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NBSD QUARTERLY OSH POLICY/TRAFFIC RODS SAFETY COUNCIL MEETING The NBSD Quarterly OSH Policy/Traffic/RODS Safety Council meeting was conducted on 5 December 2012 at1000 in Building 72, Nimitz Conference Room. The purpose of the council is to identify, define and assess issues, problems and needs at NBSD and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the NAVOSH, Traffic, and RODS programs. Scott Poston (Safety Director) introduced Captain Smith (NBSD Commanding Officer), and encouraged attendees to introduce themselves before giving the opening remarks. Scott Simerson reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and spoke briefly about recreational mishap concerns, reducing workplace mishaps, and traffic safety concerns. OLD BUSINESS During the last meeting, conducted on 12 September 2012, we reviewed base construction projects, Recreational Mishap Concerns, Workplace Mishap Prevention, and Responsible Driving. NEW BUSINESS What’s happening around Naval Base/Construction/Areas of Caution/Gates. Please disseminate the following information to your Sailors and employees so that they may plan accordingly:

PL-1P, East of B-45 will be asphalt overlayed and restriped from 10-28 Jan 2013.

The next area to be demo'ed will B-3053 at the head of Pier 6, corner of West Vesta & Brinser St. This is still on the scheduled listing, exact date TBD.

P-405 (high rise parking structure) has been opened for some time now. No complaints or concerns have been noted.

The BEQ structure is progressing well, from 26 DEC 2012 to 18 JAN 2013, McCandless Blvd around the BEQ construction area will be semi-closed due to underground utility construction. They will have flaggers directing the traffic. Be aware of your surroundings when transiting the area.

P-327 The project to demo Pier 12 and construct a new pier continues at full speed, nothing new to report in regard to its completion date.

P-327 Dredged material from the Pier 12 project is being stored within Parking Lot 4-X (POW lot at corner of Mole Rd & Womble St) and a portion of PL 4-I (Mole Pier parking area just west of PL 4-X).

B-3135 (Dry Side North by Commissary) and been demo'ed and has been converted into overflow parking for the NEX and Commissary during the days of Holiday shopping. Everything is clearly marked but still be aware due to the traffic pattern change.

Parking lot in front of the NEX has been restriped.

Seabees are still working on the Gate 7 guard shack replacement project. Estimated completion is for the end of January 2013.

An Aqua Filter system is planned to be installed along the Channel Lane area (west of the transportation storage lot) to capture water runoff in that area during a rain event.

Galley (B-3202) continues to be under renovation and should be back open around the end of December 2012 pending no unforeseen circumstances.

PL 2-J (south of Commissary B-3629) has been asphalt overlayed and looks great.

Quay Wall repairs are underway between Piers 3 and 4, will take about 2 months.

Repairs to the water and sewer lines of Pier 1 and Peir 7 are scheduled for the near future.

Steam outage for 1 DEC 2012 was cancelled. A new date will be forthcoming.

The road between Recreation Way and Parking Lot 3-N just west of the new softball fields on the Dryside will be completed very soon.

B-45 Starbucks corner parking area was recently repainted. Note the red hashed No Parking areas, the entrance and exit areas, etc. Do not attempt to enter the exit area or vice versa.

A raised sidewalk will be installed on the west side of Surface Navy Blvd (SNB) from B56 on Buchanan St to Senn Rd between 12 DEC 2012 and 2 JAN 2013.

The USS Boxer is scheduled to be berthed at Pier 4 on and off for the next year or so. This will tie up the parking situation in the area, plan accordingly.

Parade of Lights will be held 14 DEC 2012. PL 4-F will be open for this event.

If you notice something that is not working, notify the people who are responsible for it, otherwise it won’t get fixed.

Remember to wear reflective apparel if jogging during hours of darkness, an ounce of prevention does go a long way.

Quay Wall parking is for CO, XO, CMC, & E-7 and above.

For questions or concerns about NBSD traffic please contact Art Gladue, 556-1320 or 572-7793 (cell).

