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Jump in and slow down ’s Caye Caulker time!

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Linda Blease (Actually, make that Caye Caulker)

Miss Blease from Belize

February 2013

MELTing the day

away in cheesyparadise...

My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide Page 1

Jump in and slow down ’s Caye Caulker time!

By: Mary Gonzalez

From the Editor, Tamara Sniffin Welcome to our second issue of My Beautiful Belize! We are thrilled with the positive response to our new, monthly travel publication and are excited to “Though we travel the world over announce that our website has to find the beautiful, we must carry been launched! The website it with us or we find it not.” – Ralph and print publication are Waldo Emerson designed to work in tandem, promoting the travel destinations of Belize while discovering great places to eat, stay and explore. Websites are always a work in progress, and while adding over nine years of select content to the site, we are also focusing on new features, articles, daily cultural anecdotes and of course lots of colorful, glorious photos! We invite you to explore our new site and immerse yourself in the travel substance within. In this issue, Associate Editor Mary Gonzalez takes us to our sister island, Caye Caulker. I clearly remember the days when she would rather stay home and clean house than spend an afternoon in Caye Caulker, and it delights me that she has finally succumbed to the seduction of La Isla Cariñosa! For many of us old-timer island types we find Caye Caulker reminiscent of how San Pedro Town once was. With the go-slow vibe, sand streets and nothing but golf carts and bicycles passing by, Caye Caulker has maintained the laid-back quintessential island ambiance that is now somewhat lost in the bustling streets of San Pedro. Traveling to Caye Caulker is like traveling back to a time when strolling down white beaches, lingering over a good meal while taking in ocean panoramas and Email us at: keeping the company of warm people were to find out how to be a part of: the only things on your “busy” itinerary. We invite you to enjoy the journey, and again we welcome you to My Beautiful Belize! w w w . m y b e a u t i f u l b e l i z e . c o m

Wolfe’s Woofers Confessions

“This place is really beautiful,” said the tourist at the table next to me. “I love watching the waves break on the reef out in the distance.” “I don’t know what I like more,” his wife said. “It’s a hard choice between the coconut trees and the warm breeze.” “Well, it is a lovely place for our second honeymoon,” the man replied. “Yes, it is.” I was sitting at a table on the deck of the Holiday Hotel where I enjoy the beautiful view year round. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but sometimes you just can’t help it. “Dear, now that we have been married for a year there is something I want to ask you.” “Oh, John,” his wife said. “Not the same old question. I told you before we got married that I didn’t ever want to speak of it.” “Honey, I just have to know,” her husband said. “I don’t mind telling you how many lovers I’ve had. I want to know how many you’ve had.” “I don’t want anything to do with this,” she said. “It only leads to jealousy.” “No, it won’t,” he assured her. “I’ll go

first. There was my high school girlfriend, Susie. Then in college there was Linda from my English class, and Jenny. . . .” “I don’t want to know their names,” his wife said. “It’s bad enough that I have to know how many lovers you had. I certainly don’t want to know who they were.” “O.K., O.K.,” he said. “Let me count them. Uh, one, two, three, four, uh, five, uh, and yes, I’ll count that one as six. Seven, eight, nine, uh, ten, eleven. Oh, and you. Twelve total.” “Oh, my,” his wife said. “Don’t worry about it,” the husband said. “It may seem like a lot to you but it’s nothing to get upset about. Now, tell me how many lovers you had.” “I don’t feel good about this,” she said. “I know you’ll get upset.” “Oh, for God’s sake, woman! Get on with it.” “No names, right?” “No names. Just the number.” “O.K. One, two, three, uh, four, five, six, you, eight, nine, ten. . . . .”

Don’t forget to take your picture reading our new publication and send to us via email. You could be seeing yourself in print too!

The blistering hot sun finally dipped behind a stray coconut leaf, and for a brief moment, even the wind stilled. Undulating waves rose and fell, tossing me gently to and fro as I floated on clear salt water. Above, if I had opened my eyes to take in the blue skies, I would have seen pelicans and frigate birds flying high and low. Instead, I just heard their cries, muffled by the water that covered my ears. I was waaaaaay too busy relaxing to bother with the birds at that moment.

