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This month, Inex puts Louise Bird, Founder of Kent-based interior studio Trindade & Bird, in the limelight

A trio of inflatable sculptures have added a modern edge to a series of dilapidated Scottish 18thcentury follies

Dulux UK’s very own Design Director took some time out at this year’s CDW to discuss colour with Inex

Yvonne Slough, Founder of MySlouch, talks through the conceptualisation behind her glowin-the-dark designs

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: SLVHCS ‘Project Legacy’, New Orleans, USA SLVHCS ‘Project Legacy’, New Orleans, USA © Sean Airhart/NBBJ © Sean Airhart/NBBJ

Photo Credit: SLVHCS ‘Project Legacy’, New Orleans, USA © Sean Airhart/NBBJ


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t’s a well-known fact that colour has a psychological impact on our wellbeing and disposition. However, what many may not realise is that the nomination of many trending colours within the world of interiors is, collectively, a reflection of what we are doing as a human race; how we are undertaking obstacles and, ultimately, why we have opted to do these things. These ‘things’ mostly branch from several influential elements within society; from economic influences and Westminster shenanigans, down to more design-focused elements, such as trends from overseas and innovations from new designers’ projects. These are the influences that many colour authorities look to when decoding a new year’s colour trend for the interior market. One example Inex has looked at in this month’s issue is Dulux’s Colour Futures scheme. The colour professional’s UK Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford, has disclosed Dulux’s routine of electing a Colour of the Year and, unsurprisingly, this year’s theme has been fabricated from the uncertainty that the UK has submerged itself in over recent times. Life in a New Light, Dulux’s key theme for 2017, is a result of how we, globally, need to start looking at life in a whole new light; to be able to make sense of who we are, as individuals, in a digitallydriven environment. To find out more about Marianne and her team’s colour choice for 2017, turn to page 14. Elsewhere in this issue, LUCTRA explains why interior designers should not be disregarding human centric lighting within their schemes, Atkya uncovers the seductive power behind art within hospitality settings and Furniturise offers its advice for creating the ultimate home office.


Top left: designjunction returns to London’s King’s Cross this September Cover: Style Library Contract looks at the current contract market demand Top: Yvonne Slough unveils the inspiration behind her glow-in-thedark designs Above: element7 gives readers a history lesson on the previous use of parquet flooring

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INSIGHT This month, Inex talks to Louise Bird of leading Kent-based interior practice, Trindade & Bird.


INSPIRE Inex reports on a recent Colour Futures assembly by Dulux UK at Clerkenwell Design Week.


FABRICS/TEXTILES Using its Great Gallery at the RAC Club Pall Mall as a leading example, Style Library Contract looks at the current contract market demand.


DESIGNJUNCTION PREVIEW Running from 21st to 24th September, this year’s designjunction boasts a stellar line-up of UK and international exhibitors.


EXRATED Steve Messam has starkly juxtaposed a trio of contemporary inflatable installations with one of Scotland’s most outstanding examples of 18thcentury architecture.


EXPOSE Yvonne Slough, Founder of MySlouch, talks to Inex about the evolution of her quirky glow-in-the-dark designs.


HOME OFFICE Furniturise offers its advice on designing an idyllic home office environment to boost productivity and improve concentration.


LIGHTING LUCTRA explains why today’s interior designers should be putting human centricity at the heart of their designs.


KBB Smallbone of Devizes looks into this year’s aesthically-led and functional trends within the kitchen industry.


WOOD Premium flooring manufacturer, element7, offers readers a brief history on parquet flooring and explains why this design is still popular amongst interiors today.


HOTEL DESIGN Matisse Ghaddaf, Co-Founder of art consultancy Atkya, discusses the power of art within the hospitality industry.


Top: According to art consultancy, Atkya, art can provide a hotel with a creative soul Middle: There will be a steady rise of metallic trends within the kitchen for 2018 Bottom: Dulux’s Marianne Shillingford has disclosed the


company’s colour selection process



FABRICS FOR LUXURY EXTERIORS EXTEX fabrics combine a luxurious look and feel, designed to complement and enhance even the most exclusive exterior space, they are suitable for use on all outdoor furnishing applications. The co-ordinating ranges offer over 100 contemporary colours, bringing a perfect style conclusion to any design project. Discover our extensive fabric collection at www.extex.co.uk











The Autumn Gift & Home Fair Citywest Event Centre, Dublin 20-23 August The Autumn Gift & Home Fair showcases all that is new and innovative within the home and giftware markets. The fair takes place in the Citywest Events Centre and will showcase a wide variety of products from art and antiques to furniture, lights, lamps and fixtures. autumngiftfair.com Formland Messecenter Herning, Denmark 17-20 August This year’s Formland promises to give an overview of news, trends and tendencies within Scandinavian design today and in the nearest future. Visitors from all over the world will have the chance to meet face-to-face with suppliers, collaborators and colleagues at this trade fair for interior design and home accessories. formland.com

Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design Thirlestaine Long Gallery, Cheltenham 19-28 August Every year the Celebration of Craftmanship and Design brings together exceptional examples of unique craftsmanship and design that are undoubtedly the antiques of the future. With 70 of the finest craftsmen in Britain all under one roof, this is the best place to find a stunning addition for your home or a craftsman that you can commission to produce something especially for you. The show is therefore able to include the very best makers and up-and-coming talent, regardless of the size of its establishment. celebrationofcraftsmanship.com RHS Garden Rosemoor Flower Show Torrington, Devon 18-20 August Rosemoor will host its first-ever Flower Show in 2017 – the first RHS Flower show to be held in the South West. The show will highlight the very best the South West has to offer in nurseries, atmosphere and local fare, all set against the stunning backdrop of the 64-acre garden. rhs.org.uk

Contemporary Craft and Design Fair RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Chelmsford 25–28 August More than 140 high-quality exhibitors will be at this year’s show, showcasing a range of crafts including leatherwork, glass, metal, wood, sculpture and more. The show prides itself on selecting only the best British designer-makers and does not accept any bought-in, imported or mass-produced work – meaning you can find something truly special you won’t find on the high street. craftinfocus.com

FORMEX Stockholm International Fairs, Sweden 23-26 August With more than 900 exhibitors showcasing products within the interior design industry, Nordic region’s largest and oldest fair brings together national and international buyers, agents, designers, producers and media from all over the interior design and gifts industry. The fair promises to give visitors information about trends, inspiration and knowledge in the form of exhibitions and lectures. So whether you’re interested in interior decorating, textiles or furnishing, if you’re a buyer, decorator, designer, stylist or architect, FORMEX is the perfect fair for you. formex.se INEX-ONLINE.COM


From the ground up After both starting out in visual merchandising for international household names in the homeware sector, Sam Trindade and Louise Bird’s shared passion for creating beautifully styled displays, led them to accepting opportunities to begin their careers in earnest as interior designers. It wasn’t long before the pair decided to take the plunge and pursue their dream to start their own company, Trindade & Bird. Eight years on and now one of the leading interior design firms in Kent, Louise talks to Inex about creating stunning interiors for homes both here in the UK and internationally. What inspired you to become interior designers? We both spent much of our childhood visiting stately homes up and down the country – I for one had a fascination with Chartwell, the home of Sir Winston Churchill. I think it was the grandeur that I fell in love with, or maybe it was just the idea of walking around someone else’s home that fascinated me – either way, it sparked my interest in interiors. INEX-ONLINE.COM

Who has been your greatest source of inspiration throughout your career? My granddad always told me to “look up” at buildings when you walk through a town to see its history, and he wasn’t wrong – a whole world of inspiration is above us if you only take a minute to look up. I’ve always taken the opportunity to take in my surroundings to draw upon this as inspiration which has spurred my passion to be creative, and transform the spaces we live in.


How do you approach your projects? Being super organised, we approach our projects very methodically, our initial concepts are key to refine our clients’ brief, and are instrumental in forming the basis of our schemes, providing a clear style direction which can then evolve through consultations and design development. Who is your favourite interior designer and why? Right now it would have to be Abigail Ahurn – the dramatically dark backdrops to her schemes challenge the common misconceptions regarding use of colour and blur the boundaries between right and wrong. Would you say that you have a design style? If so, how would you describe this style? We definitely have a style thread, that’s for sure, although we don’t like to be put in a box in that respect as have always enjoyed variation in our work. Our style thread reflects the undertones and core principles that are consistent throughout our work. We would describe ourselves as ‘fusion’ designers and love mixing traditional with contemporary, silk with leather, rustic with chic, throwing out the rule-book and pushing boundaries. What do you believe is the biggest challenge for today’s interior designers? Many of us purchase goods from the continent for our projects, however, the current uncertainty surrounding pending European trade agreements has consequently driven up prices, which of course impacts clients’ budgets who are already cost-conscious. Designers can often be regarded as a luxury commodity, therefore the biggest challenge currently facing the industry is how to effectively communicate added value, and find new and innovative ways to help make budgets go further for our clients. What has been your biggest accomplishment to date? Building a business from the ground up to where we are today is a massive accomplishment for us personally. Like most small businesses, we started from humble beginnings, on a laptop in the spare room, armed with a plan and the drive to succeed in our ventures, we waited for the phone to ring. Thankfully it did, and our first clients will always have a special place in our hearts, many of which we now call friends. Our mantra is to make people’s lives just that little bit better through our designs, and so feel our biggest accomplishment to date has to be each and every time we make someone’s house feel like their home.

Top left: Sam and Louise have always enjoyed variation in their work Far left: After both starting out in visual merchandising for international household names in the homeware sector, Sam Trindade and Louise Bird’s shared passion for creating beautifully styled displays, led them to accepting opportunities to begin their careers in earnest as interior designers Left: The Kings Hill Master Bedroom project was inspired by Las Vegas hotels the client had stayed in



01 01: Trindade & Bird based their concept for their East Malling living room scheme on the Pantone Colour of the Year – Marsala 02: Their signature colour is a chalky grey/ green, and has always remained a solid base for many of their schemes 03: Trindade & Bird’s mantra is to make people’s lives just that little bit better through their designs 04: Building a business from the ground up to where they are today is a massive accomplishment for the pair



03 What has been your most notable project? Being involved with the restoration of a stunning chateau near Biaritz in the South of France. Our brief was to keep the essence of the chateau intact, but to give it a relaxed contemporary feel with French overtones to create a rustic yet chic interior. The property itself has magnificent presence in the landscape, and the intricacy of the architectural detailing throughout is fascinating and steeped in history. Can you talk us through your concept for the East Malling living room? We based our concept for this scheme on the Pantone Colour of the Year – Marsala – which became a stunning backdrop for the luxurious furnishings.


