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Urban Legend Phony ppl Brooklyn’s new sound

Danii phae watch and learn MAC Miller the man and the legend

issue #1 juNE 2012

EDITOR Chrissa Vasiliadou

DESIGN Joanne Neale & Chrissa Vasiliadou

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FEATURES Chrissa Vasiliadou

EDITOR’S LETTER This magazine was specifically created for those of you who have a great love for all things 90’s, a passion for urban street-style and a “thing” for Tumblr. You see, I ‘ve been on Tumblr for about 3 years now and I have managed to create my own little paradise on there, so one day I just thought: How awesome would it be if I could just print my entire blog out and read it? And well, that’s what Urban Legend is all about! It’s a magazine that consists of all the things you like looking at and knowing about no matter how old or new or how in fashion or out of fashion they might be. This magazine was made by people like you, for people like you, so as you understand, for Urban Legend YOU are all that matters!


world wide web

Everything you need to know about 2012’s Olympic Games.

You don’t have PhotoShop on your laptop? No biggie! We are awesome enough to point you towards the perfect substitute for it.

e v o L a t t Go

If you are not aware of the art of meme-making... “You must be new here...”


A website that studies the mesmerising different species of Walmartians.

world wide web

Cool, Unique and Geeky gift ideas.

if you dig weird tutorials, this is going to become your favourite website in the whole world.

t e N ' e h T e An online bro-bible for all young gentlemen out there.

Awesome games for procrastination pros.

Stop complaining you can’t find a good radio station out there and create your own in a couple of minutes. 06

90's love

Just Another 90's Flashback This is a collage of everything you ‘ve ever loved. And no, We ‘re not being dramatic.



How many times have you complained that “they don’t make music like this anymore” after listening to a 90’s tune like ‘gangsta’s paradise’ or ‘changes’? We ‘re guessing one too many, but don’t get desperate… Just say hello to Phony Ppl! By Chrysi Vasileiadou

Phonyland, Phony Ppl’s latest work, takes you back to a “dangerous minds” era and it does it well. Lyrics that rep Brooklyn’s youth better than ever before, a sound that gives you shivers and a dynamic that could easily overshadow any established name in the game, give us every right to believe that these guys have discovered and added a dope secret ingredient to the classic, mediocre recipe thousands of other musicians are using. As Bari Bass, the group’s bassist, recently stated in an interview with “We relate everything to soccer. You have to learn how to play as a team in order to achieve one goal and that one goal is a good song. So if everyone is trying to score the same goal, we ‘re gonna end up working together, passing the ball and moving into the right spaces”. But who’s everyone? The band –that’s what we choose to call them even though Phony Ppl don’t really label themselves as anything but a “collective”- consists of nine guys whose ages vary between 19-21: Dyme-a-Duzin, Sheriff Pj, Elbee Thrie, Aja Grant, Bari Bass, Elijah Rawk, Ian Bakerwoman, Maff Yuu and Temi O. According to their website’s profile “the

crew boasts an infectious style throughout their many projects built on inescapable melodies, feel-good hooks and advanced instrumentation. Blending hip-hop attitude with pop sensibilities, Phony Ppl speaks directly to a new, untapped generation of music lovers whose iPods are filled with music of all genres and eras.” We couldn’t agree more! So believe it or not, this group of kids who are basically writing and composing all their music in Maff Yuu’s home at Bedford-Stuyvesant –aka Casa De La Phony to their friends and fans-, have already started writing the kind of history we all wish we would write when we were little. Actually, their latest album which they produced themselves and was released online and more specifically on their website in January 2012, where it’s available for everyone to listen and download, is proof of all that. We dare you to go have a listen! You won’t be able to get enough of this street-magical, Brooklyn soul. If this is how these guys sound, we wanna keep them around and ‘round and ‘round... s

“the crew boasts an infectious style throughout their many projects built on inescapable melodies, feel-good hooks and advanced instrumentation.”



Here: Phony Ppl. Underneath: Phony Ppl’s latest discography -Possessed (Creative Zone), 4 The 1st Time, Phonyland.

Website: Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Contact:


NEW FACE Some of you -the ones who live in caves and don’t know what the internet ismight have not heard of Danii Phae before. So to those of you who are thinking “Danii who?” all we have to say is:


“I just wanna create wonderful pieces or art for the world... Through fashion, through music, through art, through life.”

Miss Phae doesn’t like labels and neither do we, but you should be blind to not see that she’s a fashion icon –and not just any fashion icon-, she’s as dope as they come! Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, this girl is a badass Caribbean queen who knows her game too well –especially considering that she’s only 20-! Danii is a full time stylist/model and she has already been the face of M.Y.O.B., M.O.T.R., RICHWIERDO, Strange Vixens and CAT footwear, while she just released her first line of sweatshirts that goes by the name ‘PHAE’. Of course all of the above are only a small taste of what PHAE actually has to offer, since in reality she is working on a new project 24/7. In her own words: “I just want to create wonderful pieces of art for the world, through fashion, through music, through art, through life”! Yup! Danii also creates music every now and then, while she has recently tested her acting skills by staring in the Future Islands’ video, ‘Balance’, next to her boyfriend who is no other than Elbee Thrie.

