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Your 2016 PRIDE GUIDE 2016 San Diego PRIDE is here! Check out everything there is to see starting on PG. 2

‘Get It Done’ App for Reporting Problems An innovative pilot project and mobile app called Get It Done San Diego allows San Diegans to easily report problems and request improvements for their neighborhoods. PG. 4

While Mission Hills is home to an abundance of historic homes in a variety of styles like Craftsman and Mission Revival, the neighborhood can also boast of homes like the Clea House. SEE MORE ON PAGE 7 Star Cars — As Seen on TV The San Diego Automotive Museum announces the opening of its new exhibit — “Star Cars....As Seen on TV!” The exhibit features cars from movies and TV and will run through Oct. 2. It illustrates the impact cars have had on film and television over the years. PG. 18



Brad Weber



YOUR PRIDE PREPARATION GUIDE 2016 San Diego PRIDE is here! As you head over to this annual celebration of LOVE and awesomeness, here are some tips to feel your best and look the part!

you wish it stronger? Strut across University Ave and stop by Flashbacks for your TUTU DE JOUR. TuTus make everything more vibrant! Pink, Purple, Gold, or Glorious - the color choice is your own. Sport it strong!

CLOAKED IN PRIDE. “We’re Cloaked In Pride, a team

Cloaked in Pride Pride Pulse Tank Top Chiltonic’s Ronnie

After a solid night’s rest, stop into CHILTONIC for a morning session of cryotherapy. First time visitors get a $40 session. The positive effects of this 3 minute therapy are not only immediate, but are arguably greater than that of an hour long massage. Plus you will be burning calories well into the day to help offset your celebratory libations. “Cryotherapy - One three-minute cryotherapy session will burn 500800 calories. It will boost metabolism and collagen production. Clients have reported visual improvements in the appearance of cellulite and say they feel lighter and tighter.” 1040 University Ave Unit B210 (619) 866-5785

Now that you are feeling your best, you of course must dress the part. There is no better way than to adorn yourself in this year’s latest icon for “Love.” Stop into Hillcrest’s CREATIVE CROSSROADS, where you can also find our own LGBT Visitor’s Center.

Sporting this rad tank you will have not only supported local business, you will sporting a message at the core of this very event - LOVE!

Tutu’s Run

Flashbacks Recycled Fashion 3849 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92103 (619 291 - 4200 No website. You simply must experience in person.

3683 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92103

Cali Co sunglasses

Also in house is the current ocular fashion must have, Cali Life Co. wood sunglasses. These UV400 fashion vixens have become a staple in the Hillcrest Communtiy, even making regular appearances at The Lafayette Hotel, Swim Club & Bungalows pool parties. San Diego owned and operated, these unwavering LGBT supporters have our visual and life interests at heart. 502 University Ave San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 685-2513

Your look is strong now. Perhaps

Brew Project is dog friendly!

You have done a little shopping now, so take time to sit back and enjoy a lo-carb jovial beverage. Something cold, something refreshing, something simply amazing! Try a glass of of Watermelon Mint Chili Kombucha, ABV 7% at THE BREW PROJECT. This kid and dog friendly spot serves great food and an overall vibe that screams LOVE and inclusion. While you are there ask about

2016 PRIDE 5K Run and Walk Front Runners & Walkers San Diego has officially announced the date of their annual PRIDE 5k Run and walk. This event will be held on Saturday, July 16th 2016 with a start time of 9:30am. This is a 5k race and walk held on a USAT&F Sanctioned and Certified course sponsored by Front Runners & Walkers San Diego. The run is a great event that and held as a San Diego Pride kick-off event along the parade route in Hillcrest. With the recent tragedy of young GLBT teens being driven to suicide, suffering physical and psychological bullying at school and trying to cope with rejection by family, friends and even their churches, we have selected The San Diego Center’s Youth Housing Project as this year’s beneficiary. This program is a vital safety net giving teens a safe place to live and an opportunity to get the education and skills needed to lead productive and fulfilling lives. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to San Diego Pride Community Grants. Please help us in our efforts in reaching out to the community and helping us make this a huge success for Pride and for the deserving GLBT young people whose lives you will be enhancing and rebuilding and whose hearts you will be restoring. For more information about the 2016 PRIDE 5K Run and Walk, please contact Enrique Fonseca at 619.857.8719 or visit our website at

of San Diego based social entrepreneurs and LGBT community allies looking to drive positice society. Our goal is simple: create a sense of unity and empowerment among members of LGBt community when wearing the cloak at PRIDE festivals, parades, and other social events.” This is a product we can all get on board with!

While the events scheduled within San Diego PRIDE are numerous, the anchor of the movement is always the parade. Vibrant, alive, beautiful, and full of LOVE - this event is a formative stance against violence and hate. “In the early hours of June 28, 1969 an NYPD raid on Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn sparked the Stonewall Riots, one of the first wellknown instances of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rebellion against government-sponsored oppression of LGBT people. On the one-year anniversary of the riots, the first Pride marches were held in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and

Los Angeles.” Take in the crowds and celebrate the multitude. Enjoy the cheers, hugs, and laughter. Even appreciate the tears if they occur. The road to equality is not short, not easy, and not over. PRIDE is all in the voice of LOVE! For more information check out And for a comprehensive list of pride events go to, As the parade winds down and you head to your respective house party, do not be the person who shows up empty handed. VomFASS Hillcrest will be sampling rainbow shots and also hosts the most well priced sparkling bottles in the 92103 zip code.

rainbow shots

Grab the CAVA. Priced at $9.99 the flavor of this bubbly blows the more popular “Gold Metal” winners out of the water! 1050 University Ave E103 San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 534-5034

Plan ahead for rides and parking. Check your apps as several of the ride share companies are already offering up discounted rates for the weekend.

Saturday, July 16, 11am,

SENIOR SEATING AT THE PRIDE PARADE There will be a shaded seating area for seniors at the Pride Parade but SEATING IS LIMITED, so add your name to the list today. For more information and to reserve a space, contact LaRue Fields at or 619.6922077 x205.

