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PHOTO: Lindsay Ward Photography, Children’s Veggie Soup Trail at Ford Park

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A huge range of knitwear, unique dresses and tunics in exclusive floral prints, Cornish stripes and bold colours. Flattering fits and in the best quality fabrics - chambray, cotton, denim, linen and bamboo.

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The Challenges of Ageing


Beautiful - and terrifying Morecambe Bay Sands


As the Wedding season approaches


Laurel and Hardy

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The Oldest Book Club in the World? The Dalton Book Club was founded on the 12th of May 1764 when seventeen men of Dalton and district met at the White Horse Inn and drew up the “Rules and Directions” of the Club. The Club members have met continuously every month since that date, leading to the claim that the Dalton Book Club is the oldest in the world. Book clubs in the 18th century were essentially private lending libraries with a monthly subscription which entitled their members to borrow books in a similar way to the modern town library. The Club has 26 Rules which are observed with varying degrees of solemnity. The membership has traditionally been limited to 30, with the last space kept free for the son of a member. The Club has recently acquired a website at

where further details may be found by potential members. Is a Freelance Marketing Consultant the missing part of your team?

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Cumbria County Council Faces the Challenges of Ageing. Latest statistics reveal that life expectancy in Britain is rising by five hours every day. While this is one of the successes of modern health care, it also means that more people, with sometimes complex needs, are living longer, and there has been much discussion about the strain this can put on hospitals and social care services. With current pressures on finances, Cumbria County Council has to find ways of targeting its services to those who need them most. One strand of their policy is to encourage us to take steps to stay active and healthy as we grow older, which fits in with Ulverston’s ‘Healthy Town Initiative’ supported by the mayor. As part of this, the CCC health and library services came together for a ‘Living Well into Later Life’ day at Ulverston library on 17th March. They invited organisations such as Age UK, U3A, the Leisure Centre, St Mary’s Hospice and the Community Pharmacies to come along and let people know what support is available in the area to keep body and mind going. A programme of events and presentations included mindfulness and games sessions, blood pressure checks and opportunities to receive a free day pass for the leisure centre and advice from the community pharmacist. Preventative health is important, and we can do a lot to help ourselves, but it is inevitable that some of us will need residential care in later life. CCC has not passed on all responsibility for residential care to the private sector, yet plans to rationalise their care homes in this

Photo: Cumbria County Council reported that the Living Well into Later Life fair in March was very successful with just over 150 visitors braving the wind and rain. The fair included stalls by key stakeholders, an interactive area where visitors could have their blood pressure checked, try out a treadmill and a series of presentations from the some of the service providers and stakeholders. The initiative, part of Ulverston’s Healthy Town Status was well supported by local councillors and one of the projects spearheaded by Mayor Mark Wilson.

Ulverston Councillors Refused To Put Up With A Load Of Old Cobblers! Recently, a new café on Market Street in Ulverston required gas installation. The job was outsourced to Utilitywise who came along and dug up the road, including the cobbles.

On completion of the work, many of the town council councillors, and most notably Cllr Pauline Halfpenny, noticed that Utilitywise had not left the Ulverston’s famous cobbled street the way that they had found it. 11 months after the completion of the work, there were still many cobbles missing, leaving an ugly scar along Market Street. Cumbria County Council is the highways authority and was responsible for making sure that all the works were reinstated properly and to the same standard that the road was before the work started. The town councillors contacted the County Council and discovered 4

Ulverston now

area and bring them up to modern standards have not gone entirely smoothly. The plan to close smaller residential homes in Barrow and replace them with the new Parkview Gardens facility was delayed for years when the builders went into bankruptcy, although this new ‘flagship’ care home was finally officially opened in March. Similarly, although the first half of the refurbishment of Elmhurst in Ulverston has been carried out, there is no confirmed completion date for the second phase. As reported in the local press, the CCC cabinet has announced it will close Ulverston’s Marsh House. However, at the time of writing there has been no official notification to residents and staff about what will happen to them. There is anecdotal evidence of an elderly person from Ulverston being placed in a nursing home near Millom, making visits from a partner who doesn’t drive prohibitively expensive. This might have been for medical reasons and the changes might be for the better, but perhaps more communication from CCC would be reassuring.

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

that although the Council had been contacting Utilitywise for some time to get them to come back and re-instate the cobbles, the threats that they were able to issue were not enough to make Utilitywise put things right. The penalties were clearly not severe enough to persuade the company to take action. So the tenacious Ulverston councillors decided to take action themselves and would not let it rest. They let the Utilitywise know in no uncertain terms that Ulverston was not impressed!

They called and they emailed and they called and they emailed and they just didn’t give up. And it worked! Eventually Utilitywise did do the decent thing and they have re-instated the existing cobbles. Moral of the story.... don’t mess with U-Town!

Beautiful - and terrifying Morecambe Bay Sands Morecambe Bay is the largest intertidal mudflats in the UK. It covers 120 sq m and is a wildlife haven for birds. Cockle beds have been fished here for generations and the salt marshes that surround it have become famous for the sheep that graze on them, producing a uniquely flavoured meat. It owes its names to the astronomer Ptolemy, who wrote about a place called Morikambe Eischusis, Greek for tidal flats. Five rivers drain into the Bay – the Leven, Kent, Keer, Lune and Wyre. There are seven main islands – Walney, Barrow, Sheep, Piel, Chapel, Foulney and Roa The Cross Sands route was a major transport route until the railway was built in 1857. Modern day crossings are directed by the Queen’s Guide, a royally appointed position since the 1500’s. Current guide, Cedric Robinson MBE, is the 25th Guide and has been in position since 1963. He says, “I can read the sands like others read a newspaper.”

Using laurel branches he marks the safe path across the bay so that thousands of cross-bay walkers can complete the challenge in safety, often raising funds for charities. However, those who choose to venture out without his skills do so at considerable risk and sometimes fatal consequences. In 2004, at least 21 Chinese cockle pickers were drowned by the incoming tide on February 5th whilst fishing the beds illegally late at night. One man was never found and only one person survived that eveningsaved by the rescue services. Although they look so beautiful in the sunshine when the light glints off the water and bounces round the sands playing games with the colours, the awful truth is: they are deadly and demand respect. The combination of fast tides up to 9 knots, quicksands, draining rivers, channels that shift unpredictably and daily make Morecambe Bay treacherous. Ulverston’s Inshore Rescue is a local independent rescue service based at

Photos: Andy Mortimer

Canal Foot. It was started 14 years ago to help people who find themselves in difficulty. It is a team of 14 volunteers, all trained to MCA standards who keep up to date with all aspects of safety training at sea. Its kit list includes a 5.9m Humber Rigid Inflatable craft, Arancia Surf Rescue Craft, Quad Bikes – Rapid Response Vehicle, Toyota Hilux and a Hovercraft. As a registered charity the team welcomes donations to maintain equipment, purchase more and assist with ongoing training and is grateful to funding from sponsors. And all this effort is for one purpose: to keep people safe on the sands. We can all help too…know the tide times, leave the sands in good time of an incoming tide and inform visitors who may not understand the dangers.



Panararmer’s distinctive yellow van is seen regularly around the town and with good reason. As a family business which has been established for over 34 years, they have built up a strong local reputation for designing supplying and installing kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to the highest quality. All those years ago. the company was founded by two brothers and their wives and built up using high quality suppliers and their own in house tradesmen to ensure fitting is to the highest standard.

Renowned for excellent service, and their wide choice of products, there is something for every home. Talking of products, the kitchens they offer come from French based Mobalpa and UK based The Kitchen Works, Bedrooms are from Symphony, while bathrooms come from Utopia, pottery from Ideal Standard and Shower Enclosures from local manufacturer Kudos. Now owned by one of the brothers John, his daughter Alison and two long serving team members Colin and Marcin, Panararmer is a great local success story, and our congratulations go out to them.

Designed, Delivered, Installed Beautiful Bathrooms

Quality Kitchens

Luxury Bedrooms

“ From our first visit to the showroom it has

been a pleasure to deal with Panararmer. The attention to detail at the planning stage, the high standard of workmanship shown by the fitters was second to none. Thank you to everyone for all your patience, we love our new kitchen!

Panararmer have their own showroom where you can browse for roomsets and ideas or they will come to you. The vast majority of customers are private homeowners but they have worked in a number of B & B’s and holiday cottages across the Lake District.

Panararmer Kitchens Bathrooms Bedrooms

U n i t 3 P r i n c e s W a y, L e a s g i l l , M i l n t h o r p e , C u m b r i a , L A 7 7 F G Te l : 0 1 5 3 9 5 6 3 5 2 3 W e b : w w w . p a n a r a r m e r. c o . u k

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Think Twice

• you are told to keep it a secret and if you are asked for your bank account details

Be wary if:

A scammer may also be over-familiar and over-friendly with you, tell you an offer has to be kept secret and ask for your bank account details. Never give your bank details to people you don’t know, especially people you meet online. Trading Standards, Citizens Advice and Action Fraud all have informative websites that provide specific advice about the different types of scams out there at present.

