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ClichĂŠ Tattoos Most common designs to be tattooed on someone

Deciding to get a tattoo is a big decision on it’s own, but trying to figure out what exactly to get is a tough one too. Some people put adequate amounts of time into the though process of a tattoo, from the meaning to the actual design to the way they specifically want it. Though it is a tough decision, some people tend to lean more toward the clichÊ tattoo designs. These are the top 10 cliche tattoos that are most commonly seen.

Tribal - Tribal tattoos have been around for thousands of years. People like them for their simple yet interesting designs. Stars / Nautical Stars - Stars are a popular choice that can be changed to any color and any shape making personalization easy. Cross - Typically popular for religious or memorial purposes. Angels - Angels also hold religious meanings in many cultures and are also used to represent guardians. Wings - Wings have both a spiritual and magical connotations. There are many legends and myths where wings and can represent freedom and elevation. Maori - Maori tattoos are the most popular of tribal designs. Dragons - Dragons are known for their symbolism of power, courage, protection and mystery. The Chinese dragon is among the most popular. Phoenix - Phoenix tattoos symbolize the wish of immortality; to live forever. Butterlies - Butterflies are always a popular choice among women. They can symbolize beauty, metamorphosis, freedom and happiness. Fairies - Fairies are a mystical creature also popular among women that can symbolize meaning things depending on your interpretation.

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Tribal Tattoo credit to Michael Sears

Butterfly Tattoo credit to

TOP 10 1 | Tribal Stars Tattoo credit to Sara Quinn

2 | Stars 3 | Cross 4 | Angels 5 | Wings 6 | Maori 7 | Dragons

Cross Tattoo credit to Chris Bowen

8 | Phoenix 9 | Butterflies 10 | Fairies 3 Wings Tattoo credit to

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TOP 10 1 | Lower Back 2 | Wrist

Placement The second biggest decision to make besides what tattoo to get is where the tattoo will go. Placement is a big decision when choosing to get a tattoo. You should take a few things into consideration when trying to figure out where your tattoo would best work for you.

Size and Angle - Take into consideration how big you

3 | Foot 4 | Ankle 5 | Armband 6 | Back-piece

want your design and at what angle you want it. Think about it proportionately on your body since our bodies are all different and have so many different curves. Level of Difficulty - Think about how difficult or accessible the place you choose will be for the artist. Level of Pain - Different parts of the body are a lot more sensitive than others. Places such as the foot and ribs are going to be more painful than say the back. Ability to Hide - Think ahead. Will you have the ability to cover your tattoo easily. A lot of jobs will not hire someone will visible tattoos. Keep this in mind. Permanence - Ultimately remember that this is a permanent decision. This is something you will have for the rest of your life so make sure you are happy with it.

7 | Arm 8 | Chest 9 | Breast 10 | Neck

Wrist Tattoo credit to Dakota Grigsby

Foot Tattoo credit to Chrissy Peters

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Chest Tattoo credit to Rodney Peters

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