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Masters of Environmental Planning and Design, University of Georgia, Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of Georgia, Bachelor of Geography, University of California at Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Anthropology, University of California at Santa Barbara,

Urban Designer Dunedin City Council 2018 - Present

Urban Designer/ Landscape Architect

Align Limited 2017

Urban Design Specialist

Carl Vinson Institute of Governments 2014 -2016

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Landscape Architect

Byers Design Group 2015

Senior GIS Specialist

CH2M HILL 2007-2012

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GIS Specialist & Program Coordinator


Benton Soil & Water Conservation District 2002-2007

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promoted innovative public space solutions that met the social and economic needs of the urban community contributed significantly to the establishment of a large trial pedestrian area within the heart of wrote landscape and visual impact assessments & mitigation plans for resource consents learned the planning statutory framework of New Zealand created photorealistic digital renderings of proposed

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designed detailed planting plans for large-scale residential developments conducted tree and plant inventories of existing plants and heritage trees for proposed developments in the field

GIS project management of largescale GIS projects coordinated GPS field data collection teams designed hundreds of complex maps quantified the environmnental trained & managed field survey teams & organised field work composed & awarded grants gave presentations to a variety of community & academic groups coordinated efforts between diverse public agencies

Honor Award, 2016 American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) Student Boardmember, 2014-2015 Georgia Society of Landscape Architects (GSLA) Student Regional Director, 2014-2015 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Student President, 2015-2016 Sigma Lambda Alpha Honor Society

developed strategic and visionary downtown master plans promoted urban infill designs drafted detailed public space designs created and presented master plans of historic parks



U r b an D esigner & Landscape Ar chit ect

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2016 2015 1996 1996

downtown solely developed the concept and design of a temporary parklet coinciding with an annual science festival

developments and concepts designed 3D models of proposed concepts to model visual impacts composed detailed urban design and landscape assessments of engineering plans of large-scale transportation projects devised complex 3D and photorealistic digital renderings facilitated community input through focus groups and interviews identified community priorities presented concepts to community assisted in the design of structural details and dimensions of architectural floor plans

& cultural impacts of different project alternatives of large-scale transportation projects wrote scopes & estimates of GIS aspect of civil engineering projects gave numerous presentations within the corporation managed large, complex geographic databases developed and published an online mapping application involved in the development of a statewide standard of GIS parcel information

Photoshop AutoCAD Illustrator InDesign Sketchup ArcGIS Land F/ X Hand Drawing Hand Drafting

S o m e P u b l i c at i o n s & A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s A New Urban Plaza for Downtown Athens, Georgia: A Planning and Programming Concept Publication and Defense of the Masters of Environmental Planning and Design Practicum, 2016 This practicum proposed a planning and design concept to introduce a central urban plaza in downtown Athens, Georgia. The concept divided the site into four functional parts, which were each informed by specific theory: the overall “plaza district” concept, the “Woonerf” street treatment, the “naked” intersections, and the “core” plaza space. The “core” was directly informed by the author’s previous masters thesis on the design and planning of urban plazas that support sociability.

A Tool to Evaluate Urban Plazas for Planning and Design Patterns That Support Sociability Publication and Defense of the Masters of Landscape Architecture Thesis. 2014-2015. Through a comprehensive review of design and public life literature over the last 100 years, I developed a detailed list of planning and design patterns that foster informal sociability in urban public spaces. From these patterns, I developed a comprehensive scoring tool which ranked a space’s social-efficacy but may also be used as a checklist to develop new public spaces. My thesis committee all admitted the importance of this topic. Since my defense last August, this thesis has received over sixty independent downloads from academics worldwide on I have since presented this work to an international architecture firm at one of their offices in Hanoi, Vietnam, and was well-received by the principals and staff of forty employees in attendance.

Downtown Strategic and Visioning Plan. City of Clarkesville, Georgia. 2014-2015. I contributed heavily to a community planning and design report for the City of Clarkesville, Georgia. I personally administered over a comprehensive public input process, and later analyzed the resulting information to identify the town’s priorities. In respect to these priorities, myself and the rest of the team designed and introduced innovative infill and adaptive reuse solutions. I personally introduced and designed the concept of a new urban hub that included sociable public spaces. The report was highly lauded by elected and appointed officials of the city and actions have already been taken on this work.

Led the Local Submission of the International Park(ing) Day Event. Athens, Georgia. 2015-2016. Within the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design, I led my department’s submission for the annual Parking Day event (, which converts parallel parking locations into a temporary public open space. The purpose of which is to highlight the need for better uses of public space other than parking. I championed the entire concept, planning, and design process, as well as communicated with legal entities and performed volunteer management of over fifty members. The result was a grand success, with three linked parking spots converted into a continuous, lush and intricately designed park space. Officials of both the City of Athens and the university lauded the results.

Group Leadership and Technical Facilitator of the Department-Wide Design Charrettes. 2014 & 2015. At the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design, I participated in two department-wide vertical planning and design charrettes, both covering different urban regions in the state of Georgia. For each project group, I was assigned to, I became the natural leader and organizer. Through group discussion, I facilitated the identification of future trends and developed our group’s goals to meet them. During the second charrette, I was hired to be a technical facilitator for the entire event, I presented gave orientations and provided technical assistance to individual students and faculty leaders of the project groups.

Developed a Coalition of Partners in a Fisheries Conservation Effort. 2005-2007. In my previous career, I created a coalition of willing partners throughout the state of Oregon. This included state, county, and federal agencies, as well as university institutions and community watershed councils. The goals were to establish a digital regional inventory of man-made barriers to migrating aquatic species, and a system to prioritize their removal. I acted as an advocate through presentations to many groups and served as a communications liaison between the respective agencies.

Professional CV/Resume, 2018  
Professional CV/Resume, 2018  

My most recent resume intended for firms that conduct urban design and landscape architecture.