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PR I NC I P LES OF E MOT IO NS AND E MOT IONAL M ESSAGES Communicating emotions, or feelings,

is both difficult and important. Emotions may be primary or blended. Emotions are influenced by Body, Mind, and Culture. Pg. 164 A Model of the Emotions Emotion May Be Adaptive and Maladaptive

Emotions are communicated Verbally

and Nonverbally.

PR I NC I P LES OF E MOT IO NS AND E MOT IONAL M ESSAGES Emotional Expression is Governed

by Display Rules.  Different cultures’ display rules govern what is and what is not permissible emotional communication.

Men and women seem to have different Gender display rules for what is and what isn’t appropriate to express.

Emotions are Contagious 1.) Someone expresses an emotion. 2.) You perceive this emotional expression 3.) You mimic the emotional expression, perhaps unconsciously.

4.) The feedback you get from expressing the emotion creates in you a replication of the other person’s feelings.

You see another variant of intentional emotional contagion in attempts at persuasion that utilize emotional appeals.

ASSIGN M E N T #1 Instructions:

Go to the COMM 215 Facebook “like” page, and write a paragraph about your own personal experience communicating your emotions verbally and nonverbally.


COM M U N ICAT I NG E MO T IO NS 1.) SOCIETAL AND CULTURAL CUSTOMS EX: “Cowboy Syndrome” Never ever cry. 2.) FEAR EX: If you express your love for someone, you may experience rejection. 3.) INADEQUATE INTERPERSONAL SKILLS EX: Some people can only express anger through violence or avoidance.


EXPRESSING E MOT IO NS Understand your feelings. Describe your feelings. Handling Anger: A Special Case

Illustration. Anger Management: SCREAM before you Scream. Anger Communication Ex: http:/ / ^HOW NOT TO HANDLE ANGER!

Skills for Responding to the Emotions of Others Look at nonverbal cues to

understand the individuals feelings. Look for cues as to what the person wants you to do. Use active listening techniques. Empathize Focus on the other person. Remember the irreversibility of communication.


215 Tumblr and upload a video that displays someone who responds correctly to someone’s emotions. Explain why you chose that video.

Communicating with the

grief-stricken: A special case illustration . Here are some suggestions for

communicating more effectively with the grief-stricken, offering at least some solutions to the above problem. 1.) Confirm the other person and the person’s emotions. 2.) Give the person permission to grieve. 3.) Avoid trying to focus on the bright side. 4.) Encourage the person to express feelings and talk about the loss. 5.) Let the person know you care and are available. EX: http:/ / ^ A great way to deal with grief is to encourge, listen, and make laughter through tears!

ASSIGN M E N T #3 INSTRUCTIONS: Write a brief

paragraph about what you believe this the best way to deal with a grief-stricken person on the Tumblr page. Give 5 pointers on how to do so.

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