Saturday/Sunday, July 16/17,

FAMILIES @ THE CENTER'S CHILDREN'S PICNIC AT PRIDE! Join Families @ The Center for the Children's Picnic at Pride, located outside the San Diego Pride Festival. The Center will provide a light lunch, or you can visit the food trucks nearby, then celebrate Pride with fun family activities, sno cones, popcorn and snacks! Saturday, July 16, 12pm-3pm: Rad Hatter, face painting and a balloon artist. Sunday, July 17, 11am-2pm: face painting and a balloon artist. For more information, contact us at 619.692.2077 x212 or



Harley Gray participating in Pride Kick Off event

Harley Gray is pleased to announce that we will once again be participating in “Launch”, a fundraiser for the Rob Benzon Foundation. This is a yearly event for us since our opening in 2014. The mission of the Rob Benzon Foundation is to provide unexpected help and hope to individuals in the San Diego community who are suffering from a personal catastrophic

event not of their making who are in need of emergency support for actual expenses. Additionally they help individuals through local charitable causes serving the youth and the LGBT communities where specific needs can be identified. Our target grants to other organizations do not support general fund or overhead but rather are directed to specific causes or events

the organization can isolate consistent with our mission to provide unexpected help and hope to qualifying individuals. The Rob Benzon Foundation board, without any staff along with

Flavor up your Pride! Come into Vom Fass and enjoy a free sample “Rainbow Flight” of six different liqueurs (while supplies last). Try all six colors and receive 10% off your entire purchase. We have what it takes to make your Pride Party the best ever! Specialty Wines, Liqueurs, Spirits, Absinthe, Brandies, Oils, Vinegars, Recipes and more! (while supplies last)

the generous host committee, sponsors and underwriters, provides everything needed to produce fundraising events. Therefore,100% of the ticket sales are donated back to the San Diego community in the form of Rob Benzon Foundation grants. To date, over $200,000 has been granted. Those buying tickets to events and donating goods and services do so knowing that that ALL

funds raised through fundraiser ticket sales will be distributed directly to worthwhile causes, without a penny going to overhead expenses. Friday, July 15, 2016 The Historic Burnham House in the heart of Hillcrest—6-10pm

San Diego born and raised? Pete’s not, and that’s a great thing! Food so authentic you’ll leave with a Boston accent.

Find us in the HUB next to Ralph’s 1050 University Avenue E-103 619-534-5034

3382 30th St. | 92104 (619) 255-8940 Dog Friendly Patio

“Born and raised just outside of Boston, I grew up in a family seafood business that made me appreciate freshly prepared, homemade meals. As a resident of North Park, I want to bring this tradition to a great community. At Pete’s, our goal is to provide that experience to you in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.” - Peter DeCoste




‘Get It Done’ App Allows City Residents to Easily Report Problems and Request Services You can download the app at As part of his effort to make city government more efficient and accessible for all San Diego residents, Mayor Kevin Faulconer introduced an innovative pilot project and mobile app called Get It Done San Diego that allows San Diegans to easily report problems and request improvements for their neighborhoods. “Our city government should be just as innovative as people we serve and it has always been our goal to improve customer service. If we have mobile apps that can check email, check the weather and check in our flights, we should have a mobile app that helps residents check on street repairs,” said Faulconer. With Get It Done, which is available for iPhone and Android users, people can report nonemergency problems to the city through the new mobile app and web portal at The Get It Done app also allows San Diego residents to track the progress of a complaint and increase efficiency for both residents and City crews. To report a problem, people can now take and upload photos related to over 20 non-emergency problems with roads, street lights, traffic signals and more. The Get It Done app uses GPS information embedded within photos to automatically update the address and location of problems. After uploading the photo, the app user simply has to identify a few details about the problem and click submit. The Get It Done app will help improve three important functions of city government:

1. It makes it easier to report problems. According to a recent city survey, 83 percent of respondents stated that they did not want to call the city government to report a problem. The new Get It Done app eliminates the need to call the city for various problems, by allowing residents to address issues online, which was the preferred method of 50 percent of survey respondents. The app also allows residents to report problems with their name or anonymously. 2. Get It Done allows residents to better track progress. The app makes it easier for residents to find out what is happening with a city project in their neighborhood. This system allows residents to check the status of projects in real time and view information on their “favorite” issues throughout the city. 3. Get It Done increases efficiency for residents and city workers. The app allows users to upload a picture which contains location data using GPS. This allows the city to process information much faster because it links the user to City crews. Similar to the way most private businesses run, the app uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system that directly links reports to a work order system. The systems connects all reports about the same problem into one group and creates a single report so that every individual is notified about the progress of an issue.

Page from the city of San Diego website.


C E N T R A L H E AT I N G & A I R W I T H

Individual room temperature control? UNOCCUPIED LIVING ROOM



9:23 PM


Multiple Configurations Available M

Yes! e With a Bryant™ du uctless mini split system installed by the e experts at Carini Heating & Airr, you can cool or heat select rooms instead of your entire home. Mini Split Benefits Remarkable Energy Efficiency Don’t Waste Money on Unoccupied Rooms No Separate Furnace Required Minimal or no ductwork means less energy is wasted Advanced filtration dramatically improves air quality Remote controls allow setting the perfect temperatures Compliments Vintage & Contemporary Architecture

Learn more by watching our new commercial at or call us today. CA Lic #887621

Call 619.843.0997 for your free quote.

$0 Down Financing Available





San Diego Ranked 7th on List Of Top Cities for Small Business Small Business Trends recently conducted a study of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners to discover the types of business owners drawn to various US cities. With 33,386 small businesses, San Diego ranked No. 7 on the list of top cities for small business entrepreneurs. Certain cities in the United States are more popular with small business entrepreneurs than others — and here at Small Business Trends we set out to identify them. And as we identified them we uncovered numerous possible reasons why these are the top cities for small business entrepreneurs. Some cities offer business friendly

tax structures or other incentives. Some cities, due to their large population centers, have access to larger pools of customers and employees. Some cities have greater networking resources leading to greater potential business opportunities. Other cities have significant numbers of incubators and accelerators making them great cities to launch a startup. Then there are cities that have a plethora of amenities, entertainment, cultural and lifestyle attractions. And still others do a great job meeting the needs of small business entrepreneurs through business support services and infrastructure.

San Diego

With 33,386 small businesses, the eighth most populous city ranks seventh on our list of top cities for small business entrepreneurs. San Diego draws in entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, including aerospace, maritime, cybersecurity and manufacturing. Some of the city’s small business amenities include research, advocacy and similar support programs. It also offers programs to help small businesses get funding through loans and bonds.

