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NEVADA’S PREMIER MEDICAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION AND EXTRACTION COMPANY With its two Nevada-based cannabis cultivation and extraction companies, Tahoe-Reno Botanicals, LLC, and TahoeReno Extractions, LLC, Kynd Cannabis Company specializes in a range of premium cannabis-based products specifically created to meet the needs of our patient community. Kynd Cannabis Company currently serves thousands of patients in the legal medical marijuana markets across the State of Nevada. Learn more about our strains and how we grow.

THE KYND PROCESS As a team of seasoned industry professionals, Kynd has more than 70 combined years of cultivation and production experience. Kynd flowers bear the hallmark of medical cannabis’ healing power, and the company has been tailoring high-potency strains for over a decade. With both THC and CBD strains, Kynd grows the full spectrum of cannabis plants. Kynd Cannabis flowers are cultivated, harvested and cured using time-proven methods, fertilizers and nutrients. The company’s clean, consistent concentrate products are developed from CO2 hash oils derived through sophisticated supercritical fluid-extraction technology.



CBD - Cannabidiol Common effects: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety properties without psychoactive effect


THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol Common effects: Elation, relaxation, pain relief, sedation


CBDa - Cannabidiolic Common effects: Antibacterial, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative properties


THC-A - Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Common effects: Anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-emetic properties



A quality Indica strain promotes a feeling of sociable relaxation. Stronger varieties have a numbing effect and can induce sleep. Indica strains are ideal for stress relief.


Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds. Expert breeders select the top Sativa and Indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both parents. Hybrids can be Sativa or Indica dominant with effects to match.


The high from Sativa strains is often described as uplifting and energetic, making them effective for daytime use. Sativa strains are also known for their pain-relief properties.

WHAT ARE TERPENES? Terpenes are pungent oils secreted in the sticky resin glands of the cannabis flower, and the reason that cannabis (and other plants and herbs) has such aromatic diversity from one plant to the next. If you can smell berry, mint, pine and floral notes, you’re picking up on those fragrant terpenes. Research is increasingly linking terpenes with mental health, and some of the primary terpenes found in cannabis offer a range of physical benefits as well. The diagram on the right showcases common Kynd terpenes and associated profiles.




Aroma: Earthy, cloves, herbal Effects: Sedating, relaxing Medicinal value: Anti-inflammatory, anticarsinogenic

Aroma: Floral, citrus, candy Effects: Sedating, anxiety relief Medicinal value: Anti-depressant

Aroma: Pine Effects: Alertness, increased energy Medicinal value: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic



Aroma: Citrus Effects: Stress relief, elevated mood Medicinal value: Anti-cancer, Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Aroma: Pepper, woody, spice Effects: pain reliever Medicinal value: Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antiseptic


The benefits of supercritical CO2 range from unparalleled safety to incomparable quality and superior efficiency. Unlike toxic solvents that may require many hours to purge trapped solvents, supercritical CO2 safely produces pure oil with little to no post-processing. Inexpensive supercritical CO2 can be finely tuned during the extraction process and it’s also a sanitizing agent, prolonging shelf life and yielding food and medical-grade oils under the proper system and environment.





All Kynd products are created with exceptional detail and a passion for providing the most effective variety for our patients and recreational customers.

FLOWER : Flower, Pre-rolls HOW TO USE: Traditional combustion WHAT TO EXPECT: Rapid onset of effects CONCENTRATE : Kynd Lyte, Dab Sap, CO2 Vape Oil, Premium Infused Pre-rolls HOW TO USE: Inhalation WHAT TO EXPECT: Rapid onset of effects EDIBLE : Chocolates, Caramels, Chocolate Cherries, Tincture, Capsules HOW TO USE: Ingestion and/or sublingual WHAT TO EXPECT: Gradual onset of effects WHOLE BODY : Healing Balm HOW TO USE: Topical application WHAT TO EXPECT: Gradual onset of effects

Improving lives with Cannabis Some 85 types of cannabinoids have been identified as medically valuable for an incredible variety of symptoms and conditions. These chemical compounds imitate compounds, produced naturally in the human body, that help maintain internal health and stability. Cannabinoids that are ingested, inhaled or otherwise received bind to receptor sites in the brain. The result, depending upon the cannabinoid and the receptor, is relief from pain and inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, neurological conditions and mood or behavior issues. Learning more about which cannabinoids will benefit your symptoms is the first step in choosing the right products and strains for you. At Kynd, we’re committed to excellence in our methods, our products and our selection. It’s how we’re improving lives with cannabis.



We partner with dispensaries who responsibly offer cannabis to patients in Nevada and surrounding states, and strive to protect the consumer by making sure the cannabis they choose is a healthy and safe product. Knowing Kynd Cannabis Company is your grower is having confidence in knowing that we follow sustainable cultivation practices without the use of harsh pesticides. You can feel good that the product you receive is quality handcrafted cannabis curated from a committed company with the consumer in mind. For further information visit


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