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working for effective pupil councils in every school


giving your council the tools to make a difference

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School Councils UK Network Membership


Resources : For Staff

9 10 11-14



Resources : For Students Resources : Posters, Postcards, Wall Chart and Wall Planner Order Form and Instructions Resources : Posters, Postcards, Wall Chart and Wall Planner


Resources : Badges and Caps


Resources : Mi-Voice E-Voting Software


Training: Regional Training


Training: Bespoke Training

Key = e-Learning Credit Registered = Network Member Prices

New This Year MiVoice Voting System You can use Mi-Voice to create elections, surveys and referenda. Get pupils, staff and parents to securely vote online or by text message. Get a free trial version when you sign up to the School Councils Network. See pages 18-19

‘‘Student Voice in the Curriculum” Training Days For established school councils, training on involving pupils in evaluating teaching and learning. Great for Ofsted SEF! See pages 20-21

Year Council Badges Let everyone know who their year reps are with these smart badges available in four colours. See page 16

Primary ‘Make A Difference’ Posters Fun, colourful posters designed with primary staff and students to promote your school council. See pages 10 and 15

Primary And Secondary DVDs Our popular case study videos are now available on DVD, broken up into useful chapters. See pages 7-8

School Councils UK School Councils UK is an independent charity which promotes and facilitates effective structures for pupil participation in every school. Our vision is of young people as decision-makers, stakeholders and partners in their schools and communities. We create resources and provide training that will help school councils move ‘beyond the toilets’. Too often school councils seem to just get stuck discussing the same issues over and over again. We want to give school councils the tools to turn those discussions into action. If you are facing a particular problem, or if you’d like to tell us about something great that your school council has been involved with, please do drop us a line, we love hearing from and helping schools. You can email us on or call us on 0845 456 9428



giving your council the tools to make a difference

Network Membership Sharing Ideas, Celebrating Success, Supporting Each Other Over 2000 schools throughout the UK have now joined the School Councils Network giving them access to a range of benefits.

Member Welcome Pack


* * * * * *

Set of Make a Difference school council posters Year planner and activity guide Set of school councils badges ‘Meeting in Progress’ sign School council DVD School councillor handbook

Access To Online Facilities * * * * * * *

Database of school council case studies Free to download resources and lesson plans School and councillor profiles Message boards Polls Games Self-assessment tool

school councils and experiences of other as ide the ut abo out ng “Findi school council; pment and growth of our elo dev the to e abl alu is inv ork provides this link.” the School Councils Netw er Yve, Primary Headteach

“One of the greatest things we did as a school council was becoming a member of the School Councils Network. We were given great support, magazines, an online database and we were able to email for help at any time. As we were new to the school council we needed the help and guidance and that is what this network gave us. Even for long going school councils this network really helps with schoo l council packs, training, and much more.” Pupil, Islamic Girls School

More Benefits Of Membership * Subscription to VoiceBox – the termly magazine * * * * * *


of the Network, packed with news, features, activity guides and school councillor articles 15% discount on School Councils UK resources and training Support and advice for councillors and teachers Feedback on the work of your school council Regular news and event updates First refusal for involvement in one-off projects, conferences and events Trial version of MiVoice online voting tool See page 18

Network Membership Packages Small Primary School (under 100 pupils)

Primary School

Cost: £25.00p.a.

Cost: £50.00p.a.

Code: NWM1P / VAT: S

Code: NWM2 / VAT: S

Small Secondary School (under 100 pupils)

Secondary School

Cost: £25.00p.a.

Cost: £75.00p.a.

Code: NWM1S / VAT: S

Code: NWM3 / VAT: S

resources for staff

The Key Stage 1 School Council and Participation Toolkit How do we enable pupils aged 5-7 to participate in meetings, elections and school improvement? This toolkit will take you through the process, including training sessions for pupils and staff, with examples of successful Key Stage 1 school councils. An online version of this resource can be downloaded for free from

Cost: £26.25/


aryduct prcihm ro ool p

Code: SCUK035 / VAT: Z


Primary School Councils Toolkit


25% of all primary schools are using this resource to set up and maintain an effective school council. With INSET sessions, lesson plans and pupil worksheets, the toolkit is a must for schools committed to pupil participation. ‘An essential resource for every primary school.’