Financing Partners Accion and Pacific Western Bank collaborate to help small business owners get access to financing Accion, a nonprofit microlender with a 21-year history in San Diego, has received a $250,000 investment from Pacific Western Bank. The funds provided by Pacific Western Bank were disbursed to Accion in late 2015 and were approved as a qualified investment by the California Organized Investment Network Tax Credit Program from the California Department of Insurance. Accion will lend the investment dollars, which were provided at zero percent interest over a fiveyear term, to underserved small business owners in Southern California, increasing these business owners’ access to capital. “Our mission is to provide businesses with access to capital and the support they need to start or grow their businesses, serving as a true partner in enabling them to create powerful positive social and economic change,” said Accion CEO Elizabeth Schott. “These funds will be essential in supporting our clients that wouldn’t otherwise be able to get the much-needed funding for their business.” Pacific Western also provided a $15,000 grant to Accion. The funds will help Accion deploy the investment dollars, directly to underserved business owners across Southern California. This fund has been used to help borrowers like Lisa Carroll. Lisa began working as an accountant nearly 20 years ago after receiving an accounting degree. She worked

Elizabeth Schott, CEO of Accion.

for some time at a CPA firm, but decided to start her own business in 2001 to allow for a flexible schedule to care for her son. Lisa started Number Crunching Inc., a home-based bookkeeping business providing accounting services other small business. Currently, Lisa has about 50 clients, and demand is continuing to grow. In order to serve more clients, Lisa was in need of equipment upgrades for increased storage capacity and online security to handle sensitive client information. Accion was able to approve Lisa for a $10,000 loan for equipment upgrades to grow her clientele base. “I was able to receive the capital I needed to take my business to the next level,” said Lisa. “Thanks to Accion I was able to hire two subcontractors, so that I can service more clients and grow the revenue for my business.” The tax credit program provides tax credits to investors and helps CDFIs raise funds for projects that create social and environmental benefit in California. Without the program, many of these community development projects would not be funded. Each year the Department of Insurance may award up to $10 million in tax credits to support $50 million in capital from insurance companies and other investors for community development. Investors earn a tax credit worth 20 percent of their investment.



INTRODUCING THE CLEA HOUSE STUNNING ARCHITECTURE IN MISSION HILLS While Mission Hills is home to an abundance of historic homes in a variety of styles like Craftsman and Mission Revival, the neighborhood can also boast of homes like the Clea House. Designed, engineered and built by boutique San Diego firm Nakhshab Development & Design, the new LEED Gold-certified Clea House, although just minutes from Downtown San Diego, is set on a serene Mission Hills canyon slope. This mid-century modern-inspired single-family home complements its surroundings and preserves the property’s existing terrain with a seamless cantilever design. Elegantly perched on a three-story access column that encases an elevator, a stairway and one “bonus” room per floor, the nearly 4,000 square-foot Clea House functions primarily as a singlelevel residence with large, open spaces that beautifully blend the indoors with the outdoors. Architect and NDD principal Soheil Nakhshab defied the challenge of the property’s steep lot by rising above it with the use of innovative engineering and architecture that he says enable the house to appear to “float over the slope.” The home’s unique concrete structure, simple lines and minimalist approach all lend to its distinctive modern aesthetic. Upon entering the home, residents have the choice of ascending the stairway, taking the elevator to the main floor or stopping at any of three multiple-use “bonus rooms,” each complete with full bath and shower. This stack of rooms adds to the versatile appeal of Clea House while underscoring its ability to serve a multi-generational family and provide residents the ability to age-in-place. The bonus rooms can function as a variety of auxiliary spaces such as a home office accessible to clients without having to enter the main living area, yoga studio, home theater, music room or extra bedrooms. An elevator allows direct-access to the home’s primary living areas, creating greater accessibility to its elderly residents. The main floor offers an abundance of light and space and includes a large entertaining room for both family and guests, and is a focal point for panoramic views out a front wall of windows that spans almost the entire length of the home. Sleek teak cabinetry surrounds a seven-foot long custom metal crafted fireplace providing generous storage and added warmth to the living room. The same cabinetry is employed in the adjoining kitchen and cleverly implemented to conceal most of the appliances, creating continuity between the two spaces and adding to the home's minimalist aesthetic. A massive Carrara marble island provides a large workspace and an elegant and inviting bridge between the SEE CLEA, Page 8





kitchen, living room and dining room. The backside of Clea House spills out onto a large patio nestled into the hillside through another glass wall, this time a 20-foot wide Fleetwood sliding glass door that tucks away into the walls when open. Stairs from the patio lead up to a large rooftop deck on which residents enjoy the beautiful San Diego climate and peaceful canyon setting. An array of 25 discreet solar panels are cleverly integrated into the rooftop design to provide an annual 11,200 kWh of power. “We receive more solar credits than we use so our electric bill is non-existent,� says Soheil. Below, a rooftop garden on the garage provides added visual interest and continues the natural landscape of the canyon through the property. The second half of the main floor is composed of three one-bedroom suites situated around a separate and more intimate gathering room. As elsewhere in Clea House, the details impress: flush doors with hidden frames, elegant fixtures and finishes, and bathrooms with motion sensors to light middle-night visits. Instead of bathtubs, Nakhshab decided to build oversized showers, and the one in the master bath features an impressive 10-foot wide enclosure that includes his and her dual showers on both sides. In line with the NDD's green design philosophy, sustainable measures are used throughout the home to the standard of LEED Gold including drought tolerant landscaping, nontoxic pest control, water efficient fixtures and fittings, high efficiency LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, solar PV, and environmentally preferable products. This NDD signature home offers the minimalist but luxurious and sustainable design for which the firm's team is famous. The Clea House is at 540 Otsego Drive.



