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Projection Mapping Demo @mog4

Remixing The Physical Remix Glitch DĂŠtournement Derive Recontextualisation

New Media Window/Mirror New Media offers the opportunity for the viewer user of art to reimagine and recontextualise concepts of space, place and time

Duchamp “Looking Through Window in New York�

4D Sticklebricks and Creativity Leaps of creative play Social Phenomenology as virus Linking the Bricks Modular Thinking Open Source Performance in New Spaces Hacking/Repurposing/Circuit Bending Yves Klein “Leap into the Void�

Organic Feedback loops Kinect Community Core Vision (CCV) ReacTIVision Arduino Randomness Glitch Liminality

Software Links Puredata Puredata Forum Blender3d OpenKinect Reactivision CCV

Trade School CDF Presentation  

Intro to my workshop at #TradeSchoolCardiff around projection mapping

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