But the moment I take that first step off the boat and onto the water taxi pier in Caye Caulker, my brain has been known to grind to a halt. When I was younger (eons ago) that slow-down mentality did not sit well with me. In fact, I distinctly remember that feeling of being ‘trapped’, with (insert whiny voice here) “Noooothing to dooooo! Wahh wahh!” Now I roll my eyes at that younger version of me, wishing I could go back in time and shake some sense into her. I mean, truly, what a wonderful thing it is to do absolutely nothing, then take a nap when doing that exhausts you! Well, okay, so maybe “nothing” is not exactly true. La Isla Cariñosa is a small village with tons of personality. It is an absolute draw to the tourist who wants to get away, longing for that desert island experience without the actual desert and the distinct lack of amenities that come with said desert. So just what is it that keeps calling one back to La Isla Cariñosa? Continued on Page 5

My Beautiful Belize is a monthly travel guide. Publisher: The San Pedro Sun Ltd. Contact information: The San Pedro Sun PO Box 35 San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Belize, Central America (501) 226-2070 or

Bob Tilk of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada emailed us this fantastic photo. “I was in Belize in 2005 and kept a copy of The San Pedro Sun for just the right time. This is it. This is my son-in-law’s family enjoying a good read while ice fishing on a reservoir near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. It was a nice day of about -15C. Yes, we caught 2 nice jackfish.”

Caye Caulker seems to have that effect on me: I could be going, going, going – absolute non-stop activity - my brain wired from endless hours at the computer, then to home where the housework never seemed to end, and a fat kitty awaited food and pats and love and full-on attention.

Please be sure to indicate where you are and send photos to: Photos in unique locations are preferred. Page 2 My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide

February 2013

February 2013

My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide Page 3

My Beautiful Belize

DJ’s Seaside Bar & Restaurant

A map featuring various landmarks and business locations around town.

Wet Willy’s

This body of water

Red Ginger

The Phoenix

Lola’s Pub Coastal Xpress

is currently one of three areas off and on Ambergris Caye that are in the process of being declared a national reserve. The largest of the three proposed reserves, Laguna de San Pedro is part of the Bajos Marine Protected Area which is located between the southern portion of western Ambergris Caye and mainland Belize. It is bordered by the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on the north and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the far south-eastern end. This site has a total area of 135 square miles including the shallow, semi-contained marine bay called the Corozal Bay. A total of nine small islands are found within this site. Also of significance are five shoals associated with these islands. These shoals are important habitat for schooling tarpon, permit and bonefish which are key target species for fly fishermen.



Restaurant & Bar

Caliente Holiday Hotel Blue Water Grill


Police 206-2022 South Police Sub-Station - 610-4911 Fire 206-2372 Emergency 911 Crimestoppers 800 922-TIPS Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II - 226-2536. Emergency: 660-2871 US Embassy - 822-4011 Canadian Consulate - 223-1060 British High Commissioner – 822-2146 AA Meetings: Daily 7:30pm, 5 Boca Del Rio O,M,W,D. 226-2020. Al-Anon Meetings – For family & friends affected by someone’s drinking. Saturdays @ 10:30AM, San Pedro Roman Catholic Parish Hall. laislabonitaalanon@gmail. com or 635-5553.


Caye Caulker Continued from Page 3 It could be the still-quaint village air. Homes intermingle with businesses, many of them Belizean-owned. Vehicles are mostly golf carts, and they are not lined up in excess along the sandy streets. Even taxis are the longer, 6-seater carts driven by smiling, friendly people who greet you with a smile, waiting for you to ask for their services. Even a walk around the main core of the village is ambling and easy,

the most dangerous vehicle one can potentially encounter is a bike. It could be the way the island waits in all her glory: just three streets to cross before you hit the other side. With her colorful, cheerful buildings juxtaposed with a few older, neglected structures, Caye Caulker is not pretentious. She is tiny and unique, from her pretty sandy beaches and funky boats tied up to moor-

ing spots – to the darker, yet just-as-enticing, west side where older homes, fishermen’s spots, and mangroves have taken root and made their home. It could be the most popular place on the island – the split. Carved out by Mother Nature many years ago, the split is a beautiful aquamarine stretch of sea that divides two pieces of the island. It is the popular place to catch rays of sunshine, for jumping and splashing,