By Bart Mendoza July — August Trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos on Tap The Wednesday Jazz Jams at Panama 66 have been moved indoors for the summer. The Young Lions Jazz Series, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. will continue on the patio, but the jam, hosted by trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos, will now instead take place in the 300-capacity San Diego Museum of Art’s Copley Auditorium, from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. Food and beverages will be available, with the performances a must for any fan of jazz. A rotating cast of world- class musicians takes part each week, but Castellanos alone would be worth the trip to Balboa Park. Ratt Juan Croucier on the left

Gilbert Castellanos 2

August 13 It’s Bassist Juan Croucier’s Turn

July 20 Help Celebrate Jeff Bloom’s 50th

Jeff Bloom

On July 20, guitarist Jeff Bloom celebrates his 50th birthday with a special free, all ages performance at the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market. Bloom has been a mainstay of the area’s clubs since the early 1980s, playing with a succession of popular band’s including Army of Love, The Spider Monkeys and most recently, Stone Horse. For this show Bloom will call upon his many musical friends to sit in, with awardwinning guitarist/sitar player Greg Vaughn among those confirmed at press time. Mixing a set of originals with rock and reggae classics, Bloom’s birthday celebration offers up something for just about every musical taste in the terrific beachside setting of OB.

Only one San Diego band was ever featured on TV’s legendary tell-all show “Behind The Music” — Ratt. Various members have toured with their versions of the band since its initial split in the early ’90s, and on Aug. 13 at Brick by Brick, it’s bassist Juan Croucier’s turn. Though Croucier was only a backup singer during the band’s 1981-1991 arena-filling heyday, here he sings lead, turning in credible versions of all the hits, including “Round and Round” and “Lay It Down.” While there won’t be much new in the set, die-hard fans will enjoy a chance to hear these songs one more time from an original source.

July 29 Popular Kneehighs Keep the Albums Coming Rock influenced hip hoppers The Kneehighs host a CD release show for their latest album, “We Put The Fun In Dysfunction,” at the Casbah on July 29. The bar was set high by their previous effort, “Rise and Shine,” which took home the 2007 San Diego Music Award for “Best Hip Hop Album.” But “WPTFID” is another winner, full of great hard groove-edged tracks such as “I Swear I’m Never Drinking Again” and soul tinged “Future Speak.” Both are standouts amid the dozen tracks here —clear indicators of why, after more than a decade performing in the area, the Kneehighs remain one of San Diego’s most popular bands. The Kneehighs. Rhett Miller

Karma Police

August 10

August 14

Benefit Concert for Guitarist Michael Fortuna

A Rare Appearance by Rhett Miller

San Diego’s musicians are always among the first to pitch in whenever needed, so it’s only natural that when one of their own is in need, a multitude of the area’s best will gather for a benefit concert. Such will be the case on Aug. 10 at the Music Box when many of the country’s top tribute bands gather to raise money for guitarist Michael Fortuna, who was injured in a traffic accident last month. Fortuna, best known as frontman for the Radiohead tribute act Karma Police and guitarist in Oasis tribute Foasis, has racked up extensive medical bills in his recovery, but hopefully this concert, featuring Strange Love (Depeche Mode), The Cured (The Cure), Light My Fire (The Doors) and more will help defray expenses. This is a wonderful opportunity to do a good deed and take in a great night of music at the same time.

Former Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller performs at the Soda Bar on Aug. 14. One of the most respected singer-songwriters of the past 20 years, Miller normally plays much bigger venues than this, making it a mandatory show for any of his legion of fans. His most recent album, “The Traveler,” continues Miller’s fine tradition of Americana, but whatever he ends up playing at this intimate concert will thrill anyone lucky enough to be in attendance.



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San Diego Pride will host the Spirit of Diego Pride Director of Operations. "San Stonewall Rally on Friday July 15, 2016 Diego has such a vibrant LGBT service and the Pride Parade on Saturday July, member and veteran community, we know 16, 2016. On the heels of his historic con- his presence is going to mean the world to firmation by the U.S. Senate as the 22nd so many. It is an incredible honor to host Secretary of the U.S. Army, Eric Fanning Secretary Fanning at San Diego Pride." will take the stage as keynote speaker at Fri"I am humbled to be the keynote speaker day's rally and serve as one of and an honorary Grand MarSan Diego Pride's Hon. Grand shal. As our community moves Marshals for the parade on Satforward, we strive for full incluurday. sion of all Americans who can San Diego Pride made hisdo the job, and just want an tory in 2011 with over 200 opportunity to serve the Nation active duty service members they love," said Secretary of the from every branch of the miliArmy Eric Fanning. tary marching before the repeal The Spirit of Stonewall Rally, of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and will take place at the Pride Fesagain made history in 2012 tival Mainstage at Marston when the Pentagon allowed Point in Balboa Park, Friday, active duty service members to Secretary Eric Fanning July 15, at 6:00pm. More info at wear their uniforms for the first time in any US Pride. The Pride Parade will kick off "From José Sarria, to Harvey Milk, to at 11:00am, Saturday, July 16 in Hillcrest, Eric Fanning, LGBT service members and and starts at the intersection of Normal St, Department of Defense civilians have been and University Ave. More info at a crucial part of the fabric of our movement and this nation," said Fernando Lopez, San



RETURNING TO SAN DIEGO! Make your PRIDE party the event everyone remembers with this refreshing and festive craft cocktail.

| 866-870 -2717

Groups (10+): 619-564-3001 ©Disney

Pink Grapefruit Margarita

Sept. 7 – Oct. 2 | San Diego Civic Theatre

Ingredients: 1 ½ oz. Tequila 1 ½ oz. vomFASS Pink Grapefruit Liqueur 1 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice Lime wheel Kosher salt

Preparation: Add tequila, vomFASS Pink Grapefruit Liqueur and lime juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Mix thoroughly. Rub rim of serving glass with lime juice and dip rim into kosher salt. Fill with chilled margarita and garnish with lime wheel.