Cost: £29.40/

prima school


Secondary School Councils Toolkit One book is doing more to promote pupil participation in secondary schools than any other. This toolkit has everything you need to know about setting up an effective school council, including case studies, session plans, and pupil worksheets. ‘This resource is as practical as they get … unfussy and highly usable.’ Times Educational Supplement.

Cost: £35.70/ Code: SCUK008 / VAT: Z



Code: SCUK001 / VAT: Z


darucyt secoolnpr od scho

School Councils For All: Including Disabled Pupils and Pupils with SEN Drawing on good practice in mainstream and special schools, this toolkit provides examples and methods to enable you to make your school council accessible to everyone.

Cost: £25.00/


Code: SCUK036 / VAT: Z

School Councils and Pupil Exclusions Report


This research study by Professor Lynn Davies explores the impact of pupil councils on behaviour and exclusions from school. Looking at ten state schools, the report examines how through pupil participation the schools have become more inclusive environments.

Cost: £10.00/


Code: SCUK002 / VAT: Z

Safe and Sorted (Video and DVD) Presenting the achievements of two primary schools in very different circumstances, this video focuses on involving all pupils in the council through class meetings. This is available on VHS (video tape) or DVD, they have the same content but the DVD has the added feature of allowing you to jump to specific chapters (useful to illustrate particular issues).

prima school



Cost: £24.12/


VIDEO - Code: SCUK012 / VAT: S DVD - Code: SCUK045 / VAT: S

resources for staff

Voices of Reason (Video and DVD) Presenting the achievements of Lipson Community College, examining the effects of the school council on pupils, staff, governors and the community. ‘A genuinely uplifting case study.’ Times Educational Supplement This is available on VHS (video tape) or DVD, they have the same content but the DVD has the added feature of allowing you to jump to specific chapters (useful to illustrate particular issues).

Cost: £28.25/

darucyt secoolnpr od



VIDEO - Code: SCUK004 / VAT: S DVD - Code: SCUK046 / VAT: S

8 The Primary School Councils Resource Pack Purchase both the Primary school councils toolkit and Safe and sorted DVD or video and save 10%.

Cost: £48.00/


schoo ary l pro duct

The Secondary School Councils Resource Pack Purchase both the Secondary school councils toolkit and Voices of reason DVD or video and save 10%.

Cost: £57.50/ Code: SCUK010 / VAT: Z


Code: SCUK009 / VAT: Z

£54.35 darucyt secoolnpr od scho

for students

The School Council Handbook for Primary Pupils Being on the School Council is an important job, and it isn’t easy! This handbook will help you by explaining how to be a great school councillor and make a real difference in your school. You can get a free copy of this handbook (one per organisation) from DfES Publications. Go to this website: and search for ‘PPBS-1696-2005’

prim scho

1 Copy - £3.95 / 2-10 Copies (per copy) - £2.95 / 11+ Copies (per copy) - £2.20/

Code: SCUK034 / VAT: Z

a ol ry

prod uct

The School Council Handbook for Secondary Pupils Get your school council organised, motivated and inspired with the School Council Handbook for Secondary Students. This essential pocket-sized resource contains activity guides, planning tools and key information to help your representatives achieve their goals. Over 40,000 students are making a difference with the handbook – here’s what they’re saying: ‘We found it really helpful ... I love it.’ And the teachers agree: ‘An excellent help to the students, giving them organisation and knowledge.’