Crystal Auto Rentals - 2 BZ locations: Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport and 5 Miles Northern Highway. Free shuttle service to and from our Belize City office to anywhere in Belize City. Tel: 011-501223-1600 Fax: 011-501-223-1900 (direct dialing from U.S.A.) Toll Free in Belize: 0-800-777-7777 Email: or visit our website at Get Transfers - Executive transfer and tour services anywhere in Belize. Also Chetumal, Cancun, Quintana Roo and even Merida and Guatemala. Phone: 422-2485 (Fx: 422-3511) or email: COASTAL XPRESS WATER TAXI – Scheduled ferry service & water taxi for Ambergris Caye. Phone 2263007. Rainbow Taxi – Caye Caulker golf cart; guided island tours; reliable service. 226-0123. Minerva: 661-6254 or Champ 602-8136.

Tourist Information

Wine De Vine

Further South... Royal Caribbean Resort

Saga Humane Society LC Distributors

Belize Diving Adventures

Belize Tourism Board - 227-2419. Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) - 2275717. Belize Hotel Association - 223-0669, San Pedro Tourist Guide Association 226-2391.

and thanks to the only bar around, a place to sit at built-in tables in the sea and imbibe Caribbean style. The Split is the quintessential party spot – Easter sees a throbbing mass of humanity enjoying every inch of the split, with coolers full of beer, grills set up for cooking up some grub, and loud music and laughter filling the air. In July Lobsterfest sees another large crowd of revelers, and it has established itself as the place to be when on the island. So, it’s not so ‘go-slow’ at the split after all! It could be the fun adventures that await us each and every day. I have had plenty of fun escapades on Caye Caulker. I have found myself


Answers on Page 9 - don’t peek!!

Crazy Canuck’s MELT Yoga Room

Wasa Pond

Ion Pool Bar Cre Octane Coffpanini ee B Casino Belizar La Voile Rou e ge

Average Joe’s Casa Picasso Page 4 My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide

Black Orchid Restaurant

Continued on Page 6 February 2013

February 2013

My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide Page 5

Caye Caulker Continued from Page 5

snacking on some fresh fruit from the little stand down a ways. I have walked in the hot sun until I stumbled into a restaurant with cooling shade, rough-hewn tables and chairs that have been polished over the years, eager to consume some delicious local food. We’ve been rained out, and discovered the kindness of people along the way, and the best place to get a nice hot coffee to ward off the chill. Other adventures included sinking into the wet shores to cool off, and having to scrub sand from every orifice with an extra-long shower. Once a crowd of football fanatics (the hubbies) insisted we search high and low for the bar that had screens large and loud enough to at least blast out the statistics of the game. We found one with five screens – each showing a different game. The bartender concocted one of my favorite drinks: Blackberry Wine Spritzer. Funnily enough when I tried to recreate the beverage at home, I realized it was missing the key ingredient: Caye Caulker. The key to the drink being successful is that it has to be enjoyed on the beach on Caye Caulker; anywhere else just isn’t the same. Continued on Page 7

Caye Caulker Continued from Page 6

That day I lay in the warm waters, so sun- and rumsoaked, that my bones felt fluid, and the idea of getting up and heading back seemed nearly impossible. Friends were happily seated at the bar, another lay on the sand near where I floated, and yet another took her daughter down the beach, chasing shorebirds and stopping for some ice cream. Yes, Caye Caulker has seeped under my skin. After all those years when I insisted that it was “boring”, had “nothing for me to do” and “please-please-please-pleaseplease-please let’s go back home” – I now find myself saying, “When can we go back…?” That day, we let the boat go by, saying ‘we’ll catch the next one’ until it was absolutely go-time, and we had to remove ourselves from the beach and the bar stools, slowly ambling to the dock where the last boat of the evening awaited.