We‘d like to tell you about the thousands of followers Danii has on Tumblr and about all those people who consider her to be a role model as well as an endless source of inspiration, before we finish up, but then again what’s the point? We‘re sure you already know all about it. Instead, we‘re going to use these last lines to wish miss Phae the best of luck and to shamelessly ask her to send some Danii-swag our way. s

Danii Phae for PHAE

Check Danii Out:


Tumblr: Twitter:!/Danii_Phae Facebook: YouTube:

Danii Phae & Poppa Purp for NY CAT Footwear

Danii Phae for Tragic.

By Chrysi Vasileiadou


Tumblr: Tumblr 2: Twitter: Facebook: Big Cartel:

If you ever happen to cross paths with the disarmingly pretty Baitong Namasonthi, you will instantly realise she has nothing to do with the average 17-yearold UK college student. Baitong is neither a photographer nor a model. She is not a fashion stylist or a fashion blogger. She is just herself and as it seems this is all she needs to be to make it to the top in the fashion world. You see, miss Namasonthi has already been the face of GiGi Vintage, has just released her first sweatshirts line and has thousands of fanatic followers on tumblr who always turn to her whenever they ‘re in need of fashion advice and throw a little party every time she decides to sell one of her fashion items on her Big Cartel profile. Who runs the world? Baitong!



FUNFERE KOROYE Tumblr: funferekoroye.tumbl Tumblr 2: fusionkelvar.tum oroye Twitter: Facebook: https://www.faceb

The moment we stumbled on this young man’s blog we knew we had to introduce him to you! So who’s the 22-year-old Funfere? Funfere is –apart from the definition of talent and style- a Nigerian product-designer who currently resides in Milan, Italy. He is a menswear blogger, a part-time model, an activist and a million other things that only an extremely passionate human being like him could juggle. In his own words: “My drive is undying and I will not stop until I have dominated the minds of Africans worldwide”. Well, who said we want you to stop? After all, the world is in desperate need of some Funfere-like passion!



TRILLA VANILLA Trilla Vanilla, aka Olivia Adrienne, is a 17-year-old American female who –trust us on this one- carries hell lots of swag! This street-princess has an insane amount of tumblr followers who love the vibes she sends out so much, that they actually set up a Trilla Vanilla fun page, called “We Love Trilla V.” just for her! So what does she do to deserve so much attention? It’s simple: she’s trill! The way she dresses, the things she says, the way she carries herself and of course her infamous lipsinging videos, give out the fact that Olivia has arrived and she is here to stay! We don’t know what you think but if you ask us, this girl is the next big thing in the fashion world! Trilla Vanilla VS. The World: 1-0.

Tumblr: YouTube: Instagram: TRILLA8VANILLA Fans’ Tumblr:


retro styler

By Chrysi Vasileiadou

The Style Edition

Will Smith as Will from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has been, currently is and will always be our favourite style-shaker in the game. The combination of his colourful t-shirts, his trademark hair cut and of course the nice-guy-from-the-ghetto attitude, made sure he holds a special place in all 90’s lovers’ hearts. However, what sets him apart from the crowd is his MC-Hammer-looking parachute pants and -what looks like a never ending- collection of Nikies! Boy! Do we wish we owned his wardrobe!

Jean Claude Van DAMN! he's fine! Style Advice: You don’t need a stylist! Just Visit Amazon and get the Fresh Prince of Bel Air complete series for just $83.


Good Wood Mic Necklace, $40

Hu Bla f Plan ck t Ath Life leti Cre ch ws eat oc her k

Nike Jordan Spizike iD Men’s Basketball Shoe, £150

Huf 12 Galaxies Side Mesh Volley Jade, $35

Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing 1980’s Mens Totally 80’s Baggy Pants, £23.53

Stussy 8 Ball Tee, $24

retro styler





profile So what do you call a 20-year-old guy who plays numerous musical instruments, has already mastered the art of rhyme, has turned himself into a music sensation with almost 0 help from others and carries the kind of swag that could make anyone jealous? Well that’s easy: You call him Mac Miller! Malcom ‘Mac Miller’ McCormick is not just another white rapper. He is the man who brought the 90’s hiphop back, put a little MACadamia in it and turned it into what we like to call the dopest sound ever created by a human being! However, we ‘re not surprised. After all, it’s obvious that a boy who taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar and bass by the age of six, was specifically created to rock the world! Mac used to go by the name EZ-Mac and was a part of a rap group called The III Spoken, with which he produced his first work in 2007 –and yeah, he was only 15-. After that, he released two mixtapes before managing to

