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==== ==== If you are interested in gaining muscle then you need to read my review of Muscle Gain Truth: ==== ====

The Muscle Gain Truth eBook begins with Sean describing the way the bodybuilding industry has become saturated with misinformation about gaining muscle and how his eBook is a solution to this problem. Sean advises our body will put on muscle since it adapts to stresses such as resistance training. I think this section is a bit more a way of explaining that it's not that difficult to put on muscle! This gives a lot of hope to the hard gainers out there. More information is given how muscle isn't so hard to come by and by following simple rules or guidelines you can achieve muscle gain regardless of your genetics. Some of the principles are; working out to a high intensity so that your muscles are forced to grow, consuming the proper foods/calories and getting enough water. No big revelations here, but a lot of people do not do the basics correctly. There is a lot of good information for the beginner & advanced trainer alike. Training There's a very detailed workout routine section and Muscle Gain Truth covers many sections/parts of the workout. The training section is called 'Structuring the perfect workout'. This gives the reader all the necessary guidelines to structure the 'perfect workout'. Some of the items highlighted within this section are whether to choose free weights or machine, Ideal rep range and speed, training frequency plus more. The various readers will have to move through all items in this section and then apply the principles. It gives all the information needed to create a personalized 'perfect' workout routine. Nutrition The Muscle Gain Truth nutrition section goes through the three daily food groups and what part they play within the muscle development process. Muscle Gain Truth shows some eating plans that are optimal for muscle growth. They range from 2000 calories a day to 6000. The Glycemic Index, Alcohol & water are also touched on within this section and in addition how they can be detrimental and beneficial to someone. There's a section on supplements and you will find out what supplements are best and also which ones do nothing (Tribulus, Carnitine, and HMB). There is a section about when to consume food, this really is important as you need to utilise your anabolic window. The eBook retails at $77 dollars and you will receive a 260 page eBook, bonuses that come with it are the 100 exercise database, as stated 12 week diet programs, a fitness trainer answer database and progress tracking software. Other extras include School of Muscle membership, no fail workout plan and a in the trenches Hard-core training video. It comes with an 8 week moneyback guarantee that goes with the purchase. Conclusion The Muscle Gain Truth eBook is one of the best muscle mass building eBooks I've reviewed. It

gives the reader everything they need to know to put on a massive amount of muscle. Following the guidelines and recommendations in Muscle Gain Truth it is difficult to find reasons why you would not put on muscle. Basically no excuses! Sean Nalewanji doesn't to be associated with the numerous people selling false promises and has delivered an excellent eBook that will show the reader how to pack on muscle.

Luke Harrison is a personal trainer that lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for over a decade and is the founder of

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==== ==== If you are interested in gaining muscle then you need to read my review of Muscle Gain Truth: ==== ====

Muscle Gain Truth Program Review  

The Muscle Gain Truth is a complete guide to achieving maximum muscle gains just by working out 24 minutes per day. Aside from that, you wil...

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