There is of course, no need to leave if one wants to extend the Caye Caulker experience. There are any number of hotels that meet a wide range of budgets, and places to eat are a-plenty. For a little bit of color and fun, plus delicious grub, try Caribbean Colors Art Café – where you can meet the fabulously talented artist Lee Vanderwalker in her living room, where she serves you a frothy cappuccino and decadent brownies. You can enjoy some sushi, a lovely breakfast, plus indulge your senses in the riot of colors that decorate the walls. From earrings to gorgeous paintings, including her trademark painted silk work, Lee’s Art Café gives you so much experience in one small, cozy space. The Tropics Hotel, The Tropics Too and their restaurant Tropical Paradise, can take care of all your worries should you find yourself stranded (oh darn!) in Caye Caulker. Tropical Paradise Hotel and Restaurant offers up-scale accommodation with fine dining serving both local and international cuisine. For the budget traveler, the Tropics Too offers clean, upscale, moderately priced accommodations. All located on the front street in Caye Caulker, getting to and fro is just a couple blocks apart.

Wherever you decide to stay, however long you plan to enjoy Caye Caulker – we hope you can unwind in one of the best places there is to do so. Take it easy, relax, and go slow!

Page 6 My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide

February 2013

February 2013

My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide Page 7

Miss (Linda) Blease - Spinning to the top

She has been touted as the Caribbean’s Hottest Disc Jockey in Heels, and to see her, and listen to her smooth vocals on the radio, or watching her in action at nightclubs and hotspots, you know you agree. Kn ow n a ro u n d the Caribbean as “Miss Blease from Belize”, she is an incredibly talented deejay who can tease the ears with mixes that can spin a crowd into frenzy. Her resume lists “television producer, actress and socialite”– a woman

With an innovative approach to producing her radio and TV shows, her media influence has grown throughout the Belizean community at home and abroad – both on and off the air. She has made guest appearances on numerous Caribbean community events in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. The Caribbean has recognized her talents, and we

appreciate her meteoric rise, her ability to influence the sounds coming through the airwaves. Miss Blease from Belize, we salute you, your talent, and your ability to overcome obstacles that have landed you standing tall in your heels. For your hearing pleasure, scan here: Or try this link, and see what the hottest deejay in heels is all about: htt ps : / / w w w. b ox . co m /s/ c6755c4218f706536e80 Follow Miss Blease on Facebook ( LindaBleaseMissBlease)or Twitter (@ missblease).

of many talents indeed. Linda Michelle Blease was born on December 29, 1985, and raised in the island village of Caye Caulker. Her humble beginnings in an environment with few privileges only fueled her ambition, and it helped her build up for opportunities that have brought her to where she is. Miss Blease is the creator and producer of Spotlight MVS (Music Video Show) on Krem TV, a show that puts the spotlight on original Belizean music videos, as well as Caribbean genres such as reggae, dancehall and soca. In fact, her first big break in the Caribbean came in February 2012, when she was invited to be a guest selector at the popular Quad nightclub in Kingston, Jamaica. Since then, she has been featured at all of Kingston’s hotspots, including Fiction Lounge, Club Privilege, Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, and Macau Lounge, as well as Blue Beat in Montego Bay and other places in the Caribbean, including Port of Spain, Trinidad, and St. John’s, Antigua.

DJ’S Seaside Bar & Restaurant - Without a doubt, ‘D’ Best Burgers in San Pedro! Offering original burgers, specialty burgers, wings and much more! On the beach at Boca Del Rio, Dine In, Take Out, or Call for Delivery. Tel: 206-2464. Closed Mondays. CASA PICASSO RESTAURANT – Tapas dining in an artful setting. Enjoy global flavors from local ingredients, martinis, wines, cocktails. Extensive vegetarian and gluten-free options. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30pm– 10pm. Reservations 226-4443 or reservations@casapicassobelize. com. Located south of town beyond Belikin Distributor. Ask about complimentary pick-up/drop-off service within San Pedro Town. MELT- Breakfast and Lunch comprising of fresh fruit smoothies, bagel melts, breakfast burritos, etc. Large selection of THICK delicious Artisan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! Located at Exotic Caye Resort. The Smokehouse Restaurant @ Wet Willy’s Dock Mouthwatering Ribs, Chicken, Chops & more. Kickback, drink & dine over the stunning Caribbean! Open Daily @ 11am - Kitchen Hours 11:30am - 9pm Tuesday - Sunday 226-4136. Black Orchid Restaurant & Lounge: Come visit us 2 1/2 miles South of town; after the Croc Pit and before the Marco Gonzales Maya Ruin Site. We offer Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Breakfast & Lunch on Sunday. BLUE WATER GRILL/ Red Ginger/Caliente – A trio of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, including Blue Water Grill’s Sushi Tuesdays & Thursdays (226-3347). Red Ginger presents innovative versions of popular regional dishes and indoor dining/outdoor patio (226-4623). For Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, be sure to try Caliente! On the beach in the center of San Pedro; 226-2170. George’s Kitchen - Serving Belizean and American cuisine. Open Wednesday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch: 7am - 3pm and Dinner, 6pm - 9pm. Mondays Open from 7am - 3pm. Closed Tuesdays. 226-2974. La Voile Rouge Beach Restaurant & Bar - Beachside fine dining, serving your favorite cocktails and specialty foods while you lounge mere steps from the water’s edge on our innovative beach divans. Enjoy fresh local fish caught daily and grilled to perfection, ceviches, salads, soups and more. Call 226-2777.

