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OUR STORY M2 is a dynamic advertising specialty supplier leading the way in bringing quality brand name products to the industry. Starting out with the idea of putting collegiate logos on coolers, over the past twelve years we’ve evolved into a full service advertising specialty supplier serving the needs of distributors big and small.

Whether it’s a large-scale promotion or a program for awards, corporate gifts, incentives or safety awards, we just love this stuff. When you work with M2, the feeling is contagious.

OUR VISION M2 visualizes, produces and delivers brand name ad specialty product solutions that are proactive – not reactive – to new trends, initiatives, and developments in our industry. Today, there is a convergence of categories such as promotional products, awards, corporate gifts, incentives, safety awards, and more. They are no longer considered separate initiatives,

but are more like individual threads that must be weaved into a greater plan. It’s our job to effectively tie these initiatives into a bigger picture. Your bigger picture. Then we strategically use these initiatives as a whole to deliver results that you can actually see, touch and measure.

THE PROCESS Visualize. Produce. Deliver.




Before we begin any project, we’ll work with you to narrow down your objectives to tangible deliverables that you can see, touch and measure. Along the way, we’ll challenge you to stretch outside your comfort zone and reconsider the way you look at promotional products. Because to get to where you want to go, you have to be ready to move beyond where you are right now.

Our team of sales directors and graphic designers develops virtual proofs that align with the direction we discussed with you. Once created, the concepts are sent to your sales representative who looks at the proofs from the client’s perspective. Your sales representative makes sure it matches up with what you requested, and to also make sure that nothing was overlooked.

After our team has given the proofs its stamp of approval, we present them to you. Then we take a step back and invite you to share your thoughts and feedback. We then revise the proofs and deliver a revised version back to you. After the proofs meet your approval, we send the job to production. The finished product is then introduced to the world when it ships to your client.

WHY M2? You’re unique. Now there’s a supplier that treats you that way. We trust that if you choose us as your ad specialty supplier, it’s because you value our team’s experience, talents and ability to get the project done and done right.

One supplier is all you need. You’re busy. We understand. That’s why we’re here, to do all the heavy lifting. So if you’re still calling a different supplier each time you’re in need of quality brand name products at rock bottom prices, ask yourself why you hate free time so much! With one phone call, you can make a connection to all the brand products you need at the same place.

We follow a defined process. In our experience, we have learned that a project’s success and timely completion is completely reliant upon how well we follow this process. This includes everything from proofs, revisions, and everything in between. It may seem tedious at the time, but trust us; it will be painless and worthwhile to get to a final product that will stop people in their tracks.

We are not “yes” men. We will often tell you what you need to hear, versus what you want to hear, if we feel it will benefit your success in the long run. If your supplier is always saying “yes,” ask yourself if they have your best interest at heart, or if they are just trying to keep you happy so you stick around.

Your role is just as important as ours. We’ll talk to you frequently throughout the project, giving you updates, asking for your feedback, and informing you about what the next step is. We want you to be involved so that we’re all on the same page — from start to finish. If you have a question about something, or if we do, we’ll want to talk to you about it before proceeding. We figure that a 15-minute conversation to get things right is better than a final product you’re not happy with.

SERVICES Our client-supplier relationships are built on:

Collaboration Mutual Respect



Fun & Enthusiasm

OPEN COMMUNICATION We specialize in: •

Brand Name Products

• Decorating •

Promotional Product Programs

Employee Awards Programs

Corporate Gift Programs

Incentive Programs

Safety Award Programs

• Giveaways •

Training Initiatives

Gift With Purchase

• Sweepstakes • •

Fund Raisers and much more!

LEADERSHIP SCOTT MILLER, President Scott, in his natural habitat, can be found researching the latest trends in the ad specialty industry and providing creative direction to our team. (You will recognize him by his crimson shirts, hats or anything showing his obsessive pride for the University of Alabama). But most importantly, Scott is known for his ability to lead a very talented group of individuals in creating clarity where there was once chaos. He also heads up M2’s new business development, while overseeing our team in creative and strategic processes behind the scenes. Over the last twelve years, Scott has established a reputation for his company’s strong client-supplier relationships, open communication and measurable results.

Get to know Scott: Least favorite food? Grape Leaves. My wife’s family is obsessed and I just don’t get it.

Three of your current obsessions? 1. My family. 2. Alabama football. 3. Did I mention Alabama football?

What really gives you the creeps? The colors orange and blue. (Think Auburn and Florida)

Favorite Movie: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” That movie relates to my high school years on so many levels.

JESSICA RUTHARDT National Sales Manager Jess is obsessed with two things, crafting and perfection. Her perfectionism obsession comes in handy as she is constantly working her hardest for each customer through all stages of the order process, from quoting to order delivery. Her crafting unfortunately is not as handy when it comes to the order process, but if you would like your invoices to arrive with hand stamped flourishes or embellishments, she can make that happen, as she is always looking for an excuse to craft. She welcomes a challenge and lives to make people happy. She says one of the most gratifying aspects of her job is knowing she had a part in making someone’s ideas come to life.

CHRISSY STALIONS Marketing Director Chrissy is responsible for overseeing the “Produce” in our process of “Visualize, Produce, and Deliver” for our clients. While her official title is Marketing Director, Chrissy is a graphic designer at heart. She uses those skills to keep our team up to date on the latest design trends, which are passed along to our clients. Beyond that, she is our social media and PR queen where she engages customers and industry leaders in conversation about happenings within M2’s lineup of partner brands.

Get to know Jessica: What really gives you the creeps? Stilts, but only when the wearer has pants over them.

Favorite Childhood TV program? Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Three things to do before you die? 1. Learn to build my own furniture using reclaimed wood. 2. Have a cup of coffee with Bill Murray. 3. Visit all 50 states.

Favorite quote? My life story is the story of everyone I’ve ever met. – Jonathan Safron Foer

Get to know Chrissy: Favorite artists? Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein I love Pop art.

Three concerts you’ve been to? 1. Madonna/Beastie Boys in 1985, 2. U2 – Achtung Baby Tour, 3. Dave Matthews Band – several times throughout college

What really gives you the creeps? Other people’s dirty dishes. I’d never make it working in a restaurant!

Favorite athlete? I’m a Florida girl – Tim Tebow & Dan Marino.


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