Dalton & Ulverston Now has an urgent message from the local Community Policing Team. There are more and more scams and cons coming to light at the moment. • there is a call, letter, email or text out of the blue - if you haven’t initiated the contact with a company then always think twice before engaging • you are told you have to respond quickly so I don’t get time to think about it or talk to family and friends before you decide

Your Community Policing Team is keen to help prevent anyone becoming a victim of a scam. They are available to speak to at

the Police Desk at Ulverston Coronation Hall or via the telephone - on 101. Action Fraud contact number is 0300 123 2040 - the UK’s national reporting centre. The Community Police urge us to think twice before responding to an instruction, before providing our details - before our curiosity gets the better of us! Keep Safe & Well

The Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) is undertaking Safe & Well visits for the moment. You may receive a phone call from them or a Safe & Well calling card. You can contact them to register or to check that it is not a scam.. on 0800 358 4777 or e-mail

Reflecting on the past year

Canal St Garage, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 7JZ Tel: 01229 582352 / 01229 585410

Paving & Patio Packs Treated Posts & Timber

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Suppliers of Plumbing, Heating, Hardware, Tools, Timber, Agricultural & Building Supplies Mon to Fri 8am - 5pm & Sat 8am - 12pm

As Ulverston Mayor Mark Wilson reflects on the past year’s mayorship coming to an end, he finds it a great honour to have served the people of Ulverston. He has particularly enjoyed being part of the many intergenerational events that have included children, parents and seniors. A few examples of memorable events have included the UVHS Remembrance Concert, Ford Park Apple Day, The World Record Breaking Pie Fight and The Dickensian Festival.

One of Mark’s top priorities has been to promote Ulverston as a Healthy Town, forging stronger and new links with organisations who help people to stay healthy, resilient and plan for the future. This includes the promotion of the Healthy Mile Project. Mark also refers to the Marmot Review - a key policy review published in 2010 highlighting a number of objectives for local government service and health providers such as; give every child the best start in life, create fair employment, ensure a healthy standard of living for all, create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities, and to strengthen the role and impact of ill-health prevention. Mark has proudly spearheaded the highly

Photo: Mark at Cumbria Schools ‘Sport’ Games

successful “Living Well into Later Life” event in conjunction with Cumbria County Council as well as helping Ulverston to achieve Healthy Town Status. Improving the resilience of the town in times of trouble also lies very close to Mark’s heart. He has been very involved in dealing with the aftermath of the flooding in 2012 and 2015/2016 and instrumental in the running of The Ulverston Resilience Group which now meets regularly to both preempt and support the local community in times of difficulty.

Mark is very much appreciated by many people in Ulverston for his hard work and dedication to a town that he loves so much. As well as his mayorship and serving on the town and district council, Mark is a Cumbria County councillor and will be up for election now on the 4th of May.

FSB Supporting Young Entrepreneurs C A S Management Limited

1st Floor, 2 New Market Street, Ulverston LA12 7LN


Do you need a trusted advisor to help you with all your accountancy, taxation and financial requirements?

Our professional, personal service will help you with: • • • • • •

This follows on from the very successful inaugural FSB event at the end of last year that saw Dan Austin, MD of Lake District Farmers, and Kerry Kolbe, Director of Signal Film & Media, talking about their very different but equally challenging and successful business stories.

Payroll Financial Management Bookkeeping VAT Self Assessments and Tax Returns Annual Accounts Preparation

Call us on 01229 587664 or email We are now in association with Melville & Co Accountants Limited, Units 17-18 Trinity Enterprise Centre, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 2PN


Ulverston now

The Federation of Small Businesses is holding its next networking event for Young Entrepreneurs on Thursday 18th of May at The Drawing Room in Barrow. The evening will commence at 5pm with free drinks on offer until the young entrepreneurs decide to call it a day.

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

This time around, the evening will simply be an opportunity to meet and talk with other young people in business – a true networking event. Whilst not precious about the definition of ‘young’, FSB is looking for people in business up to the age of 35 to be the core of this new and growing group.

Phil Collier, Chair of the Furness Branch of the FSB says: “Finding and supporting the business owners of the next generation is so important to ensure that we keep the local economy dynamic. As a result of the significant investment coming into the area over the next ten to fifteen years, there are going to be some really great opportunities for local businesses and so we need our young entrepreneurs to come to the fore.”

Phil continues “This very relaxed and informal event will provide an opportunity for young business people to meet like-minded youngsters… and whilst there will no doubt be lots in common to discuss regarding business, this is a semi social event, so the idea is to meet, talk and have fun.”

As with all local FSB events, it is free to come along and it is not restricted to FSB members. To book contact Sarah Williamson at

As The Wedding Season Approaches… On a beach, at the top of a mountain, while running a marathon – nowadays we hear of people getting married almost anywhere. If you don’t want to take your family and friends to some exotic location, though, you still have to bear some things in mind. At the moment marriage law is different in different parts of the UK. For example, in England and Wales you can only hold the legally binding part of a marriage ceremony in a venue approved by a local council, and it has to be a permanent structure. In Scotland on the other hand, humanist marriages are legal, so if you join the Humanist Society you can get married wherever you can persuade a registered humanist celebrant to venture. In England, if you’re not marrying in an Anglican church you need to give notice at the Registry Office 28 days before

the ceremony. Although you can write your own vows, you have to include the formal wording which makes the marriage legal, and the registrar will advise you on this. You will also need two witnesses. With the relaxation of laws on where you can get married, Ulverston and its surrounding area offer some very attractive venues, whether a country house hotel, Ford Park or the handily placed Coronation Hall. One thing to remember when having a civil wedding with the registrar, especially on a summer Saturday, is that while this is your special day, it may be other couples’ special day as well. So brides shouldn’t be tempted to be fashionably late, because the registrars want to give you their full attention instead of worrying about where they have to be next!

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are published on the understanding that they may have to be shortened to fit available space. Publication of a letter in no way reflects the views of Dalton & Ulverston Now. All letters must be accompanied by a name and address even if the correspondent requests anonymity. In this case ‘name and address supplied’ will be added.

Dear Editor

MORE than 7,000 people have now signed a petition to Save Ulverston Post Office – an incredible show of support. In January post office bosses said the Ulverston operation in County Square would have to find a franchising partner or be shut down, putting seven jobs at risk. I subsequently met with post office representatives in Westminster who were unable to give me an undertaking that the main office would stay open and services would be preserved. I then asked campaigners to keep the pressure up and the response has been magnificent.

Dear Editor

Ulverston – Eco-Friendly Town? There is a village in South West Wales where an example is being created to show how it is possible to build housing that is both affordable and environmentally friendly. A new eco-hamlet has been built in Glanryhyd where each property is significantly solar powered and has cost around £100,000 to build. The houses are 40% factory made and erected on site in four to five days. Contrary to popular misunderstanding the ‘solar’ power means that even on a miserable winter’s day they will still be creating electricity from the solar panels. They create their energy from light and are not dependant on the sun. It is estimated that their energy bills will be in the region of £200 per annum compared with the national average of £1300.

In particular I would like to thank Malcolm Tyson of Ulverston who has been personally responsible for gathering hundreds of signatures. A series of events supporting the campaign will be taking place in the town during the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on the local media and my Facebook page for details. The closure of the Ulverston branches of the HSBC bank and the NatWest only serves to underline the importance of saving the town’s main post office, so thanks for all your support. Regards, John Woodcock MP

In Ulverston we have three large housing developments planned. There have been the usual objections relating to flooding (which are important) and ‘not in my back yard’ but not a word about climate change and the environment. Surely here we have a wonderful opportunity for Ulverston to show itself as forward thinking in providing modern, affordable and environmentally friendly homes as our own example of what can be achieved. We are seeing increasing developments of this nature not just in Wales but also in England and to a much larger extent in Europe. It is not impossible; it may be difficult; the government has a major role to play, but surely it is worth the effort to try. Peter Howlett Press Officer The Green Party in Ulverston

w w 8

Ulverston now

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

Local residents with sight loss approached Cumbria Societies for the Blind for support in meeting with the Cumbria County Council to express the distress and anxiety that is caused when trying to cross Priory Road. It was observed that as vehicles approach the leisure centre on Priory Road, towards the Coast Road, their speed increases. This causes difficult for people with sight loss, mobility difficulties, families and other members of the community unable to gauge speed and distances. The safety issue is amplified as the nearest crossing point is over half a mile away from the leisure centre adding two mile onto a round for those affected. Cumbria County Council Highways Department met with Cumbria Societies for the Blind and a local resident to find out more about the issues. Concerns were also raised during the recent consultation on the new leisure facilities, led by FMG Consulting on behalf of South Lakeland District Council.

Chrissy Tait MCIPD Director 07725 735581

Sarah Goddard MCIPD Director 07715 822216

Cumbria Societies for the Blind will continue to support local residents to campaign for safer crossing facilities in Ulverston. If you would like to contact Cumbria Societies for the Blind you can do so at: or on 01539 769055.

We have a proven track record based on our combined 60 years’ HR experience. We are valued by our clients for our friendly, professional and discreet approach, for our modest fees and for being easily accessible with expert advice that is tailored to the needs of their organisation. Based in Ulverston, we work with clients from a range of industries right across South Lakeland and beyond. We offer a local, handson service that will leave you secure, confident, compliant with the requirements of employment law and most importantly, free to focus on running your business.

Residents of Ulverston are campaigning to raise awareness about safety and speed of traffic on Priory Road, in particular near the leisure centre. A group of local residents are concerned about the speed that vehicles travel at and this danger is amplified when people have sight loss as they are unable to see the vehicles approaching.

The proposal for a new leisure centre could potentially increase the volume of traffic along this road and residents are concerned about the impact could have on the safety of local people crossing the road. Through their campaigning they aim to influence decision makers to consider the safety of pedestrians using Priory Road and people accessing the leisure facilities.

Are you without an in-house HR expert and in need of advice and support? Turnstone HR is a team of 3 CIPD-qualified HR professionals, carrying out different and complementary roles, making us one of the largest HR consultancies in the county. Whatever your HR needs, we can offer the complete package.

Concerns about traffic on Priory Road

& L H E A R RD Y U A L

Open Mic Comedy competition Fancy yourself as a coarse Cumbrian in the style of Frankie Boyle? Believe that you can weave the surreal like the crazy man Ross Noble? Ever daydream of walking in Kathryn Ryan’s sassy shoes or giving Geordie funny-woman Sarah Millican a run for her money? Well now is your chance! Another Fine Fest is on the hunt for funny folk to take part in their open mic comedy competition taking place at the Laurel & Hardy Museum at 7.30pm on Saturday 27th May.

