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Skills & Knowledge I didn't rate myself very high with awareness of design cultures because i only know of the big ones such as Bauhaus, art deco and the arts and craft movement, even within these i don't know much about them and i don't know of any modern design movements to improve myself in this area i think is quite simple, by reading magazines and online portfolios i can have a much greater knowledge of design movements around the world. I believe my visualising and prototyping skills are improving dramatically this year compared with last year i have already spent a considerable amount of time in the workshop, and all of my work goes onto a multitude of social networking sites such as facebook, wordpress and my new Wix website. to improve in this area i would like to have a project that involves sketching a lot this year as our first project is a research project where we only come up with concepts. Designing through a digital platform such as Photoshop/ illustrator is difficult i only use these as tools to create a product after i have a clear idea of what it looks like and then i would move into a program like solidworks once i had a solid idea of what the product will be and i believe this is how it should be done. Currently i have little experience of component and production technology i feel that this is an area the i need to look into in more detail if i want to be a successful designer. to improve in this area i will have to research production technologies. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

awareness of diverse & global range of design cultures & languages experience of design research, analysis & synthesis visualising / prototyping skills & aptitudes in a range of media & formats aptitude in compiling interim & summative design presentations aptitude for designing through a digital platform knowledge & experience of process, component & production technology

Project Process I try to implement the double diamond process into my work the break down version of this is do some basic research in the area then sketch lots of ideas and make shapes in the workshop and pick a few that may have potential then do more research in a more focused area and try to get a solid idea of two or three products then pick two and develop them into viable products do some models in the workshop and photoshop/ illustrator models then take the best product decided by the research then develop that further with a PoP model and a solidworks render then finishing with presentation boards. I haven't had much experience being a team leader of a design group i have moments in my current project where i have to organise and explain to my group what work is expected from us but this is not a role i particularly like to play much prefer taking the back seat and get on doing the work rather than giving control to other people. I have a lot of experience in collaboration as i believe bouncing ideas off one another is a healthy design philosophy and i practice this regularly with my colleges. I have worked on a range of project types from research and anthropometric modules to cement mixer and children's toy projects however i have only done a few and relish the opportunity to do more. 7. experience of design process & methodologies 8. experience of team leadership & management 9. experience of costing projects & fee negotiation 10. experience of planning & managing project activity 11. experience of managing client relationships & collaboration 12. experience of a wide range of project types & scales of innovation enterprise & marketing i have little knowledge of design sectors and creative industries i know what areas i want to be involved

with but i may need to consult experts in specific areas such as fashion i was designing a wearable product or interior i would have to speak them about my project but currently i have no contacts in these areas. I am currently doing CPD finding areas where i can improve and this is an ongoing process that will follow my career. I have not had a project where understanding regulations and legislation has been involved however this is an area that will be useful in my design career so i can ask my lectures who have all had industry experience. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

knowledge of design sectors & creative industries experience of project procurement & client consultation experience in planning continuing professional development experience and understanding of legislation & regulations experience of design budgets & account management experience of design practice marketing & promotion

values & vision The understanding and practice of ethical business standards is obviously very important when it comes to business standards. It is important to understand the ethics, but also to practice them. learning these standards in a work environment i think this will be the only way i can get the experience. Professional practice is an important aspect of design and the continual development of this is critical to good design i will be doing CPD at the end of each semesters to track my progress because the way i see it the more i understand about myself the more my work can improve meaning i can charge more for my work which is the aim of having design as my career to support my own living. I currently use websites such a yankco design to keep an eye on the design styles and trends that are being followed however this is not enough to achieve a greater understanding i need to find at least two more sources with different styles to give myself the whole spectrum of current design. I am committed to my advancement in knowledge and expertise, although i believe this will be most beneficial in a work placement . I have completed a module about user canted design and the current project i am working on is being solely designed by the user and not myself i am not really happy about this but i can see the benefits i am doing less work but i don't feel like this is my project so im not doing my best work. 19. understanding & practice of ethical business standards 20. subscription to policies & standards of ethical design 21. commitment to & understanding of the imperatives of professional practice 22. awareness & appreciation of key design futures & innovation trends 23. commitment to the advancement of design knowledge, expertise & value 24. awareness & practice of user centred design

Personal Review Creative & Professional Practice – SWOT Analysis

Swot analysis criteria  

this is my first SWOT analysis of the year

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