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Portfolio for your eyes only

Carinthia, Dezember 2011

This should be like an appetizer, spark your interest in me. If you like this please let me know and I will send you my full portfolio or a case study as you wish. And now, enjoy ...

Christoph Mayr



Exhibition of the oldest pomp wagon of the world. 2008 our class was asked to design an exhibition platform for this unique object. Only the top carriage is still conserved. To show the dynamic and majestic motion we - Mathias Gradnig, Adrian Rivinius and me - decided to stylize the wheels and the lower chassis, put it on a leaning plane and turn the front wheels to give it a direction. The proposal won and is now on display in the “Museum im Palais�, Graz.

exhibition Joanneum Museum, Graz, 3rd term 2008



Did you ever have to plant a tree? It’s not as easy as you think it is, on the contrary,

it can be very exhausting. So is pronging the flower bed, especially for the elder. And that’s where ‘Molee’ - the earth auger - comes into play. A tool designed to help create your perfect garden, easy to use and fancy looking. You just press down the lever and dig into the soil, lift it again and then dump the earth some place else.


FH Joanneum, Graz 3rd term 2008/09



Sleep anywhere you want. Have you ever done InterRail, ever travelled by bus or

even hitchhiked through Europe? Well, this is a backpack for people that love to travel, always on the move as soon as the summer starts but who cannot afford their own car. People who are young and can waive certain luxuries and comfort. This backpack provides enough space for 10 days out and can be transferred in a few seconds into a neat camp bed. For the hours you wait for the next train to come, for a nap someplace in the park or simply to sleep on the beach.

Nomad FH Joanneum, Graz 4th term 2009



My internship in the Basque Country. From mid of September 2009 to mid of February I worked at Dhemen Design, a little outside of San Sebastian (Donostia). Dhemen is a rather small design studio founded by Igor and Asier, two brothers. Their customers are mostly out of the region, like Lander, Orbea or Alcad. I very much enjoyed the time, the new and inspiring culture and the people working there. Unfortunately I can just show sketches from the LEM project, most others are still under confidentiality. Above you can see 3 proposals for the LEM motorcycle helmets - a new interpretation of the

stripes theme previously used. They are now sold in Spain, Italy and via Internet.

at Dhemen San Sebastian, Basque Country 5th term 2009/10



What is the future for an SUV? Is there even a future for SUVs? How can this be


reconciled with sustainability and ecological thinking? Questions we asked ourselves during Graz, in cooperation with BMW this project - we, that was Sophie Trestler, Adrian Rivinius and me, and of course Mr. Friedrich Teamproject with Sophie Trestler, Adrian and Mr. Hausmann - two experienced senior designers from the head department of BMW Munich, who supervised the project. What evolved was an innovative, futuristic and yet honest Rivinius concept of how an SUV could look in 20 to 30 years time. 6th term 2010

authentic personification Sleek

strong focus on the route

systematically roads

Rough free detours

the space inbetween is focused on the user

Reaction and interaction Route and human user

Requirements Future Correlation Human - Vehicle

Affinity Vehicle-Road-Route

Authis Gene th 6 term 2010


A BMW that reacts on the terrain communicating this explicitly through formal adaption



We started with an analysis and a categorization of SUVs. Soon we found out, that most pretend to be an

“Eierlegendewollmilchsau” - they try to be an off-road, luxurious van with good performance on track and coupé looks. Some tend to be designed more for dirt and rough tracks but most are just a homage to Jeeps and other off-road capable vehicles. That is because 90% of the time people drive on perfectly paved roads through suburbs, the daily route to work, kindergarten or doing the groceries. People wouldn’t dare to risk going on a detour, scared of ruining the varnish or the expensive rims.

So our aim was to develop a BMW that adapts - adapts to the road, and adapts to the route of the driver, like

an assistance or a friend who looks after you. We defined two extremes - the sleek mode for highways, and the rough mode for detours on non-paved roads. The first should be efficient, aerodynamic and elegant, the latter being robust, rigid and trustworthy.