How do you personally feel that you fulfilled the brief for the East Malling living room? We were tasked to transform this space into an elegant, glamourous, warm Living Room. We asked our

client not to peek whilst we were setting out all the furniture and final flourishes, when we showed her the end result she was brought to tears (thankfully tears of joy!). Have you witnessed any recurring requests from your clients? We have noticed a trend occurring amongst our clients seeking more ‘artfully curated’ than designed schemes. By this, I refer to the desire to incorporate individual pieces and mismatch in a way that feels more comfortable as opposed to anything too staged or overstyled. Do you have a preferred colour palette that you enjoy working with? Our signature colour is a chalky grey/green, and has always remained a solid base for many of our schemes, although I refer to this more as a range of hues, as over the years this has strengthened in depth as we evolve. INEX-ONLINE.COM


What advice would you offer to those considering a career in interior design? Immerse yourself in any way you can. Effective communication is key to being a successful interior designer, so hone those skills and gain experience through taking any opportunity where you can listen to someone’s needs, and show them a tangible solution.

Can you please talk us through the brief that you received for the Kings Hill master bedroom project? Our client had been inspired by Las Vegas hotels they had stayed in, and wanted to capture an essence of hotel chic styling for their master bedroom suite.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge for newly qualified interior designers? Finding a pathway into the industry is the biggest hurdle, so it’s about strategically working from the ground up, aiming for opportunities that might be more easily accessible, and where relevant experience can be gained.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year? We design much of our furniture in-house, and have been creating bespoke pieces for our clients for many years. Off the back of this we are planning to launch a collection of our own unique ranges which will be reflective of our individual brand styling, so we’re really excited about this and are looking forward this next development. trindadeandbird.co.uk «

Top: Louise believes finding a pathway into the industry is the

How do you personally feel that you fulfilled this brief? We blended luxurious textures with bold accents of gold with a green-based teal. The bed became the centrepiece and the quilted bedspread dressed to impress. What do you believe is of utmost importance when it comes to the interior design? It’s all in the planning. Understanding the vision, exploring the practicalities and scrutinising the details. INEX-ONLINE.COM

Do you have any favourite suppliers for your interior schemes? I couldn’t possibly name a favourite, as we work with so many fantastic suppliers, each are specialists in their field, but we certainly have our ‘go-to’ suppliers that we have built strong working relationships with over the years.

biggest hurdle,and says it’s about strategically working from the ground up Above left: Trindade & Bird have been creating bespoke pieces for clients for many years


Colour in a new light

Here: Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2017 is Denim Drift

During Clerkenwell Design Week, Inex paid a visit to Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux UK. During its visit, Inex learnt the process of the company’s annual Colour Futures scheme.


olour is at the heart of Dulux’s ethos, and it is of vital importance that the team behind the colour specialist forecasts its Colour Futures trends precisely. Chaired by Marianne, Dulux’s Colour Futures – specifically fashioned for the interiors industry – acts as an interior ‘bible’ for the upcoming 18 months for all across the board. Established 14 years ago, Colour Futures has only recently started to be shared with the general public and design professionals, and it has verified itself within the industry as an invaluable source for interior designers and design professionals.


Inspiration and influences Dulux’s inspiration for its colour forecasting stems from multiple domains. Marianne and her team’s search reaches to social trends; how we are living and what we are doing as a human race, economic movement; what people are spending their hard-earned money on, and design trends; from new technologies to what’s driving design from all creative divisions. The reporting and research behind Marianne and the team’s final decision is a result of global design knowledge across all committees of the Colour Futures team. Collectively, the team examines what new designers, fashion designers, architects and influential individuals are exhibiting within their designs. From here, the team foretells how this will affect the interiors industry.

Commenting on Dulux’s decisionmaking on nominating its Colour of the Year, Marianne disclosed: “We listen to what other people are thinking about and dilute it down. We have our own colour teams – comprising trend watchers, architects, university professors and design directors – in 26 countries and four continents working with the wider industry. “Each year, we assemble our teams together and cross-examine what is happening in their industries and discuss how these occurrences from disparate fields will influence ours. “This is where our overarching theme unfolds, with four stories, 45 trend colours and one Colour of the Year.”

Comprehensive analysis

This year’s all-embracing theme, ‘Life in a New Light’, is the result of the Colour Futures team’s extensive research on the past year’s political, economic and social tendencies. “We are living in uncertain times,” enthused Marianne. “Living in a digital age, we are trying to make sense of being a human in a technologicallyadvanced era. It is hard to envisage what the world is going to be like in five to 10 years’ time and it is difficult for us, as a human race, to conceive how relevant people will be in that. “We need to start looking at life in a whole new light; to be able to make sense of who we are in a digitally-driven environment; we need to find things to do that make our lives worth living.”

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The trends From this research, Marianne and her team dilute their conclusion down to four concentric circles. “The centre of this circle represents our soul,” interprets Marianne. “This trend is known as New Romanticism, which is all about us and how are dealing with this new uncertainty of life. “The second circle, Shared Individualism, is about our family and the third, Working Home, is about our worklife balance, while the fourth, Considered Luxury, involves what we are spending our time and money on.”

01: Blue is the world’s favourite colour 02: Dulux’s The Working Home palette is all about a healthy work-life balance 03: Blue is an uncomplicated colour; we find ourselves retreating to blue-hued environments when in search of tranquility 04: Shared Individualism comprises bright neons, soft pinks and a lively cerise 05: The Working Home palette was inspired by Eames and Le Corbusier 06: Dulux’s New Romanticism trend is all about us and how are dealing with a new uncertainty of life


07: The second circle, Shared Individualism, is about our family

2017’s Colour of the Year This year’s Colour of the Year, ‘Denim Drift’, is a beautiful soft-grade indigo. “In uncertain times, human beings yearn for simplification, connection, recognition and a slower pace of life,” explained Marianne. “We seek out simple, restful colour that we want to understand and recognise; colours that have a history and a meaning, that work without effort. We want to find things we can easily understand and effortlessly recognise; we want to immerse ourselves in things we find familiar, and blue is the world’s favourite colour. It is an uncomplicated colour and everyone loves it. We live on a blue planet; we return to blue when we feel hemmed in; we visit lakes on holiday and sunbathe looking at the sky. But, beyond that, there is a great universal love of the colour blue. “When carrying out our forecasting, we saw blue everywhere; it was in Milan and designers and architects were using it everywhere. It wasn’t just blue; it was indigo – the oldest natural plant dye being reinvigorated through fashion, art and architecture. If architects were using it, we knew it was going to be big – if they are using anything but marble, concrete, glass or steel in their designs, they are investing in colour, and a building is built to last.” Palettes Marianne concluded: “Last year’s Colour of the Year was quite polarising. So, this year, we’ve created a palette of blues – the majority of which have a tint of indigo to them. “The beauty of this year’s Denim Drift is that the aesthetics change from day to night; the light plays against it making it a transitional blue.” dulux.co.uk « INEX-ONLINE.COM


Here: Style Library Contract’s client’s vision is paramount, and it works to ensure its products meet the requirements of their project

Redefining contract interiors Today’s contract market demands more than just good off-the-shelf designs, interiors need to captivate, inspire and perform.


ith no less than five in-house design studios, Style Library Contract is fast becoming the onestop international resource for interior designers and specifiers seeking distinctive style which delivers outstanding performance. The home of iconic interior brands Anthology, Harlequin, Morris & Co., Sanderson, Scion, Zoffany and FR One, Style Library Contract provides inspiration for bespoke commissions internationally. Whether it’s a recolour of an existing design or developing something completely new, Style Library Contract provides its clients with the creative freedom to curate a product that is uniquely theirs. Possibly because Style Library Contract manufactures its own wallpapers and prints fabric, so is able to control every stage of the process.


Group Contract Sales Director, Carolyn Mitchell, comments: “Working very closely with our in-house designers, we are constantly looking to create the best high-performing, accessibly priced, beautiful products for the contract market. Our client’s vision is paramount, and we work to ensure our products meet the requirements of their project. Thanks to the superb talents of our Style Library wallpaper and print factory, we are able to ensure our products fit the demands of the contract market, whether you’re specifying for hospitality, healthcare, education or any other commercial environment.”



Brass is fastly becoming the metal of choice for home accessories and switches and sockets are no exception. Focus SB’s Brass finishes come in Satin, Polished or un-lacquered which allows the plates to age over time. Available across all of our stunning ranges. Visit our website or call us today for further details.

Horizon Square Corner Satin Brass shown

FREE DELIVERY TO MAINLAND UK | BESPOKE SERVICE | 01424 858060 | sales@focus-sb.co.uk INEX-ONLINE.COM www.focus-sb.co.uk



02 The Great Gallery One of Style Library Contract’s most recent projects was the Great Gallery at the RAC Club Pall Mall. Talking about the design, Stuart Black, Head of Interior Design at Mosaic Architecture + Design, commented: “The primary brief for the Great Gallery was a classic restoration of the room; focusing primarily on a new carpet, reupholstering the existing chairs and enhancing the room lighting. Our plan was to ensure continuity of the overall heritage and style of the Great Gallery while introducing new elements that complement the existing grand interior.” The team at Mosaic Architecture + Design also undertook a large-scale restoration programme across ornate wall lights, large chandeliers and period plasterwork and frescos taking them back to their intended period design and protecting their longevity for years to come. Stuart added that they chose to work with Style Library Contract on this project as “they were able to offer us a bespoke option in the timescale and quantity we required. We really enjoy working with Style Library Contract on projects; customer service is excellent and the ‘can-do’ attitude they have is perfect for us.” INEX-ONLINE.COM

1: The primary brief for the Great Gallery was a classic restoration of the room; focusing primarily on a new carpet, reupholstering the existing chairs and enhancing the room lighting 2: When pulling together the scheme for the Great Gallery, Stuart wanted a very refined period pattern weave



04 3: The current contract market demands designled products in fashion-forward colour palettes all performing to the highest of standards 4: Today’s contract market demands more than just good off-theshelf designs 5: There is a need for more and more suppliers to offer the possibility of creating a bespoke product that is tailored to a project


Industry demand The current contract market demands design-led products in fashion-forward colour palettes all performing to the highest of standards. With this comes the need for more and more suppliers to offer the possibility of creating a bespoke product that is tailored to the project. When pulling together the scheme for the Great Gallery, Stuart recalls: “We wanted a very refined period pattern weave. A lot of the traditional-style damasks and floral fabrics we looked at were over-scaled, and the fabrics we did like were aimed at the very top end of the domestic market and therefore not suitable for contract use. “Style Library Contract’s bespoke route offered us the perfect balance between the contract durability we required and a very refined pattern which was important for the period-style room we were working with.” Style Library Contract’s leading British brands continue to produce collection after collection of innovative fabrics, wallpapers and paints that provide the interior designer with the tools to create exquisite schemes of high-performing quality products at accessible prices. stylelibrarycontract.com « INEX-ONLINE.COM


The Material Collective – a collaboration with material expert, the SCIN gallery – will form an exciting new showcase exploring materials both of today and of the future.