Each entrant will have 5 minutes to wow

the judges and slay the audience, with the winner bagging a paid gig at comedy club Planet Mirth and a 10 minute support slot with Canadian comedy legend Tony Law on 16th June. Tony Law will kick off the Fine Fest proceedings and is the only event with an entry fee at the festival. If you fancy your chances, and think that you can hold your nerve before a packed crowd of judges and comedy lovers, then email anotherfinefest@ for more information.This could be your big break!

The Stan Laurel Inn’s landlady takes on epic challenge The Stan Laurel’s Trudi Dewar has had plenty of experience supporting others to run Brathay’s ‘10in10’ and says it’s now her turn to have a go at one of the UK’s hardest endurance events, running the same marathon each day, an anti-clockwise road circuit around England’s longest lake, Windermere. Trudi is hoping to raise over £5,000 for youth charity Brathay Trust’s work with local, vulnerable youngsters helping them to turn their lives around. As Trudi explains: “I have watched, lived and breathed the Brathay 10in10 as part of the official support team for the last four years. In 2016 it finally got under my skin and I thought, if they can do it, I can too. As well as the 10in10ers, my inspiration has been my husband Paul. He has completed, amongst other things, two 10in10’s, multiple Ironman triathlons and, last year, his own ‘To Hell and Back’ challenge.” “I just want to show that anything is possible. I hope that if people see someone ordinary like me, without an endurance running background, they will have a go at pushing themselves out of their comfort zone” adds Trudi.

Tru Grit

Win A Case of Ulverston


Laurel & Hardy Museum

Husband Paul Dewar is in charge of Trudi’s training which began last July (2016). Trudi and her husband Paul have been involved with the Ambleside based youth charity Brathay Trust since 2012, the year Paul signed up for his first 10in10. Since then Paul has completed other challenges for Brathay and they have raised over £30,000 for the charity.

Trudi says: “I feel very honoured and privileged to have been chosen to join the 2017 10in10 team. Brathay Trust is a fantastic charity, they do amazing work. I hope to raise as much money as I can and I know it will go directly to supporting young people for whom all else has failed.” Trudi’s challenge starts on Friday 12 May and ends on Sunday 21 May. To find out more about Trudi and to sponsor her please visit running/10in10/10in10-athletes/trudi-dewar

ing Company Ale Ulverston Brewing Comp any is celebrating Trudi’s 10-in-10 marathon challenge wit h a smooth pale sessio n beer named Tru Grit. Anita and Paul of Ulverston Brewing Co mpany were so impressed with Trudi’s moral fibre, nerves of ste el and big heart that they have created this prestigious ale esp ecially for her. Win A Case of Ulvers ton Brewing Company Ale - your chance to win some Tru Grit! Like the Ulverston Bre wing Company Facebo leave a comment menti ok Page and oning the name of the famous Laurel and Ha song. You must live in rdy theme the Furness area to en ter this competition so can be delivered to yo that the beer u. (T & C’s apply)

16th June marks 127 years since Stan Laurel’s day of birth on Foundry Cottages, now Argyll Street in Ulverston. Stan of course is our town’s most famous son and export, celebrated the world over for his family friendly slapstick humour. It is now 90 years since Laurel teamed up with Oliver Hardy to work on a number of well loved comedy films which still resonate with fans to this very day. Every year, hundreds of people head to Ulverston to see where Stan was born and of course to soak up the atmosphere at the world famous Laurel & Hardy museum. We met owner Mark Greenhow to find out more about Stan and Ollie’s enduring appeal. Why do people still hold Laurel and Hardy in such high regard? The secret to their ongoing appeal is the same that is true in any field, the arts, music, food, comedy, it is relatively simple stuff done extremely well. Their performance and timing genuinely sets them apart from other comedians. This is why their legacy will last forever. What is the age range of people that visit the museum? Our customers tend to be in the older age range. Laurel and Hardy films haven’t been on TV for such a long time, meaning that the younger generation aren’t exposed to them as much as they should be. However, when they do catch a film they always seem to enjoy it. One of my favourite times of the year is the summertime when we often find three separate generations of the same family visiting together and all laughing at the same stuff.

Apparently you had a visit from the boys themselves recently?! Yes indeed! Following on from the last question, we are very excited about the coming year when Stan and Ollie will be hitting our screens once again courtesy of the new film starring Steve Coogan as Stan and John C Reilly as Oliver Hardy. Steve and John dropped in on the museum unannounced during a couple of days break from filming and loved the experience. Hopefully the film will encourage a whole new generation of fans!

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5 Best of the

The local Brass Band at the heart of a Town’s Community


When you are a brass band situated in a town of just over 10,000 people, reliant on funding and the dedication and passion of a select few, the most Photo: Gill Benjamin considerable challenge is to remain in existence. 1996 saw the band return to the national Now this might seem like a simple and contest scene after an absence of nearly conspicuous observation, but having to 30 years. Success followed in 1997 when continuously attract new players to learn a the band secured a substantial award brass instrument over a substantial period from the Lottery, which culminated in new of time, can be extremely testing. instruments and a total refurbishment of the Therefore the fact that Ulverston Town 200 year old band room. Band has been in existence for over As with most brass bands, the organisation 160 years makes the achievement more consists of people from all walks of life with remarkable than it first appears. ages ranging from 12 to 85. The band also The Town Band has an illustrious history, has a training band for both young people with the earliest documented performance and adults who may wish to learn a brass in 1850 to commence the building of the Sir instrument. John Barrow Monument on Hoad. The band are also fortunate in receiving During World War II, the band was excellent support from Ulverston Town absorbed into the ATC (Air Training Corps) Council, and are currently raising funds but returned to being the Town Band shortly to replace the uniform jackets, receiving after the war ended. grants from Ulverston Town Land Trust and Arguably the band’s most successful GlaxoSmithKline. period came in the 1960s, and together As it’s clear to see, the band as it did in with carrying out civic duties, they achieved 1850, still plays a major role in the life notable success in brass band contests. of Ulverston. Whether it’s performing Over the next couple of decades, the band at concerts in and around the town, or concentrated on concerts, and focusing supporting the various town festivals and on becoming more community orientated. civic occasions, Ulverston Town band’s Subsequently this forged strong links with longevity is admirable and they remain an many local people and organisations. integral part of the community. It was also during this period that the band Anyone wishing to join the band can contact embarked on the first of several visits to the website Ulverston’s French Twin town of Albert. The or for bookings contact the band secretary band has been invited to Albert to play in at their carnival at the end of June this year.

Saturday 6th Cumbria Collective Presents: Musical Allsorts, Basement Bar, 9pm - Free A wide selection of electronic music brought to you by a collection of the best local DJ’s. Expect everything from Hip Hop to Jump Up Drum and Bass from your selectors Spoovoy, Tencs, Louster, Scotty Lister and 0161 B2B. Thursday 11th Al Murray - Pub Landlord Coronation Hall, 7.30pm £27.50 Al Murray’s alter-ego, the critically acclaimed “bar-based-braveheart” and xenophobic Pub Landlord is in town, ready to put the world to rights and embark on a “common sense campaign to re - Great Britain”. Sunday 14th Hoop Dance & Circus Fun Day, Croftlands Community Centre, 12pm - £20 For adults (16-18yr olds will need a consent form completing by a responsible other on arrival). These classes are suitable for total beginners, if you want to get back into your hooping or improve on existing skills. Whether you want to learn some new party ticks, get ready for the festival season, learn a new hobby or meet with the circus community in Ulverston, this day is for you.

Bardsea Art Group pays tribute to 90year old founder

Saturday 27th Another Fine Fest Presents - Open Mic Comedy Competition, The Laurel & Hardy Museum, 7.30pm - £5 Another Fine Festival Fundraiser! Watch as at least 10 competitors battle it out to take the comedy crown and win a support slot with Tony Law at Another Fine Fest. Hosted by Phil Ellis, regular compere at the award winning Frog & Bucket in Manchester.

The Bardsea Art Group holds its biannual art exhibition from 10am to 5pm, Saturday 27th May to Monday 29th May at the Old Schoolroom in Bardsea. As a tribute to the group’s founder Ron Stacey, now 90 years old and still a very active member of the group, the exhibition will include several of Ron’s paintings which are privately owned. Happy using watercolour, oils, pastels or acrylic, Ron is a natural colourist and his work is revered for its loose, almost abstract style, using complementary colours to create stunning, atmospheric effects; pinpoints of light shine through, whether in depicting Morecambe Bay or the beauty of

Friday 2nd June Ulverston Live Music Present, My Darling Clementine, 7.45pm - £9 Michael Weston King & Lou Dalgleish are very much part of the country and Americana landscape. 3 critically acclaimed albums, over 400 shows across Europe and N. America, numerous accolades and awards have placed the band at the forefront of the burgeoning Americana scene. As well as classic country, the duo also embrace gospel and country soul. 10

Ulverston now

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

the Lakeland fells.

Professional artist Graham Twyford has been a visiting tutor to the Bardsea Art Group since its early days. Graham commented: “Throughout the years, Ron has provided not only boundless amounts of encouragement to the Bardsea Art Group, but he is also extremely generous in sharing his own knowledge, equipment and materials. Ron is a real presence in the Furness community of artists and an important figurehead for us all.” For more information contact Bardsea Art Group, Liz McGillivray 01229 580398 or

Artist of the Month

Drawing the Ferns at Brantwood.

