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Film Night // Branding Title: Film Night Board: 01 Duration: 8 weeks Chris Starkie OUGD303



As a collaboration with Chris Anderson & A continuation from the previous module we upholded, promoted and provided a weekly film night for students of BAGD.

The context was BAGD students who have an interest in film or a particular interest in 1 film. The choosing of films had to be very relevant to our audience & thus we researched into the films that our audience would like to see. 1 x Initial Promotional poster x Film Posters promoting each film 1 x Schedule of events x Tickets 1 x Film Marquee Box 1 x Film Night Publication

Film Night // Film Posters Title: Film Night Board: 02 Duration: 8 weeks Chris Starkie OUGD303

Product: Film Posters


A series of posters were created, each to promote an individual film that we were showing. Each poster has it’s own individual typographic & illustrative style to it with a consideration for the audience in making it appealable and relatable, either using a popular scene or character as the focal point of the posters.

380 x 550mm 160gsm plain matte stock CMYK Inkjet printed

Film Night // Publication Title: Film Night Board: 03 Duration: 8 weeks Chris Starkie OUGD303

Product: Publication


An information based publication was created that showed all the films we were putting on, all the posters & information for each film. Also in the publication was information about the film night, & how to request a film for us to consider.

Crown Quattro format 80 gsm page stock 110 gsm gloss cover Red Felt wrap around

Film Night // Schedule Title: Film Night Board: 04 Duration: 8 Weeks Chris Starkie OUGD303

Product: Schedule A schedule was created that has been available around the BAGD facilites and near the film night posters. The schedule shows all the films that we have been showing and has been updated from the older, previous one.

Film Night // Tickets Title: Film Night Board: 05 Duration: 4 Weeks Chris Starkie OUGD303

Product: Tickets


For each film that was put on, a series of tickets were created that each BAGD student would receive in their pigeon holes, a copy of the ticket would then be available to download & print off aswell.

75 x 148 mm 180gsm card CMYK / Digital Inkjet printed

Film Night // Box Title: Film Night Board: 06 Duration: 4 Weeks Chris Starkie OUGD303

Product: Box We created a marquee box in the style of 1940’s & 50’s new york that those cinemas had above the entrances to the cinema. We created it out of wood & acrylic and gave enough letter space to accomodate all our film titles.

Film Night Boards