Cost: 1-10 Copies (per copy) - £3.99 / £3.39 11-20 Copies (per copy) - £3.25 / £3.25 21-30 Copies (per copy) - £2.50 / £2.50 31+ Copies (per copy) - £1.99 / £1.99 Code: SCUK024 / VAT: Z

Cost: £3.35 £2.95 £2.20

darucyt secoolnpr od scho



posters, postcards, wall charts and wall planners

Primary Make a Difference Poster Pack

These new, colourful posters have been designed with primary schools to promote your school council and give ideas of the great work that school councils can do to improve your school. The before and after pictures give suggestions for how school councils can help with common issues.


Comes as a set of 10 posters (2 of each design)

Cost: £20.00 /



sch mar ool proy duc t

Code: SCUK044 / VAT: S

Primary Class Councils Wall Chart How does a class council operate, and what can it achieve? This colourful, double sided poster illustrates the process so that pupils (and staff) will understand. Size 594 x 420mm (minimum order of 5)

Cost: £1.99 /


Code: SCUK016 / VAT: S

arry uct p od prcihm ool s

Ordering Informatio n

Ordering Information Thanks for flicking through the catalogue, we know you don’t have much time, so we’ve tried to make ordering as simple as possible. On the back of this page is a form you can pull out, fill out and either fax or post to us (unfortunately we can’t accept orders over the phone).

Our fax number is: 0845 456 9429

And our address is: School councils UK 108-110 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU


You can enclose a cheque or we can send you an invoice along with your goods, whichever you prefer. Please make cheques payable to ‘School Councils UK’.

VAT Information All the prices in this catalogue include postage, packaging and VAT at the applicable rate: Our VAT number is 782677186

VAT Code

VAT Rate

S = Standard


E = Exempt


Z = Zero Rated


Please make sure when you fill out the form that you write clearly in dark ink. Please make sure you write in the item code to ensure you get exactly the product you want. This is what goes in each of the columns: Code SCUK002

Product Title

Unit Cost



School Councils and Pupil Exclusions Report




Age Of Pupils: ____________ to ____________ Tel: _________________________________ Fax: _________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________ Purchase Order Number: ___________________

School: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________



Post Code: ____________________________

Secondary £75p.a.

Secondary (Small) £25p.a.

Please tick if your school is a special school

Primary £50p.a.

Primary (Small) £25p.a.

Please tick which type of Membership you are applying for ('small' are for schools with less than 100 pupils).

Number Of Students: _____________________

Number Of Staff: ________________________

Date: ________________________________

Course Title: __________________________

Venue: _______________________________

Training Booking Form

LA: __________________________________

Position: _____________________________

Network Membership Form

School Council Co-ordinator: _______________

Name: _______________________________

Contact Details

to make a difference giving your council the tools

order form

Product Title Quantity

Total (all prices include postage, packing and handling)

Unit Cost

Signature: ____________________________



Date: ________________________________

I have read and understood the terms and conditions overleaf.

We will never give any of your contact details to anyone else without your permission. We will only use your contact details to send you your goods and the odd bit of promotional material from us (things like this catalogue). If you don’t want to hear from us again, please tick this box.


If you are a Network member or are joining with this form please use the discount prices for resources and training.

Resources Order Form

regional training booking terms and conditions

Additional Attendees You’re welcome to bring extra staff and/or students to our training days, they are charged at the following rates (Normal prices/member prices – all prices are at VAT rate ‘E’):



Extra Staff Member

Extra Student

Key Stage 1 £125 /




£125 /


£60 /



£125 /


£90 /


We will accept a cancellation of confirmed bookings up to four weeks before the event provided that we have received your written notice of cancellation by that date. The fee paid will be reimbursed less a £10.00 administration charge. No refund will be made for bookings cancelled less than 4 weeks before the event or for non-attendance on the day, unless in exceptional circumstances. A transfer to a future training event might be possible, although a fee of £25.00 will be incurred.

