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Photography exam   Christopher  Meeks  

Ansel Adams   I  chose  to  look  at  this  ar9st  as  it  links  to  my  work  in  the  way   that   the   area   has   quite   a   bit   of   foreground   with   the   subject   in   the   background.   I   like   these   photographs   as   they   have   interes9ng   scenic   subject   maBer   and   visually   pleasing   contrasts   of   black   and   white.   These   photographs   could   have   been   taken   to   make   the   viewer   think   of   past   memories   in   which  they  were  in  a  place  like  the  loca9on  he  has  captured.     This  links  to  my  work  as  mine  has  the  set  back  subject  maBer   and  the  pleasing  contrast  in  them.  Also  it  links  to  my  work  as   some   of   the   photos   I   have   taken   are   in   black   and   white   which   gives   them   and   aged   look   and   feel   and   to   make   the   viewer   imagine   the   missing   colour   and   therefore   gives   the   photographs  more  interest.    

st 1 set  of  photographs  

Evalua9on of  ini9al  set  of   photographs  

On the   whole   I   am   pleased   with   these   images   as   they   capture   interes9ng   subject   maBer.   Also   it   works   as   the   photographs   are   edited   in   monochrome   like   Adams’   work.   This   makes   the   images   more   visually   pleasing   and   more   interes9ng  to  the  viewer.  I  have  also  made  these   monochrome  as  I  wished  to  use  it  in  my  exam  as   it   always   has   a   good   effect   as   it   gives   the   photographs  a  stronger  contrast  than  normal.  

nd 2 set  evalua9on  

I am   pleased   with   this   set   as   it   has   good   composi9on  and  subject  maBer.  I  have  kept  the   colours   of   the   original   photographs   as   this   is   what  I  wish  to  do  for  my  final  outcomes.    

Final outcomes  

Thomas Ruff   I  find  this  photograph  too  busy  and  confusing  to  look  as  there  is  too   much  going  on.  Personally  I  think  that  composi9onally  the  leM  creates   an  imbalance  and  would  be  beBer  with  more  colour.  This  image   suggest  to  me  the  connec9on  between  man  made  and  natural   environments.  The  trees  and  the  chairs  fight  for  aBen9on  which   makes  the  connec9on  of  human  and  natural  things  coming  together.     This  links  to  my  work  because  of  the  mul9ple  exposure  and  the  range   of  the  colours.  This  image  looks  as  though  Ruff    took  the  picture  but   had  a  long  exposure  and  then  moved  it  to  a  different  angle.  This  also   links  to  my  work  as  it  has  trees  in  the  work  and  the  link  between   natural  structures  and  human  structures.  I  believe  that  this  work  was   created  using  computer  programs  to  overlay  the  work  and  to  achieve   the  mul9ple  exposure  effect.  I  have  also  used  this  style  of  edi9ng  in  my   work  to  overlay  the  photographs  and  keep  the  range  of  colours.      

Jan Splichal   I  am  interested  in  this  work  because  I  enjoy  the  fact  that  I  have  to  work  hard  to  look  at   the  photo  as  it  is  visually  complex.  I  am  also  aBracted  to  the  subject  maBer  as  the   buildings  are  aesthe9cally  pleasing  with  their  elaborate  roofs  and  chimney  tops.  There   is  a  lot  of  depth  in  the  photo  this  is  caused  by  the  many  strong  chimneys  which   exaggerate  the  foreground  with  their  strong  repe99on.  There  is  also  strong  contrast   between  the  vernacular  buildings  at  the  front  and  the  elaborate  historical  buildings  in   the  background  which  are  easier  to  read  as  the  back  is  quieter  and  more  relaxed.  I   enjoy  the  sooty  tones  as  this  enhances  the  feeling  of  the  old  town.  The  mul9ple   exposure  give  the  photo  a  ghostly  sense  to  the  buildings  which  suggests  the  idea  of   memories  of  people  who  have  lived  in  the  houses  over  9me.   This  links  to  my  work  because  it  is  a  mul9ple  image  although  he  used  one  photograph   where  as  I  overlapped  two  images.  It  looks  like  he  did  this  effect  by  recording  the   image  and  then  moving  it  down  in  two  stages  making    the  image  repeated.  As  this  was   done  in  the  six9es  it  must  have  been  done  in  a  dark  room  where  as  mine  were  digitally   manipulated  and  also  physically  overlapped.  Like  Splichal  the  subject  of  the   photographs  is  the  built  environment.  I  have  created  a  contrast  with  opposite   environments  like  an  industrial  similar  building  overlaid  onto  an  old  pub.    

Evalua9on Â

I think   that   my   ini9al   set   of   photographs   are   at   a   good   quality   as   they   have   a   good   composi9on   and   are   in   focus.   Also   they   are   edited   in   black   and   white   which   brings   out   the   contrast   and  makes  the  images  look  stronger.   For  this  exam  I  think  that  I  pushed  my  crea9ve  boundaries  in   the  9me  I  had  to  do  it.  As  I  also  had  to  create  my  book  in  the   exam   I   did   not   get   a   lot   of   development   into   the   work   but   overall  I  am  pleased  with  the  work.   I   think   that   the   ar9sts   I   used   are   effec9ve   as   they   link   strongly   to  the  work  I  have  created.   I   think   that   this   project   went   well   as   I   have   good   outcomes   and  good  developments  to  the  final  outcomes.   If   I   had   more   9me   I   would   add   developments   into   the   prep   work   as   I   did   not   do   this.   Also   I   would   take   more   photographs   on   loca9ons   and   develop   more   photos.   I   would   also   look   up   more   ar9sts   to   do   with   landscapes   and   more   developmental   effects.  


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