Tony Law

You may recognise multi-award winning Canadian surrealist comedian Tony Law from one of his many prime time TV show appearances including ‘Have I Got News for You’, ‘8 out of 10 Cats’, Russell Howard’s ‘Good News’ and satirical music-based panel game ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’. His style is freewheeling, off the wall, often manic and always boundary defying. Tony is one the most celebrated live performers in the UK and is heading to the 100 capacity Laurel and Hardy Museum to preview his brand new, as yet untitled Edinburgh Fringe show, the follow up to current offering “A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome.” The event takes place on 16th June and will kick off the Another Fine Fest proceedings happening on the 17th and 18th June. Hey Tony, so we are all pretty excited in Ulverston about you heading our way in June. Have you ever gigged in Cumbria? Probably. But not for a while. Your appearance at the Museum as part of Another Fine Fest is actually on the day of Stan Laurel’s birth, are you a Laurel & Hardy Fan? Very much so. I wrote a lot of their stuff. Why do you think that their comedy endures? Well. That comedy is silly. It’s silly genetic code passed down. Have they had any influence on you as a comedian? It’s in my DNA. In all our DNA. Joy. Do you feel that there is much regional variation with regards to audience reaction around this country, or from

nation to nation? No. I find that there are open minded and creative minded and willing and funny people everywhere that are in fact quite similar. The other lot, the humourless, they might vary. I don’t pay attention to them. They like stereotyping and cliches. A lot of the folks that we have interviewed in previous issues, be they artists, musicians, photographers or whatever have said that their work is also their therapy, is comedy yours? Mine is an illness. I have to do it. I’ve no choice. I’ll be doing it anyway. For at least 2 hours a day I’ll be funny anyways. It’s how I get esteem and love. Therapy? No it’s more primal than that. What can we expect from your Edinburgh preview show? How does it relate to your current show “A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome” They all are just chunks from the long Tony Law show. It’ll have the Silk Road in it though, and Shadow Theatre. The meaning of life is? Laughing Tony Law - Laurel & Hardy Museum - 16th June - 7.30pm - £10 Entry - Tickets onsale now from the Museum or

Furness Tradition in it’s 19th year

This year’s Furness Tradition festival in Ulverston between 7thand 9th July is their 19th! It will also mark the start of a year long series of activities building on to the 20th Festival in 2018. Furness Tradition Community Band playing

Nickelharpas - We will have a specialist player here this year and there will be a workshop about playing these very odd string instruments

The Festival has a strong bill of concert artists, some of Cumbria’s top folk musicians to play the Market Cross stage, a team of three storytellers, at least seven dance sides who will perform throughout the town, mumming players, an exhibition by an artist who has illustrated a series of books on traditional stories of all the UK Counties, pub sessions and the usual concerts and dances and workshops in the Coro.

Brantwood’s current Artist in Residence is Kate Houghton. Kate originally trained in sculpture, her paintings focus on forms of growth making those found in plants central to her work. In her residency she will be developing a series of drawings and paintings based on Brantwood’s fern collection. She plans to complete this residency with an exhibition of paintings next year at Brantwood. On Saturday 27th of May Kate is running a drop in workshop exploring the unfurling of the ferns in spring through the humanizing act of drawing. The workshop starts at 10.30am and runs until 4.00pm. Come into the loft for the workshop and explore the magical moment in the ferns development by making a drawing (included in house/garden ticket and all materials provided). Other Brantwood Events Thursday 4th May - Dawn chorus walk, Seeing Nature in a New Light, 6am to 9.30am - guided walk through Brantwood estate to listen to and identify woodland and garden birds. No dogs, booking required (free event) Guided Garden Walks - every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 2.15pm, April to October explore Brantwood’s fascinating and extensive estate with one of their knowledgeable guides (walks included with house/ garden ticket) Ruskin Lace demonstrations every 3rd Thursday in the month, April to October - an insight into the traditional method of needlemade lace. Demonstrations throughout the day in Ruskin’s Drawing Room (admission included with house ticket) Children’s Activity Trail Around Brantwood Gardens - during school holidays - follow a fun trail around Brantwood’s woodland estate to find hidden animal friends. 015394 41396

| 01229 490 000



Local Brass Bands shine at Festival If ever there was any doubt of the competitiveness of brass bands in Cumbria, the South Cumbrian music festival was a timely reminder. The annual event, which is held at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston, was a brilliant opportunity to showcase brass players of all ages.

Ulverston Town Band, led by Mitch Rowlandson, won the eagerly anticipated class against Dalton Town Band, 91 points to 90, to win the Ulverston Town Band Shield. However, it was a far from disappointing day for Dalton, who won the Entertainment Class against Holborn Hill

Ulverston Choral Society

Ulverston Choral Society will be performing their Spring concert at St Mary’s Parish Church, Ulverston on Saturday 20th May at 7:30pm.

Ulverston Jazz Appreciation Society

Juniors to collect the J W Latimer Cup. The band’s conductor Mark Latimer, described the whole occasion as “brilliant”, as well as praising Ulverston Town Band as “worthy winners”. “I thought everyone represented the band magnificently”, Latimer said. “All you can ask for when so much hard work has been put in is that everyone just plays as well as possible, and they certainly did that”. Alongside the collective achievements for each band, James Madden, who plays principle euphonium for Dalton Town Band, collected the James M Fryer memorial shield for best soloist. The Ulverston Choral Society is looking forward to welcoming concert-goers to a very enjoyable evening. The members have been practising tirelessly for the programme of Brahms Requiem and Dvorak’s Te Deum. Under the leadership of Music Director, Jolyon Dodgson MBE, the choristers will


ENGINE INN Pub Restaurant & Rooms

Good Food, Good Beer, Good Wine

and Great Company

The programme for May 25th will include; Exclusively for My Friends: later classics of pianist Oscar Peterson’s long and distinguished career. Stan Kenton Live: The great – and often controversial – leader and his powerhouse bands recordings from concerts worldwide. The Decca ‘Studio’ Series: Long out of print, the Jazz Studio 1 – 6 recordings offered new approaches to the ever-changing jazz scene. The Society meets monthly at Bardsea’s Malt Kiln Village Hall, where it presents recordings to please every jazz taste, along with knowledgeable commentary, on high quality audio equipment. The downbeat is at 7pm, and tasty refreshments are included in the modest charge of £2. Contact Roy Booth at 01524 853335, or see be accompanied by timpanist Douglas Dawson and organist Adrian Self. The soloists for the evening will be the popular soprano Tracie Penwarden and baritone John Anthony Cunningham. Tickets are £12.00 at the door or contact Mrs Pam Gillman on 01229 716321.

               

With the recent changes to Inheritance Tax by the introduction of the Residential Nil Rate Band on 7th April 2017, now is the ideal time to review your Will to ensure you will benefit from the new rules. Here at Brown Barron Solicitors we offer expert advice from experienced solicitors with a friendly and efficient approach. We can advise you on all aspects of Will making and Inheritance Tax to ensure you have a Will which offers security to your loved ones whilst making the most of the allowances available. We can also advise on making Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure arrangements are in place if you are unable to manage your own affairs in later life. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney your family could face a lengthy and expensive court process to be able to access your assets and make decisions on your behalf. Brown Barron deal with all aspects of Probate and Estate administration.

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP Come and visit us for a warm welcome and see what’s new

THE ENGINE INN Cark in Cartmel Grange over Sands Cumbria

LA11 7NZ 12

Ulverston now

Leona Case, LL.B.

015395 58341

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

Deborah Yearnshire, LL.B.

Telephone: 01229 828814 Brown Barron Solicitors 65 Duke Street Barrow In Furness Cumbria LA14 1RW

The Canal is Looking Good… All the hard work of the Ulverston Canal Regeneration Group and its supporters is now bearing fruit. Anyone walking down the canal this spring will have noticed how there is far less litter than a few years ago, and fine new installations and signage are now in place at Canal Foot. Network Rail has even carried out a site visit of the old footpath which they closed so abruptly, although the group is waiting for a decision on whether it can be re-opened. Tourism Award Design Ulverston based artist blacksmith - and

maker of the Canal sculptures Chris Brammall has revealed details about the award design for the 15th Cumbria Tourism Awards. For the third year, Chris has been commissioned as the Awards Designer. The iconic tourism awards are hand-forged and feature a popular Lakeland landscape. This year Chris has chosen Blencathra – one of the most northerly hills in the Lake District. The award design will also feature a traditional slate insert by Ulverston based The Stone Workshop.

GO SEE LAYERS AN exhibition of beautiful photographic images by Andy Mortimer at Kendal Museum until 10th June. Andy Mortimer is fascinated by layers - layers in the landscape and on different surfaces - glimpsed reflections in a window

or on the surface of water. Andy is wellknown around Morecambe Bay for his exquisite and beguiling bay photographs see open Tues-Sat 10am-4pm

Annual Musical Extravaganza Ulverston International Music Festival is celebrating its 14th festival between the 7th to 17th of June. Anthony Hewitt, Artistic Director and founder says “The inspiration for this year lies in a visit I paid to the Edinburgh Festival last summer, where I was amazed with the sheer number of events and carnival atmosphere throughout the city. Whilst we certainly can’t match this in quantity, we aim to come close in quality, diversity and intensity!”

