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The Brief To provide an on-wall switch control that does not detract from the decor of a room. The implementation The antedote to wall switches, Niko’s latest innovation is a totally invisible wall switch to control your lighting. Using Niko Mysterious switches, the wall is left to look as if it is completely free of any switches, except in the dark, when there is a subtle glow surrounding the embedded switch to guide users towards it. A simple round push-button that is embedded into the wall, Mysterious is so robust and flexible that it can be covered in the same material as the rest of the wall to seamlessly blend in. Whether your choice of wallcovering is wallpaper, paint, or even panelling, the Mysterious switch from Niko can be covered to blend in completely. Operation is simplicity itself - a simple push switches it on, with dual-action switches controlled with the simple option of pushing the top half, or the bottom half for different instructions.

Additional Mysterious options For hallways and stairs, there is a matching orientation lighting system using blue or white LEDs to guide your way without the need for more conventional lighting. Activated by a switch, or motion sensor, Mysterious offers a complete solution to providing the ultimate discreet control of lighting scenes.

The Red Dot Design Award The Red Dot Design Award is the world’s biggest and most distinguished design competition, which is only granted to exceptionally creative, innovative and high-quality products. Each year an international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality and quality; this ensures the seriousness of the competition and its international acceptance. The group of jurors is made up of renowned designers and design experts from all over the world who reach their decisions on which designs are good enough to receive a Red Dot Award independently and impartially. The award is seen as a seal of quality and represents the best in design and business.

Media connectivity is also solved with similarly flush-mounted sockets to provide co-axial, satellite and datacom connections. The uiltimate minimalist solution, blending in with traditional and modern interiors; Mysterious is a solution that will be loved as much by aesthetes as by technocrats. Mysterious - the ultimate solution for subtle good taste in every living environment.

Niko Mysterious

Mysterious - Case Study

Mysterious case study  

Niko Mysterious

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