Delivery We try really hard to make sure that your goods get to you within two weeks of us receiving your order, but we are just a small charity so at busy times it may take up to 28 days. We don’t send out items over school holidays as if they need to be signed for they sometimes get returned. If for any reason you are not happy with your goods, please return them to us and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. We do welcome your feedback though so if you think we could improve our resources please email or call 0845 456 9428. Thanks for ordering.

Secondary Make a Difference Posters and Postcards

These posters have been designed to help raise the profile of your school council. The five striking, thought-provoking images can be placed around the school to encourage pupils to talk to the school council if they want to make a difference. The accompanying postcards can be used by pupils to send their comments to the council, or as discussion prompts for training sessions. A lesson plan for using the postcards can be found on Comes as a set of 10 posters (2 of each design) and 30 postcards (6 of each design)

Cost: £30.00 /


Code: SCUK031 / VAT: S

School Council Wall Planner No one need miss another meeting with this unique 2006/7 wall planner. Includes full academic calendar with key dates, colour key for important meetings, cartoons, essential information and event ideas.

Cost: £7.80 / Code: SCUK028 / VAT: S





ol pr ary odu ct


resources badges and caps

School Council Badges Make sure your pupils know who is on the council with these badges. Round pin badges available in blue or red (38mm diameter) with white writing in three designs. Enamel ‘SCHOOL COUNCIL’ badges in blue, red or green (41 x 9mm) with gold writing. Enamel ‘YEAR COUNCIL’ badges in blue, red, green or yellow (41 x 9mm) with white writing.

(Minimum order of 10 of any one style)

Cost: £0.68 /


Cost: £0.68 /


Code: SCUK021 / VAT: S

Code: SCUK020 / VAT: S

16 Cost: £0.68 /


Code: SCUK023 / VAT: S

Cost: £0.68 / Code: SCUK032 / VAT: S

Cost: £1.39 /


Code: SCUK043 / VAT: S

Cost: £1.39 / Code: SCUK041 / VAT: S

Cost: £0.68 /


Cost: £0.68 / Code: SCUK033 / VAT: S

Cost: £1.39 /


Code: SCUK040 / VAT: S



Code: SCUK022 / VAT: S

Cost: £1.39 / Code: SCUK042 / VAT: S



Cost: £1.39 /

Cost: £1.39 /


Cost: £1.39 /


Code: SCUK018 / VAT: S

Code: SCUK017 / VAT: S


Code: SCUK019 / VAT: S

Caps School councilors should be seen and heard! These stylish caps will ensure representatives will be spotted from across the playground so all pupils will know who they are. Available in red or blue. Pre-curved peak. Adjustable velcro strap.

(Minimum order of 10 in any one colour)

ary duct prim hool pro sc

Cost: £3.99 / Code: SCUK030 / VAT: Z


Cost: £3.99 / Code: SCUK029 / VAT: Z



resources Mi-Voice E-Voting Software

Mi-Voice: Easier, Fairer, Relevant & Engaging

Mi-Voice e-voting software allows your school to set up completely secure and anonymous elections. The voting process is quick and easy and allows the electorate to cast their vote on-line or by text message.


You can set up as many votes as you want, so the system could be used for class council elections one day, parent-governor elections the next and to find out what teachers and pupils think of the proposed new school uniform a week later. All elections are managed electronically reducing the amount of administration required.

“Mi-Voice voting performed admirably. There were no issues with the technology and the fact that we could engage young people in the decision voting process through a medium that they were comfor table with certainly encouraged use. The product’s reporting portal was also a major plus. It was simple to use and interpret the results and the fact that the votes were collated automatically reduced the amount of effort required to manage the election.” Sarah, Southampton’s Children and Young People’s Involvement


It’s incredibly simple for you to set up an election, or you could give the responsibility to a school councillor, either way School Councils UK will be happy to help you.

This software will be licensed for your school to use for a year. You can use it as many times as you want within that year for whatever votes your school wants to run. We’ll provide telephone and email support and make sure the system keeps doing what it’s supposed to.