''I smoke herb and I make music. I don't even talk about it boy, I just do it.'' ink a deal with Rostrum Records –the company his fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa is also signed up with- in 2010. And well, the rest is history! Mac released his Kickin Incredibly Dope Shit mixtape, which was inspired by the movie KIDS, in August 2010. This led to his first sold out tour, another two mixtapes, an EP and finally to his highly anticipated first album, Blue Slide Park. Mac’s latest mixtape, Macadelic, is out now. GET IT OR REGRET IT! P.S. In case you ‘re thinking we ‘re over exaggerating, keep in mind that Miller made it to the final four in 2009’s Rhyme Calisthenics, won two awards at the Pittsburgh hip-hop awards in 2010 and was one of the 11 rappers who were featured in XXL magazine’s ‘Freshmen Class of 2011’. Need we say more?

Above: The poster of Mac’s Upcoming tour. Underneath: K.I.D.S. -mixtape-, Best Day Ever -mixtape-, On and On and Beyond -EP-, I Love Life -mixtape-, Blue Slide Park -album-, Macadelic -mixtape-.

Website: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: myspace:


s l a i t n e s s E r e mm


Huf Savages 6 Panel hat, $32


Bape x Casio 1st Camo G-Shock Watch, £250

s e o r e H r Fo

Crooks & Castles Ruckers Back Pack $240

Smoots Stussy Sunglasses, $110

Globe Base Tobacco Choco Sandals, $35

Supreme Khaki Chino Pant, $138

Vans Authentic Acid Wash Denim Shoes, £50 Basman Medium 7-speed “Hot Rod” Bike

Huf 420 Pack Kristina Rose T-shirt $34 22


s l a i t n e s s E r e mm




rab pesta Ka Bape Ba , £25 in Key Cha

s e o r e h S For

Stussy Designs Trucker Ballcap, $23

Good Wood Leopard i-phone 4 Case, $50

Spy OMG Glasses, $85


be U

Glo a Pl 2 r 1 ste $ Ea ium F U D H ck Pa



li nt

, $1 iser


Topshop Moto Dip Dyed Hotpants, £34

Nixon The Trooper 3-Button Mic Headphones.

Supreme Back Pack 1000 Denier Cordura, $148 Billionaire Boys Club University Mascot Pullover, £145

Bape x George Cox Creepers 24

vacation destination


vacation destination

SAVE GREECE OR GO HOME By Chrysi Vasileiadou

THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE This feature isn’t your ordinary vacation destination recommendation piece. It is all that, but mostly it’s all about raising awareness around the economic crisis in Greece and how vacationing there could be considered activism. You see, the media do their thing and get their “numbers” by over exaggerating about –pretty much- everything and the situation in Greece is no exception. TV channels from all over the world present Greece like it’s a dangerous, dark place to be. They broadcast riots, talk about suicides, high crime rates, aggression against everyone and anything and the list goes on and on. However, that’s not Greece. It is true that the economic crisis has put the country in a very difficult situation and that lots of Greeks can now barely make ends meet. However, the Greek spirit is not in crisis, which means that even though some people –the lucky ones- get to work up to three jobs in order to support themselves and their families, while others –the not so lucky ones- have been fired or unemployed for months, there is no way to wipe their smiles off their faces. In a country so beautiful, where the sun shines so bright and straight to your heart, where mesmerising beaches are literally around the corner no matter where you are and the blue sky falls into the sea in such a way that any swimmer could be fooled into believing that they’re actually flying, there is no such thing as feeling down. So what we are saying is simple: Greece is a small underestimated paradise with a great –almost magical- history, that everyone should visit at least once in their lives, so why not visit Greece now and save it by doing so? After all tourism is the greatest gift you can give to the suborn Greeks who refuse to give up on living their lives to the fullest no matter how much money they have in their pockets.

10 good Reasons to Visit Greece: 1. Because visiting Greece is just as useful –but not even close to as dangerousprotesting against the economic crisis is. 2. Because even though Greeks don’t really break plates when having fun, they actually do dance on tables until the sine rises. 3. Because you secretly want to find out if the “Greek Lover” rumours are true. 4. Because no matter what you might have heard, vacationing on a Greek island is freaking cheap. 5. Because you just have to experience the Greek Souvlaki. 6. Because you can’t find so much history gathered at the same place anywhere else. 7. Because all those thousands of islands need you to explore them. 8. Because this country’s spirit isn’t and will never be in crisis. 9. Because if you don’t visit you will live to regret it. 10. Because… OPA!

Visit Greece: Save Greece: Camp in Greece: *This article was inspired by the beautiful adverts the Adel Saatchi & Saatchi and Soho Square advertising agencies created for the Greek magazine VIMagazino.