A stellar line-up for this year’s designjunction designjunction returns to the spectacular King’s Cross site from 21st to 24th September for this year’s annual London Design Festival.


ollowing the success of the 2016 edition, which attracted 27,000 visitors over five days, designjunction will expand across new King’s Cross locations for its flagship London show. Taking place across five destinations including Cubitt House and Cubitt Park, The Canopy, Granary Square and The Crossing, a mix of global furniture, lighting, accessory, material and technology brands will exhibit alongside pop-up shops, installations and interactive features. Granary Square Granary Square will feature headline projects including a new collaboration with Renault UK. Renault will showcase its design philosophy in a unique and playful way, creating an immersive experience around the concept ‘Beautiful Life’. Renault TreZor, voted the ‘Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year’ by the Festival Automobile jury, will make its UK debut at the show. Distinctive detail such as the analogue voltmeter and the animated honeycomb cooling vents INEX-ONLINE.COM

on the bonnet make this concept a must-see for designers. Turkish Ceramics will create an installation in the central fountain space on Granary Square that celebrates the rich history of ceramics in Turkey. Representing over 30 individual ceramic manufacturers, Turkish Ceramics has previously collaborated with prestigious partners such as the Royal Academy of Arts, Zaha Hadid Architects and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. Cubitt House and Cubitt Park Cubitt House and Cubitt Park will present a stellar line-up of international design brands including Lammhults, Design House Stockholm, Friends and Founders, Fredericia, Icons of Denmark alongside Channels, LSA, Decode, Another Country and Very Good & Proper. lightjunction – the decorative lighting section – returns with a curated mix of leading global lighting firms. Since its inception, lightjunction has attracted worldclass brands including Artemide, DCW Èditions, FontanaArte, Marset, Northern Lighting, Örsjö and Slamp.

The Crossing The Crossing will house installations from Corian, Kirkby Design, Blackbody and partnership projects. This year, designjunction has teamed up with design-led watch brand, Rado, to launch the first-ever UK edition of the Rado Star Prize design competition. The Rado Star Prize UK will target the next generation of young British designers working across interior, industrial and technology design, culminating in a spectacular exhibition and awards ceremony at the show. The Canopy The Canopy will be a temporary pop-up venue for premium retail brands and emerging design labels, selling everything from fashion accessories to technology, ceramics, glassware and stationery. The line-up includes Areaware (Under Stone Marketing), Moxon, One We Made Earlier, Tom Pigeon, Sarah Straussberg, Oggetto and Dashel. Talks Programme This year, designjunction launches a brand-new talks programme at The Office Group in King’s Cross. The space, designed by Universal Design Studio, will host presentations, discussions and demonstrations across two days; set to challenge, provoke and engage with 21st-century design. thedesignjunction.co.uk/register «

Above left: Blackbody at designjunction 2016 Above: Cubitt House at designjunction 2016

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9 Victoria Road, Bristol B52 OUJ


Contemporary art for Scottish Borders Scotland’s Mellerstain House has welcomed three remarkable, large-scale inflatable installations from acclaimed Artist, Steve Messam. The out-of-the-ordinary pieces, Pointed, Towered and Scattered, are temporarily sited within the grounds of one of Scotland’s most outstanding examples of 18th-century architecture at the inaugural exhibition of Borders Sculpture Park.


urated with Sarah Coulson of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, each piece of artwork from Messam’s XXX collection creates a dialogue with the surrounding environment, disrupting and transforming the way we perceive it. This exciting project brings high-quality, engaging and innovative contemporary art to the Scottish Borders; within the classical setting of Mellerstain’s William and Robert Adam-designed house and Sir Reginald Blomfield-designed gardens. Messam’s site-specific works explore a sense of space, presence and place, combining historic features with bold, contemporary sculptural practice on a vast scale. The largest artwork in the series, Scattered, provides a visually-arresting centrepiece on the ornamental lake at the bottom of the great lawn. Pointed and Towered are installed in ruins hidden in secluded glades, and must be discovered on a walk through the grounds. All white in colour, the three extraordinary forms


are a contemporary echo of the marble sculptures that were originally envisaged to adorn the gardens. By integrating inflatable, fabric sculptures very directly into the buildings and landscape of Mellerstain, Messam seeks to uncover some of the many layers of narrative bound up in this magnificent estate. In doing so, he establishes a lively dialogue between past and present, adding an unexpected and temporary new dimension to familiar vistas and architecture. Scattered, a series of spheres that appear to float like huge, opaque bubbles on the surface of the lake, punctuates one of the most known and impressive views of Mellerstain – a sweeping line from the main house across to the Hundy Mundy folly on the horizon – offering new views and perspectives. Up to 4m in diameter, these pure white shapes disrupt the wide-open space of the water and play with its scale, surface and light, bringing a sense of scale to the landscape.


Pointed sits within the former gatehouse and Pekingese stud and fills the void of the building, extending out from the long absent pitched roof that the inflatable form itself mimics. From this reimagined roofline 28 dynamic, elongated peaks rise over 3m into the air, reminiscent of a starburst or a stylised explosion frozen in time. Towered emerges from the curved walls of the ruin of the old laundry near the beck; its column-like forms standing over 8m high. Though the two buildings appear to be follies in a state of partial ruin, they did originally serve a purpose. Some mystery surrounds their precise use at certain times, though, and Messam extends this uncertain history with new narratives, playing with their inherent sense of magic. Jane, Lady Haddington of Mellerstain House, comments: “We have been imagining the Borders Sculpture Park for a while now, working with Curator, Sarah Coulson, to bring the project into being. We have always thought that the grounds of Mellerstain and the views they provide would lend themselves to temporary art exhibitions, which would complement the historic collections we have in the house and provide a new attraction for the summer season in the Borders. “For our inaugural exhibition, Steve Messam has created an amazing visual experience – which is what Borders Sculpture Park at Mellerstain is all about. The three massive works

give a bizarre, even magical, feel to their surroundings.” Steve Messam comments: “In the use of historical buildings and the designed landscape, XXX draws on the architectural significance of both the rare complete Robert Adam house and the historically important Sir Reginald Blomfieldredesigned gardens at Mellerstain. As interventions, the sculptures speak the language of scale – all three are bigger than a house. As studies in scale and form, these artworks have to be directly experienced in the environment to be fully appreciated, so I hope they will encourage even more people to visit this wonderful architectural gem in the Scottish Borders.” Sarah Coulson, Curator of XXX at Borders Sculpture Park, comments: “It is wonderful, after a number of years of thinking, research and careful development, to see Borders Sculpture Park’s first project come to fruition. Steve Messam is the perfect artist to launch the programme as his practice is embedded in the rural environment and he understands its challenges and nuances. His work demonstrates a skillful understanding of scale and is underpinned by a careful reading of the environment in which it is sited, ensuring that it feels intricately connected with the place, as well as adding exciting new layers to its visual memory.” mellerstain.com « architecturefringe.com «

Top: Scattered, a series of spheres that appear to float like huge, opaque bubbles on the surface of the lake, punctuates one of the most known and impressive views of Mellerstain Top left: Pointed sits within the former gatehouse and Pekingese stud and fills the void of the building Left: 28 dynamic, elongated peaks rise over 3m into the air, reminiscent of a starburst or a stylised explosion frozen in time Above: Towered emerges from the curved walls of the ruin of the old laundry near the beck



Like sitting under the moon Founded in February 2015, MySlouch is a quirky yet contemporary design company that celebrates the infinite possibilities of its extremely versatile Glow Fabric. Founded by Yvonne Slough, the idea of Glow Globe came from event organising and wedding decorating commissions abroad, for which outdoor functions stretching into the night were most popular.


ometimes, the beaches were pitch black at night and a little bit of natural luminance was needed,” explains Yvonne. The natural properties of the fabric meant that it was an ideal solution and, what started out as a glow-inthe-dark beanbag idea back in 2016 where it debuted at Clerkenwell Design Week in London, has now evolved into innovative and stylish lighting that can be enjoyed both inside and outdoors once the sun goes down. The idea came from the luminescent fabric itself and its abilities to emit light. “I recognised that in my own home and when decorating for events, there’s a big demand for both outdoor and indoor lighting that is safe, long-lasting and electricity free. As the fabric just needs sunlight or bulb light to power up, the concept for our new range of lamps gives the customer the luxury of being able to move them wherever they want. The possibilities are endless.” INEX-ONLINE.COM

The range of lighting products focuses on the simplicity of the luminescent properties, which is natural to the fabric and the product took six months of development. “We want our customer to feel like they’re sitting under the moon. To create this effect, I took inspiration from the round puzzle lights designed in the 1970s by Danish Designer, Holger Strom. Its interlocking parts create a new modern moon.” The material used is a synthetic fabric with a waterproof, breathable glow-in-the-dark coating. It has a waterproof coating of teflon and is also resistant to salt damage. For the lampshade, the

The fabric has been developed to be highly adsorbent to ultraviolet light from daylight and artificial electric light

fabric is backed onto a PVC backing and then die cut. The fabric has been developed to be highly adsorbent to ultraviolet light from daylight and artificial electric light and then effectively re-emits that energy as a strong visible glow over an extended period of time in the dark. The more exposure it has, the longer and brighter the fabric will glow. For the moment, MySlouch’s Glow Globe range is available in four sizes: 20, 30, 40 and 50cm diameters, but MySlouch is continuously evolving and so will its glow products, with its contemporary natural colour, this glow fabric can suit every indoor and outdoor space or event.