As you might expect, there is an extra charge for text voting. The person voting has to pay for sending a normal text, and a text is automatically sent back saying the vote was received. The school has to pay for this. To make things simpler for everyone we have put together the bundles below, so if you want to use text voting as well as online voting you just have to pay one price for the whole year however many texts you send (within reason).

Costs Mi-Voice Annual Licence (with unlimited online votes) Cost: £365 Code: SCUK047 / VAT: S

Mi-Voice Text Voting Bundles Mi-Voice text voting bundles allow unlimited ‘vote received’ texts for a year (subject to fair use policy). They are charged according to the size of your school.

Cost: £39 per 100 pupils at your school (please round to the nearest 100, i.e. a school of 320 pays £117, a school of 380 pays £156). Code: SCUK048 / VAT: S



regional training days

Regional Training Days We organise one-day training programmes for staff and students with new or developing school councils across the UK. In 2006/7 we will be in: London, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Southampton, Falkirk and Swansea Visit or call 0845 456 9428 for the latest dates and venues. Because of the positive impact of training staff and students together, all primary and secondary days have a minimum staff, student ratio.


All Regional Training Days include free resources and ongoing support, Primary and Secondary days also include membership of the School Councils Network.

School Councils: Make A Difference These courses help staff and students gain the enthusiasm, confidence, skills and ideas necessary to make their councils work.

The Primary and Secondary programme includes: * * * * *

Skills for running effective meetings Exploring the boundaries of student participation Democratic elections and representation Raising the profile of the council Sharing experiences with staff and students from other schools

The KS1 programme includes: * A step-by-step guide for setting up a school council * Developing a school council constitution * Democratic elections * Guidance for training class representatives in committee skills * Sharing experiences with staff and students from other schools

Student Voice in the Curriculum New for 2006/7 This course will enable schools to constructively involve their students in discussing, evaluating and improving teaching and learning. It has grown out of an ongoing work with London comprehensive schools.

Participants will: * Explore effective ways of engaging young people in teaching and learning issues * Be given tools for consulting their peers on broad based curriculum issues * Be guided on how to process and act on their results The course is suitable for staff and students in schools that have an established school council.

21 Training Costs KS1: Staff Only

Primary: One Staff and Two Students

Cost: £140 /

Cost: £245 /





Secondary: One Staff and Three Students Cost: £355 /



licable to me “The training was more app Thanks for a than I thought it would be. have come great day, me and the kids nks again!” away feeling energised! Tha r Melissa, PSHCE Coordinato

training bespoke training

Bespoke Training We can provide training to suit the needs of your school, cluster or Local Authority. The programme can incorporate a range of issues relating to school councils and student participation and may include:


* Committee skills training for elected representatives to clarify roles, responsibilities and key skills * Training for whole classes with practice in running successful meetings for class council development * Twilight training for staff, covering active citizenship, staff roles and whole-school approaches * Training for students to train others within their school

“Found it really helpful an

d clear. Thanks”

Heather, Class Teacher

d our school “We have just launche has given council so this training idance.” us some excellent gu Tim, Headteacher


has been superb, “The advice and guidance ed on solid and suggestions clearly bas on.” experience and observati Andy, Secondary Citizenship


at it was a gre “I thought t” lo a arned day and I le Emily,

“Superb training resources and ide as that we will defi nitely use” Helen, Primary Sc

hool Councils Lin k


Y5 student

School Councils UK: Training the Trainers This residential course provides those with inter-school responsibilities with the know-how and resources for delivering the School Council UK training programmes.

se that a trainers’ cour “At last there is nge of d with a superb ra is fully supporte ning to low cascade trai materials that al ely used” ed and effectiv be easily select izenship Advisor

Cit John, Assistant

To discuss your training needs please email or call 0845 456 9428


For FREE resources, support and information for staff and students

School Councils UK 108-110 Camden High Street, London, NW1 0LU T: 0845 456 9428 F: 0845 456 9429

School Councils UK Catalogue 2006  

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