Unique Offerings Go Nature - Vitamins, Minerals, Herbals, Aminos, Super Foods, Protein Powders, Weight Loss, Gluten Free, Rainforest Remedies & Stress Reduction Treatments & Classes - Across from Super Buy South. ACES “Crocodile Scientific Investigators” – CSI tours through mangrove lagoons while viewing nocturnal wildlife and ACES’s team efforts to catch, tag and release wild American crocodiles. 631-6366 Yoga Classes at Exotic Beach Resort - Beginners: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat @11am - Intermediate: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun @ 9:30am & Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri @ 5:30pm - Advanced/Intermediate: Tues, Thurs @ 7:30am - Restorative Yoga - Fri @ 11:am - 226-4749 El Pescador - Even if you aren’t staying with us, we invite you to fish with us! Fully-stocked fly shop and experienced guides who know where the bonefish, tarpon and permit are. Call 226-2398 or email Royal Caribbean RESORT - Private casitas just steps away from the beach. Blue Heron poolside bar, gorgeous pool, WiFi , private dock and more. Affordable accommodations, south of San Pedro Town. 226-4220. Tropical Paradise Hotel & Restaurant, Paradise, Too Hotel & Star Tours - Choose from the charming & peaceful beachside Tropical Paradise Hotel or the Paradise, Too Hotel with mini–suites and guest house. And while in Caye Caulker enjoy your snorkeling experience with Star Tours! 226-0124 or 226-0374

Party Party Party

Her biggest show to date was being featured as the only female disc jockey at the event dubbed “greatest reggae show on Earth”, Reggae Sumfest. Page 8 My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide

Dining Out

February 2013

Fido’s Restaurant & Bar - Sunday Funday – Live Music & Jam; Monday: Taco Night; Tuesday – Karaoke; Thursday – Wings Night; Friday & Saturday Night – Rockin’ Night! Every Night is a special night at Fido’s! 226-3176. Crazy Canucks Beach Bar - Home of Sunday Funday w/horseshoes & live music at 3PM. Monday Punta Boys at 7:30PM, Tuesday pulled-pork specials & live band Karaoke with Gino at 7PM, chicken wings and the best paninis on the island! On the Beach at Exotic Caye! Lola’s Pub - The best stocked bar on the island! Martinis, Single Malt, Bourbon, Pickleback Shots, Tequila Shot Chillers. Karaoke Free Zone. Across from Belize Bank on Front Street. 206-2120. Average Joe’s Bar - Phenomenal chili dogs and crazy delicious WINGS. Great live music and entertainment every night of the week! On Blake St before CarSuDoku Answers! Puzzle on Page 4 ibeña Fuels. Road Kill Bar and Wade the Gringo Burgers – Best karaoke in San Pedro every WEDNESDAY night! Awesome gringo burgers and fries served Friday & Saturday 11AM–7PM and 4–8PM Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Caprice Bar.Grill @ HOLIDAY HOTEL - Enjoy delicious tropical cocktails and hang out on the deck on the beach. Barrier Reef Dr. 226-2014. February 2013

My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide Page 9

*Tips for travelling in north AC ~The road is unpaved, and during the rainy season, can bring about some challenging puddles. Drive Safe! ~Be sure to have a full tank of gas - there are no service stations north of the bridge. ~Other great ways of exploring include biking along the beach or dock-hopping via boat. Whatever mode of transport you choose, you will enjoy your north adventure!