The idea of Glow Globe came from event organising and wedding decorating commissions abroad

The more exposure it has, the longer and brighter the fabric will glow

“When designing this lamp I knew it could be beneficial for anyone seeking a natural and carefree light source. Whether it was for a child scared of the dark or a hallway needing some stair light, for your patio when friends come over for drinks or to create a magical outdoor space for a party when the sun goes down. “The design requires the fabric to be rigid but still bendable, this came with a new set of challenges. Working with a soft fabric, many trials and tests with bonding and different lamp bases had to be tried. After months of development, the Glow Globe’s interlocking design was the solution in forming the round shape in the simplest and cleanest way. “The glow properties will last the lifespan of the fabric which is about 10 years with moderate to heavy use. The product will glow brightly for three hours and then slowly diminish but glow altogether up to six hours.” MySlouch sees its future continuously glowing, in forever new and innovative ways. myslouch.com « INEX-ONLINE.COM


Looking ahead to the office of the future As a society, we are now more health-conscious than ever before. We strive to eat healthier, work out more and generally try to lead healthier lives. It’s also true that we’re working more hours than ever, having less free time overall, and instead stacking up on overtime. These two directly conflicting aspects of many people’s lives can make it difficult to sustain a healthy work-life balance.


ow, we are seeing an increasing amount of us work partly or fully from home, lending us the opportunity to take on the issue of health and working hours head-on, through particular and carefully thought-through office design. To create a work environment that nurtures wellbeing and productivity is extremely beneficial. It’s important to understand that while aesthetically-pleasing design should be valued, functionality and ergonomics cannot be forgone in favour of the ‘look’ of the office. First and foremost, if possible, establishing a designated office space to allow for the separation of work and free time should be a priority. Having a home office grants a higher level of concentration, as distractions can be shut out, which, in turn, heightens productivity. To fully take advantage of a home office, it’s important to consider all the aspects of what makes a great space to work in. In recent years, we have seen INEX-ONLINE.COM

a growing focus on ergonomics in larger corporate office settings. But affordable, practical and aesthetically-pleasing office design is not solely for these business giants, the small business owner can now kit their workplace out with contemporary interiors that will boost wellbeing and productivity, without breaking the bank. If your client works more than two days from home, they should strongly consider investing in a sit-stand desk. A height-adjustable desk will contribute to maintaining an active lifestyle, resulting in a multitude of health benefits.

Top: A height-adjustable desk will contribute to maintaining an active lifestyle, resulting in a multitude of health benefits Above: If your client works more than two days from home they should strongly consider investing in a sit-stand desk

making connections beautifully


We supply the canvas. You choose the colour! No more compromise! Hamilton’s range of paintable plates offers a colour-match made in interior heaven. Plates can be supplied sprayed to match any wall colours from the Dulux range, or to replicate the finer tones used in your soft furnishings. And in case you prefer to apply the colour yourself onsite, plates are also available in a ready-to-paint primed finish. So, whether your desired look is to ‘blend in’ and disappear, or to be an eye-catching feature, Hamilton has it covered. Hamilton’s paintable range is available using the Hartland CFX® and Sheer CFX® designer collections, with a choice of insert finishes from bright chrome to antique brass, and with either black or white insert surrounds.


Wiring Accessories • Circuit Protection • Smart Lighting Control & Multi-room Audio

For more information visit www.hamilton-litestat.com info@hamilton-litestat.com +44 (0)1747 860088 Bespoke wallpapers by www.atadesigns.com


Above: Choose a room that bathes in light during working hours, as this will help your mind stay energised Left: Establishing a designated office space to allow for the separation of work and free time should be a priority

Research has shown that moving from a sitting to a standing position throughout the normally sedentary day helps to keep energy levels up, aids concentration, increases productivity, reduces back and neck problems and burns up to three times as many calories, helping you feel good throughout the working day. But it’s not all about the sit-stand desk. Ergonomic seating plays a major role in securing wellbeing in the office. Always go for an adjustable chair that can be manipulated to suit a variety of shapes and sizes, whilst supporting the back and spine. These days, finding a chair that is affordable, high quality and also aesthetically pleasing really does not have to be a difficult task. Other ways to achieve a healthy home office design is to pay attention to natural light. If possible, choose a room that bathes in light during working hours, as this will help your mind stay energised. Pair this light and breezy feel INEX-ONLINE.COM

with pops of vibrant colour, straying away from the overused neutrals of the average office environments, and instead creating a stimulating space. This is yet another way to improve productivity and wellbeing. Another office trend to jump on is introducing biophilic design to your workspace. This trend seeks to bring nature inside and has been proven to have multiple benefits for health and productivity. A biophilic office environment can be achieved by trying to mimic natural elements with patterns, shapes and spaces and by incorporating plants into your office design. This will help to create a space oozing with life.

Make sure that an office stays flexible. Design it to stand the test of time and change as your client does. Sometimes it’s good to move furniture around, to rejig old designs and create a new space with existing pieces. It’s important to keep a workplace exciting and fresh – a space that your client wants to be in. Furthermore, to thrive in your home office, it should feel personable. While it’s key to allow the office and the rest of a home to stay separated, introducing a ‘domestic feel’ by incorporating paintings, prints, wall art and decorative items is still advisable. Make sure that the office atmosphere remains a place that is comfortable and welcoming. When decorating a new office, keep variety in mind. Create a space that’s exciting and inviting, a space that encourages productivity and that always boosts wellbeing. Furniturise promotes furniture which reacts to the needs of the human frame whilst incorporating a variety of ergonomically-designed seating available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, textures and high-quality materials. The group also offers a range of desk options to suit any space and style including Autonomy Pro desking, which uses the latest in sit-stand technology to allow for active working. furniturise.co.uk «

AFFORDABLE SIT/STAND CRESCENT SOLUTIONS Autonomy Pro, a highly affordable electric height adjustable solution, is bringing sit/stand working to the masses. Adjust the height of the desktop from 640mm to 1300mm to ensure ergonomic and healthy working positions throughout the day. Choose one of our desktops, or use your own desktop with our Autonomy Pro crescent frame only.

BUY ONLINE www.furniturise.co.uk EMAIL sales@furniturise.co.uk CALL 08000 929301


LUCTRA FLEX – the cordless human centric luminaire

Using human centric lighting to improve health Light is as important to health as a balanced diet or regular exercise. It has a huge impact on our performance, sleep and emotions.


ver four million years of evolution, the cycle today’s buildings contain high of day and night has shaped human beings. levels of blue light which stimulates The 24-hour recurring pattern of light and activity. Exposure to this constantly, dark stimulates our body’s processes, when each and every day, affects our we sleep and when we wake. This daily cycle, known as our hormone production and disrupts ‘circadian rhythm’, is driven by natural our circadian rhythm. In a recent survey light which triggers hormonal changes To see this effect within the body. collated by Raconteur, in action, use your Studies have shown that the workers listed natural phone just before blue-white light found in morning bed. It makes you light as the fifth most sunlight suppresses our sleep feel awake. For this important area of hormone, melatonin, and causes the reason, most phones improvement needed now have a ‘Night production of the stimulating hormone in their workplace serotonin. Warm-red light found in Shift’ mode which after their desk, chair, adjusts the colour evening sunlight increases melatonin production which makes us feel tired meeting room spaces temperature of your and encourages sleep. and office temperature. screen. Instead of a crisp, blue-white Indoor living light, the screen has a more warmSince we now spend 90% of our time indoors, we don’t red tint that’s less stimulating receive enough exposure to natural light to stabilise our during the hours when your body circadian rhythm. The artificial lights found in many of should be preparing for sleep. INEX-ONLINE.COM

The buildings we live and work in can have a huge effect on our health and wellbeing. We spend most of our days at work so our offices have a proportionately high impact on how we feel, act and sleep. Initiatives such as the WELL Building Standard have therefore recently been introduced to measure the performance of buildings against some crucial factors that affect human health. WELL specifically measures seven factors; air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. After the basic human requirements, light is emphasised as the most important influencer. This growing awareness of the impact of natural light has driven the concept of human centric lighting and a need to ensure people receive exposure to daylight despite spending less time outside. Biologically-effective light Human centric lighting ensures that the right type of light is available in a space at the right time. Natural daylight is the ideal source of light and should be incorporated into the built environment as much as possible. When artificial light is


unavoidable, using biologicallyeffective light which can replicate the changes in sunlight throughout the day supports a healthy environment. Modern LED lights can almost completely represent the colour spectrum of sunlight, replicating red and blue light at a kelvin range of between 2700 and 6500. The award-winning Sleep Research and Clinical Chronobiology research group explored the effect of such light on humans in collaboration with Psychiatrist, Dr. Dieter Kunz. The clinical study, conducted in Berlin, used LUCTRA luminaries to prove the biological effect of light on humans. LUCTRA luminaires provide a wide kelvin range and generate illuminance of up to 1000 lux through four high-performance CREE LEDs, enabling the researchers to test the impact of different types of light. Given the human reaction to light demonstrated by the study, biologically-effective lights can be used as part of a human centric lighting scheme to replicate the effects of natural daylight. Yet, despite these positive findings, there has been no revolution in the workplace to change existing lighting schemes. “Most of the lighting currently available is detrimental to health,” argues Dr. Kunz. Clearly, more can be done to use these findings in the design of the built environment and support buildings to achieve WELL certification. Individualising light We are all unique. We work different hours and carry out different tasks. Where large numbers of people are found in close proximity, localised lighting gives each individual the ability to adjust their light exposure according to their own personal needs. “The control of modern lighting systems is being discussed intensively,” explains Ulrich Kuipers, Professor of Electrical Engineering and IT at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany. “Standardisation is a huge obstacle and we should be looking more to develop intelligent lighting control systems.”

