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LOGLINE: When a decades old secret threatens to surface between two dueling mega churches, the only thing that can stop a bloody war, is the truth. SYNOPSIS: “Bad Religion” is a psychological thriller set in the world of America’s multi-billion dollar Christian business. The series, provides a view into the underbelly, and true nature of what it takes to be a leader of the country’s most profitable and most desecrated money making structures.  It follows the turbulent lives of Mary Montgomery, the revered and ruthless pastor of the nation’s largest mega church, and the unexpected relationship with her equally bright and callous competitor, Evelyn James.   Their lives simultaneously begin to unravel, as the two women, along with the pasts they both desperately tried to leave behind, become entangled in an inescapable web of deceit.  This is their journey of self discovery, destruction, sex, lies, and murder, that threatens to FORMAT" destroy the very foundation of their families and each other, while posing the question: Is faith nothing more, One"Hour"Scripted"Drama" than not wanting to know the truth?


. 50's-early 60's) The Montgomery family matriarch and first female head pastor of the nation's largest mega church.   Perfectly (Late primped and considered to be the standard of southern hospitality, Christian grace and charisma, there isn't a closet big enough to contain all of her skeletons and demons.   Behind her one hundred watt smile, is a woman to be feared and respected, who's desire for success and power, more times than not, overrides her logic.  Mary is constantly spinning a web of lies in order to keep her pristine career in tact.  From her secret pregnancy and adultery with Emory James, in her late teens, all the way to murder, her need for acceptance and appearance, has caused her to get blood on her hands, more than once. She's not above paying someone else to do her dirty work.  After all, image is everything, and her image, is priceless.  JESSICA""LANGE"





. 50's-early 60's) The easily emasculated husband of Mary Montgomery.   David's soft spoken and supportive.    He's a man that (Late knows his role is to stand behind his wife, and he seems to occupy that position well.  Just like Mary, David is a person of many dark and twisted secrets, that constantly threaten to expose the man behind the smile.   A closeted homosexual, who's having an affair with his wife's much younger, assistant pastor, Brian Case, David is in a constant battle fighting his addictions.   Addictions to reckless, dirty sex, dangerous men, lies, and pornography.  It's not until his relationship with Brian, that David starts to question if the life and lies he's been living are worth it, or if following his heart is more important STEPHEN"COLLINS<"


ED""""""""""""""""" BEGLEY,"JR."



. 30's-early 40's)  Brian Case is the handsome and even more dangerous, assistant pastor to Mary Montgomery at Fig & Leaf mega (mid church.   With a look that seems to have stepped right off of the pages of an Armani Exchange campaign, there's a darkness hidden in eyes.  Just as the Montgomery's have a family full of secrets, it's only fitting that their closest confidant does as well.  A man who's past is erased and rewritten to his own accord, Brian morphs into whatever and whomever he needs to be, in order to get what it is he wants.   Addicted to the idea of 'taking over' Mary's position, Brian will do anything it takes to get to where he's going.   That means sleeping with a man, if that man will give him the access he needs to make a social climb.   Diabolical with a classic Type-A personality, Brian may be the very thing that brings the Montgomery family to it's knees. RYAN"MCPARTLIN"





. (mid-30's) Touted as one of the nation's best known theologists, and ironically, biggest atheists, Evelyn James represents the irony of her childhood.  Raised in her family's well known and well respected, Church of Christ, she's grown to become the 'black sheep' of the James' legacy.  She's a woman who lives for herself, while hiding a lifetime of pain, that she's tried so hard to forget.  After witnessing her mother's suicide at the age of five, and the cover up that followed, all things tied to 'faith' and her 'religion' came crashing down.  She has willingly dedicated her life to questioning everything that has anything to do with God, even going as far as suggesting that 'suicide is for the strong, and a life of misery is for the weak.'   So after the sudden suicide of one of her college student's, leaves the blame pointed in her direction, Evelyn finds herself suspended from her job, with no place to go.  After a surprising call informs her, that her father is in the hospital, she realizes that the very place she has been running from, is exactly where she'll end up.   And the last position she ever thought she'd find herself in, ends up being the one she belonged in, all along. CARMEN""EJOGO"





. 60's) A man of unquestionable faith and perseverance,  Emory James is the beacon of light for his family and church.  He represents what is (early truly Godly and Christian to anyone who meets him, but like Mary, his image is nothing more than a very constructed act.    Beneath his calm demeanor and kind eyes, is a man with secrets like anyone else.  Secrets, that when discovered, took part in his wife committing suicide years ago, and secrets that threaten to destroy the family he has left.   Though equipped with a good heart, he's succumbed to the addiction of power, and prestige, which has placed him in a constant position of manipulating the ones he loves, all in the name of 'Jesus.'  Wracked with a guilty conscience, but unable to free himself of his web of lies, Emory will do anything, within reason, to hold together the little bit he has left.  He's too far in, and far too much is at stake for him to stop now.  Not even death, can change his course.  LAWRENCE"FISHBURNE"


JAMES""""""""" PICKENS,"JR."



. 30's) A dedicated daughter and Christian woman, she's the polar opposite of her sister, Evelyn.  Vivianne, has lived her entire life in the church, (early never leaving home, and committed to holding her family together.   With a quiet strength, she took care of her father throughout the years, after her mother's untimely death, and it is her, that has been the glue to this family's unity, under their father's direction.  Married with a small child of her own, she represents everything that Evelyn despises and fears.  Though this is the life she's chosen, there's a part of Vivianne, that's filled with resentment towards her sibling.  Resentment for her being able to leave, explore and grow, while she was left behind to pick up the pieces of the fragile James legacy.  She may appear soft spoken, but there's a ruthlessness underneath her calm, a growing desire to be recognized for who she is, and all that she has done, not only for her loved ones, but for the church they run.  Married to a man, that is next in line to take over her father's position, Vivienne doesn't forget that the only way for her to get the acknowledgment she truly craves, is to be on top, even if that means overstepping the very people she's sacrificed her life to protect.   ROBINE""LEE"




Bad religion v3 2  
Bad religion v3 2  

Treatment for One Hour Drama Series, "Bad Religion"