Stop by to Taste the World’s Finest Oils, Vinegars, Spirits, & Wines Located in HUB next to Ralph's 1050 University Ave. E103 San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 534-5034 t


3rd Avenue & B Street

619.570.1100 Season Sponsored by

Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm


619.564.3001 Groups (10 +) Website Powered by



San Diego Gets Brew School’d by Finest City Improv Two local breweries to participate in sudsy comedy pairing Back by popular demand, Finest City Improv will hit the stage for a summer tour of the next best way to taste beer: a six-sensory explosion of tastes, smells, sights, sounds, touch and joy. This summer, Finest City Improv invites those 21 and up to its Brew School’d series at Burning Beard Brewers on Saturday, July 23, and Mission Brewing on Saturday, Aug. 13. For each performance, improvisers will transform the tasting rooms at Burning Beard and Mission Brewing into theaters with a stage, seating and sound. Finest City will invite guests to participate in the interactive performance that pairs beer with an unusual complement:

The Aug. 13 performance will be at Mission Brewing.

improv. For each show, Finest City founder and CEO Amy Lisewski will narrate as a cast of four extravagant characters and one real-life brewmaster evaluate four beers for the audience’s enjoyment, tasting the microbrews simultaneously. “Brew School’d is the beer pairing event for people who love local San Diego breweries, but want to pair their drinks with something more than happy hour appetizers,” says Lisewski. “Strap in for a hilarious series of shows that both comedy and craft beer lovers will appreciate under one joyful roof.” As a sans-script show, Brew School’d relies on audience participation. Attendees can expect to have an active role in shaping their evening entertainment, ultimately earning an

Full of pride id de. Gran nd-Openin ng Party 4 -7 p.m. . Friday, July y 15 Free b beerr, wine, bubbles b bbl aand d snacks ks Q Free “rainbrows” fo or Prid de off Hillcrest e Party Q To our tthe salon, meet the waxxologistts Q Giffts t for o everyone Q

Hillcresst - San Die ego 1040 Uniiverssity Ave., Suite B20 07 619-269 9-977 70

lunchboxwax.c ax com m

honorary certificate in a topic everyone in San Diego should study — craft beer. Past events at local breweries such as Green Flash, Karl Strauss and Groundswell have been met with big laughs and rave reviews. Founded in 2011, Finest City Improv performs bold comedy every Thursday through Sunday evening with a goal of bringing people together and spreading joy through laughter. As Lisewski says, “Life is just more enjoyable when you are laughing.” In this case, laughing over a flight of local beers. To get Brew School’d this summer, purchase tickets here. For more information on San Diego’s premiere improv company, visit Mission Brewery is located at 1441 L St. in Downtown San Diego’s East Village. Burning Beard Brewers is located at 785 Vernon Way, in El Cajon. ‘Brew School’d is the beer pairing event for people who love local San Diego breweries, but want to pair their drinks with something more than happy hour appetizers,’ says Finest City founder and CEO Amy Lisewski.



Seismic Testing on World’s Largest Outdoor Shake Table Six-story frame building undergoes test BY IOANA PATRINGENARU

A team of engineers tested a sixstory, lightweight steel-frame building on the world’s largest outdoor seismic shake table last month at the University of California San Diego. The goal is to better understand how coldformed steel structures withstand earthquakes and the fires that may follow. This is the tallest coldformed steel-frame structure to ever undergo tests on a shake table. The engineers, led by UC San Diego Professors Tara Hutchinson and Gil Hegemier, from the Center for Extreme Events Research at the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego, put the sixstory building through a series of increasingly intense earthquake simulations. Researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute tested the building’s performance during a live fire. During both series of tests, UC San Diego researchers were to fly small drones to map the structure and assess damage. The $1.5 million project is supported by a coalition of government agencies, foundations and industry partners including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the California Seismic Safety Commission

and partners from the steel industry and insurance companies. The researchers received approximately $1 million in in-kind donations from industry partners to build and outfit the structure. “The California Seismic Safety Commission is charged with supporting research and education that improves the safety of the citizens of the state in the event of an earthquake,” said commission director Richard McCarthy. “We were happy to support this innovative research studying how this type of construction, in increased use in California, can be made safer in the case of an earthquake or fire. This testing sequence illustrates how applying cost-effective partnerships effectively and new technologies such as drones and remote sensing can help reduce the earthquake risk to people and property.” Researchers installed more than 250 sensors, over 40 video cameras, and a GPS system provided by the Orbit and Permanent Array Center at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, to gather data during the tests. Some sensors are sensitive enough to detect movements caused by the wind. “What we are doing is the equivalent of giving the building

The ground floor of the building was equipped with stoves and water heaters.

Researchers tested a six-story coldformed steel-framed building.

an EKG to see how it performs after an earthquake and a postearthquake fire,” said principal investigator Tara Hutchinson. Hutchinson and her team wanted to see how a six-story building made from lightweight steel performs during and after a temblor. She and colleagues believe it will fare well, in part because it’s lighter than a concrete building of the same height and as a result has less mass to generate damaging forces. At the end of the testing, the building will be subjected to a simulated earthquake that is stronger than what the structure was designed to withstand, in an effort to better understand how it might fail and to validate computer models of structural response that can be used to predict performance during different earthquakes. The building’s architectural layout is designed to replicate a multi-family residential structure. But in this case researchers are pushing the limit of structural height, erecting the building 64 feet above the shake table platen. The largest building of this construction type tested before today on a shake table was a two-story residential structure in 2013. Shake then Fire

During the seismic testing part of the project, the building underwent a series of temblors of increasing intensity. Simulations included motions recorded during the 1994, 6.7-magnitude Northridge earthquake; the 1992, 7.2-magnitude Cape Mendocino

Several water heaters also were placed on the sixth floor.

Earthquake, both which occurred in California; and the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that took place in 2010 in Maule, Chile. Live fire tests took place after seismic testing. Researchers led by Brian Meacham, a professor at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ignited pans of heptane, a liquid fuel, in eight rooms on the building’s second and sixth floors to achieve temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Celsius — almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, within the seismically damaged rooms. Using temperature probes and video cameras, the researchers assessed how damage from the simulated earthquakes affected the ability of the passive fire protection systems to contain fires and prevent the spread of smoke. Drones

Falko Kuester, a structural engineering professor in the Jacobs School, deployed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during both the seismic and fire testing to create a 3D model and video of observed damage. Data from the fire tests will allow the researchers to capture the thermal profile of the building. This effort aims to determine whether drones equipped with heat-detection cameras could be used to find survivors and assess damage after earthquakes and the fires that often follow them. The building is also equipped with appliances, such as water heaters and stoves that could potentially ignite a fire if they move excessively during an earth-

quake. State Farm Insurance and the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety provided funding to place these appliances, both braced and unbraced, throughout the structure. Researchers are hoping to evaluate which restraint system is most effective during an earthquake. State Farm also has installed a smart device that detects seismic waves in the building. When the waves reach a certain threshold, the device is designed to shut down services to a residence before the worst of the earthquake hits. UC San Diego’s shake table is part of the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure Network funded by the National Science Foundation, supported through a five-year, $5.2 million NSF grant for the facility’s operation and maintenance: This is the first time that seismic tests focused on a six-story structure built of cold-formed steel (CFS). The building, which is taller than most structures that use CFS, included some nonstructural components, including doors and windows. The exterior of the building is complete with sheetrock cladding as well as CFS door and window frames, each commonly used in residential construction. (This article is courtesy of UC San Diego News Center.)