The festival is giving a platform to some fantastic artists whose names may be less familiar as well as more famous artists. Journeying through the tragedy of Tosca, Passacaglia’s buoyant baroque, the poignant poetry of the song-cycle, and clarinettist Michael Collins’ sublime sounds, this year’s Festival encompasses the exciting guitar of Remi Harris, spell-binding saxophonist Jess Gillam, and the subtlety of the string quartet. With dazzling O Duo, cutting-edge contemporary music, the beauty of Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony, and the fun of folk music to end the Festival there is a real treat in store for music-lovers of every taste. As Anthony Hewitt says “I hope you’ll join us for as much as you feel able. Music is the centre of our existence for ten days in June in Ulverston and I hope you’ll take advantage of this annual musical extravaganza.” Tickets are now available at the Coro Hall.

| 01229 490 000




May is the month that everything really speeds up a gear and you can literally see things growing. It’s the month when you can put your precious plants and plugs that you have been nurturing along into their final growing positions as the soil should be warming up nicely now. If you haven’t managed to plant seeds for one reason or another, you can always pop down to the market stall on Thursdays or Saturdays in Ulverston and pick up some plants and get great advice at the same time. Ford Park is also selling more small plants from their new nursery this year and the gardeners there are very generous with gardening grow-how tips if you ask. Beetroot and spinach can be thinned out at this time and you might want to protect them from pigeons if it’s anything like last year. Last summer the pigeons certainly had a good old ‘beet feast’ in Ulverston. Keep earthing up your potatoes with a hoe. You can use the hoe to build the soil up around the base of the broad beans to give them some extra support too and keep the roots nice and warm. It the weather is good, you can start putting your french and runner beans out towards the end of the month too although you need to keep an eye on the weather forecast and make sure you keep them covered when frosts are predicted. In addition, make sure that all of your seedlings are fully ‘hardened off’ before you plant them out. ‘Hardening off’ is a process where you gradually acclimatise the plants to outside temperatures and conditions over two or three weeks rather than moving them too suddenly. Sow marrows, courgettes, and sweetcorn now, either in the greenhouse, on window sills or in cold frames. You can also sow broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, peas, lettuce, radish, and spinach. May is a wonderful time to harvest the fresh spring vegetables and salads, so it’s time to enjoy the sweet flavours and the energy of spring! You could be harvesting things like lettuce, radishes, spring onions, early sprouting broccoli, cabbages, spinach beet, chard and spinach, rhubarb, turnips, cauliflower, asparagus and kale.

Kay Hebbourn Planting, picking & plating vegan food, permaculture & green projects- Sustainability Blog


Ulverston now

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

News from the Farm

It’s that time of year when we look more haggard than usual! We are almost finished with our calving, but lambing is entering full throttle. Lambing is like being a 24 hour midwife, nurse, care assistant to hundreds of flighty, moody expectant mothers and newborn babies and close attention and care can make all the difference to our lambing percentages (but at the expense of a good night’s sleep). Each day is completely different so our moods can swing from delight to horror in a matter of minutes. Highlights so far have included the birth of our first twin calves and our first rare breed Teeswater lambs. A lowlight was finding a dead ewe

in the field, leaving two lovely big lambs without a mum. Fortunately they quickly accepted a bottle but nothing beats mum’s milk. We mainly keep hardy Cheviot sheep that graze out on the fell but we also have rare breed Castlemilk Moorits and Teeswaters and a few Bluefaced Leicesters. We keep these mainly for their beautiful fleece, which we have spun into knitting wool. They require much more looking after than the hill sheep but we like to keep our work interesting and didn’t choose farming for an easy life! John Atkinson & Maria Benjamin Nibthwaite Grange Farm

New attractions at Ford Park receive the royal seal of approval

A new herbaceous plant nursery and children’s trail have been unveiled at Ford Park. Following weeks of hard work by a team of volunteers and staff, the two new attractions were finally opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria, Claire Hensman, last week. The nursery offers a variety of plants, wildlife-friendly seeds and gardening gifts, including gardening gifts for children, while the interactive Veggie Soup Trail provides children with the chance to join Hop the Rabbit in the Kitchen Garden to find out about growing seasonal food. The plant nursery has been funded by a grant from The Northstar Foundation to help the charity-run park move towards sustainability,

by increasing visitor footfall to the park and increasing income through trading, while the Veggie Soup Trail was funded by Lakes Leisure. Ali Alger, Chief Executive Officer of Ford Park, said: “The plant nursery and Veggie Soup Trail both look absolutely fantastic and are a wonderful addition to the park.” “We couldn’t have done it without our core volunteers and also other members of the community who have helped us make this happen – we are really grateful for people’s support.” “Now there’s even more reason for people to visit Ford Park and more importantly, help support the charity to continue looking after this wellloved community resource.”

SPRING NATURE NOTES ‘Oak before ash, we shall have a splash; ash before oak, we’re in for a soak’, as the old saying roughly goes, meaning that if oak leaves come out before ash trees in spring it will be a dry-ish summer. If it is the other way around, we’ll have a summer when it seems to rain from the beginning of the school holidays to the end, so I’m always willing oak leaves to appear first. Unfortunately, if this was ever a reliable indication of summer weather, it may be less so now. Scientists who study these things have noticed that as average temperatures rise, oak trees in particular are coming into leaf earlier. If other native trees common here like hazel follow suit, it is to be hoped that plants adjust, since many of our much-loved woodland flowers like primroses, wood anemones, wood sorrel, common orchids and dog violets need to bloom before trees come into leaf and shade the forest floor. Another often-quoted saying is ‘Cast ne’er a clout till the may is out’, or don’t run around in shorts until the hawthorn blossom appears. Some people still confuse the hawthorn, which only flowers after its leaves are out, with the blackthorn, whose delicate white blossom comes out before its leaves in March, when there is often a cold snap, or ‘blackthorn winter’. I was also once told not to plant potatoes until the leaves on silver birch trees are the size of a mouse’s ears, so that’s another tree I’ve been watching closely.

Walk across Morecambe Bay and raise money for Brathay Trust

On Saturday 6th May the Queen’s Official Guide to the Sands, Cedric Robinson, will lead a walk across Morecambe Bay to raise money for a South Lakes based charity. Money raised will go to Brathay’s Changing Horizons appeal and will be used to give disadvantaged children and young people a life-changing experience at one of their residential centres in the Lakes. donate-to-brathay/changing-

horizons Walkers will gather at Arnside and cross the Bay accompanied by all-terrain Bay Search and Rescue vehicles. The walk starts at 2.15pm to set off at 2.45pm and will take around three and a half hours to cover eight miles. It finishes at Kents Bank near Grange-over-Sands. Book via Brathay’s website cross-bay-walk or call Julia on 015394 39721

Sandscale Haws National Nature Reserve new car park

is now open. It’s a pay & display car park between 10am and 4pm. National Trust is monitoring the new car parking surface and may have to temporarily shut the car park on occasion for this reason.

National Open Garden Scheme May snapshot from the long list of open gardens this summer. For up to date opening times and latest information check

1st May

Low Fell West (ref 40) Low Fell West, Kendal LA8 8JG

11th May

Rydal Hall (ref 50) Ambleside LA22 9LX

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May 2017 10.30am – 5.00pm Join us for a fabulous day out at the Holker Spring Market set in our bustling Courtyard and Piazza. A variety of food, home, garden and gift exhibitors will be joining us, alongside lively entertainment and a fun circus workshop. • £2.50 per adult, accompanied children free of charge • Includes parking and entry to the Café, Food Hall and Gift Shop • Hall & Gardens open, discounted admission charge applies Only 25 minutes from M6, Junction 36

20th May

Langholm Mill (ref 37), Lowick Green LA12 8ES

21st May

Langholm Mill (ref 37) Lowick Green LA12 8ES Matson Ground (ref 42) Windermere LA23 2NH

4th June

Yewbarrow House (ref 63) Hampsfell Road, Grange-over-Sands LA11 6BE

| 01229 490 000





Al Murray – Let’s Go Backwards Together - 7.30pm. NB a second


A concert at St. James Church Barrow - 7.30pm The concert is for Barrrow Disability Centre to raise funds to replace a loss of Government funding to provide benefit advice and help to local people.


Dalton Community Association Coffee Morning - A free

information & advice coffee morning between 10:30 and 12:00. Among the agencies on hand to give advice will be MIND, Age UK and Furness Spiritualists. Everyone welcome, free refreshments will be provided. Further information call 01229 463929


51st Keswick to Barrow Walk

starting at 5.30am from Keswick for runners and walkers. Coniston to Barrow starts at 9am.

Barrow Savoyards: Tea at Two

performance and afternoon tea 2pm. Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets tel 01229 587140

Ulverston’s Got Soul dance event 7pm. Coronation Hall,

Ulverston. Tickets tel 01229 587140

Grow your own Week. (6th

-14th) A week of fork to plate activities launching the kitchen garden year. Friendly advice available from our gardener on

crop selection, rotation, planting and growing. Free supporting recipe cards with vegetable plant and seed purchases to help make the most of a bumper crop. Ford Park, Ulverston tel 01229 580666 or e-mail


Kitchen Garden Cookery Demonstration with Chef Genna Waiting, 2-4pm. Discover the

delights of flavoured breads with simple home-grown toppings baked in the kitchen garden oven. Enjoy plenty of tasting opportunities while browsing in the nursery. Ford Park, Ulverston tel 01229 580666 or e-mail

release of tickets for this show – get yours quick before they sell out! Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £27.50 tel 01229 587140


South Cumbria Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Group meet

at Ford Park Cafe Ulverston, 2nd week each month at 2pm. Come along to meet people who are going through the same experience as you. Contact 0749 546 7055, e-mail rag995@outlook. com or find us on Facebook

Grow Your Own Bistro Evening


Savour the full flavours of gourmet garden vegetables and hearty produce with a selection of delicious dishes – and leave with a few hints and ideas on produce you can easily grow yourself. Ford Park, Ulverston tel 01229 581666 or e-mail info@

Annual Town Meeting will be held on Monday 8 May at 7pm in Coronation Hall



Drop-in session for children to take part in a range of fun, growing activities to inspire the next generation of Monty Dons, Charlie Dimmocks and Alan Titchmarshes. It’s also an opportunity to try out our new children’s Veggie Soup Trail. Ford Park, Ulverston tel 01229 580666 or e-mail

Ulverston AGM – Ulverston

Furness U3A - Open Morning

9.30am to 12.30pm, Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Welcoming new members and an opportunity to find out more about the U3A movement locally. Free admission furness Midweek Communion at Dalton Community Church, Market Street, Dalton, 2-30 pm. A short service lasting about 40 minutes, all welcome.