Kendrick Lamar Tuesday 26 June at Electric Ballroom in London

Ticket prices start from £18. Book NOW at:

looking 4 myself QQQ Usher’s highly anticipated 7th studio album, Looking 4 Myself, will finally be released on June 12. With producers such as Swedish House Mafia, Max Martin and Diplo this 14-track album is already a definite success. Nevertheless, the featured artists – Rick Ross, Luke Steele and Pharrell Williams- take the listeners’ experience to a whole new level.

people hear what they see

living things



Oddisee’s debut album is finally coming to live on June 12. People Hear What They See features the 12 –explicit- tracks we ‘ve all been longing for! Download the Ain’t that peculiar remix for free, from to get a taste of what Oddisee’s music is all about. All we have to say is that his album definitely is in our wish list.

So Living Things is finally happening! This is the 5th studio album of the dopest rock band out there, it features 12 tracks and we are expecting it to be Linkin Park’s best work up to now –just check out their first single, Burn It Down, and you ‘ll understand why-. Get your hands on a copy of the album on the 26th of June and let us know what you think!



Sing Your Song

Susanne Rostock wrote and directed this beautiful documentary were the famous entertainer and activist, Harry Belafonte, stars as himself. The film successfully introduces people to Belafonte’s contribution to the civil rights movement, as well as to his fight for social justice globally. As Variety’s John Anderson argued: “Sing Your Song does three things only a superior bio-doc can do: Tell a stirring life story, place that life in the context of its times and portray it with the kind of depth and breadth that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been told before”. The film hits UK’s theatres on June 8th.

Casa de mi Padre

Think Like a Man

Killer Joe

Will Ferrell, Diego Luna and Genesis Rodriguez. Need we say more? Casa de mi Padre is a laugh-out-loud kind of movie which focuses on the story of Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), a man who has lived in his father’s ranch in Mexico for his entire life and has to deal with paying all the debts his father has left him. Easily the best spoof of Mexican Westerns we‘ve seen up to now! Having said that, don’t expect a crazy storyline or oscar-deserving acting. You can catch the movie from June 8th.

Who doesn’t like a good comedy combined with a bit of romance? Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Terence J, Jenny Ferrara, Kevin Hurt, Romany Malko, Meagan Good, Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union star in a hilarious movie that’s based on the bestselling book “Act like a lady, think like a man” and make sure to teach us a thing or two about the relationship between the two sexes. One thing is sure. There are no rules when you fall in love... Coming to a theatre close to you on June 22nd.

When young drug dealer Chris (Hirsck) realises that his atrocious mother has stolen his ‘stash’ and that he is therefore in danger of getting taken out of the way by some angry drug-lord, he realises there’s only one possible solution to his problem: hiring a hit man (McConaughey) to shoot his evil mum dead in order to get her life insurance policy money and finally pay off his debts. What happens when the killer wants Chris’ little sister’s body in return though? The film premiers on June 29th.






the amazing spider-man Resident evil: Chronicles MiCoach QQQ


The Amazing Spider-Man is based on the upcoming film from Columbia Pictures and it takes players a step further than what they ‘re used to, by evolving their choices. Available on PS3, PC, Xbox-360, Wii, 3DS and DS, the game will be released on June 26.

Calling all Resident Evil fans: June 27 is definitely a date to remember since it’s the date Capcom chose to release the HD collection of the Resident Evil Chronicles. The game will only be available on PS3. Get ready to shoot some F-ing Zombies down.

london 2012


If you are a fun of exercise and Xbox360/PS3, MiCoach is perfect for you. Sponsored by Adidas and consisting of ‘master classes’ taught by the likes of Kaka, Jose Mourinho and Dwight Howard, MiCoach has got us counting the days until its June 29 release.


London 2012 is the official video game of the Olympic Games. It gives players the opportunity to ‘represent their countries’ in over 45 events or even take the competition online. Available on PS3, PC and Xbox-360, the game hits the stores on June 29.


readers' voice Dope: showing your family and friends you love them. Not: being too proud. -Iren Johnson, 23, Stylist.

Dope: Being hungry for knowledge. Not: Proudly advertising that you never read books. -jamie clearwater, 26, Music teacher.

t o N & e p o D

Dope: exploring the world. Not: sitting on your a$$ all day. -alki newman, 22, engineering student.

Dope: knowing what you want and going for it. Not: being afraid of llife. -olga richards, 26, tennis coach.

Dope: Dreaming big. Not: Letting others bring you down. -jim wilson, 20, waiter.

Dope: world peace. Not: hunger -George brown, 22, coaching student. Dope: trying to make the world a better place. Not: only caring about money. -efi lewis, 23, sales assistant. 31

Urban Legend Issue 1