UC San Diego structural engineering graduate student Srikar Gunisetty installs a sensor in the building.





Finding The Right Craft Beer For You A Crash Course in Beer Tasting with Coronado Brewing Company’s BREWMASTER, RYAN BROOKS

CLASSIC SAN DIEGO STYLE FISH TACO A Local Favorite Beer Battered Fish Taco Recipe


PA, Stout, Pilsner, Lager, hops, and bitter are just a few beer terms you will hear tossed around the local bars of San Diego. With San Diego County becoming such a hot bed for craft beer drinkers, some people may be intimidated by such lingo. Brewmaster Ryan Brooks from Coronado Brewing Company has some tips on finding the ideal beer style for you. For many of us, the first style of beer we drink is of the lighter variety including Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Mexican Lagers such as Corona, Pacifico, Tecate. These lighter beers were important to my pallet training. There is nothing wrong with a mass produced lighter beer. This is an important step for new beer drinkers in learning what styles your pallet prefers. The next step for the new craft beer drinker would be to experiment with all-malt versions of Lagers such as: Kirin, Kona Longboard, and Full Sail Session. All of these beers come from 100% malted barley and skip out on the corn, rice or sugar adjuncts that make a beer lighter in flavor and cheaper. This will help you understand some of the different tastes that beer styles have. One of the good things about craft beer is that you can buy the beer in single bottles, most likely in a 22-ounce bottle. Start off with a familiar style, lager,

pilsner, maybe even pale ale. Trying all the different styles of beer in a smaller portion will help you understand what your pallet can handle. One of my favorite things to hear from a novice beer drinker is the brutal honesty of their tasting notes. I distinctly remember quotes of “it tastes like wet crackers” or “it smells like how a clear gummy bear tastes.” These are the best real tasting notes. Too many times beer drinkers get that wine snobbiness about them and use generic tasting words that are overused. I’m a fan of honest tasting. You love it or you hate it. There is no right or wrong answer, if you taste it, that flavor is there for you. Over time you will be able to pick up subtleties that in the beginning get over looked due to a flavor overload from more malt than usual or an increased in bitterness, hop aroma. I encourage all beer drinkers to not always write off a style or brand because of a bad experience. Our pallets are always changing and what you hated at one point can become your new favorite. Take a chance and be open-minded. But most of all enjoy a beer. There is no reason to be intimidated by craft beer. One of the great things about craft beer is that there are so many different styles to choose from; it’s almost impossible not to find one that you enjoy.

About Ryan Brooks: Ryan Brooks began home brewing in 2008 and quickly became involved in the local craft beer scene. His first brewing job came a year later when he started to work for Black Market Brewing in Temecula. Brooks’ next opportunity came at a brewery all the way around the world. In 2011, Malt Shovel Brewing in Sydney, Australia offered him a position to brew with them. After his year in Australia, Brooks returned to Black Market and earned the title of Head Brewer. Coronado Brewing came calling in 2012 and named Brooks their new Brewmaster, and he has brewing for them ever since. Recently, Brooks achieved one of the most prestigious awards in the brewing industry, World Beer Cup Champions for mid-sized brewery and Brewmaster for Coronado.

1 12 0z of Easy Up 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon minced capers 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1/2 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 tsp. ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 tsp. dried dill weed 1 egg 1 tsp. ground cayenne pep 1 lb. cod fillets, cut into 2 to 3 oz portions 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1 (12oz) pack corn tortillas 1/2 cup mayo 1/2 cabbage, shredded 1 lime, juiced 1 jalapeno, minced Directions: 1. To make beer batter: In a large bowl, combine flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt. Blend egg and beer, then quickly stir into the flour mixture (don't worry about a few lumps). 2. To make white sauce: In a medium bowl, mix together yogurt and mayonnaise. Gradually stir in fresh lime juice until consistency is slightly runny. Season with jalapeno, capers, oregano, cumin, dill, and cayenne. 3. Heat oil in deep-fryer to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). 4. Dust fish pieces lightly with flour. Dip into beer batter, and fry until crisp and golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Lightly fry tortillas; not too crisp. To serve, place fried fish in a tortilla, and top with shredded cabbage, and white sauce. Check out for more details



San Diego Becoming North America’s Bicycling Capital Report by San Diego Sport Innovators San Diego is becoming North America’s bicycling capital, where annual revenues from wholesale and retail sectors of the bicycling industry top $547 million, according to a report by San Diego Sport Innovators. In the wholesale cycling and related manufacturing, there are currently more than 50 companies with annual revenues of $97.4 million, according to the report. The retail sector — bikes and related cycling gear — total $220 million per year generated by 227 independent bicycle dealers, with those IBDs employing an estimated 1,226 workers. Other bike-related retail activity totals $230 million with $56 million in retail salaries and wages. The report also focused on San Diego’s Cycling Consumer. Onethird of San Diego County residents or 1.1 million people currently participate in cycling. That’s a cycling population that exceeds the entire population of top cycling cities like Austin, Texas (885,400), Portland, Ore. (609,500) and Boulder, Colo. (102,200). Additionally, 37 percent of San Diego cyclists or 470,000 identify themselves as “frequent/avid” cyclists; San Diego cyclists are 29 percent more likely to purchase a new bike in the next year than U.S. cyclists overall; and San Diego has experienced an 84 percent increase in the number of bicycle commuters since 2000. The report pointed to San Diego demographics that support both cycling participation and industry growth. San Diego’s median household and per capita income is $63,996 and $31,043, respectively, versus the U.S. totals of $53,482 and $28,555. An important statistic to cycling growth is that San Diego’s 18-34 age group totals 27.4 percent of the population or No. 1 in the country. San Diego continues to be a pioneering leader nationally with an emphasis on high-performance fitness; leading engineering of high performance machines; the birthplace and hotbed of Triathlon training; and a political will to get the population out of cars and onto bicycles, the report states. As of 2015, it said, San Diego County has approximately 1,340 miles of bikeway facilities, with the city of San Diego planning to more than double that number by 2030.