Authis in 1:5. With the help of BMW that 3D printed and milled quite a lot we were able to build a model of the sleek mode. Beneath the blue transparent skin you can see the rough, ragged underbody - no sticks and stones can any longer hurt your bones - just raise the side panels and off-road you go.

Model th

6 term 2010


Ulti mate

Porsche Design

What is man’s biggest adventure today? The 7th term was all about the ultimate

Porsche Design product. Mr. Heiler, head of design in the Studio in Zell am See, was supervising the project. I connected ‘ultimate’ to the memory of a moment of your life you will never forget. That led me to adventure and trophy. Man’s biggest adventure was always pushing further the final frontier – today this is outer space.

Cooperation with Porsche Design Studio Zell am See 7th term 2010/11

A set of powerful LEDs offers enough illumination to help the user orientate in every situation. Light

Two full HD cameras can be combined to create 3D videos (to reminisce) or used seperately (for redundancy) camera


The visor combines photo- and electrochromatic coatings to provide adequate protection against the increased amount of UV-light. 5 areas can be actuated separately or fully automatically. Controls and information are directly projected into the eye. With the help of the EyeTab the user’s vision is enhanced.



Connected to the EyeTab to regulate different functions (e.g. volume of intercom.) on the virtual menue. Touch Display

Graph ic Novel - “The

adventure of Mr. White”

From the Porsche Store to outer Space

Watch the video online




Have you ever asked yourself if you could sail across land? Well, I have,

and out of this my diploma thesis evolved. It all started with the idea of creating something ecofriendly, comfortable that drives through vast landscapes you’d normally never see. Through my research I found out, that this is not just a venturous idea but that this has been done before. First landyachts date back to the 6th century in China and since then have come and gone.

Thesis Graz, Austria 8th term, February - October 2011

Diploma Thesis h 8 term 2011

My initial concept. Design of a caravan, driven by

a kite through vast areas, without borders and the journey being the reward. Creating an alternative and downcelerated way of travelling, with respect to the nature of the region and intentionally giving the tourist the time to gaze and enjoy.

Kites develop enormous forces, 25times more power per square metre than conventional sails. It has almost negligible heel and on a land craft it is far less dangerous than sails. So to me it became obvious that the kite is the solution to my vision.

As auxiliary energy systems it is necessary to equip the mobile with batteries that are charged by solar cells at sunshine and by a mobile wind-turbine whilst in standstill.

To shield the interior from the wind and weather you can unfold the textile – you can literally put up your tent. The concept envisions tourists to rent a windmobile for 7 to 20 days and travel through the vast landscapes of Mongolia, Namibia or Western Australia. The provisions suffice for 3-4 days independence.


Basic French

a little Italian and a little more Spanish

English German Soft Skills

Creative techniques

Organisation + time managment Customer communications


Presentation & Visualization Programs

Photoshop Illustrator InDesign



Alias Solid Works

2007 – 2011

University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz, Austria

Industrial Design Diplom-Ingenieur



5 months internship at Dhemen Design San Sebastian, Spain 2008

2 months internship at Breaded Escalope

1986 born in Villach, Austria

Villach, Austria 2001 – 2006

Higher Technical School

Ferlach, Austria for machine engineering and industrial design



I am looking for a job in the design business. I am highly creative, motivated and talented. I think lateral, focus on the user and try to implement new technologies. I like doing research and transferring it into concepts. I have a skilled hand on the wacom board, extensive Alias modeling knowledge and I am a great team player. So if you are interested, please let me know. Kรถstenbergerstr. 580, 9231 Kรถstenberg Austria

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All images, works and texts by Christoph Mayr or in cooperation with named parties Except Photos on: Page 2+3 | ; Joanneum Stiftung Page 5 | Page 17 | Page 18 | photo by Martin Pabis

Stripped-down portfolio  
Stripped-down portfolio  

A brief version of my portfolio showing my works and projects.