Further No rth *Portofino : *Mata Chic a

Portofino Restaurant - Enjoy our Euro-Caribbean inspired menu and spectacular Caribbean views. Also offering a full VEGETARIAN Menu. For Reservations & Free Transportation, please call 226-5096 or 678-5096. AJI Tapa Bar & Restaurant: Enjoy delicious breakfasts, scrumptious tapas, Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine and wonderful wines and cocktails. Open Daily 8am-10pm. Happy Hour Daily: 1pm-4pm. Please join us: 226-4047. O Restaurant: Central American cuisine with Caribbean flair, at Las Terrazas Resort. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Casual chic, or dine alfresco next to the infinity pool. 226-4249. Palapa Bar and Grill – 1.5 Miles north of Bridge. Daily 10am – 9pm. Relax on the inner-tubes and have your bucket of ice cold beers lowered to you. Outdoor seating, Awesome Smoked Food, Cheeseburgers, Seafood and Tropical Drinks and an astonishing view! Feliz Bar & Grill - THE sports bar north of the bridge. Televising all major sporting events on four 43” flat screens. FASTEST WiFi on the island & great food! Mambo Restaurant - Situated at the beachside Matachica Resort, enjoy a unique dining experience at this award-winning restaurant. Romantic atmosphere with island ambience, offering locally inspired flavors and meals that will excite even the most seasoned palate. Complimentary transportation with reservations - call 226-5010/226-5011

Page 10 My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide

February 2013

MELTing the day away in cheesy-paradise… By Tamara Sniffin

Several years ago musician and self-professed beach-bum Jimmy Buffet, who once was a mainstay on Ambergris Caye, penned a song dedicated to cheeseburgers in paradise. Although there’s no telling if he found the inspiration for his song while visiting our island home, there is a new sandwich café in town that calls for a re-write of the once popular jingle…perhaps something that goes like:

the Yoga Room on Coconut Drive and is open for breakfast and lunch from 7am until 2pm Monday through Saturday. To read more about our close encounter of the cheese kind at MELT, and how Glenn came up with the clever “Guerrilla Cheese MELT Belize” name please visit our website at:

Grilled cheese sandwich in paradise (paradise) MELTing the days away with a Gouda Buddha slice (paradise) Especially loving the Green Acres to be precise (paradise) Forget the burger, forget the rice, I’m just a Royal With Cheese in paradise… Ah yes, the new, ever so appropriately named café M E LT ( G u e r r i l l a Cheese MELT Belize to be exact) has even the most musically challenged breaking into song of praise and adoration. Not a Buffet fan? How about giving a new meaning to the old Modern English song, “I’ll stop the world and MELT with you”? Sure it sounds cheesy, but these artisan grilled cheese sandwiches boldly go where no sandwich has gone before, taking your taste buds to infinity and beyond! Living up to their playful names, the Green Acres is veggie loaded grilled sandwich with delicious sautéed spinach, onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and a three cheese blend, while the Gouda Buddha is piled high with sinfully gooey Gouda cheese and caramelized onions. MELT masters Glenn and Linda have not only creatively crafted over a dozen cheesy-pleasey masterpiece sandwiches served on fresh baked bread with imported cheeses, but also offer a palate of fresh salads, wraps and appetizers. If the thought of melted cheese sends your cholesterol count running for cover, MELT also offers delicious, healthy alternatives. The Eastern wrap, filled with brown rice, madras chicken, mango chutney, cilantro, onions, yogurt and tomato is a taste sensation with every bite and the chutney steals the show with a sweet and spicy kick. Add a fresh fruit smoothie and you are having a guilt-free meal that your taste buds will never suspect is actually GOOD for you! Offering breakfast all day, MELT also serves a healthy granola bowl complete with fresh fruit and island made yogurt. Their menu includes a variety of breakfast bagel options as well as favorite egg mainstays, French toast and Huevos Rancheros, yum! MELT is located at Exotic Caye Resort below February 2013

My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide Page 11

Page 12 My Beautiful Belize, A Visitor’s Guide

February 2013

My Beautiful Bellize - February 2013  

My Beautiful Belize Visitor Guide

My Beautiful Bellize - February 2013  

My Beautiful Belize Visitor Guide