  other  serious  illnesses  at  Texas  Medical  Center   institutions.  For  more  information,  visit  or  call  713.795.3500.    


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