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steps to express a specific language to your spouse and guide your marriage in the right direction. A newly designed love languages assessment will help you understand and strengthen your relationship. You can build a lasting, loving marriage together. Gary Chapman hosts a nationally syndicated daily radio program called A Love Language Minute that can be heard on more than 150 radio stations as well as the weekly syndicated program Building Relationships with Gary Chapman. The 5 love languages is a consistent New York Times bestseller - with over 5 million copies sold and translated into 38 languages. This book is a sales phenomenon, with each year outselling the prior for 16 years running!

Reviews: This book truly saved my marriage. I read it first and my husband chose not to read it. I left him and took a job out of state. He read the book just before I left but I was committed to taking the job. After he read it, we sat and cried together realizing how we needed to speak each other's love languages. We spent the next two years living in different states, but spent weekends and time off learning to love each other in ways that made the other feel loved. I quit the job after 2 years and he sold several businesses so we could spend more time together. We took our first real vacation of 35 years and have continued to spend quality time together since then. The past 3 years have been glorious even though we are experiencing many trial and tribulations from outside sources, we continue to strengthen our love within our marriage.

I wish that this book would have been available when I was raising my children. I would have had a much better understanding of each of them. The information found in this book is so valuable. EVERYONE should read it. It will help parents understand their children. It will help married couples understand each other and will prevent the high divorce rate. I highly recommend that couples read before they get married. I have bought this book as part of the wedding present. Whether you are a newlywed or married for 50 years you will benefit from this book. It will enhance your marriage. PLEASE PLEASE BUY & PASS ALONG.

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5 love languages online ebook  
5 love languages online ebook