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CONCISE NGONDRO 1. INVOKE THE GURU(self revealing awareness) and I remember the briefness of life and the wonderful opportunity that is given to me. I turn my mind and heart to the dharma. 2.1 go for refuge within the radiant light of innermost awareness...the true base of all. 3. Whatever I accomplish, I accomplish not only for my own self but for everyone...that everyone may become happy in the oneness of divinity. 4. I offer everything that I am, and know, to the sublime luminosity of consciousness. 5. Above me and surrounding me is the light of pure awareness, from which comes the luminous nectarean stream purifying my obscurations. OM IS THE SUPREME PRAISE AND SUPREME SOUND I AM COMMITTED TO THE PURITY OF AWARENESS. OH VAJRASATTVA PROTECT MY COMMITMENTS REMAIN FIRM WITHIN ME GIVE ME COMPLETE SATISFACTION COME FORTH WITHIN ME BE LOVING WITHIN ME AND GRANT ME THE POWERS OF COMPASSION MAKE MY MIND COMPLETE IN GOODNESS AND IN SUBLIME ASPIRATIONS HUM IS THE HEART ESSENCE SYLLABLE HA HA HA HA IS THE FOUR STAGES OF ONENESS EM MA HO IS THE SOUND OF HAPPINESS AND JOY OH LUMINOUS RADIANCE NEVER LEAVE ME AND GIVE ME THE REALIZATION OF INDESTRUCTIBLE AWARENESS MAKE ME ONE WITH YOU AH...IS ONENESS 6. I BOW TO THE GURU (SELF REVEALING AWARENESS) WITHIN ME AND BEYOND ME.OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PADMASIDDHI HUM . I EMBRACE THE LIMITLESS LIGHT IN THIS LIFE AND IN THE NEXT.

Innovation to the Guru  

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