One such solution is the use of task lighting alongside natural daylight and overhead lighting to ensure that an individual’s workspace is illuminated to their required level. Kuipers is responsible for the technical development of LUCTRA, LED luminaires which give each user control of the light colour and intensity either through a touch panel or an app. The specially designed app connects to the luminaire via Bluetooth and can also be used to set a personalised lighting sequence which automatically changes throughout the course of the day. “The luminaire will alter its light colour and intensity without you even noticing the changes,” explains Sean Starkey, Managing Director of Durable UK, the manufacturer of LUCTRA. “This automation reduces the need for the user to actively alter their luminaire, but it is also possible to override the sequence as we know our working patterns in the modern age can shift from day to day.” Lighting for the future Disturbances to our circadian rhythm can have serious consequences on our wellbeing and performance in the short term and our overall health in the long term. Human centric lighting is the key factor that stimulates and stabilises our inner rhythm. It can combat insomnia, irritability and a lack of concentration and promote alertness, higher activity levels and restful sleep at night. Putting humans at the heart of design will give us spaces that put people and their individual needs first. There is a growing awareness of the important contribution of light to healthy living, so we will see more spaces that are lit by natural daylight or biologically-effective lighting. These are spaces that will support the levels outlined in the WELL Building Standard. Spaces that will cater for our basic individual needs. luctra.co.uk «

LUCTRA FLOOR TWIN – designed for two users

LUCTRA TABLE – for personalised task lighting


34 KBB

Opulence in the kitchen Here luxury manufacturer of handcrafted, custom-made kitchens, Smallbone of Devizes, talks indulgence and extravagance in the kitchen for the upcoming year.


etallic finishes in luxury kitchens is something we have seen steadily rise and is set to really take off in 2018. Unusual metal finishes like almond gold or antiqued bronze are taking centre stage and these won’t be limited to traditional handles and hinges. Instead, we’ll see accent panels coming through as well as metallic appliances and even entire islands finished in metallic shades. Advances in material technology have meant that ‘liquid metal’ finishes can be applied to almost every surface, with real depth of texture and finish. INEX-ONLINE.COM

Stylish additions Combined with subtle, luxury metallics, we have seen a rising demand for sleek, clean kitchens in grey hues filtering down from super-prime developments to individual residential homes and this trend sees no sign of slowing. In response to this demand, Smallbone has created a new kitchen collection, the Grey &

Gold, that brings these elements together. Grey hues can have a real impact on a space and its light, so offering entirely bespoke shades is particularly important – while some clients want to go the whole hog with a blackish-grey, others opt for lighter tones. Making a statement Statement splashbacks will also begin to come to the fore, with clients confident in creating something that is not only functional but also beautiful. When it comes to splashbacks, more exotic and fragile materials can be

35 KBB

Above left: Unusual metal finishes like almond gold or antiqued bronze are taking centre stage Above: Individuals now see the kitchen as a space where they can display precious and beautiful items Above right: Combined with subtle, luxury metallics, Smallbone has seen a rising demand for sleek, clean kitchens in grey hues Right: Grey hues can have a real impact on a space and its light, so offering entirely bespoke shades is particularly important

used, as there is less wear and tear than there would be on working surfaces. Strongly-figured marble and quartzite look particularly effective when bookmatched behind the cooking area. Informal ‘chef’s table’ dining is also something that is on the rise. A handleless island is perfect for this; an uncomplicated hub for socialising and enjoying the theatre of the kitchen. Our Modernist island is perfectly formed for this and designed with the social kitchen in mind. Linking into the kitchen as the hub of the home, dressers will remain central to the space. Individuals now see the kitchen as a space where they can display precious and beautiful items while being able to conveniently store those everyday essentials away from view. smallbone.co.uk « INEX-ONLINE.COM


Parquet flooring – a modern classic Parquet flooring is enjoying a revival, within both residential and commercial properties.


he origins of parquet flooring date back to the late 1600s in Versailles, France. Handmade by cutting pieces of wood into small, geometric shapes, it emerged as an alternative to marble flooring. Simple plank wood floors were already in existence, but the system was devised which allowed more extravagant and sophisticated patterns to be integrated within flooring designs. This highly patterned flooring was a popular choice because of its more refined and decorative patterns, with Louis XIV opting for parquet flooring for the Palace of Versailles. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it became increasingly popular in Western Europe. Throughout the 1900s, the popularity of parquet flooring in residential properties fell, with carpet becoming the flooring of choice for most residential places. However, parquet flooring was still widely used in commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools due to its ability to withstand high footfall. There was a revival in interest in the 1970s/80s. Modern heating and air conditioning systems subject wooden flooring to extreme changes in temperature, and non-engineered parquet flooring can react badly to fluctuations. The element7 engineered parquet flooring is able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, because it is manufactured from high-quality wood and not layered with plywood, unlike many other floors. Premium flooring brand, element7, has unrivalled experience and expertise in the field of engineered parquet flooring and its floors are guaranteed for 25 years. Parquet flooring has evolved and there are a variety of styles to choose from, including mansion weave, chevron and herringbone, as well as more abstract designs, such as ‘Da Vinci’. Jago Anderson, Creative Director at element7, comments: “Parquet flooring can be laid anywhere in the house. For thinner spaces, like corridors and hallways, extra care needs to be taken when fitting to ensure that both sides of the room are equal and balanced. element7 does this by using a central spin and laying the floor out from either side. This ensures complete symmetry. Whilst herringbone has been the most popular design for many years, we are seeing an increased demand for chevrons and mansion weaves.” element7.co.uk « INEX-ONLINE.COM

Parquet flooring has evolved and there are a variety of styles to choose from, including mansion weave, chevron and herringbone


The element7 engineered parquet flooring is able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity

Parquet flooring is still widely used in commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools due to its ability to withstand high footfall

For thinner spaces, like corridors and hallways, extra care needs to be taken when fitting to ensure that both sides of the room are equal and balanced



The transformative power of art in the world of exclusive hotels

Above: More important than the medium is the need for a flagship piece for your collection, a display that will wow guests

Competition is at an all-time high in the hospitality sector and with home from home holidaymakers and luxury getaways for the older generation, boutique tree house lodges and comparison websites aplenty, the landscape has changed beyond all recognition over the last decade. In such a noisy marketplace, how can a quality hotel stand out?


ere Inex talks to Matisse Ghaddaf, CoFounder of exclusive art consultancy Atkya, about the seductive power of art in boosting a hotel’s brand, guest loyalty and, potentially, even its profits. In the 1970s, interior design was dominated by wood and earthy colours. In the 1980s it was all about symmetric shapes and soft furnishings. By the 1990s and noughties, minimalism was in vogue. But today the hot topic, without a doubt, is art – in all its many and wonderful forms. Now, more than ever, hoteliers are recognising the importance of three key factors to the success of their businesses – attraction, staying power and brand loyalty – which above all else help to determine whether the coming year will be lean or plentiful. INEX-ONLINE.COM

The powerful connection between art and the hospitality sector When Philippe Starck injected his usual flamboyant styling into one of Paris’ landmark Art Deco hotels, the Le Royal Monceau Raffles, he didn’t stop at luxurious island beds, mirrored walls and an unimaginable amount of leather and chrome. He recognised that to develop the unique personality of the hotel he needed the right statement art pieces. That is why today the rooms contain enormous and vibrant contemporary works of art – many leaning against walls rather than being hung, illuminated by their own spotlighting. It is why restaurant walls contain a montage of black and white prints to balance the mix of new and old in this majestic pillared space. And it is why there is a herd of life-sized wooden moose in the stairwell. Beyond this, there are also numerous sculptures, glass installations and plenty of vintage objets d’art. In TIME magazine, the hotel’s general manager described the refurbished and revitalised hotel as “a celebration of art de vivre that captures Paris and France”. To my mind, it’s a wonderful example of how art can attract a new and loyal client base and entice them to stay longer within its walls.

About the author: Matisse Ghaddaf is Co-Founder of Atkya, an exclusive art consultancy that numbers royal families, ambassadors, Governments, corporations and many discerning individuals among its clientele. The consultancy’s artists work in numerous mediums, and they curate, create and design collections for clients across the globe.

Marshall & Stewart’s luxury Diamond Collection is the perfect match with Simon Horn frames. Now available at Westend Bed Company.

www.westendbedcompany.com Tel: 020 7723 2925 Westend Bed Company, 215 Upper Richmond Road West, Sheen, London SW14 8QT Trade enquiries welcome


The role of art in developing a hotel’s own unique personality The ‘McDonald’s effect’ of every branch being reassuringly familiar may work for fast food and some larger hotel chains, but for the most part it’s a hotel’s unique personality that draws in the customers, engages with them and keeps them coming back for more. If you can tap into the emotional side of your target market, understand what they like, what they’re passionate about, what inspires them, then you have the building blocks of a successful customer attraction and retention strategy. Art can provide the creative soul of a hotel, it can enhance a guest’s experience, it can magnetically draw people to or through lobbies, receptions and corridors to where you want them to be, and it can encourage more social sharing; always useful in this day and age. INEX-ONLINE.COM

Social proof is an important driving factor in a world where new potential customers will go online to see what others think of a hotel before booking. This is an environment where extremes of the scale are all that matter. How many of us read the comments people put on review sites where they’ve given three stars out of five? Probably none. We’re naturally drawn to the fives and the ones, we want to see what people have loved or hated, uninterested in what they may have just ‘liked’. Art can accent, elevate, enhance and transform, forming more sophisticated, distinctive spaces, and, if done well, a collection formed for a hotel can become part of its brand image, feeding the passions of your guests, raising them from ‘like’ to ‘love’. Interior design, staying power and guest spend It is not always necessary to spend the $140m that the owners of the Le Royal Monceau Raffles lavished on its

41 HOTEL DESIGN Far left: Art can provide the creative soul of a hotel, it can enhance a guest’s experience, it can magnetically draw people to or through lobbies, receptions and corridors to where you want them to be, and it can encourage more social sharing Below left: It’s a hotel’s unique personality that draws in the customers, engages with them and keeps them coming back for more Left: Clever selection of the right artworks into a collection that is intelligently arranged, positioned and lit can work wonders Below: Art can accent, elevate, enhance and transform, forming more sophisticated, distinctive spaces

refurbishment to transform a hotel. Clever selection of the right artworks into a collection that is intelligently arranged, positioned and lit can work wonders. But art has one more trick up its metaphorical sleeve because over and above its potential to attract new customers and retain their loyal custom year after year, art has a part to play in developing ‘staying power’. Depending on the style of the hotel and the clientele it attracts, if you masterfully create an intensely homely and comfortable ambience or an exciting and vibrant environment, you can encourage your guests to linger – to want to hang out in the bar and invite friends, to lounge in the lounging spaces and to dine in the restaurant. Entice them in, encourage them to stay and your guests will willingly buy more drinks, snacks, meals, desserts and anything else your hotel has to offer. The commercial benefits are clear.

