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for Editors, Magazines, Tourism Boards, Agencies. Photo and video, multimedia productions

How we comunicate We offer at 360 ° editorial communication for, Italy, Europe and other countries

• Travel, outdoor and nature magazine • Web and social networking • Digital Magazines • Mobile Applications • Events • Photo portals • Brands • Photo Agencies

How we comunicate

Magazines Christian Patrick Ricci - Editor in-Chief Mirko Sotgiu - Photoeditor for Ev-Magazine - and Photographers in residence for: Oasis – rivista di cultura ambientale Collaborations with: QuiTouring, Meridiani, Meridiani Montagne, Bell’Europa, Alpes, Desnivel, Piemonte Parchi, La Rivista della Natura Past collaborations with: National Geographic, Progresso fotografico, Rutas nel mundo, Provincia di Varese, Focus, DigiPhoto, Weekend & viaggi, le Guide di Natura, Tutto Fotografi.

How we comunicate

Books and events • DeAgostini (publisher) • CNR (expedition, science research) • Ev-K2-CNR (science research) • UNEP ONU (enviromental programme) • The IEPA (exhibition)

Christian Patrick Ricci - Mirko Sotgiu

How we comunicate

Web communication The communication over the web through the brands: • Nikon LIFE section of the most visited website of photography in Italy with more than 350,000 visitors per month. ( • Manfrotto School of Xcellence English website, Manfrotto 95,000 visitors / month (http://manfrottoschoolofxcellence. com/2010/12/01/photofarm-jordan-a-travel-report/) • Founders of the travel and photography website Photofarm (15,000 visits per month) more than 52,000 page views with an average of 5min page reading ( • The photographers were active before, during and after the travel with report on popular social networks (facebook, twitter, google+)

How we comunicate

Mobile publishing Our staff can produce applications and contents for: • Digital and interactive magazines • eBook • Applications for mobiles • Digital catalogues for Tourism board


• Christian Patrick Ricci Via Valle 46 28040 BORGO TICINO (NO) ITALY Ph. +39 348 5940120 skype: Christian.patrick.ricci

• Mirko Sotgiu Via Roma 40 28041 ARONA - LAKE MAGGIORE (NO) ITALY Ph. +39 328 9275353 skype: alpinfoto

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