NAVY PMV FATALITIES UPDATE Personal Motor Vehicle (PMV) mishaps result in the largest number of off-duty Navy deaths each year and are always a subject of concern. We have had 3 traffic-related fatalities so far this fiscal year. Last summer we had a huge spike in motorcycle fatalities but at the same time the training requirements for active duty riders were strengthened, which should ensure every legitimate rider has the proper training. The Navy closed out FY12 with 15 car related fatalities, 21 motorcycle related fatalities, and 4 pedestrian related fatalities. From

NSC, these are the vehicle fatality stats as of 0700 04 DEC 2012, broken out by cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians:



SD Metro

Cars: 1 M/C: 1 Ped: 1

Cars: 0 M/C: 1 Ped: 0

Cars: 0 M/C: 0 Ped: 0

Stay involved with your subordinates, mentoring and even parenting them on occasion, to keep them from adding to this list. While we have not had any pedestrian or jogger fatalities, it is a matter of time unless we discourage our people from walking and texting or driving and texting. As always, be an active participant in your travels and play the “what if” game. 

Traffic courses include: BRC, BRC2, ARC, MSRC, dirt bike, ATV, and more. - Location: NBSD, just south of Bldg 280, and another location directly behind Bldg 3155. - Register on ESAMS. Log-in and click on “Classroom Training”, or visit (links to the ESAMS registration page). - All active duty riders must have completed the BRC and must continue their education every three years with the use of the BRC2, ARC, MSRC, or advanced riding courses offered in the civilian community.

TRAFFIC CONCERNS Pedestrian Safety  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that on average, a pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes, another is killed every 2 hours.  The majority of mishaps occurred in urban areas, between intersections, on clear/cloudy evenings between 8:00pm and midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Most at risk were older males and alcohol was consumed by either the pedestrian or the driver in nearly half of the incidents.  Drivers are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing streets in marked or unmarked crosswalks in most situations.  Be especially careful at intersections where the failure to yield right-of-way often occurs when drivers are turning onto another street and a pedestrian is in their path.  When possible, cross the street at a designated crosswalk. Always stop and look left, right, and left again before crossing.  Increase visibility at night by carrying a flashlight when walking and by wearing retro-reflective clothing that helps to highlight body movements.  If you must walk in the street, walk facing traffic. OSH INSPECTION FINDINGS Occupational Safety and Health Specialists reported the most commonly found hazards during this quarter’s inspections were:   

 

Electrical: - Improper use of power strips (daisy-chained or powering kitchen appliances) HAZMAT - MSDS not on hand for chemicals present Training - Training is overdue or not properly documented in ESAMS Fire Prevention - Fire extinguishers are not being checked monthly Walking/Working Surfaces - Shower area missing non-slip mats or strips

More examples of bad safety practices can be found in NSC Friday Funnies, available via email for use as a quick training tool at quarters or other gatherings.

* Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Ensure that your personnel are performing their work safely. Working in a safe environment can reduce injuries; time lost, and associated costs. CURRENT MISHAP TRENDS Slips/Trips/Falls  We are 65 days into the new fiscal year and have accumulated 6 injuries thus far.  Injuries include one fall, three strains, one sprain, and one laceration.  Supervisors have a responsibility to do the preliminary investigation for their injured personnel and must include the who, what, where, how in the narrative section.  If you have any questions regarding the entry of a mishap into ESAMS, please call for guidance. *Remember to report all injuries to your supervisor and record them in ESAMS. OFF-DUTY SAFETY Accidental Poisoning   

More than 60,000 young children visit emergency rooms each year because of medication poisonings, cleaning and personal care products. Eighty percent of incidents occur when an adult wasn’t watching. Store medicines and vitamins out of reach of children. Tell your children what medicine is and why an adult must be the one to give it to them. Never tell children medicine is candy to get them to take it. Put the Poison Control number (800-222-1222) in or near every phone.

Window Safety     

When opening windows for ventilation, try to use ones that children cannot reach. Do not rely on window screens to prevent a fall; they are designed to provide ventilation. Keep furniture or anything children can climb onto, away from the windows. Make a family emergency escape plan and practice it regularly. Ensure nothing is blocking or preventing a window from being opened in the case of an emergency.

Fire Safety      

Fires are the third leading cause of fatal home injuries, 70% of these are from inhaling smoke. Two-thirds of deaths from home fires occurred in homes without working smoke alarms. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of reported home fires and home fire injuries. Vacuum the outside of the smoke detector and test it monthly, change the battery annually and replace the unit every 10 years. Consider installing wireless interconnected smoke alarms for added safety. Smoke alarms should be on every floor of your home and inside each bedroom. Carbon monoxide alarms are required in the home, maintain them as you would a fire alarm.


Ensure your workplace follows proper safety practices, your employees are practicing proper safety techniques and using PPE as required.

Bicycles must obey roadway signage, and may not be ridden on sidewalks.

