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Hello. My name is Chris Margerison and I am a 23 year old creative from Blackburn, Lancashire. I studied Graphic Design at the University of Huddersfield. I enjoy coffee, 80’s music/films and general knowledge quizzes amongst other dull and trivial things! I have worked as a freelance Illustrator & designer for 2 years and I also worked at KP Studios for 1 year. I am currently looking for full time employment or freelance opportunities. I am a dedicated, skilled and hard working professional as well as a great team worker. If you could take a minute of your time to look through my portfolio it would be greatly appreciated. | | Twitter: @chris_marj

Illustration has always been a passion. I have drawn for as long as I can remember and I particularly enjoy digital illustration. I like to create funny monstrous creatures and strange animals, probably to escape the monotony of real life characters! I have had my work illustration work published in Burst Magazine, Creature Mag, The Endangered Creature ABC along with other online publications. I have also had work commissioned for DeskPets as part of the design for their stall at the Word Toy Fair 2012, for Splash Swimming School in the form of a birthday card as well as many other commissions and collaborations


Branding is probably my favourite part of design. I love being able to give a company/product an identity. A logo is the key identifier visually for a brand. It has to dictate the personality and message of a brand through one pictogram and I enjoy this challenge. I see a logo as the aesthetic form of a product/ company and this tells me all I need to know about them at one glance. I enjoy using fun highlight colours in my logo work (if it suits the brief) and simplistic forms. Some companies I have branded include Pixeldate - an online dating agency, dREaM Alarm - an Iphone app, AppBots - a remote control gadget and Chamber Business Training - a centre that offers training programmes to companies and businesses


I was never interested in web design until I worked at KP Studios. Once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it. It was nice to have design constraints and work out the best possible way to be creative and functional at the same time! Some websites I worked on included Pixeldate, a dating website (which I also did the branding for) Inhouse Fire Training, The World & Alternative Animation Network, U First Commercial and many more. I have also produced work for online media for the likes of Yellow Bird Project, IMS Coaching and QWERTY and even designed for an Iphone/android game called Monkey Runner!


I have worked on many print jobs with many clients, from magazines and books asking for illustrations, to companies needing flyers or business cards, companies wanting ads in newspapers/magazines to packaging and designing for a stall. I worked with DeskPets to produce their stall at the 2012 World Toy Fair in London and Birmingham. I also designed the new packaging for all their AppBots products as well as the new branding (unfortunately I cannot show this as they are currently being produced, but they look great!) as well as other projects for them. As of 2012 I am in charge of the design aspects for the DeskPets brand, which include all branding and print jobs.


Whilst at Uni I joined CRIM Collective, a group of creatives that specialized in large scale wall murals. Together we blended each members illustration and design styles to create giant pieces of artworks to adorn walls with. We did work for The University of Huddersfields SU, The Zephyr Bar and even had part in a Pictoplasma exhibition in Berlin! (Even though sadly I did not attend) We were also featured in Computer Arts magazine This was great as I got to share thoughts and ideas on creative projects with some great designers and illustrators that were just for the sake of art and to have fun with our talents. Our exploits were often filmed, you can view them here:


This is me. I am 23 years old, male, 5’9 (It’s average height!) particularly handsome, fun loving, sociable, dedicated and creative. I am seeking full time employment in a stimulating, creative and imaginative work place. I have sent this portfolio to your company because I believe we are a perfect match! If you agree, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you for your time. My name is Chris Margerison and I am contactable on any of the following: Telephone: 07818808871 Emaill: Website: Twitter: @chris_marj

My name is Chris Margerison and I am contactable on any of the following:

Telephone: 07818808871 Emaill: Website: Twitter: @chris_marj

The Digital Portfolio Of Chris Margerison: Illustrator & Designer  

The Digital Portfolio Of Chris Margerison: Illustrator & Designer. Including Illustration, Branding, Web Design & Print Design works