Get Kids Growing, 10am – 4pm.


Ulverston Club (Barrow & District Society for the Blind) -

Methodist Church, Neville Street,

D alton C arnival 2017

Dowdales School Field (open from 10am) Parade leaves Prince Street at 1pm

further informat For ion

call 0 78

83 3817

0 60 or


Programmes available for £1 Entry to the field is £1 for adults or by programme. Dalton Flag Poster.indd 1


Ulverston now

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

FSB Young Entrepreneurs’ networking evening The

Drawing Room, Barrow starting at 5pm. Free event, to book contact


Taste Cumbria Bistro Evening

from 7pm. Enjoy a selection of traditional Cumbrian dishes with a modern twist, using the finest ingredients from local and artisan producers – to celebrate the upcoming Taste Cumbria Food Festival (27th/28th May). Ford Park, Ulverston tel 01229 581666 or e-mail

Keith James - The Songs of Leonard Cohen – 8pm.‘Some

of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’ The Independent. Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £15 tel 01229 587140


Full Benefit – Bringing on back the good times - The local

band ‘FULL BENEFIT’ plus Elizabeth & Victoria Fawcett will be performing in aid of Charity. Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £13/£15 tel 01229 587140


Jenny Eclair – How To Be A Middle Aged Woman (without going insane) – 8pm. Following

a complete sell-out autumn tour professional grumpy old woman, Splash survivor, amateur soup maker, and novice knitter Jenny Eclair Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £17.50 tel 01229 587140

Murphy will guide us to Piel Island and Castle and explain the history of this beautiful area. The walk will take approximately one hour each way and is suitable for families (children must be 6 years and above). Walkers may like to take a picnic and/or you can purchase refreshments at the Ship Inn on the Island. This event is very popular so please contact the Charity Office, Furness General Hospital – Telephone: 01229 404473 or email charity@ or register on line at Adults £10.00, Children £5, Family (2 adults & 2 Children) £25

This years theme is Flags & Bunting

c val. w.d altoncarni


Piel Island Charity Walk – John

Satu rd t a y Ju n e 10 h


Ulverston 1.30-3.30pm. 3rd Wednesday of every month. Tel 01229 820698

05/04/2017 11:11


Coro Hall Charity Bingo Night 8pm £6 per book. Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tel 01229 587140


Dalton Community Association Film Club will be

showing “A Street Cat named Bob” at 2pm. Admission £4 incl refreshments. For information call 01229 463929

International Spring Festival at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre (26th to

31st) Conishead. A rare and special opportunity to receive teachings and empowerments from the Spiritual and Deputy Director of the tradition, to meditate and discuss with likeminded people from over 40 countries and experience a truly inspiring and meaningful holiday. Contact 01229 584029


UVHS Wind Band performs with the Royal Marines – 7.30pm. Hurry, tickets are nearly sold out for this concert. Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £17.50/£14/£12 tel 01229 587140

Taste Cumbria Food & Drink Festival (27th to

28th). Ulverston Taste Market. Delicious treats from Cumbria’s many fine producers and foodie artisans


NHS Blood Donors

Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Book your appointment to do something amazing www. or call 0300 123 23 23

Sound Walks at Roudsea Nature Reserve 11am-16pm.

An exploration for families discovering the nature reserve with sound artist Dan Fox. £3.50 per child. Booking essential events/


Lempen Puppet Theatre Company: The Amazing Thing 2pm. A truly original take on Grimm’s fairy tale stories told with puppets, acting and live music.

Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £7/£10/£30 (family) tel 01229 587140

Children’s Crafts 2pm3.30pm. Perfect chance

for the little ones to get creative and enjoy seasonal family craft activities. Ford Park, Ulverston Booking recommended tel 01229 581666 or e-mail

June 2nd

Dalton Community Association Coffee Morning

A free information & advice coffee morning between 10:30 and 12:00. Among the agencies on hand to give advice will be MIND, Age UK and Furness Spiritualists. Everyone welcome, and free refreshments will be provided. For more information call 01229 463929

Lee Nelson – Serious Joker - 8pm. Come see hilarious

prankster Simon Brodkin develop his cheeky chap character Lee Nelson on the Coro stage. Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Tickets £20 tel 01229 587140


Country Fest (3rd 4th) 2-day event at the

Westmorland Show ground, Crooklands with Sheep Dog Trials, culinary delights including a Food Zone, Farming Zone, Young Shepherd event, WI and much, much more


Flaming June at Swartmoor Football Club, from 2-4pm. Afternoon Tea for £3. Following the great success of last year’s Afternoon Tea, we are having another one. Everyone is invited. There will be food, a magician and competitions. If you want to join in with the competitions just brng your entry along. We are having 4 classes; 1. vegetable animal, 2. photo of your pet, 3. spring hat, 4. funniest selfie. We will also be having a short story competition judged by a local author. Ring Jackie for further information; 583174

Weekly events Mondays

• Pie, Peas & Film Night . Visit the Hope & Anchor, Daltongate, from 6.30 onwards for Pie & Peas, then visit the Roxy for the film, All for only £10 • Knit & Natter, Crochet & Chat Group meet at Virginia House, Queen Street, Ulverston 1-3pm and 6.30-8.30pm. Making Hats for Special Care Baby Unit, Octopuses for Premature Babies and Twiddle Muffs for Dementia Sufferers, or just bring your own work, help is on hand for beginners. All welcome, £2.00. Contact Joyce 0777 5664532 • Tea and Chat Dalton Community Church, Wellington Street Dalton. Come and have a cuppa and a good chat. No Charge. 10am-11.30am • Good Tones Singing Group - back room at Ulverston Methodist Church, Hartley Street, LA12 0AN. 7pm til 8pm. £7 Adult singing group for people that want to get some happy in their Mondays, songbirdsonsong. or Facebook - SONG BIRDS Ulverston • Tai Chi Classes, Croftlands Community Centre 5.10 - 6.40pm, £6. Contact or • Leave ‘em Laughing Chess Collective, meets every Mon & Tue night from 7pm at The Stan Laurel Inn, The Ellers, Ulverston. A friendly bunch of chess enthusiasts, new people welcome, and always a good selection of real ales on tap


• Yoga Classes, Croftlands Community Centre 7.30-9pm, £6 drop in further info • French Lessons. Ou La La French Lessons, 3 levels of lessons by native French speaker. At Natterjacks. 01229 582190 • South Lakes Jive, Beginners class 7.45pm, Improvers class at 9pm and after that Freestyle until 10:30pm! Red Rose, Ulverston. £6, doors open at 7:30pm. All beginners welcome • Gleaston Craft Group, 7-9pm, Gleaston Village Hall. Every Tuesday except 2nd Tue of the month. £2 per session incl tea/coffee & cake. All welcome, contact Barbara tel 869968 or • Social Club Barrow & District Society for the Blind. Ostley House, Abbey Road, Barrow 6.30pm-8.30pm. Tel 01229 820698


• Creative Support, 7pm until 9pm A fun evening catering for those with learning disabilities. Come and meet others for a drink, a dance and a singalong. Red Rose, Ulverston. £1 per session, for over 18s only. Call Malcolm on 07523 284865. • Mindfulness Classes on a Wednesday afternoon at 2pm - Dalton Community Centre • Knit and natter in the Coach House, 1 3pm all welcome please come along.

• Table Tennis, 7pm Gleaston Village Hall & Green Committee. £1 per session. JTU - Bring your own drink. Contact Barbara tel 869968 or


• Ulverston Outdoor Market • South Cumbrian Retirement Brass Band, 10am. Red Rose, Ulverston. Free tea, coffee and biscuits. • Country Market, from 9.30am to 11.30am in the Coronation Hall. Home made bakes, preserves, craft work, cards, gifts, plants & vegetables. • Knit and Natter at Natterjacks night time coffee house, 7:30pm. All welcome. • Breast feeding group 09.30 - 11.30 at the Ulverston Library • The Feel Good Singalong - back room at Ulverston Methodist Church, Hartley Street, LA12 0AN. 10.30am to 11.30am. £6. Open to everyone, all ages, health and state of mind. (Wheelchair access) songbirdsonsong. or Facebook - SONG BIRDS Ulverston • Coffee mornings in the Coronation Hall. • Lakeland Orienteering Club - NavNight, 6.30pm - 8pm Red Rose, Ulverston, Introducing basic navigation and map reading skills. Contact Richard Lecky-Thompson 01229 716021 or mail navnight@lakeland-orienteering. • Choral Society Meetings, The society welcomes new members. 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm. Ulverston Methodist Church, Hartley St. Contact : Pam Gillam 01229 716321. • Poker, Texas hold ’em poker with inclusive supper. starts at 8pm at the Swan, Ulverston • Digital Photography Classes on a Thursday 7-9 - Dalton Community Centre • Thursday Club Barrow & District Society for the Blind. Ostley House, Abbey Road, Barrow 1.30pm-3.30pm. Tel 01229 820698 • Thursday Club Dalton Community Church, Wellington Street Dalton. Armchair exercises, varied entertainment, a cuppa and a chance to socialise. School term times. No charge, 2pm4pm.


• Children’s story time 09.30-10.30 Friday's during term time at the Ulverston Library. • Yoga Classes Croftlands Community Centre, £4 drop in 10am - 11am


• Ulverston Outdoor Market, • Coffee mornings in the Coronation Hall. • Old Time Dancing 7.30pm-11pm, Red Rose, Ulverston. Red Rose club’s very own night featuring live music from the in house band and dancing to old time music. A great time to be had for only £5/member and £6/nonmembers.