Headphones, earphones and other sound producing devices may not be worn while walking, riding a bicycle, or operating a vehicle on NBSD streets and roadways.

Command Motorcycle Safety Representatives should be enrolling their riders into course. Sailors should enroll themselves only when in transit between duty stations.

OPEN FORUM  Member: Concern – In the far right turn lane exiting Gate 6, drivers are holding up traffic by waiting for an opening to drive straight, rather than the intended right turn. Response: Security will try to use cones to regulate the traffic so drivers in this lane are committed to making the right turn, allowing traffic to flow. Follow up: Initial discussion with Security Officer and Physical Security personnel on 12/5/12 indicate this may cause more traffic congestion because this area is a directional transition area. 

Member: Concern – The crosswalk on Senn Rd near B-57 is not well lit and drivers have difficulty seeing pedestrians crossing. Response: CO asks attendees to stress the use of the LED crosswalk farther down the road to prevent mishaps and will look into funding for possible solution. Follow up: Discussion with NAVFAC (Art Gladue) reveals LED pedestrian crossing signs have been procured and will be added to the work schedule for installation.

Member: Concern – Member was leaving the base on 32nd St. when the trolley crossing gate came down, went up and came down immediately after, forcing the driver to back up to avoid being stuck on the tracks. Member backed into the car behind them and is concerned as to why this happened. Response: CO asked for a statement so he could forward the incident to MTS and try to ensure it does not happen again.

Member: Concern – Could Gate 13 remain open longer during peak traffic times in consideration of the construction in the area? Response: CO advised member to work with their XO or CMC to coordinate with SECO on this.

Member: Concern – Heavy use of the pedestrian crossing near Bruegger’s Bagels is causing vehicular traffic to jam up the traffic circle back to Gate 6. Response: Will look into adjusting the crosswalk for a timed period so both pedestrians and vehicles can cross the intersection safely. FOLLOW UP: Discussion with NAVFAC (Art Gladue) on 12/5/12 revealed that the current pedestrian crossing cannot be upgraded, a newer, more expensive system would need to be installed.

Member: CO asked for feedback on the results of the city changing the timing of the lights at the intersection of Norman Scott Rd, 32nd St, and the I-15 ramps. Response: Members were happy and expressed that the intersection seems to be running much more smoothly.

Member: Concern – MSRs are noticing that Pass & Decal may not be following requirements for new riders and giving them permanent decals when they have not completed all the required training. Response: Scott Simerson advised that once the rider completes the initial BRC course, they should only be given a temporary decal because they must complete a follow on course within 60 days. Permanent decals should be granted only after the rider completes the advanced course.

Member: Announcement – Commands that are planning group motorcycle rides with more than 50 riders must notify the base and the police departments of the areas they will be riding through to mitigate potential traffic problems and enhance community relationships.

Member: Concern – Parking spots are still assigned to commands that have moved, making it difficult for personnel to park, particularly in the area of B-151. Response: Parking assignments will be reviewed in this area.

Member: Announcement – In response to a concern previously voiced at this meeting, the speed limit on Surface Navy Blvd between Chollas Creek and Senn Rd is now 10 mph. The change was due to several near misses in the crosswalks in this area.

Member: Concern – Has a previous request for installation of an exit turnstile at Gate 9 been approved? Response: NAVFAC (Art Gladue) initiated a site request on 7 September 2012 and delivered amplifying information on 9 September, the request is still under review.

ACTION ITEMS 1. Trolley Crossing Gates at 32nd St.: Member to deliver statement to Capt Smith so he can discuss with MTS. 2. Parking in vicinity of B-151: XO and LT Cassada will review the parking assignments in the area of B-151. 3. Gate 9 Exit Turnstile: NAVFAC and SECO will request an expedited response and coordinate with Safety to answer the member’s question. 4. Surface Navy LED Crosswalk Lights: between Chollas Creek and Senn Road. LED crosswalk Street Signs have already been procuered and will be installed at crosswalks. Safety will advice when complete. ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 1103. It is requested these minutes be disseminated to personnel not having electronic access. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 06 March 2013 at 1000. All commands are encouraged to have a representative present. Submit agenda items to Scott Simerson at

NBSD N35 OSH Policy Council Meeting Minutes  

The minutes from the Quarterly OSH Policy Council meeting held 5 December are now available for viewing.

NBSD N35 OSH Policy Council Meeting Minutes  

The minutes from the Quarterly OSH Policy Council meeting held 5 December are now available for viewing.