What form of art works best in a hotel? While on the face of it this may seem like an impossible question to answer, there is a reason why it’s important to ask it. Can we say categorically that canvas is more impactful than stone? No, of course not, because that depends on so many factors. However, it is evident from our experience working with many, many clients over the years, that variety is key. Paintings, ceramics, tapestries, sculptures and other expressions of art may be created by different artists, but if carefully selected, can form a cohesive, impressive and impactful collection. More important than the medium, though, is the need for a flagship piece for your collection, a display that will wow them, that will stamp the brand of your hotel on their subconscious. It matters not whether it’s a 10ft-tall painting in your vaulted reception or the statue you position in your grand

dining room, the statement piece you choose will be the focal point of your entire collection and what most guests will remember above all else. A final word Art in the hotel sector has become so much more than simply decoration – it’s about branding, about creating an atmosphere and mood, about differentiating yourself from your competition and creating a connection between hotel and guest that entices them to return for more. atkya.co.uk « INEX-ONLINE.COM


DRU expands Maestro gas fire range with new XTU model DRU has released a new addition to its Maestro collection. Maestro 75XTU is an eye-catching three-sided gas fire that can be installed with a false chimney breast and stone hearth or as part of a room-dividing wall. It features the DRU dynamic burner system, which generates high and dense flames, together with the exclusive DRU Eco Wave app, allowing the owner to control the flame pattern and gas consumption from a tablet or smartphone. The balanced flue system of Maestro 75XTU means that it can be located anywhere in proximity to an outside facing wall, making it one of the most versatile gas fires in the DRU range. drufire.com 0161 793 8700

Christopher Hyde continues to develop its range of lighting In keeping with changes within the lighting industry, Christopher Hyde offers advanced LED technology with both integral and retrofit energy-saving lighting solutions. This includes its ranges of picture lights. The classic Chelsea picture light is also available with LED. Each light is hand-finished in up to 20 different finishes and, if requested by the client, made to a bespoke length. Take advantage of the long lamp life, lower maintenance and energy efficiency of Christopher Hyde’s LED light fixtures. Why not take the opportunity to visit the London showroom to discuss any projects with an expert. christopherhyde.com 0207 351 0863

Natural wood protection against dirt, water and damp OrganoWood, the natural wood preservation specialist, offers OrganoWood Repellent 02, the ultimate environmentallyfriendly and organic solution to protect wood from water, dirt and damp. Designed for use on a variety of wood types, when used in conjunction with OrganoWood Protection 01, the product creates a complete system for non-treated pine or fir. A water-based wood treatment, it includes no toxic heavy metals, solvents or biocides, making it environmentally friendly. Organic silicon polymers within the product bond to internal fibres as it dries and, due to the unique OrganoWood technology, creates a natural barrier. organowood.co.uk 01296 323770

Armourcoat to exhibit at this year’s Decorex Armourcoat will be exhibiting at Decorex International Exhibition this September. Decorex is synonymous with luxury design and is internationally renowned as the event to discover the very best products from an unrivalled collection of over 400 hand-selected exhibitors. Armourcoat will present a stunning range of hand-applied polished plaster wall finishes and the latest additions to its luxury Signature Collection. The company will also be launching the new Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster System designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces. Armourcoat products are made from natural minerals, including recycled Italian marble, contain low or zero VOCs and have the added confidence of a full 10-year guarantee. armourcoat.com 01732 460668



Amtico achieves ISO 14001:2015 standard Amtico is proud to announce it is the first UK flooring manufacturer to achieve the new ISO 14001:2015 standard.


orking closely with Coventry City Council, Amtico has built upon its already stringent policies on sustainability, environmental accountability and process improvement to meet the new clauses introduced by the British Standards Institute (BSI). The new 14001 standard requires organisations to have identified internal and external issues relevant to them, and all interested third parties, with processes and plans in place to meet requirements. The institute also has to consider the impact of procurement of goods and services, the design and production process and delivery of goods and services, including endof-life treatment. The commitment to championing the implementation and maintenance of environmental policy at Amtico stems from the leadership team throughout the organisation, and the business has a dedicated environmental, health and safety manager and team in place to support this.

Transparency, credibility and continual improvement are particularly relevant to the increasing number of customers requiring full ethical audits, and are something already part of the Amtico ethos. Improvements made by Amtico to meet the new standard include investment in a new boiler to increase steam production and reduce gas consumption, lighting upgrades and employing a new waste contractor so that waste is not sent to landfill. The new standard has been achieved far in advance of the September 2018 compliance date, something that Jayne Woodhouse, Amtico HSE Manager, is delighted with: “To achieve the 14001:2015 accreditation is a testament to the commitment, dedication and hard work that has been put in by my team and colleagues around the business, and the fit-for-purpose practices and procedures Amtico adopts. It also further demonstrates our commitment to improving the environment for our colleagues, the local community and future generations.” info@amtico.com « amtico.com « 0121 745 0800 «

Top: The new standard has been achieved far in advance of the September 2018 compliance date Above: Amtico has built upon its already stringent policies on sustainability, environmental accountability and process improvement to meet the new clauses introduced by the British Standards Institute (BSI)



Bench desking Achieving a consistent, maintainable look for a workspace can be challenging. One route is to install a body of office bench desking. Besides the aesthetic aspects, it can give a feeling of working together. Or perhaps for hot-desking where staff can drop-in, plug-in and go.


imple and elegant in appearance, Trail can be used in singles or multiples. Add to this the wide range of top colours and sizes available then you can see that there are numerous permutations. In designing this product, Rigg has been able to combine a relaxed, informal trestle style and a structured format, applicable to many environments. Sizes Tops are available in three sizes of 90cm wide by 150, 180 and 210cm long. Different top sizes can be combined on one run of desking. For example, a run of three units could have 210cm sections on the outside and one 150cm section on the inside. Large installations can be realised to dramatic effect. Finishes and materials include: solid wood, birch plywood (natural and with HPL) and metals. INEX-ONLINE.COM

Strong Trail bench desking has strong steel framework specially designed so that each section provides extra support to its neighbour. When simply pushing regular desks together there are usually tandem legs at the joints which can look clumsy and improvised without regular tidying. The featured design allows each unit to share a leg. Combined with a robust top material, the whole assembly is geared towards strength and stability. To stay looking great and afford protection, the steel frames are powder coated in a colour or are clear lacquered for an industrial look. Great for hospitality too The laid-back, communal feel can also work well in cafes, diners and bars. The interior designer will be delighted with the numerous styles that can be achieved, tuning-in just the right tone for

each venue. The operator will be pleased to have a dining space where tables do not require repeated realignment. Rigg products are made in the UK and have been specified in numerous high-end schemes for commercial and domestic spaces. Its website shows a selection of projects and case studies. info@rigg.uk ÂŤ rigg.uk ÂŤ 0800 651 0001 ÂŤ Top: In designing this product, Rigg has been able to combine a relaxed, informal trestle style and a structured format, applicable to many environments Middle: The laid-back, communal feel can also work well in cafes, diners and bars Above: Combined with a robust top material, the whole assembly is geared towards strength and stability


Marble sells The secret of selling virtually anything is the way in which the goods are presented. When it comes to the retailing of more upmarket and luxury goods, a building’s interior design and ambience are also vital considerations.

New walk-in shower screens from Design Solutions The new Design Solutions range from AQATA includes a line-up of luxury shower screens and walk-ins which are styled specifically to create contemporary wetroom-style shower spaces. Models from AQATA’s latest collection, Design Solutions, have spans of uninterrupted 10mm glass reflecting light and providing the perfect water barrier. Designed by an in-house team of skilled craftsman, the new shower screens can be made to measure to fit exact specifications and customised to create a truly personalised design. The new Design Solutions DS400 and DS405 shower screens are perfect walk-in corner solutions providing stylishly secure water barriers. aqata.co.uk 01455 896500



his is one reason why marble is increasingly specified by architects and designers for floors and walls. It not only meets the resurgence of interest in natural and sustainable materials, but also meets the current trend for more colour. One of the best examples of this trend is the END flagship store located in the heart of Newcastle’s city centre, occupying a fivestorey Grade I Listed building. The store was designed to serve as a showcase for the diverse collection of international brands, housing them in a contemporary, airy space. Furnished in Carrara marble and concrete, it features other elements such as brushed steel, reclaimed brickwork and natural maple wood. More recently, Arabescato, a grey marble with black veining, has been used to stunning effect in END’s latest store located in Glasgow’s ‘Style Mile’. While this marble is often used for circular patterns, here it has been bookmatched to create a diagonal, linear look. The very dramatic look was created by leading marble specialist, Diespeker. There are many other important examples of marble in modern retail environments, such as the extensive marble floors laid in Leeds shopping centre supplied by Andrews Tiles. Leading suppliers of marble, as well as terrazzo and other stones, are all members of The Federation of Terrazzo Marble and Mosaic Specialists. The aim of the federation is to maintain standards of craftsmanship and technical control. nftmms.co.uk « 0845 609 0050 « bjames@nftmms.org «

Lyndon’s seating collections extend a warm reception Whether welcoming visitors to the office, or making hotel guests feel at home upon arrival, Lyndon’s range of handcrafted seating collections offers the perfect solution to make the right first-time impression in any reception area. Lyndon’s traditional sofa and lounge chairs feature superior timber detailing and, combined with a choice of luxury fabrics and leathers, they provide a striking centrepiece in their own right. Traditional wing chairs, such as the stately Mr & Mrs, also bring a stunning fireside charm to both traditional and contemporary interiors. Meanwhile, Lyndon’s high-backed meeting collections are perfect for breaking up large, open-plan spaces. lyndon.co.uk 01242 584897 INEX-ONLINE.COM


Glass: contemporary solutions in heritage environments Modernising and restoring heritage or conservation grade buildings often poses significant challenges, especially with regard to meeting current requirements and regulations whilst at the same time maintaining the style and atmosphere of the original building.


t’s no easy feat to juggle client expectations, the technical possibilities within the constraints of the building itself and also ensure the finished result ticks every box as far as conservation bodies such as English Heritage are concerned. Inspired use of internal and external structural glass as a building material will fulfil many contemporary needs with minimal physical or visual impact on the existing architecture, whilst at the same time maintaining maximum light flow. Ion Glass has a well-deserved reputation for working in heritage, conservation and ecclesiastical buildings and has developed a range of specialist skills and techniques to ensure its wholly bespoke glass works perfectly in many different environments. INEX-ONLINE.COM

“Working in heritage buildings is always exciting as each project is so unique,” says Ion Glass Managing Director, Peter Hazeldean. “It’s not just about creating a result that looks amazing, the glass has to work in the space. Working in older properties raises many different technical considerations, right through from the initial design to the expert and sensitive installation.” Ion Glass uses specialist equipment to record very precise measurements to ensure the glass fits around shaped capitals and pedestals, stone corbels and ‘out of true’ walls – and no two walls, carvings or arches are ever exactly the same. Wherever possible, Ion Glass prefers a finished result that meets structural requirements without introducing a damaging or visually intrusive framework.