San Diego Automotive Museum Puts Cars from TV Shows in New Exhibit The San Diego Automotive Museum announces the opening of its new exhibit — “Star Cars....As Seen on TV!” The exhibit features cars from movies and TV and will run through Oct. 2. The exhibit illustrates the impact cars have had on film and television over the years. Featured vehicles include: 1958

Plymouth Fury (“Christine”), 1950 Studebaker (“Batman Forever”), 1979 Checker Cab (“Catch Me if You Can”), 1972 Honda 600 (“Almost Famous”), 1975 Grand Torino (“Starsky & Hutch”), 1964 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, 1947 Ford Police Car (“The Magestic”), 1950 Mark V Jaguar (“New York Heartbeat”), 1970 Volkswagen (“Herbie the Love Bug”), 1991 Pon-

tiac Firebird (“Knight Rider”), 2001 Honda S200 (“2 Fast 2 Furious”), 1966 Ford Thunderbird (“Thelma & Louise”), 1978 Subaru (“The Conjuring”) and a 1966 Crown Imperial (“The Green Hornet”). The exhibit also features a 1976 Harley Davidson owned and ridden by Evel Knievel. Memorabilia from the films and TV shows enhance the exhibit offerings.

The museum will hold a film festival to celebrate the cars. “Thelma and Louise” will air on Friday, July 29. “Almost Famous” will air on Friday, Aug. 5, and “Christine” rounds out the series on Aug. 12. Admission is just $5 per film or the entire series is available for just $12. Call (619) 398-0301 for details and tickets. These films are rated R, so no children.

From ‘Herbie the Love Bug.’

Car from ‘Batman Forever.’

The evil car from ‘Christine.’

Car featured in ‘2 Fast 2 Furious.’

Regular hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission prices are: $9 for adults, $6 for seniors (65 and over), $5 students with ID, $4 children ages 6 – 15. Children under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge. The museum is free to all San Diego County residents and military with ID on the 4th Tuesday of each month.


MOPA Acquires Local Collection of Australian Photography

‘Untitled #20 by Bill Henson. ( Courtesy MOPA)

The Museum of Photographic Arts has established the Peter and Olivia Farrell Collection of Australian Photography in its permanent collection with the acquisition of 24 photographs and 100 photo books. The acquisition is part of a larger initiative to expand MOPA’s permanent collection to include Pacific Rim artists and elevate Australian photography to a wider global audience while supporting photographers from that region. “This is an ambitious endeavor

to better share the wonders of Australian photography with the public,” MOPA Executive Director Deborah Klochko said. “We’re not looking to re-create or redefine it. We want to showcase it, while learning more about the phenomenal work being done.” Sydney photography collector and dealer Josef Lebovic donated the photo books and supported Peter and Olivia Farrell in their decision to gift their representative collection of Australian photography to MOPA. In addition, the donation will establish an

acquisition fund for the ongoing purchase of contemporary Australian photography. “As residents of San Diego, Olivia and I are delighted to be able to provide such excellent examples of both past and contemporary Australian photography,” Peter Farrell said. “We are sure MOPA visitors will delight in this collection.” A range of artists are represented in the collection from early 20th century icons, such as Max Dupain, David Moore and Olive Cotton, to more recent work of

internationally known photographers like Tracey Moffat and Bill Henson. Henson’s photograph Untitled #20 (LMO SH177 N2A) is the first piece from the new acquisition to be included in an exhibition at MOPA. “Defying Darkness: Photography at Night” is on display through Oct. 2. The upcoming 2018 exhibition and accompanying photo book will be one of the major projects Merry Foresta will undertake as MOPA’s first curator-at-large. Foresta said she is interested in what kind of voice this work adds

to a global conversation about contemporary photography. “Historically, institutions in Australia have energetically created a context for the understanding and appreciation of photography,” Foresta said. “We will have an opportunity to see the broad range of work offered by Australian artists. With its strong emphasis on engagement with new artists and audiences, MOPA offers an opportunity to experience new art and big ideas.”





© Barbara Fuscsick



GOT A CAPT TION FOR THIS CARTOON? Welcome to our monthl ly neighborhood cartoon caption contest! See wha at you can come up with and let us know The winner receives a $50.00 gift certificate t at a local restaurant! To enter, email entries to CartoonContest@MidCityNewspaperGr a

by Jul ly 31ST. Please remember to limit your submissions to three and please keep them brief.

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40. Changed gears 41. ___ Saau uer: Weapons co. 42. Brews 44. __ Maay, actres es 45. Shiny cotton textile 46. Cavvalry-sw word 47. Bullfig l ghting maneu uver e 48. Shopping containers 51. ÒPu uppy BowlÓ l nettwork listing 52. Hillside 53. Meetric i al foot 54. Dog in Peter Pan 55. Romaine letttuce 58. Irish Sea Isle


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A Day of Arts and Leisure in Mexico City Contemporary art showcased in Museo Jumex Take a stroll in the famous Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City and visit Museo Jumex, which houses the largest private contemporary art collection in Latin America. Opened in 2013 and designed by renowned British architect Sir David Chipperfield, the museum presents thought-provoking contemporary art shows as well as acclaimed international traveling exhibitions. In addition to a rigorous visual arts program, Museo Jumex has become a key figure for the research and reflection of contemporary art in Mexico, hosting public and educational programs including different types of reading workshops, interactive events and other activities.

If you can make it there by September you’ll see Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s renowned exhibition, “How to Work Better,” which opened this June, bringing together more than 200 of their artists’ collaborative sculptures, videos, photographs and installations. It follows the innovative and aweinspiring exhibition, “The Natural Order of Things,” which incorporated more than 100 works from Colección Jumex and served as a framework to present Chief Curator Julieta Gonzalez’s vision for the museum. Her curatorial approach identifies culture, the built environment, information and technology, and the relationship between art and life, as key fields of agency in contemporary art. Gonzalez has been

a curator for museums across the world, including New York City, London and other parts of Latin America. Later this year the highly anticipated exhibition of Canadian collective General Idea will open, presenting mixed medium works from October 2016 through February 2017. When you’ve gotten your art fix for the day, be sure to stop at the museum’s bookstore housing oneof-a-kind publications and take a break at the café with a fresh cup of espresso. Then you will find yourself in the beloved district of Polanco, where you can enjoy the cultural diversity and abundance of high-end stores and top-rated restaurants.