• Pub Quiz at the Swan - Fun pub quiz with gallon of ale prize and inclusive supper. Starting 6.30pm

| 01229 490 000



Dalton Community Church Dalton Community Church meets weekly for a tea and a chat as well as for armchair exercises. Come and join them, you will be made to feel very welcome. On Tuesday May 9th at 2.30 pm they are also holding a Midweek Communion at Dalton Community Church in Market Street. It is a short service lasting about 40 minutes, all are welcome. Mondays Dalton Community Church, Wellington Street, Dalton. Tea and Chat. Come and have a cuppa and a good chat. No Charge. 10am till 11-30am. Thursdays Dalton Community Church, Wellington Street, Dalton. Thursday Club. Armchair exercises, varied entertainment, a cuppa and a chance to socialise. School term times. No charge, 2pm to 4pm.

South Lakeland Community Learning and Skills (Formerly Cartmel Adult Education)

The summer term is almost upon us, most of our courses will start again after the Easter holidays on the week beginning 24th April, we are currently taking bookings and enrolments for all of the courses on offer, which can be viewed online by visiting our website learningandskills and searching for courses in the South Lakeland area. Should you have any questions regarding our courses or enrolling we can be contacted via email on southlakelandclas@ or telephone on 01539 713257. New courses we are now taking enrolments for include… Jewellery Making as a Micro Business. Starts Wednesday 26th April and runs for10 weeks at Space to Create in Kendal from10:00am until 12:30pm with

Handy Person Service Retired resident Jillian Rawcliffe thinks a free repair and maintenance service offered by South Lakeland District Council is just the job. Work to fix her sticking front door became successful task number 1,800 thanks to a local council-run scheme which has just been extended for another year. The repair at Mrs Rawcliffe’s home in Windermere is typical of those which elderly, disabled or vulnerable people cannot tackle safely which the council can arrange to be done free-of-charge. “I think it’s wonderful. My front door had been stuck fast for months and I didn’t have anyone to fix it for me. When the two handy people turned up I knew I was in safe hands and the job was done in no time,” she said. Under the Handy Person Scheme her door was taken off its hinges, planed and the locks adjusted, at no cost to Mrs Rawcliffe. Work is limited to a maximum of three hours and households can use the service up to six times a year. Labour is free and residents only pay for the materials used. SLDC’s Handy Person Scheme covers a long list of jobs from putting up shelves and curtain poles to replacing light bulbs, toilet seats and tap washers. To find out if you are eligible, contact the Housing Standards Team on telephone 01539 733333 or e-mail local Silversmith, Amanda Hunter. Amanda will teach you to produce a piece of silver jewellery to saleable standard whilst providing you the knowledge to sell your work legally and productively. The course is suitable for complete beginners and aims to allow you to learn a new hobby and turn a profit at the same time. The course fee is £95 although if you meet certain targeted criteria or are unemployed, the course is free. Get to know your iPad. We are holding these short courses in local libraries and schools around the South Lakes area. They are aimed at beginners although those with some experience will also benefit from the course. Debbie Robley is a highly experienced ICT tutor with years of teaching in the adult sector. She is offering courses at the following venues and dates. Friday 16th and 23rd June, 10:00am12:30pm at Ulverston Library Saturday 17th and 24th June, 1:30pm- 4:00pm at Grange Library Friday 30th June and 7th July,

Ulverston Library May is Local History month; look out for photo displays from the library archives.

Get To Know Your ipad Community Learning and Skills are running introductory sessions to help you make the most out of using your ipad. The sessions will run on the 16th and 23rd of June at the library between 10am and 12.30. Contact Community Learning and skills on telephone 01539 713257 or e-mail to enrol.

Alzheimer’s Society Drop-in Dementia Information Sessions are held every 4th Thursday of the month between 10.30-12.30pm. The sessions are aimed at people with dementia their family and carers. No need to book, just turn up. Community groups at the library

Adult reading group 13.30-15.00 1st Wednesday of the month Breast feeding group 09.30- 11.30 Tuesday Children’s story time 09.30-10.30 Friday Connecting Mums 09.30-12.30 Friday

Opening Times; Monday, 9.00am-5pm; Tuesday 9.00am-5pm; Wednesday 9.00am-1pm (closed in the afternoon); Thursday 9.00am-6pm; Friday 9.00am-5pm; and Saturday 9.30am-1pm, closed Sundays. Ulverston Library 01229 404151, or visit their Facebook page.

10:00am -12:30pm at Cartmel Priory School. The course fees are £17, with concessions available for those that meet the criteria. Spanish for Holidays. Saturday 10th June, 10:00am-4:00pm @ Grange Golf Club. £20 German for Holidays. Saturday 1st July, 10:00am-4:00pm @ Grange Golf Club. £20 These intensive, one day courses are an ideal opportunity to pick up some basic vocabulary, phrases and knowledge to help you enjoy your holiday to the full. Both courses are taught by local tutor Sonja Veitoris, Sonja is a native German speaker and is also fluent in Spanish and French. Healthy Hearts. These gentle exercise classes are specifically designed for people recovering from Cardio Vascular health problems and are an ideal way to begin an exercise regime. We have classes at the following time and locations with Elaine Towler. Monday. Grange Methodist Church Hall. 24th April- 17th July 1:30-2:30pm

Tuesday. St Marys Hospice Education Suite. 25th April- 18th July 9:50-10:50 and 10:55-11:55 Thursday. Grange Methodist Church Hall. 27th April-20th July 10:00-11:00 and 11:00-12:00 Landscape Photography Workshop. Saturday 17th June, 10:00am-4:00pm @ St Mary’s Hospice Education Suite, Ford Park, Ulverston. Course fee £20, concessions £10. This course is for photographers looking to improve their landscape photography. Part of the morning will be spent on a location shoot, followed by an afternoon in the classroom to review the photographs taken and look at some post production techniques to enhance your landscape photography. To enquire or book on these or any of our courses please contact our Kendal office on 01539 713257 or email Kevin Fothergill

Community Learning and Skills Manager, South Lakeland

015397 13257 Mon –Fri 09:00-14.00 (24hr answerphone) 18

Ulverston now

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th


UVHS Sixth-Form Flying High

UVHS Sixth Form is celebrating a bumper year of University application successes for the current year 13 students. A record five students have received offers for undergraduate study from Cambridge and Oxford having written lengthy applications and undertaken a gruelling interview and examination process over several days. For a state school to be so successful in terms of Oxbridge is very impressive and ranks UVHS very highly in terms of state school Oxbridge entries in Cumbria and the north-west. The students with successful offers are; Isobel : Queen’s College CambridgeVeterinary Medicine, Emily : Corpus Christi College Cambridge- Music, Dea: Downing College Cambridge- Psychology, Ella: Queens College Oxford- French & Linguistics, Dylan; Queens College Cambridge - Computer Science.

Rob Rastelli, Head of UVHS Sixth Form, says: “I am immensely proud of all our students, but to have five students receive offers from Oxbridge is really pleasing. It reflects not only the phenomenal amount of work that they have put into their studies here at UVHS, but also the quality of teaching here in the school as well as the excellent out-of-lesson support provided by both teaching and non-teaching staff. Everyone goes the extra mile to help Year 13 students gain the post-18 places that they both deserve and desire, and to achieve their potential, whether that be at university, in an apprenticeship or in the world of work.” Additionally all four of UVHS’ Medicine students have been made a conditional offer after interview: Mary - Lancaster and UCL; Brandon Lancaster; Alex - UCL; Emily – Glasgow. Mr Rastelli continues “This is on top of all three of our Year 13 Vet students being made offers too: Rhys - Liverpool; Isobel - Cambridge and

Bristol; Daniella - Surrey We are delighted that all the hard work that goes into an application from both students and staff has resulted in a 100% success rate. They were all regular attenders of the thriving Vic Medics club and worked hard to build up skills for their application and interview. Thanks should also go to Professor Andy Renwick who, as an ex admission tutor for Medicine at Southampton, puts our students through a mock interview type process. Lynne Sharpe, a former Vet also was a great help with our Vet students with their interview preparation.”

Scouting Centenary in Dalton On 1st of April, 1st Duddon Scout Group celebrated their 100th birthday with an open day.



Multi award winning

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Daltongate Business Centre Ulverston Cumbria LA12 7AJ fax 01229 588061 email

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• Accounts preparation • Payroll • Company formation

• VAT • Taxation • Business start ups

| 01229 490 000



Scarecrow Festival

Scales Community Association is holding its annual Scales Scarecrow Festival. This years’ theme is Nursery Rhymes. Scarecrows will start appearing in the village of Scales from Friday 26th May. Cream teas will be served

Inner Wheel Club of Ulverston

President Charlotte Wills welcomed members to the March meeting and introduced the speaker, Marilyn Hale from Newlands. Marilyn has always been interested in various types of handicrafts over many years but spoke to the Club about her interest and work with glass.

Ulverston Evening Townwomen’s Guild

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7.15 for 7.30 pm at Croftlands Junior School, Oakwood Drive, Ulverston. We have regular monthly activities including Rummikub, Swimming, Walks and Lunches.

She explained about the various types of glass, how fusing differs from one to another. Marilyn showed pendants, keyrings and some beautiful dishes which she had made. Then members were invited to make pendants. Pieces of glass were chosen, some clear, some coloured, squares and oblongs. Glue was applied and small pieces of coloured glass placed on to the glue to form a design. Marilyn took our efforts home to fire them in her

kiln and will also fit rings on to the glass to complete the pendants. A most interesting evening and we look forward to seeing our completed efforts.

