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NBSD QUARTERLY OSH POLICY/TRAFFIC RODS SAFETY COUNCIL MEETING The NBSD Quarterly OSH Policy/Traffic/RODS Safety Council meeting was conducted on 07 March 2012, in Building 72, Nimitz Conference Room, at 1000. The purpose of the council is to identify, define and assess issues, problems and needs at NBSD and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the NAVOSH, Traffic and RODS programs. Scott Poston gave opening remarks and reviewed minutes from the last meeting. After introductions Commander Witherspoon, NBSD XO, spoke briefly about golf cart safety, and feedback given in regards to Gate 43 traffic.

Old Business: During the last meeting, conducted on 06 December 2011, we reviewed base construction projects, seatbelt usage, safety check points, OSH inspection findings, and reviewed the updated Motorcycle PPE policy.

New Business: Base Construction / Areas of Caution / Gates Please disseminate the following information to your Sailors and employees so that they may be able to plan accordingly: - B-88 will be demo'ed April 2012 and turned into a parking lot. This construction should last for about three months. This will entail a portion of Buchanan St being secured (closed to traffic) and the area around B-88 being secured. - Traffic desiring entry onto Buchanan St from Senn Rd will be routed to Jones St. or Twiggs St. to McLanahan St. to Buchanan St. Exit from Buchanan St. will remain the same. - Kalbfus & Jensen Street will be secured from 06 MAR 2012 to approximately 16 MAR 2012. During this period various detours will be in effect. Please obey all directional signs and any flagmen in the area. Roadways will remain secured until all striping has been completed. - Currently the USS Freedom (LCS-1) is in our drydock. This is the first of the (14 or 16) LCS ships that are scheduled to be stationed here at San Diego. - The USS Independence (LCS-2) is scheduled to arrive on 26 APR 2012. - P-405 (high rise parking structure and BEQ) is currently under construction on the dryside across from Snyder Hall B-3380) along Norman Scott Rd. - Gate 43 opened 27 FEB 2012 for a one month trial period. - 19 to 23 MAR 2012 are the dates for our scheduled solid curtain/citadel shield exercise. With this in mind, there will be two town hall meetings with all NAVBASE tenants to provide information on this exercise. The first meeting will be held at the base theater on 13 MAR 2012 from 1300 to 1500 and 14 MAR 2012 from 1200 to 1400. - P-327 demo replacement of pier 12 and construct a new pier in the pier 12 area will be in full swing fairly soon. When this construction begins, Parking Lot 4-l will be totally secured to all parking. - PL 4-L will be used as a laydown area for the pier 12 demo. Be aware of any directional signs or flagmen when traveling the area. This area will be closed starting Monday 12 MAR 2012. - The area where B-334 & B-334-A were, will soon be paved and opened as extra parking for that area. It is located just north of the crane yard on Mole Rd.


Navy Federal Credit Union will be built on the lot where B-3135 ws demo’ed. Signs have been placed on the stay away fencing around the demo'ed area. Utilities has the ongoing fresh water slip line and valve replacement along Cummings Rd from Gate 9 to Vesta St. The seabees are continuing to "work in progress" with the Gate 7 guardshack replacement project. Estimated date of completion is July 27, 2012. The city of San Diego is also working on a fresh water line replacement along Harbor Drive from Gate 2 area going southward to around the Gate 9 area.

During construction periods there will be directed traffic control. Request all personnel utilize alternate routes if possible. Personnel are requested to obey all traffic directing personnel & related signage during construction. For questions or concerns about NAVBASE traffic please contact Art Gladue at 556-1320 or cell:572-7793.

Navy PMV Fatalities Update Personal Motor Vehicle (PMV) mishaps result in the largest number of off-duty Navy deaths each year and are always a subject of concern. We have had 11 traffic-related fatalities so far this fiscal year. From NSC, these are the vehicle fatality stats as of 0730 07 March 2012, both two wheel and 4 wheel. FY11 ALNAV (to date) Cars: 7 M/C: 4

FY11 CNRSW (to date) Cars: 1 M/C: 0

FY11 SD Metro (to date) Cars: 1 M/C: 0

Stay involved with your subordinates, mentoring and even parenting them on occasion, to keep them from adding to this list. While we have not had any pedestrian or jogger fatalities, the possibility is there. As always, be an active participant in your travels and play the “what if” game. -

ESAMS Training / Military Sport Bike Rider Courses To sign up forESASMS trinaing or traffic classes log on to ESAMS and click on “Classroom Training”, or visit which will link to the same class registration page available to all ESAMS customers. All riders should be encouraged to continue their education through reading technique guides and attending advanced riding classes.

Operational Risk Management/Traffic Seatbelt Issues -


Seatbelts are required for use in all vehicles that are equipped with them, including small golf cart type vehicles. Some of these vehicles have been observed to have the seatbelts fastened to each other behind or below the seating position in a manner of hiding them. We have only had a minor mishap on base involving any these small vehicles, but there is always the possibility of a serious incident. Please ensure your employees’ safety by ensuring they always buckle up. Headphones/ear buds/Bluetooth devices are not authorized while walking/jogging around the base. Personnel may use these devices in recreational areas, as long as one ear is uncovered. We work in a high density, industrial area; please ensure your personnel have the ability to hear warning signals and signs while they are on the base.

