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Niko Lighting Controls Niko has created a range of specialist Lighting Controls designed to give the consumer ultimate flexibility of programming, unprecedented ease of use, and total control over light fixtures and environments. Niko’s range of Lighting Controls give you almost limitless creative possibilities when planning the different light settings in your home, whilst also offering the practical benefits and ease of installation symbolic of all Niko products. From Dimmers and Switch Controllers, all the way through to Touch Screens and Transformers, Niko provides a fully integrated solution, which can be programmed quickly and easily to bring the perfect ambience to any room, at any time. Niko hasn’t stopped there however, its range of Lighting Controls are also some of the safest on the market; overload and short circuit protection mean that – should anything go wrong with your power supply – the dimmer units themselves go directly into ‘safe mode’.

To find out more about Niko UK, its products and solutions, visit: or call Niko UK on 01525 877707.

Nikobus Shines as the Perfect Lighting Solution All of Niko’s Lighting Controls work off of our Nikobus System. A totally flexible approach to home automation, Nikobus is easily installed, easily programmed and easily expanded. The Nikobus system allows automated operations based on communications, between individual electrical appliances in the household, targeted to provide optimum comfort and safety. It is simple, flexible and modular, allowing for design, planning and easy programming with or without a PC. The lighting design program is simplicity itself. The Nikobus allows you to create and store light scenes, with each scene easily activated by a single key. Although each control module contains a bus power supply, only one of these power supplies is active for the entire installation – with the others taking over automatically should a defect occur with the first bus power supply. This guarantees that the Nikobus keeps working at all times. Niko offers total solutions in the field of lighting control and home automation, providing a ‘Feature-Full’ system.

Niko Transformers Save Both Time and Money Every installation needs transformers and Niko’s range of low-voltage transformers are not only compact and efficient, but also very quick and easy to install. This new type of transformer with snap-on connectivity has been planned with energy saving in mind and anticipates the removal of 230 volt halogen and incandescent (filament) lamps from the market. Tests have shown that a 12 volt spotlight connected to a Niko transformer will produce a brighter light yet consume less energy. Niko’s wire connection system typically saving a third of the installation time compared to the traditional terminal connections. Niko’s innovative design has ensured that these transformers are suitable for the vast majority of applications. The new range offers a very compact transformer with a diameter of only 38mm and with IP65 standard protection, they are damp proof and so can also be used in outdoor applications.

Niko’s Touch Screen Lights the Way Niko’s intelligent management system enables your home to be tailored specifically to meet all of your Lighting Control needs. Programmable either manually or via PC, the Niko Touch Screen is a discreet, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface which can be easily mounted on the wall, enabling you to enjoy the freedom of multi-zone control throughout your home.

Compact or Classic – Lighting Controls Tailored for You Both Niko’s Switch Controller and Dim Controller come in standard and compact forms; enabling you to fully take control of all your lighting with systems designed to match your needs. Each standard Switch Controller provides 12 internal relays to control electrical settings throughout the installation and includes a microprocessor, isolated power supply, and diagnostic reporting to ensure your lights are on whenever you need them.

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Compact Dim Controller lead the way.

Get Creative with Niko’s Universal Lighting Controls Niko’s Universal Modular Dimmers allows your creative side to shine controlling up to 30 push buttons and featuring a set of feedback LEDs plus additional memory for saving another light setting via push button control. Available in 750VA (3A) & 1400VA (6A) models, the Universal Modular Dimmers are suitable for incandescent lamps, 230V and all types of low voltage halogen lamps. They also feature overload protection with an automatic reboot and electronic short circuit protection. With Niko Universal Lighting Controls you get almost limitless control as well as a little extra peace of mind.

Lighting for Spa 4 star hotel in Brussels Case Study Brussels plays host to some of the most discerning and demanding guests in the world. So, when a 4 star hotel wanted to update its image and its lighting, there was only one choice - Niko. The lighting is controlled via Nikobus for ultimate flexibility using a combination of Niko touchscreens, Niko Pure champagne coloured switches and Niko motion sensors. The finished system has left the hotel extremely satisfied with both the quality of the installation and its ease-of-use.

A Stylish Updated Victorian Apartment The Ground Floor Apartment in this converted Victorian house was spacious and inviting but not modern enough. The challenge was to update the interior and introduce technology without impinging on the aesthetics. Everything is controlled by a Nikobus lighting control and home automation system using a single remote control unit; a Nevo Q50 Universal Remote. The apartment has two bedrooms, each with en-suite shower room, an integrated living space including a lounge area; kitchen, utility and dining space and large glass doors from the dining space can be opened to allow the garden to become a part of the living areas. Inside, the lighting is a combination of stunning modern light fittings and the creative use of white LEDs to flood areas for the maximum impact. Blinds are electronically controlled so that the mood can be changed at the press of a button. An electronically operated mirrored panel above the gas-flame fire hides the flat-screen television in the living area and the sound is delivered from one of eight sources available into four zones. It is stored using iTunes on an Apple MacMini and accessed using an iPhone, or the Nevo. A wireless keyboard and mouse allows for internet access via the television.

Niko UK is the latest addition to the Niko family, founded and based in Belgium since 1919. Niko designs and manufactures advanced solutions for home automation, lighting controls, access controls, music distribution, intercom systems, videophones and electrical switches. Niko has earnt its enviable reputation for providing elegant and stylish solutions that are easy to program, easy to install, and easy to use.

Niko (UK) Limited

Niko nv

Black Horse Barns, Fancott

Industriepark West 40

Toddington, Beds LU5 6HT

BE-9100 Sint-Niklaas

tel. +44 (0) 1525 877707


fax +44 (0) 1525 877708

tel. +32 3 778 90 00


fax +32 3 777 71 20

To find out more about Niko UK, its products and solutions, visit: or call Niko UK on 01525 877707.

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