Museo Jumex, designed by renowned British architect Sir David Chipperfield, opened in 2013.

The museum presents thought-provoking contemporary art shows. (Photo by Moritz Bernoully)

One of the exhibits at Mexico City’s Museo Jumex. (Photo by Moritz Bernoully)

An evening vies of Museo Jumex.




FESTIVAL ATTRACTIONS ART OF PRIDE: Check out the breathtaking artwork by LGBT artists.

SOBRIETY VILLAGE: San Diego’s LGBT recovery organizations come together

each year to provide 12-step meetings and support at the festival all weekend. ASL INTERPRETATION: All Main Stage and Leather Realm performances will

be interpreted for the Deaf community. Additional ASL interpretation may be available upon request.

SHUTTLE STOP: Free transportation back to our free parking lot! SHE-POWER HEALTH AND WELLNESS ZONE: The hub for LGBTQ health

ATM’S: They’re outside the main gate near ticket sales and throughout the festival

and wellness services, resources, activities, games, and giveaways.

grounds. BEVERAGE GARDEN: Grab a beer, cocktail, glass of wine, or a refreshing

START TALKING, STOP HIV: Learn about new tools and resources available to us in the fight to end HIV.

product from The Coca-Cola company at any one of our entertainment zones. BIKE CORRAL: Ride to the festival and secure your bike here.

T SPOT: Transgender, genderqueer, and intersex communities of San Diego

PRIDE FAMILY PICNIC: Bring the kids, pack your lunch, and let’s celebrate

educate about gender identity, provide a safe space to find resources, and showcase our communities’ successes.

Pride together with fun activities, sno cones, popcorn, and snacks!! Organized by The Center’s family services.

TICKETS: Purchase your festival tickets here.

CAR2GO DROP: Take a car2go to the festival – pull up, log out, and the car2go

UBER ZONE: Don’t stress to find your Uber. Look for the Uber sign. A convenient

team will take care of the rest! Spend more time celebrating Pride and less time looking for parking!

pick-up and drop-off area is here for you and your driver to connect with ease. VOLUNTEER VILLAGE: Volunteers check in here. You make Pride happen!

COMMUNITY RESOURCE TENT: A hub for community resources, services, and

information brought to you by 211 SAN DIEGO.

YOUTH ZONE: The hub for LGBTQ+ youth! Hang out with friends, make new connections, and get youth centered resources. Organized by The Trevor Project.

GET TESTED CABANAS: Confidential HIV testing is offered here, thanks to our sponsor UC SAN DIEGO HEALTH SYSTEM.


HIV TESTING: Confidential HIV testing is offered here, thanks to the San Diego

STONEWALL MAIN STAGE: The centerpiece of the Pride Music Festival with

County HIV, STD & Hepatitis Branch.

headlining artists and the best in video, lights and sound. Enjoy the show from the Alaska Airlines Beverage Garden or VIP Lounge by Harrah’s Resort.

HIV TESTING: Confidential HIV testing is offered here, thanks to AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

MUNDO LATINO: It’s música Latina en español with some of the best emerging

INFORMATION CENTER: Maps, programs, entertainment schedules,

artists in live rock, folkloric dancing, y más. Enjoy the musical flavors with a Latin flair. Be a part of the Latin community at Mundo Latino.

accessibility info, and lost-and-found! Spanish translators also available. Hablamos Espanol. Brought to you by VOLUNTEER WITH CHELI.

THE MOVEMENT HIP-HOP STAGE: Here, our top notch DJs will be spinning

LAMBDA ARCHIVES: Take a look back as we reflect on the history of the LGBT

the hottest sounds from Hip-Hop, Soul and R&B. With its own dance floor and beverage garden, this stage will keep you moving and in the zone!

community. THE LEATHER REALM: Exhibits, workshops, and entertainment focused on

ATHLETE ALLEY: Join San Diego’s LGBT athletic organizations, play some volleyball, cornhole, or just grab a beverage, sit back and enjoy the jocks!

leather, BDSM, and Kink. MEDICAL TENT: Basic first aid, sunscreen and ice packs. Sponsored by AMR.

FREE RAINBOW ZONE: Want to join the celebration, connect with community resources, and not have to purchase a ticket? This brand new addition to Pride has food, music, and info all for FREE!!!

PRIDE MERCHANDISE: Show your Pride in style with sales that help Pride give

back to the community! RESTROOMS: Located throughout the festival. SENIOR COOL ZONES: Offering a cool, shady area with seating and services for adults 55 & up. Supported by resources from Collwood Terrace Stellar Care and volunteers from FOG.

EUPHORIA DANCE GARDEN: Feel the excitement as we surge with music and entertainment from Sony. It’s an experience not to be missed! Dance all day and into the night. RAINBOW STAGE: We’re bringing you the best and worst of 80’s& 90’s classics.

Sit back, relax, rock out and reminisce to your favorites brought to you by some of San Diego’s favorite local DJ’s.



Highlight Performances at PRIDE Music Festival (PHOTOS FROM LAST YEAR’S EVENT)

KESHA When: Saturday, July 16 from 7:55PM – 9:00PM Main Stage

PAUL OAKENFOLD When: Sunday, July 17 from 6:00PM – 7:30PM Main Stage

PIERCE FULTON Sunday, July 17 from 5PM – 6PM Main Stage

SAM SPARRO Sunday, July 17 from 3PM – 4PM Main Stage

BRIGHT LIGHTS Sunday, July 17 from 4PM – 5PM Main Stage

NOELIA Saturday, July 16 from 7:30PM – 8:15PM Mundo Latino Stage

DEMETRIA Saturday, July 16 from 6:00PM – 6:45PM The Movement Hip-Hop Stage

AB SOTO Sunday, July 17 from 6:30PM – 7PM Mundo Latino Stage

RILAN Saturday, July 16 from 4:30PM – 5PM Main Stage

WRABEL Saturday, July 16 from 7:20PM – 7:40PM Mainstage




Hey kids! Cali Life Co. Kids is an art project inspiring local youth to develop their creative skills, building confidence and experience within and beyond their communities. What colors do you see? Have FUN and color it all in!