Remember, be especially aware of pedestrians during the darkend hours. They are hard to see. If you are one of these persons, take the time to obtain some reflective material to attach to your clothing. It makes you a lot more visible & could save your life.

Please wear reflective material when you jog and watch for vehicles. Stop for pedestrians and do not smoke in GOVs or while walking in uniform. Put your trash in the right place and keep our base clean. For questions or concerns about NAVBASE traffic please contact Art Gladue at 556-1320 or cell: 572-7793

Potential Mishap Concerns Upon review of the most commonly found hazards during the OSH and Zone Inspections many of the specialists and building monitors reported the following: -

Electrical breaker are not labeled properly Daisy chained re- locatable power tap Electrical: Heating devices/appliances plugged into power strips Storage: Heavy items stored on upper shelves, shelving not secured against tipping over. Stacking items too high to the sprinklers. As a rule of thumb stack items greater than 18” from ceiling to top of storage items. Walking Surfaces: Spills not cleaned up promptly / Wet Floor signs not put out when mopping the floor. Cords / cables lying across walkways. Programmable coffee pots are not authorized for use on NAVBASE. All space heaters must be permitted by FEDFIRE before it can be put inot use. Heaters must have a tip-over switch that will shut off when it falls. More examples can be found in NSC Friday Funnies, which can be emailed to you and used for quick training at quarters or other gatherings.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please ensure that your co-worker, supervisor, subordinates, and ancillary personnel are performing their work safely. Working in a safe environment can cut down on injuries, time, and money.

Traffic Concerns With so much construction going on and the return of many ships at Naval Base San Diego, traffic safety has been the center of phone calls and concerns of supervisors and personnel to the safety office. A base message for Safety Do’s and Don’ts is in the works. For now here are the most frequent concerns since our last council meeting. -

Harbor Drive @ Gate 2: Southbound drivers not stopping at red light before turning right to enter Gate 2. SPDP has jurisdicition in this area and drivers can be cited. Senn Rd @ Bldg 74: Westbound drivers cannot see pedestrians until they are almost at the crosswalk. Senn Rd @ Waterfront Rec/Starbucks: Drivers entering parking lot from Senn Rd., which is an exit driveway. Surface Navy Blvd @ Rice King / NEX: Pedestrians are frequently seen jaywalking. NEX Mini-mart @ Vesta: Drivers turning left out of parking lot and blocking traffic on Vesta All streets around the base: Pedestrians / Joggers wearing headphones

Current Mishap Trends Slips/ Trips/Fall We are 159 days into this fiscal year, and so far we have had a total of 20 incidents; 2 slips, 4 trips, 1 fall, along with 2 sprains, 6 strains, 2 lacerations, 2 punctures, and one concussion. - By the end of fiscal year 2011, we had accumulated 4 slips, 6 trips, 3 falls, and 27 other injuries classified as contusions, pinches, twists, sprains, faints, and strains. At

our current pace, we may exceed last year’s totals. Please take a moment to police your areas and review your work processes for situations that may contribute to a mishap. If you have any question regarding the entry of a mishap into ESAMS, please call us for guidance. *Remember to report all injuries to your supervisor and record them in ESAMS.

Action Items: -

Turn your clocks ahead before you get up on Sunday morning the 11th of MAR 2012. Zone inspections are still in progress every Tuesday with the CO, XO or CMC. Remind your people use designated sidewalks and crosswalks. Xeriscape around the base is becoming worn from pedestrians not using sidewalks.

Open Forum: -






A member remind forum that if employees are driving equipment like street sweepers that they must wear eye protection. Member asked safety to explore the availablitiy of stickers to remind drivers and passengers in golf carts to wear seatbelts. Suggested handing out stickers during zone inspections and meetings. Answer: This will be looked into for funding. A member had concerns about motorcycle riders lack of PPE when exiting the base. Answer: Safety will relay the message to SECO. Another member asked if Gate 43 could be turned into a one-way street. Answer: Per XO this was considered and is in the works. So far there is no decision. National City is working with NAVBASE and are looking into funding for city streets in this area. Member expressed concerns that Anchors and Spurs turnstile lighting is not adequate Answer: Safety will investigate. A member asked will new marquee include safety messages? Answer: Yes. A member voiced concerns for B-265 traffic direction around building. Can the arrows be arranged in a better direction? Answer: Art Gladue said that a job order is already in the works for this problem. A member said B-279/280 drivers are going the wrong way, arrow is worn, and not visible. Answer: Put in a trouble call to have Art Gladue come and investigate it. Member asked, the areas of Xeriscape are worn, can a small black fence be installed? Answer: Art Gladue recommended that all supervisors remind their people to stay off the grass. Steam valve area near Rice King people are smoking, eating and leaving their trash Answer: XO recommended that all supervisors remind their personnel to clean up after themselves.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1100. It is requested that you disseminate these minutes to personnel not having electronic access, and brief them on contained pertinent information. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 1000 30 MAY 2012. All commands are encouraged to have a representative present. Please submit any desired agenda items to Scott Simerson, at

NBSD Quarterly OSH Policy Council Minutes March 2012  

Minutes from the meeting are available at this link.

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