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5 Recreational Tips When on Vacation in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas Going on a holiday and already browsing online for a nice resort in Laiya, Batangas to book for your visit? If you happen to be vacationing in this Philippine destination for the first time and are looking for activities that will maximize your stay, here are 5 that promise to be fun. Climb a mountain Mt. Daguldol in San Juan is a favorite destination among mountaineers and trekkers. It is ranked as a level one climb, meaning that it is generally easy even for novice hikers. The trail goes through the forests, giving plenty of shade from the harsh sun, and hardly has any difficult paths that would discourage first-time climbers. Ride a boat You can do it as a group by hopping on a banana boat, or individually by paddling in a kayak, or signing up for an actual boat tour. Whichever option you pick, you're in for some fantastic tropical scenery as you go, not to mention hours of endless fun in the sun and on the water. See giant fruit bats These amazing mammals have a wing span of 1 meter long, making for quite a spectacular sight when they are in flight. When in repose, they wrap themselves and hang upside down as bats usually do, except that these local bats hang in trees and not in caves, making them so much easier to spot. Their numbers are dwindling though, and local environmental authorities are enforcing conservation and protection efforts to keep the species alive. Most of them reside in the trees of Parang Sili Dao, and you can see if your resort in San Juan, Batangas can provide assistance or information concerning guided treks. Snorkeling and scuba diving The local marine sanctuaries are a haven for fascinating aquatic life, including corals, sea turtles, and an eclectic array of fish species. You can easily join an underwater tour organized by experienced dive guides to see them, or you can check with your accommodation in Laiya, Batangas if it offers such services. Drink lambanog This locally brewed coconut wine can be quite a challenge even to hardened alcoholic drinkers, because lambanog can be 80 to 90-proof strong depending on the variation. The ones produced in San Juan town are deemed one of the best brews in the country, so if you're in a daring mood, you're in the right place to give it a try. Be careful not to drink too much that you can't make it back to your resort in Laiya, Batangas though!

5 Recreational Tips When on Vacation in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas  

What exciting things can you look forward to enjoying when going on a vacation in Laiya, Batangas? Here are 5 activities that are sure to be...

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