Our Speakers from May to December 2017 are: May 3rd - Saucy Seaside Postcards - Neil Honeyman. June 7th - Twiddle Muffs and Alzheimers Society - Angela Hampshire. July 5th - It’s a Vets Life - Women in the Veterinary Profession - Judith Lee September 6th - Lost Villages of Mardale

- Open Evening - Jeff Atkinson

The annual conference of the Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland is taking place at the beginning of April and seven members from the Ulverston club will be attending this event in Nottingham. A chance to meet up with old friends.

October 4th - Tax, Care and Toyboys.

November 1st - The Galapagos Islands Audrey Brown December 6th - Braddyls Friends - Sue Fletcher

Come and join us at any of our meetings, you will get a warm welcome.

Barrow Timebank

Formed in 2015, Barrow Timebank aims to develop our community into a safe, prosperous and supportive place to live and work by recognising that the wealth of any society is its people and by working together, sharing skills and experiences we can improve and empower our community. How can you get involved? The time bank works on the principle that the time members give supporting a group activity or an individual need is registered on a database and can be claimed back at a later date when they have a need. How do members find activities taking place? These will be published by email to members, via social media and in the office at Dalton Road, Barrow. How Can I Claim My Time? Members can claim the time they have spent helping others by contacting the Timebank Office, explaining what needs to be done and an 20

Ulverston now

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

at the Village Hall from 2pm till 4pm on Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th and Bank Holiday Monday 29th of May. Everyone is welcome to walk through the village and look at the Scarecrows and pop to the Hall for a cream tea. Any queries, phone 869814

appropriate time. The office will find someone with that skill, and liaise the best time for the job to be carried out. The task completed sheet will be signed and returned to the office. Safeguards are in place to identify people doing the task and if there is any doubt, call the timebank office before letting them in. Can I exchange my Time Credits? Members may also be able to exchange time credits for rewards such as: tickets for specific events, trips, leisure activities, food/ refreshment vouchers at Timebank events, use of community halls and community buildings. Why Join Timebank? Doing something worthwhile in your spare time to help others will be personally fulfilling, confidence building, increase knowledge and skills. And it’s fun! If you are interested in joining this scheme, please contact Zoe Hartley, 242-244 Dalton Road, Barrow, LA14 1PN, telephone 01229 348027 or e-mail

Victoria Rd Ulverston Cumbria LA12 0DG

Savari Sands Greystones Westbound Witherslack Grange over Sands LA11 6RJ

Tel: 01229 581 043

Tel: 01539 552 411

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Ulverston Pool Triathlon On 2nd of April twenty-five members of Ulverston Tri Club completed the 8th annual Ulverston Pool Triathlon. Notable performances came from UTC members Duncan Eley who came home in an impressive fourth place in the 200-strong field and Lucy Jackson-Jones who placed 5th female, despite having become a mother within the last year. For three of the club’s newest members, the event represented big personal achievements. Francesca McKenna, Claire Braithwaite and Sarah Johnson all took up triathlon within the last year. They had all enrolled in the Try a Tri scheme run by UTC last summer. The scheme took participants through a six-week program culminating in a short

triathlon at the end. Claire had previously been a competitive swimmer as a teenager, but hadn’t been involved in sport for a couple of years after an ankle injury. Francesca enjoyed cycling for leisure photo: Fran McKenna, Claire Braithwaite & Sarah Johnson but had previously avoided personal achievements in such a short competitive sport “as a period. In this year’s race all 3 had teenager if you’d have asked me to notable performances with Claire and do a triathlon I’d have probably cried!” Sarah putting in impressive swims and Sarah had not previously been involved Francesca impressing on the bike. in competitive sport. All three were If you’ve been inspired to give triathlon a encouraged by friends and family to give go, details of the Try-a-Tri scheme will be triathlon a go and they haven’t looked posted on the club’s Facebook page later back. They’ve been encouraged by this year. the friendly nature of UTC and triathlon in general and impressed by their own

YMCA ‘CHANGING YOUNG LIVES’ APPEAL owned and run by YMCA Fylde Coast - a registered charity.

2017 is an exciting year for YMCA Lakeside with plans to redevelop their schools facility creating a world class outdoor activity centre. YMCA is launching a public fundraising appeal to raise the remaining £500,000 (out of a total £6.8M) to complete the redevelopment. YMCA Lakeside is one of the UK’s largest outdoor activity centres,

Start of Cricket Season Approaches

Final few places still available for this summer’s Triathlon X

photo:Mark Blackburn

There are still a handful of places available for anyone wishing to complete one the most physically demanding sporting events in the world. Triathlon X will take place on Saturday 17th June, with 244 of the 250 registered places already taken. With a 2.4 mile swim in Lake Windermere, 112-mile cycle and a 26 mile run up Scafell Pike to conclude, the 22

Ulverston now

The buildings at Lakeside have been in continual use since the early 1950s and the reality is that the majority need to be replaced if the centre is to continue its vital work of changing and enhancing the lives of children and young people. Almost 1 million have attended YMCA Lakeside during the last 60 years where through their high quality outdoor challenges the YMCA team of qualified and experienced Outdoor Instructors are able to test skills like leadership, communication and problem solving; most importantly the YMCA helps young people learn from both success and failure!

You can support the YMCA Lakeside ‘Changing Young Lives’ Appeal, appeal by making a donation, by taking part in one of our challenge events. Companies can adopt YMCA Lakeside as their Charity of the Year; get involved in YMCA’s Corporate Challenge Event. Local schools and youth groups are welcome to organise fundraising events such as cake sale, save pennies in a sweetie jar or a non uniform day. For more information contact Elaine Close Telephone 01253 893928 Ext 2025

event is one of the hardest of its kind.

Last year saw Andrew Drobeck from Montana, USA, first to the finish line. Anyone still hoping to take part in the event, must have registered by the cutoff date, which is 31st May. The cost to enter is £295, and any other information regarding this year’s event can be found on the official Triathlon X website.

- NEXT DEADLINE 12 MAY 2017 th

Finishing Touches to Preparation as Start of Cricket Season Approaches Cumbrian cricketers have begun the transition from winter training to outdoor warm-up matches, in preparation for the start of the new season. Representatives of the U12’s age category have enjoyed a winter squad session at Sedbergh, whilst several of the girls teams enjoyed outdoor training at St Bee’s. The U17’s were involved in their first competitive action of the year with a practice game against Queen Ethelburga’s, which ended in defeat. The U17’s will once again participate in the highly-skilled Division 1B Championship. Cumbria will face Scotland, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northumberland, where they face one another in a one-day competition, as well as the two-day format.



MELVILLE & CO CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS. Accounts, VAT / bookkeeping / payroll / personal and business taxation. For free initial meeting telephone 01229 434000.



ONE-to-ONE DOG BEHAVIOUR and Training Solutions. Martin Gleadow 015395 63567


Rise & Recline Chairs, Electric Beds and general furnishings supplied by Furness Furniture Ltd, 19 Nelson St Dalton 01229 208536. Free local delivery.

EDDIE SHARP ENGRAVING TROPHIES pick up/drop-off Domus, King Street. Contact Kendal Trophies 01539 740217


ROGER ARMSTRONG ARCHITECT, Lindale. Design / Property Advice / Applications. Tel 015395 34314.


Daisyroots Books Main Street, Grange-over-Sands. Second-hand books. Local History, Climbing, Railways & much more. Full range of OS maps. Open 9:30 - 4:30 Mon - Sat. 015395 38817


TOPSHINE CAR WASH ULVERSTON Ltd Valeting services from £5. Collect our wash tokens and get 5th Express wash free! N Lonsdale Terrace, Ulverston 07982 726438


ULVERCLEAN Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists. For a true deep clean contact Lee Gundry on 01229 586703 or 07858 757215


ANDREW BACKHOUSE CHIMNEY SWEEP LTD Established 1992. Trading standards approved. All types of chimneys and flues swept. Camera surveys. 015394 45117 or 0776 314 5594 ROB CHAMBERS All types of chimneys and flues Member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps HETAS approved. Fully insured 01229 588025 Mob: 07881 921529


SUE LAWTON (S.R.Ch,D.Pod.M,M.Ch.S) HCPC Registered Chiropodist. Registered & qualified for 26 years. Home visits covering Grange, Ulverston & surrounding areas 015395 83625


SITTING PRETTY Antique traditional and modern furniture re-upholstered locally by time-served craftswoman. 20 years experience. Lesley Fursey 01229 464607 www.


Tree Stumps Removed GET A QUOTE ONLINE or call Peter on 01539 720441 GARDEN CLEARANCE Grass and hedge cutting, strimming and fencing. Ron’s Tidy Garden. Tel: 01229 580345 Mobile 07904 151964. Reliable and honest GARDEN LANDSCAPING AND DRY STONE WALLING. All aspects of stonework and landscaping. Sam Shaw Kilburn 07887243988

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JS Cleaning Your local, professional cleaning service. Contact Jane on 01229 584891, 07966 028404 or

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Phobias (incl school phobias), anxiety, depression, addictions, confidence and self esteem. Speak to a professional caring therapist. Experienced in working with adults and children 07792 843 807

STAMP COLLECTIONS, OLD COINS / medals and pre-1960 picture postcards purchased. Will visit to view. Tel Smith 07721 651 751 email OLD SUITCASES, trunks, leather bags, wooden boxes, toolboxes, wooden ladders, galvanised buckets, watering cans, kitchenware. Peter 015395 62811



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PiedPiper Northern Ltd Reputable pest management company providing a professional, courteous and prompt service by expertly trained staff. 01229 480 463

I’m your local, friendly handyman for painting, repairs and general DIY around the home. I can do most things! All jobs considered. Call Simon on

CLEAN CHOICE - High Standard Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Service. Contact Emma on 07795 441324/ 01229 889490 or email

CLEANER Quality cleaning and laundry services. Reasonable rates. Hours available. Call Joan on 0770 622 1466 / 07979 127 318 or e-mail

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