Ion Glass’ service includes bespoke metalwork to enable it to fit the glass with minimal impact on the original stonework, developing individual brackets and concealed fixing systems where required. The scope of Ion’s work is impressive. Successful installations include structural glass linking old buildings to modern extensions; bespoke framed and frameless balustrades on staircases or enclosing mezzanine floors and stylish glass doors and draught lobbies to provide welcoming and secure entrances. The company also regularly installs acoustic glass screens, creating private yet fully visible meeting rooms or simply to make more effective use of space and heat-retention in older, draughty buildings. Ion Glass provided extensive structural glass for the RIBA award-winning restoration project at St Mary’s at the Quay in Ipswich, converting a Mediaeval church to provide a health and wellness centre in the heart of the city. Extensive use of structural glass made it possible to extend upwards into the lofty ceiling space, creating a mezzanine floor with glass-enclosed meeting rooms overlooking the nave. Acoustic safety glass set into the arched windows mitigates the intrusion of external traffic noise, allowing quiet spaces within the newly-created rooms and a structural glass entrance lobby minimises heat loss whilst still providing a visual welcome to visitors when they enter the building. “St Mary’s at the Quay was an exciting project to work on,” added Peter, “especially as it engaged so many of our skills and techniques for structural glass within a single heritage building.” info@ionglass.co.uk. « ionglass.co.uk « 0845 658 9988 «

Top: Ion Glass provided extensive structural glass for St Mary’s at the Quay Left: Extensive use of structural glass made it possible to extend upwards into the lofty ceiling space


Striking lines from BLANCO’s Idento sink range BLANCO has introduced its new Idento ceramic sink range, which includes three striking models – Idento 45 S, 6 S and XL 6 S. The BLANCO Idento series delights with its extensive lines and aesthetics and appeals with its clearly defined functional areas and generous bowls – with tight radii. The natural ceramic material enhances the strong design and the exceptionally flat rim creates a harmonious transition to the worktop. With an exceptionally flat rim and tight radius, each sink strikes a perfect balance of style and practicality. Available in three versions, the BLANCO Idento range of designs adds expression to individual requests, and is also available in a flush mount option. blanco.co.uk 01923 635200

Fire doorsets with a difference Fire doorsets are designed to specifically reduce the rate at which fire spreads through a building, with hardware, hinges and handles that resist fire as much as the main core of the door itself. Bluebell’s range of Oikos fire doorsets are created with two prominent goals: ultimate fire safety and architectural beauty. Its doorsets are rated from 30 up to 120 minutes by German certification body, Ift Rosenheim. Tekno, Project, Evolution, Synua: four fire doors offering contemporary minimalist aesthetics with crucial fire protection. The door’s strong, solid steel core construction and steel counter frame benefit from added protection from the foaming fire-resistant insulation within the counter frame itself. bluebellarchitecturalproducts.co.uk 01371 873334

Commitment to quality – Osmo introduces a new range of tools Eco-friendly wood and finish specialist, Osmo UK, has introduced a new range of tools to its portfolio, including an innovative Osmo System Telescopic Handle. The assortment of tools aims to aid users in creating a premium finish. Osmo’s new offering of tools includes a wide selection of the highest quality brushes, rollers, scrapers, mops, pads and machines, each of which are specially designed to provide the perfect criteria for the intended appearance or effect desired. Whether users are looking to preserve the natural colour of the wood, add a subtle washed effect or highlight the grain of the wood itself, there is a tool for it all. osmouk.com 01296 481220

Expona is evolving with two exciting new LVT collections Polyflor, a UK commercial vinyl flooring specialist, is delighted to announce the relaunch of two luxury vinyl tile collections within the renowned Expona brand family – Expona Commercial PUR and Expona Simplay PUR. With a total of 75 exciting new designs added, the Expona Commercial collection and the Expona Simplay range are designed to bring style and robust performance to high-traffic commercial interiors. The Expona Commercial range now features 80 inspiring wood, stone and abstract effect designs. With new parquet, painted, mosaic, rustic and metallic effects, Expona Commercial LVT can be used to create adventurous interior schemes. polyflor.com 0161 767 1111 INEX-ONLINE.COM


Above left: All Urban Front designs are unique and design registered in the UK and Europe Above: All doors are made using steel reinforcement to help reduce warping – a natural occurrence

Flexible door designs from Urban Front

With a wide choice of front, internal and garage doors to choose from, Urban Front offers high performance, functional style and individual design. The doors are made in Urban Front’s workshops in the UK and are shipped all over the world.


rban Front works very closely with architects and designers to achieve flexible designs including flush doorsets, oversized doors up to 1.5m wide x 3m high, fully glazed doorsets and doors suitable for large and small developments. The company’s doors can be ordered to work with home automation, fitted into glass curtain walling and can be finished in a variety of hardwoods, RAL colours or metal finishes like bronze. All Urban Front designs are unique and design registered in the UK and Europe. All doors are made using steel reinforcement to help reduce warping – a natural occurrence with hardwood doors. The doors have a ventilation system which allows air to rotate within the door to reduce the build-up of moisture which INEX-ONLINE.COM

with hardwood doors Left: The company’s front doors are available as E80 hinged, E80 pivot, E80S and E98 Passiv

can also affect warping. Urban Front recently passed vigorous security testing and has achieved LPS1175 Grade 2 security testing for the E80S doorset. All doors also come as standard with anti-bandit glass. Urban Front doors are used on schools, hospitals and apartment building main entrances, on dental surgeries, hairdressers and restaurants, but are most well known for private residences and homes. Front doors The company’s front doors are available as E80 hinged, E80 pivot, E80S and E98 Passiv with U-values as low as 0.89UV with steel reinforcement for stability, five-point locking as standard for security and double weather sealing for weathering.

Garage doors Garage doors come in various systems including side-hung, counter balance, up and over and two-by-two folding with automation, and match the company’s front door range. Garage doors are available in sizes up to 2.4 x 7m wide depending on the application. Internal doors Internal doors are available hinged, pivoted, sliding or bi-fold. They match all other doors on offer and come in a variety of finishes, in addition to FD30 and FD60 and in oversized sizes up to 1.5m wide x 3.2m tall. info@urbanfront.co.uk « urbanfront.com « 01494 778787 «


Interface helps UCEM expand the horizons of sustainability


University College of Estate Management (UCEM) has created one of the most sustainable educational buildings in the UK, with support from modular flooring specialist and sustainability champion, Interface.


he new ‘Horizons’ headquarters in Reading has been renovated to make the space as sustainable as possible. The institution wanted to transform the building into a BREEAMrated model of construction and refurbishment best practice. This meant not only creating a more resource-efficient space, but also sourcing low-impact furnishings and construction materials, as well as recycling and reusing products from the existing building where feasible to minimise waste. UCEM requested that the design incorporated flooring products supplied by Interface, after being inspired by the organisation’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing. The focus on minimising waste during the refurbishment was crucial for UCEM to help it in its wider strategic goals. Rob Callaghan, UCEM’s Sustainability Officer, explained: “We train professionals across the construction industry about building sustainably every day. Refurbishing our own offices with this goal

Franke extends its award-winning Maris Plus hood range Franke has extended its award-winning Maris Plus extractor hood range with a sleek white glass colour option in addition to the existing black glass version. The new hood is available in three sizes of 60, 80 and 90cm to offer wide design flexibility. The hood is A+ rated for energy efficiency, has three speed settings plus an ‘intensive’ setting and includes touchscreen controls. All Maris Plus hoods feature Franke’s ‘Greenline’ technology, with their brushless motors and LED lighting providing up to an 85% energy saving compared to a standard motor and earning them an A+ energy rating. The Maris Plus range won a Red Dot Award in 2015 for design and innovation. franke.co.uk 0161 436 6280

in mind helps us to demonstrate to students how even an existing building can be transformed to reduce its impact on the environment.” Architect firm, Schema Studio, and project consultant, GVA Acuity, worked together to explore every aspect of the refurbishment to achieve UCEM’s vision. Alongside the central heating and the water and waste management systems, significant consideration was given to the furnishings for the final design scheme. Schema Studio and GVA Acuity even devised a more sustainable garden space for the exterior of the building, incorporating sparrow boxes and planting flowers to support local wildlife populations. interface.com « 01274 690690 « interface.uk@interface.com «

Timeless geometry reinterpreted for the bathroom The new Vero Air collection from Duravit retains the iconic, rectangular character of the Vero washbasins while introducing new technical distinctions. Through the recent additions of rimless toilets, a new range of bathtubs and various pieces of furniture using C-bonded technology, Vero Air has become a complete bathroom range while retaining its strong, design-focused identity. The straight interior surface and precise edges of the Vero Air washbasins reflect the collection’s linear charm. Manufactured with millimetre precision, the furniture begins exactly where the ceramic ends. The materials blend together seamlessly to form a single, harmonious whole. duravit.co.uk 01908 286680 INEX-ONLINE.COM

50 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Left: Dekton is highly resistant to both ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat, a key consideration for external projects Below left: Combining reliable functionality with aesthetics, this revolutionary surface is currently available in over 30 colours and a variety of textures

Cosentino introduces ultracompact surface, Dekton With architecture and commercial trends often diverging and contrasting, the one constant is the need to enhance projects through the use of reliable, aesthetically-pleasing and technically excellent materials.


he ideal solution for architects, builders and developers wishing to push the boundaries of design, Dekton by Cosentino, is an ultra-compact surface benefiting from a wide range of unique properties including high-resitsance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock. Versatile and adaptable, Dekton is available in ultra-size slabs of 3200 x 1440mm and three different thicknesses (8, 12 and 20mm) depending on application requirements, the desired design effect making it a great choice for a wide variety of internal and external projects. Its multitude of


applications result in endless design possibilities, from wall cladding and flooring to bathrooms, swimming pools, work surfaces and outdoor furniture. Combining reliable functionality with aesthetics, this revolutionary surface is currently available in over 30 colours and a variety of textures, recreating the look of wood, metal, concrete and natural stone, whilst offering superior technical benefits. These include excellent scratch- and stain-resistance, making it ideal for areas where a high volume of traffic is expected, ensuring that the surface installed today will maintain the same new appearance for the life of the product. When pedestrians are a key factor for selecting flooring, Dekton’s high resistance to abrasion creates a long-lasting floor that will never need resurfacing or refinishing. In addition, Dekton is highly resistant to both ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat, a key consideration for

external projects. This results in an exceptional level of colour stability, ensuring its suitability for outdoor applications as it will not degrade over time. Low maintenance and easy to clean, Dekton has low porosity and never needs to be sealed as it naturally prevents liquids and gasses from penetrating the surface. Offering quick and easy installation due to its large format slabs, Dekton also offers designers uniformity in colour – ideal for large-scale projects such as building cladding or flooring. The ever-expanding range of colours and textures reflects a range of popular trends such as marble-inspired surfaces and intense industrial tones, as well as catering for the ever-popular neutral market with colours that offer both depth and incredible realism. Launched in 2016, the luxurious Dekton XGloss range offers further design possibilities, with surfaces boasting lustrous high-shine finishes in a range of colours. Awarded a prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, Dekton XGloss can help enhance any space, making it seem bigger and brighter by adding reflective qualities to worktops, cladding and other household surfaces. Cosentino is the global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for architecture and design. Developed exclusively by its R&D department following 22,000 hours of research, Dekton is created from a sophisticated blend of inorganic materials, using an innovative ultracompaction process. This process has created a whole new, revolutionary category of surfaces with endless aesthetic possibilities. info.uk@cosentino.com « dekton.co.uk « 01256 761229 «


As bold as brass Metal home accessories are as popular as ever, but summer 2017 sees a move away from rose-tinted copper to the warm, yellower tones of brass.

BDG architecture + design completes WPP Hamburg’s new workspace strategy When WPP took the decision to co-locate its agencies and media companies into a new city central workspace, the intention was to establish its presence as a leading creative hub. BDG architecture + design was appointed to undertake the strategy, concept and developed design for the new collocated space. Colin Macgadie, Chief Creative Officer at BDG architecture + design, comments: “The new workplace has been designed to facilitate WPP Hamburg’s role as a fulcrum in global business, as well as emphasising their deeply rooted position in the German and Hamburg markets.” bdg-a-d.com 0207 559 7400



ocus SB offers a range of stunning brass finishes to its switches and sockets, from the textured Satin Brass to Polished and unlacquered finishes that age gracefully over time. Angel House in Hove has been lovingly restored whilst maintaining its Regency period features and grand interiors. Owner Phil Haiseldon is undertaking a labour of love to bring the property back to its former glory and transform it into an exclusive wedding venue, filming location and stunning conference facility. Focus SB Ambassador flat plates were chosen to complement the period details and were supplied in unlacquered polished brass. Phil wanted the electrical accessories to reflect the interiors and the unlacquered brass finish will age gracefully, with each plate gaining its own patina over time. The Focus SB Bespoke service was also used to manufacture unique plates to match the standard Ambassador range. These included circular sockets, push button dimmers, AV points and bespoke oversized light switch plates containing toggle both switches and dimmers. Phil said: “We wanted sockets and switches to complement the Regency decor. We didn’t want the plates to shout out. We were looking for a simple plate with an ageless quality. So we chose the Ambassador polished brass, supplied unlacquered, so they will dull and look old quite quickly.” focus-sb.co.uk « 01424 858060 « sales@focus-sb.co.uk «

Swiss Krono’s Compact Density Fibreboard offers a wealth of design possibilities Swiss Krono’s Compact Density Fibreboard (CDF) is an advanced surfacing material that opens up a world of design possibilities and offers benefits over compact grade laminate. Available in over 250 decors, the material boasts a superior machining capability allowing it to be laser cut into intricate feature panels or to include text or logos with a precision finish, as well as on a wide range of furniture manufacturing, shopfitting and interior design uses. CDF is a hybrid panel which performs like compact grade laminate, yet is 30% cheaper and 35% lighter in weight and therefore easier to handle, machine and install. idsurfaces.co.uk 08457 298298 INEX-ONLINE.COM

52 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Left: Each of the individual collections celebrates the beauty of chenille with subtle variations in the surface texture that offer a unique look Below: The Enso collection takes inspiration from Japan with a sophisticated circular embossed pattern

The ultimate textile guide to transform your garden Textiles are often thought of solely inside the home to introduce texture, pattern and colour to our interior spaces, however, as trends arise bringing more of the inside out, furnishing fabrics for the outdoors are having their own, well-deserved moment.


he luxury ranges from EXTEX are perfect for outdoor living – combining style with high performance capabilities. Whether upholstering garden furniture or simply adding colour and a decorative touch to outdoor living areas with the sumptuous cushion collection, there’s a wide range of plain, patterned and textured outdoor fabrics to create a stylish and inviting ambience for any garden or terrace. We’ve collaborated with EXTEX on a specialist textiles guide for all weathers to help you find the perfect fabric for you and your lifestyle, whether that involves nights of al fresco dining or simply relaxing outdoors. Chic chenille

Chenille fabrics provide the elegant luxury of indoor textiles to your garden or terrace space, and are ideal for bringing optimum comfort outdoors. Five collections explore the diverse effect of chenille with ranges of single- and dualcoloured designs that embrace the sumptuously soft, rich surface texture. A vast selection of colours can be chosen from the different ranges, from the exotic tones of the Jewel collection to the soft woodland colours of Fauna. Each of the individual collections celebrates the beauty of chenille INEX-ONLINE.COM

with subtle variations in the surface texture that offer a unique look. The chenille textiles throughout the ranges are designed to be incredibly hardwearing, ensuring you can maintain luxurious style for many seasons to come. Unique finishes

Alongside the plain and textured chenille fabric ranges are collections that promise a truly unique design feature in your garden. The Enso collection takes inspiration from Japan with a sophisticated circular embossed pattern created in 10 tranquil hues, whilst the rippling texture of the Wave range reveals a luxurious and unique threedimensional design in classic tones. Transforming your garden from day to night, Solar is a pioneering printed fabric inspired by the ethereal natural

of the galaxies and star systems. The swirling pattern is available in three colourways and is printed with an innovative glow-in-the-dark ink which appears subtle by day yet glows with breathtaking luminescence at night. Each and every EXTEX fabric is designed for the outdoors and is therefore, lightfast, stain-resistant and machine washable to ensure it will be easy to care for during the busy months of summer and is equipped to handle the unpredictable British weather. Keep an eye out for EXTEX’s brand-new website due to launch in September with a newly-designed shopping platform that allows you to order the perfect fabric for your home online. info@extex.co.uk « extex.co.uk « 01634 718871 «


Former cattle market gets a sustainable overhaul with Selectaglaze secondary glazing William Julian Courtauld paid the handsome sum of £50,000 to give Braintree its own town hall and construction began in 1926 and it has been in constant use since it was built.


raintree Town Hall wanted to make its building more energy-efficient, which was tough due to its Grade II Listing. Selectaglaze was approached to address the issue with the leaky primary windows. Braintree Town Hall representatives met with the local conservation officer, where a Selectaglaze aluminium sample was set up. Those present observed how well the timber grain effect blended in with the wood panelling of the room. After a positive demonstration, Selectaglaze installed 20 vertical sliding units, finished with a timber grain effect that matched seamlessly with the interior. The installation of secondary glazing reduces heatloss and all units achieve airtightness. An additional benefit of installing secondary glazing is the reduction of external noise. Councillor Robert Mitchell, Deputy Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “The council researched a modern secondary glazing system that would complement the oak panelled interior of the town

hall. A colour matched oak print with raised wood grain has been applied to the visible parts of the aluminium frame achieving an exact match to the existing oak surround. “The windows contain thermally efficient low emissivity glass and the frames have been measured and manufactured to achieve an airtight fitting. They also provide excellent soundproofing.” Selectaglaze has experience designing, manufacturing and installing secondary glazing for all building types.

Boss Design sets the scene at Wates HQ When one of the UK’s largest privately-owned construction, development and property services companies, the Wates Group, embarked on the refurbishment of its head office, it called upon Boss Design’s expertise. Boss Design supported the refurbishment with an emphasis on quality, value, environmental sustainability and staff wellbeing. Designed to support modern methods of working, the furniture specified in the main offices included high-performance Q task chairs, together with Agent high tables and stools for collaborative tasks, and Arthur high-backed booths for breakout areas and smaller meetings. bossdesign.com 0207 253 0364

selectaglaze.co.uk « 01727 837271 « enquiries@selectaglaze.co.uk «

The durable water-based alternative to oil eggshell paints Ideal for joinery items such as furniture and panelling, Teknos Futura Aqua 20 is a semi-matt, waterborne urethane alkyd-based interior and exterior paint. Suited to professionals requiring a handapplied brush finish that flows easily with few brush marks, it provides a very low sheen topcoat and incredibly durable surface. Teknos Futura Aqua 20 is environmentally-friendly with low VOC levels and can be used for a wide range of applications, it is also suitable for use outdoors. The paint is easy to apply by brush, roller and spray, which makes the application effortless. The surface is dust-free after one hour and through-dry after two to three days. teknos.com 01608 683494 INEX-ONLINE.COM

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Inex August 2017  

In this month's issue, Inex reports on the findings from its recent meet-up with Dulux UK; Furniturise talks biophilia, ergonomics and wellb...